On Gems and Colour

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I’m not sure it can be called a theory, but i’ve been thinking about how much gems can and cannot influence the color pallet of their pysical forms.

Tbh i don’t remember if you were the one making a post about this, but i remember someone pointing out the fact that there seems to be a difference in color shades and/or intensity depending on the age of the gems. I’ve been looking through your Ruby posts again and you said that in Hit the Diamond it was Leggy’s first mission, so she’s probably the youngest. Leggy is the darkest of the Ruby squad. Then there’s Eyeball who is the oldest (if i remember correctly) and her colors are the most faded.
So, this is something they probably don’t have any control over.
Then there’s the thing that gems are usually similar colored to their Diamond or share a color in some variation with them. (eg: Peridot – YD, Sapphire – BD, Rose - PD)
My theory (kind of) is that Pearls are the only ones (maybe Bismuths too) that can change their colors according to their Diamond (or whoever their respective owner is). Real life pearls do shimmer in all kinds of colors after all.
This would explain why our Pearl looks so different from Blue and Yellow Pearl, who stick strictly to the color of their respective Diamond. Could it be that our Pearl changed her color pallet to show that she doesn’t belong to anyone? I think this might be another way to show her struggle of understanding change (as seen in Three gems and a baby) and her willingness to try for Rose.
We’ve seen Amethyst change the color of her clothes multiple times, but her color pallet always stays the same. Pearl on the other hand is the only one who uses very different colors. Looking at her everyday outfits from before Steven was born up until now, she seems to move further away from pink everytime, and her current outfit even has quite a lot of yellow in it. She is basically a mix of the colors of Y, B and PD.

So, to conlude, I think Pearls can change their colors more drastically than other gems (and even if all gems can, none do it except Pearls)

Can I get your thoughts on this? Did I miss something here?

Hi there! Of course you can send in submissions, and thank you for your comprehensive submission here :D

If I could summarise your main points, it’s that:

  • Gems’ colours fade as they age and they can’t control it
  • Gems’ colours reflect their diamond and faction 
  • Except Pearls, who may be able to control their palette after regeneration

I think these are really interesting ideas! :D 

1. Fading Colours

So far our only glimpse at gems of the same type is the Ruby Squad and our own Ruby. And you’re right in pointing out Eyeball has a lighter colours compared to the other Rubies. Leggy is the Newbie and has the darkest, almost purplish coloration. Navy, whom we’re assuming is young as well, has a lighter purple to her, while Doc, Army, and our Ruby have similar colours. 

I like this idea because it shows that even if gems don’t physically, there are still signs of their years passed. And you’re right in saying gems can’t seem to control that. When gems regenerate, they maintain their colour palette and can’t change things like the colour of their skin.

I feel this can be broken down into two ideas. First, not all gems of the same type come out exactly the same. There will be little differences. Just like how some of the Rubies are more on the orange-red end of the spectrum while others are on the violet-red of the spectrum. 

When we talk about intensity of colour though, that’s interesting too. In fact, Eyeball supports this statement in Bubbled. When she and Steven are careening through an asteroid field, Eyeball is still outside the bubble and she’s running, jumping, and dodging asteroids for her life. 

At one point, she gets tired and pants: I think I’m losing my lustre…

Which is said in the context and tone of most people going, “I’m getting too old for this!”

So gems do have a concept of ageing in the form of losing their lustre. And it may be true that after facing a lot of battles or just being exposed to the elements a lot, a gem can have a lot of very small scratches, that make it appear dull, unlike the scratches on a phone screen after a lot of use. 

But it’s very subtle, because gems, in reality, don’t actually age. They do feel time passing and the weight of the years on them though, and it would be interesting if it manifests in their physical appearance as well. 

2. Reflecting their Factions

This is a topic that I’ve covered on the blog before, but it’s worth discussing again! Gem colours reflect the colour of their factions. It makes sense that in The Answer, Sapphire and the other gems aligned with Blue Diamond are different shades of Blue, even in their silhouettes. 

One new thing to bring up is that we see some gems who are a definite mix of two Diamonds’ colours. I will be the first to say that Quartzes come in all colours, and that the gem colours in the show are definitely partly based off the kind of material the gem incubated in.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting that, say, the Kindergarten Control Room and Hand Ship are green, even though they’re areas for Yellow Diamond. That Peridot, the embodiment of technological development under YD’s faction, is green means that there might be room for collaboration between diamond factions in post-war Homeworld, particularly between Yellow and Blue Diamond.

3. Pearls’ Colours 

This is something I also agree with! That Pearls cut across factions (gems of any faction seem to be able to own Pearls, who are given as merit awards) means that they might not be made with a particular colour in mind. When we see Pearl in The Answer, her colour is stylised as a light blue-green. And we get hints of that now when she blushes. But you’re absolutely right in saying that she has yellows, greens, and even pinks in her colour palette and these are things that she adds on as she regenerates. There was even a time Pearl had purple leggings in her leg warmers phase.

And it would mean that Pearls may come from the white faction. They’re malleable and sort of start out with a template, much like the White Diamond is a template or the archetypal diamond. As such, they’d be given the ability to change colours more easily than do other gems.

It’s also worth noting that Pearls are created through organic means, so they aren’t like other gems. That could be the key to making them able to change colours. 

Favourite bits of Gallifrey lore from assorted actual Who stories (with varying levels of obscurity)
  • Gallifreyan dreams can seep into human dreams when they sleep together skin-to-skin
  • There are brothels in the Capitol lowtown
  • Rassilon stole regeneration from the Great Vampires
  • The Great Vampires may or may not also have been a living ophidian timeline multiform from outside the universe tearing its own time-flesh to shreds whose tainted neverwere Gallifreyan descendants make for really cool bone masks if you try hard enough 
  • Omega called Rassilon “Raz”
  • There’s at least one timeline where Rassilon and Omega were lovers
  • Say you’re a Gallifreyan and you accidentally end up investigating your own gruesome suicide on your first day at a new job try psychically melting into your President for a bit
  • The Doctor played lead perigosto stick for the Gallifrey Academy Hot Five until the Faculty closed them down (the Master was on drums)
  • Regeneration can be messed with so if you kinda want to be a bird or a worm or an H.P. Lovecraft character or a sentient patch of haze that can become an entire planetary ecosystem go for it
  • Gallifrey has a whole lotta cults on it and kicking them off the planet never quite works 
  • This one time the Corsair’s TARDIS and this one other TARDIS eloped and the Doctor had to step in and forcibly drag her back out of the Vortex again
  • This one time the Great Houses went and time-cloned Chris Cwej into an army
  • This one time Rassilon took Borusa and stuck a bunch of tubes into his flesh Junji Ito style to connect him directly to time itself 
  • TARDISes can eat each other
  • There’s something inside one of Gallifrey’s suns

For: Anon

Imagine: Accidentally being pushed into Eric’s lap in the middle of the cafeteria.

This has other parts with the same OCs Part 1

You run your hand through your hair as you walk across the cafeteria after a long day of work. Some people give you nods of greeting while others cower away, being a Dauntless leader meant that you were well respected, but at the same time you evoked a sense of fear with many members of you faction.

Your friend Victoria, a woman with striking black and lavender hair who was a few years older than you, waved at you from the leader’s table, at the end of the cafeteria. She, along with the remaining leaders, Eric, Max, Harrison, and Jared, a kind, blue-haired boy who was your age, had already began eating. You watched Eric, who was a year older than you, deep in conversation with Harrison, he seemed to be having a civilized debate, that’s one of the countless things you loved about Eric; his passion for knowledge. Of course you had the biggest crush on him, as a fellow leader, you learned that Eric was not actually a bad guy and the two of you were actually really good friends. You considered yourself to be pretty a confident and fiery woman but whenever Eric was around that would all falter, you were in love with him, you have been for three years now but he didn’t know and you didn’t have the guts to tell him.

You were so lost in your thoughts about the blonde leader that you didn’t notice how close were to him until you felt someone bump into you, hard, you fell. You heard yourself let out a little shriek; however, to your surprise the landing wasn’t that hard. You let out a sigh of relief, your eyes still shut, when you heard a few giggles, you open your eyes and see yourself seating directly in Eric’s lap.

You feel your face burn up, while Victoria and Jared are shamelessly laughing, and Max and Harrison sit smiling, the rest of the faction stares in awe, waiting to see Eric’s reaction. You slowly turn only to see how close your faces actually are, you realize how smug his expression is, he is clearly enjoying the sight of embarrassment on your face, this only makes you blush harder.

“I wouldn’t have saved you a seat if I had known you’d get so comfortable in Eric’s lap sweetie,” Victoria smirks, you glare at her, unable to form words, realization that you had been sitting in Eric’s lap for quite some time suddenly strikes you and you attempt to get up. Eric instantly grabs you waist pulling you back down, most of the faction had turned away from you at this point, but your table was still watching intently.

You look back at him confused.

“Stay,” He commands, and then whispers, “I don’t mind.”

“It looks like Eric has no problem with her being there Vic,” Jared laughs, then winks while saying, “But I mean who would.”

Jared had a habit of shamelessly flirting with you, and even though it didn’t mean anything to either of you, it bothered Eric to no ends, as soon as those words left Jared’s mouth, Eric’s jaw clenched and his hands squeezed you in closer.

You finally decide to let whatever was happening happen and you relaxed into Eric, absolutely sure that the two of you would have an intense conversation about whatever this was after dinner.

Part 3

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For: Anon

Imagine: Eric and Four push you to your limits during initiation because they see your potential, your strength impresses Eric and he develops a lot of respect for you along with a small crush.

“Let’s go Y/L/N! Get your ass off the mat!” You hear Eric yell, your vision is blurred with sweat and blood, but you push yourself off the mat once again and face the monster of a boy that you’re fighting against. You take a deep breath and analyze your options while dodging yet another punch. Okay Y/N, Josh may be twice your size, but you’re a lot faster, what’s his weakness? Think Y/N, think! It finally hits you, you can’t aim for his stomach, he has it covered at all times, you can’t aim for his head because it’s too obvious, but you can aim for his neck. You kick him in the shin to act as a distraction, you take advantage of the split second that you have and you strike him on the side of the neck. You hit the perfect nerve and he’s instantly on the ground, out cold, “And we’re finished, get him to the infirmary, and you, Y/L/N, get yourself cleaned up.”

“Can I go to the infirmary Eric? This gash feels pretty deep,” You ask your trainer, pointing to your forehead.

“Man up initiate, there’s still a lot to do today, I can’t have all my initiates leaving in the middle of training!” This wasn’t the first time that Eric was pushing you harder than the rest of the initiates. No, every single training session was like this, Four and Eric were constantly on your case, ‘You can do better than that Y/L/N!’ or ‘You call that a throw?’ or, your personal favourite, ‘You’re the reason the saying, “You hit like a girl” exists!’. It was as if you were never good enough for them, you were the top of your year, yet they treated every other initiate better than you. You on the other hand weren’t one to back out of something, if they were going to try and break you, you wouldn’t let them.

“Earth to Y/N!” You quickly blink, snapping back to reality as your close friend, Jacob, waves his hand in front of your face, “You might want to get back to the punching bags, Eric is shooting daggers at you with his eyes.”

You look over your shoulder, “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“Why does he hate you so much?”

“I honestly have no idea,” You groan.

“Y/L/N! You’re not here to have a nice little chat, get back to training,” Four yells at you from the other side of the room. Without an argument, you go to the punching bags, and even though every muscle in your body is screaming at you in agony, you begin relentlessly throwing punches. Your surroundings disappear, it’s just you and this imaginary enemy in front of you, you attack it with every ounce of your strength.

“Y/N? Y/N!” The voice brings you out of your violent daze, and you see Four and Eric standing on either side of you.

“What are you still doing here initiate?” Eric asks, “Class was dismissed an hour ago.”

“Eric and I came back to discuss ranks and we saw you in here like this,” Four gestures up and down your body.

“I-I just lost track of time,” Your tiredness finally hits you, and you feel like you might throw up.

“Have you been punching that bag ever since we left?” Four asks, his voice is laced with worry.

“Um, I think so,” You honestly felt just as confused as the two instructors looked.

“You look extremely pale Y/L/N, get back to the dorms. Besides you’ll have to be up early tomorrow,” Eric says.

“I-yeah, I think you’re right,” You drawl, exhaustion fill every inch of your body, you can feel the corners of your vision getting darker but you ignore it and walk towards the door. Before you know what’s happening, you feel yourself fall, and everything goes dark.

Eric’s POV

I turn towards the papers that Four has spread out in front of him, suddenly we hear a thud, I look up and see Y/N on the ground, “Shit!”

Four and I rush up to her, attempting to shake her awake, but her eyes stayed shut, Four calls her name but she still doesn’t respond. Y/N was strong, the strongest in the batch of initiates, probably the strongest I’ve seen since I joined the faction, which is why we always pushed her so hard. We knew she could take it and we wanted to bring out the best in her, but maybe this time we may have gone too far, “You finish with the paperwork Four, I’ll take her to the infirmary.”

He nods at me, as I lift her into my arms and carry her to the infirmary, she asked me to let her go to the infirmary earlier, she never accepts defeat, she must have been really hurt, I should have let her go, I was so stupid! What was I thinking?!

I visit the infirmary the next morning before training and the nurse informs me that Y/N still isn’t awake, but she should be okay.

I make my way to the training room and begin the day as usual, my thoughts constantly wandering back to her.

“Any news on Y/N?” Four asks, coming up from behind me.

“She’s still unconscious, nurse says that she worked herself too hard, she should be alright though,” I say nonchalantly. There aren’t many people who are able to gain my respect in such a short period of time, but somehow Y/N did, she’s truly born to be a Dauntless.

“What did I miss?” A familiar, cheery voice snaps me out of my trance.

“Y/N?” Four calls out before I turn around, “What are you doing here?!”

“The nurse said I was okay to leave,” She shrugs.

“You shouldn’t be here Y/N, you should have just gone back to the dorms,” I say to her.

“I can’t afford to miss a training session,” This girl is truly crazy, and frankly, I really like it.

“Well if that’s wha-”

“No Eric, she needs to get some rest.”

“Four, she can do whatever the hell she wants. If she feels alright enough to train then let her train,” I say.

“Thank you Eric!” She says clapping me on the shoulder before walking towards the bags.

She sure is something special, I catch myself slightly smiling, but I quickly wipe it away, this girl better become a leader after initiation.  

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Sass Queen

Original or requested: Original

Pairing: Eric x Reader

Word count: 520

Part 2: x

You’re so happy you left Candor, so fucking happy with you new friends and new faction. And even happier to be the best initiate. Since the first fight, everyone knew that it’s your fate to be TOP 3 in initiation. You’re taking a break, watching your friends training with the punching bags. You take a sip from your bottle of water when you notice Eric, the big bad Dauntless leader, walking up to you. Fuck, you think. Now you have to control your sassy tongue or he’ll probably throw you off the Chasm.

“Bother to tell me why you’re not training with the others?” He stops right in front of you, looking down, so you can’t help but face him.

“God, you’re tall…” You mutter, smiling.

“And you’re short. Why aren’t you training?” You can notice he’s annoyed by your words. But it’s a common thing, you guess, Eric being annoyed by something.

“I’m taking a break.”

“Initiates can’t afford to take a break.”

“I’m the best. I can afford it.” You lean closer to him, raising your hand so the cold bottle touches his neck. You laugh when Eric pulls you hand off him violently.

“Stop it, Candor.”

“Make me stop, Erudite.” You laugh again at the anger on his face. Eric uses to scare the hell out of everyone, but not you. In fact, you struggled all your life to create a whole new world where everything is no more than a joke. Well, almost everything.

“I could beat you up. You know that, right?”

“Right! I’m up to a good fight whenever you want.” You smirk, swinging your hips while you walk away from him, but Eric grabs your arm, forcing you to face him again. You stay on your tiptoes so your lips are almost touching his.

“You should show your leader some respect.” Eric whispers and you realize that the others initiates are now quiet, staring at you to see what Coulter will do to you.

“I’ll show you everything you wanna see if you show me what I wanna see.” You pull his shirt up a little, your fingers slightly touching his abs.

“You’re out of control, initiate!”

“You’re such a funny guy.” You burst into a laugh, pushing Eric away. “We could be friends, I absolutely love talking to you.”

You manage to set free, walking back to the punching bags. This is very stupid for you since you rather actually fight someone. Four comes to your side, with an amused smirk.

“Why don’t you just kiss him already?”

“Kiss who? Eric? No way.” The punching bag moves violently until Four stops it with his hand. “What now, Four? Let me punch this shit so I can forget all this Eric shit.”

“I can see now why you left Candor, little liar. He can’t take his eyes off you and you can’t take your eyes off him.”

“Shut the fuck up, Four!” You snap at him, looking at Eric through the corner of your eyes.

“He’ll ask you out soon enough, believe me.” Four whispers, smiling again.

“Well, tell him that I’d say yes.” 


Let’s Christmas 🎄☃️

Inspired by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure:
You love the Christmas season, but _____ absolutely hates it. You spend the day forcing him/her to be festive.
Request from @murmelche.

Words: 1472
Warnings: smut

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