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Words we do not have in the english language
1. Terroir: the set of local environmental factors that make up a crop’s genetics as well as its character
2. Tingo: to gradually steal everything a neighbor owns by borrowing items and never giving them back
3. Subuan: the act of giving someone bites of your food

1. You can tell when someone else is from a small place as well. In the way they regard the strangers they pass, the certain habits they have on the road. The scent, however, is individual. Everything they touch becomes them and you can never see/hear/smell/taste it without feeling it was Theirs all along. As though there was no other way for this object to exist.
2. You don’t notice at first. The way your giving drains you. Slowly you see out the corner of your eye the pieces of you slipping away. They never take anything you aren’t willing to hand over and your memory fades as to what the place used to look like. It takes time to realize that isn’t that where you kept your chair? Did you move your bookcase? Wasn’t your medicine cabinet fully stocked? You never doubted your judgement enough to think you could help someone who does not deserve it. After stripping you of all they can, they will curse you for being a bad hostess for having nothing left to offer
3. It will take longer than you could imagine. You will eat alone in your room for however many days are passing behind your drawn curtains. What you are missing is not love but the ability to give without pain. To hold your hand steadily across a table and not need reciprocation. It will come. You will be unafraid, and you will be full.

—  Words We Do Not Have in the English Language | prism
How can I bring HRT services to my local Planned Parenthood?

Someone asked us:

I recently discovered that HRT is covered by some planned parenthood clinics. I was wondering, what would need to be done in order to bring those services to my local PP?

You’re right — some of our health centers do offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for trans patients, and others are beginning to offer it.  

The best way to find out if your local Planned Parenthood health center offers HRT? Give them a call. If they aren’t able to offer HRT, they may be able to recommend a trans-friendly doctor in your area who does.

Whether a health center offers a certain service depends on a lot of factors — like local demand for the service and available resources. If your closest PP health center doesn’t offer HRT and you want them to, the best thing to do is to tell them. Let them know that you’re interested in this service and what it would mean for you. This goes for any service you’d like to get at your local Planned Parenthood. Our health centers do their best to meet the needs of their communities, so let them know that you’re there.

-Chelsea @ Planned Parenthood

Imagine Dean threatening to duel someone for you whilst back in time...

“Dean, I swear to God, don’t be an idiot.”

You crossed your arms across your chest, giving him your best glare. It wasn’t hard, the corset you were having to wear would be enough to put anyone it a bad mood - and that was without factoring the pig headed locals into the equation.

“Y/N, he said-”

“I know what he said,” you hissed, “We’re in a different time now. We won’t see him anyway in a few hours.”


“I don’t need you to defend my honour or some shit. We’re not from here, remember?” You raised an eyebrow at him as he fiddled with the trigger of the gun. “You do realise you’re not in a film, right?”

“In my defence, if he was in a bar in our time I’d still punch him,” Dean shrugged.

“I don’t doubt it, but-” you said, cutting off as a horse and cart trotted by you. “Just don’t.”


Let’s go. Let’s go!



(New York – July 30, 2015) – RCA Records and Syco Music announce today that Zayn Malik will release his debut solo album on RCA Records.

Simon Cowell of Syco Music says: “With RCA, Zayn has the perfect label to work with on his solo career. They are excited about working with him and I am sure whatever they release together will be special.”

Comments Peter Edge and Tom Corson of RCA: “Zayn’s a genius songwriter with an incredible voice, and we are proud to have him join our roster of iconic superstars. We are thrilled he has entrusted us to deliver his personal artistic vision to millions of his fans across the globe.”

In March of this year, Zayn announced his departure from One Direction, currently the world’s most successful group, having sold more than 54 million albums worldwide.

About RCA Records

RCA Records is a Division of Sony Music Entertainment. RCA includes a diverse roster of internationally renowned artists representing all genres of music, including Justin Timberlake, P!nk, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Foo Fighters, Sia, Kelly Clarkson, Usher, D'Angelo, A$AP Rocky, Van Morrison, Kings Of Leon, Britney Spears, Pitbull, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews Band, Shakira, Weird Al, R. Kelly, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Charlie Wilson, Daughtry, Pentatonix, Kesha, Hilary Duff, Fantasia, Monica, Buddy Guy, Three Days Grace, Tool, Giorgio Moroder, T-Pain, Kirk Franklin, and Fred Hammond, among others; critically acclaimed and chart topping artists including Mark Ronson, Miguel, Ray LaMontagne, Cage The Elephant, MAGIC!, Bleachers, Jazmine Sullivan, Tinashe, Prince Royce, A$AP Ferg, Anthony Hamilton, Gavin DeGraw, WALK THE MOON, The Walls Group, Kid Ink and Elle Varner;   burgeoning artists Wolf Alice, Elle King, G-Eazy, Mali Music, Brooke Candy, Kodaline, MØ, Mikky Ekko, Betty Who, Tom Odell, Erik Hassle, Becky G, Luke Christopher, Sam Dew, OverDoz., Kygo, Peking Duk, Alyxx Dione, Martin Garrix, Grace and many more.

RCA Records has key partnerships with RCA Inspiration, Polo Grounds, Kemosabe Records, Bazmark Records, Bystorm Entertainment, Blueprint, Fo Yo Soul Recordings, Freesolo Entertainment, Latium Entertainment and more.

About SYCO Entertainment

Syco Entertainment is a joint venture between Simon Cowell and Sony Music and is one of the world’s leading global music, film and television production companies responsible for some of the world’s most successful global TV and music franchises. Syco Entertainment is also the world’s most successful producer of international talent with Syco Music being named the UK’s number 1 record label for both A&R and sales in 2014 and is record label home for such diverse international recording artists as Labrinth, One Direction, Susan Boyle, Little Mix, IL Divo, Fifth Harmony, Alex & Sierra and Ella Henderson. Syco’s television assets include the global franchises The X Factor and Got Talent. Local versions of The X Factor are produced in more than 56 territories, with artists discovered by the format selling more than 180 million records worldwide, including 200 number ones and 380 top 10 records. The Got Talent format is officially the world’s most successful reality TV format of all time, holding the Guinness World Records title for the “Most successful TV format of all time” having been commissioned in an impressive 68 territories worldwide. America’s Got Talent also airs in 186 countries around the globe and has been the #1 US summer reality series for the pass decade. Syco Film produced the 2013 #1 global box office hit “ One Direction: This Is Us” a 3D concert movie with Sony Pictures and have recently partnered with Animal Logic (The Lego Movie, Happy Feet) to produce a number of music-based live action-hybrid animated movies.

Photo ID From left to right: Tom Corson, President and COO, RCA Records; Zayn Malik; Peter Edge, Chairman and CEO, RCA Records – Photo Credit: @KevinMazur /WireImage

okay I forgot to tell u guys this but I was doing some research abt blurryface and I found something kinda interesting

according to Wikipedia, the albums gonna be 40 minutes long, which seems like a really short amount of time for 14 songs right?? and then if we factor in that fairly local is around 3:30, and goner (if they use the original version) is around 2 minutes that gives us around 35 minutes for the remaining 12 songs, which is less than 3 minutes per song. on all of tøps past albums they’ve had songs up to around 5 minutes and truce is the only song shorter than 3 minutes, so theres gonna have to be some super short songs on there

ik this is a lil confusing but the point im getting at here is- what if we get some “look alive, sunshine” style messages from blurryface??

10 Facts Everyone Should Identify With Regards To Search Engine Optimization Services

Setting up your web business is not too hard, but getting plenty of website traffic and clients will be a real obstacle. Search engine optimization (SEO) will be able to help you get more website traffic and clients, but it won’t be as easy as you think. There are a lot of strategies that you may actually use, but you can’t consider all of them as long-term plans.

You will also have to think about the range of the market you are looking to rank in.

will concentrate on different factors when starting a local campaign than a national or international one. If you want to know how these techniques can help your business, below are a few of the important things that you should know.

You must be certain that your web site is mobile friendly because almost all of the prospective consumers are using their mobile phone devices to search on the internet. This is the reason why you’ll need to look at your web design, particularly if it is not optimized for mobile use.

Plenty of users will be searching for goods and services with the use of their cell phones so if you want to get a lot of website traffic, you’ll need to design your website for mobile use.

You must try looking at Minneapolis web design companies if you want to make certain that your website is fully optimized for mobile browsing. You’ll need to remember that the users won’t waste their time on your website if they can’t use it properly.

Web site user experience and the website’s graphical user interface is the most recent trend when it comes to SEO. This will be true for the next few years because you must always concentrate on the needs of your customers. You may improve the consumer experience of your website by providing some useful and top quality articles.

You must also understand that your website must be easy to navigate to improve your user interface. If your web site is loading very slowly and it is hard to navigate, you can’t anticipate the search engines to rank your website higher because it is not providing the best consumer experience.

High quality content would be the most important factor to consider as this is a long term strategy for your SEO campaign. Everything else is changing, but you may anticipate that high quality content will always be at the top of the priority list.

You’ll need to prioritize top quality content since this is what the search engines want. If you would like your SEO campaign to succeed, you’ll need useful and engaging content.

Users are always looking for facts and you may give them what they are searching for by posting informative articles.

These are simple techniques that you could use, but they are very useful if you are searching for long term strategies for your business.


ladies and gentlemen, i’m just going to state the obvious. we have a doppelgänger in our midst. as an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband. from the hair, to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? you’re a laughingstock. it’s cheesy, it’s disgusting. i personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious. i am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence, having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion.

15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 167)

1. Will Smith used to memorise the entire script for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, and used to mouth along with other people’s lines during the shoot.

2. A horse-fly has a top speed of 90 mph. To a person 5'11’’ tall, this equals 4054.4 mph.

3. The Flyby Anomaly: when spacecraft do Earth-flybys at certain angles, they experience a small but sudden velocity increase, which is still unexplained. One of the proposed explanations is the existence of a ring of dark matter around Earth.

4. Manta ray tourism can bring in $1 million during the lifetime of a single manta ray, while a dead manta ray is worth $500. Realising this, Indonesia banned fishing and export of mantas. Today, Indonesia is the largest manta sanctuary in the world.

5. in 1975 a 17 year old boy was killed while riding his moped. He was killed exactly a year after his 17 year old brother was killed while…

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18 es un banco diseñado con herramientas paramétricas que se puede armar y desarmar sin la necesidad de elementos extra de ensamble

La base del asiento es un hexágono, cuyas aristas se dividen y se desfasan para generar tres hexágonos irregulares con un patrón calado adaptado a las 18 aristas resultantes.

Las tres patas crean una sensación de torsión y están unidas por un triángulo en la parte superior.

Diseño Avo Studio: Nadia Villalobos y  Cesar Saldivar

Material: MDF enchapado de Encino Natural.
Acabado: Barniz satinado.
Color: Café.
Dimensiones: 45cm x 38cm x 40 cm


Algunas regiones de Brasil tienen una fuerte identidad, que se ha vuelto iconográfica. En este video de un video juego, se muestra como se puede hacer de estos elementos locales concepto. Un excelente trabajo académico y otro ejemplo para registrar

Cuando un país se reconoce, como Brasil no teme hacer de sus referencias locales  concepto para diseño del muebles. Marcelo Rossembaud es un diseñador paulista y sus referencias para esta linea vienen de la región nordeste, Caruaru es una ciudad en el interior de Pernambuco que tiene una fiesta popular sensacional llamada Sao Joao. Ver estos muebles es sentirse en su  fiesta donde en una plaza central al ritmo del “forro” la gente celebra. Algunos elementos gráficos son tomados de la literatura popular, llamada “cordel” que son cuentos populares ilustrados con grabados en madera.


El primer lanzamiento del diseñador brasilero Sergio Matos (2 imagen) para el 2014. Sofà Casuá, derivado de la poltrona con el mismo nombre

Sergio tiene su estudio en la pequeña ciudad de Campina Grande en el Noreste de Brasil, su trabajo es elaborado por artesanos que usualmente hacen los nudos de las hamacas, con la misma cuerda que es abundante en la región. Sin duda un caso excelente de “factor local” por cierto ideal para el tórrido clima de la región.


La cultura occidental dominante,nos hace creer que el mueble geometrico minimalista y con alta tecnología es el “ de diseño” Es falso. Más del 70% de los muebles corresponden a estilos clásicos adaptados a necesidades modernas y algunas regiones del planeta, donde existe una fuerte base artesanal, como México, producen muebles hermosisimos con mucha identidad local.
El trabajo del diseñador Gabriel Tam, como profesor y facilitador en estas comunidades es lograr que estos productos tengan cabida en espacios modernos.

Los productos aqui expuestos,corresponden a un proyecto de muebles multifuncionales para espacios reducidos que resuelvan necesidades actuales de la sociedad.

Con la evolución de los hogares cada vez mas pequeños se necesita de muebles que realicen varias funciones para aprovechar los pequeños espacios de las casas. En el caso con la producción artesanal con técnicas tradicionales de las comunidades. Este proyecto se trabajo en las comunidades de Pichataro (comunidad indígena) mueble tallado o esculpido, Puácuaro (comunidad indígena) tejido en fibra vegetal de Chuspata y Nahuatzen.

Trabajo de alumnos de la Licenciatura de Arte y Patrimonio Cultural en la Terminal de Diseño artesanal. Universidad Intercultural Indígena de MIchoacán. En Kananguio, Tingambiato, Michoacán, con artesanos de estas regiones.


La gente de Marni, presenta en Milan una colección inspirada en el mercado de Paloquemao, en el centro de Bogotá.

La primera foto corresponde a las bolsas que usan los vendedores ambulantes llenas de termos para vender el “tinto” ( café negro) y agua aromática.Las otras parecen ser relecturas de los canastos que se consiguen en la plaza.
El ojo del diseñador extranjero, encuentra en lo local, maravillas que no son percibidas por los locales.

Pilao( mortero) Diseño a partir de investigaciones relacionadas a objetos y cosas de la cultura brasilera. El café acabó siendo objeto del estudio y hace parte de la cultura brasilera, desde que fue introducido por los franceses. El “pilao” era una heramienta manual  para moler el café después de ser tostado  y es por esto que la silla lleva su nombre y su impronta. Un producto con fuerte identidad brasileña

Pilão,  peça que nasceu de algumas pesquisas relacionadas a objetos ou “coisas” da cultura brasileira. O café acabou sendo alvo do estudo, faz parte da mesa de todo e qualquer brasileiro desde 1727 quando foi introduzido no país pelos franceses. O pilão era uma ferramenta usada para moer muitas grãos e está relacionado ao trabalho manual de um café de qualidade feito artesanalmente. Eis que nasceu a Pilão

Projeto de  Bruno Faucz , 2014