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[PAX South] Dauntless Hands-On Impressions

My excitement for the game is NOT just “wishful thinking”! I was given a special opportunity to try the PAX South build of Dauntless; it’s currently in pre-alpha with open beta in the Fall and a closed alpha demo sometime before that. The game was a blast to play despite still being in an early stage.

In the demo I got to slay 2 monsters: Shrike (the owl bear) and Pangar. Both were unique and fun.

Weapon impressions:

I really loved all 3 weapons, despite thinking I was going to gravitate to one of them. The sword was fast and furious and had at least 2 major combos (triggered by a different button so the controls were not complicated at all), so it was nice to choose which one depending on the situation. You charge up energy as you hit the behemoth and once your gauge is full you can activate it and for a limited period of time you are super-powered. It’s nice to have these elements of big chance and it’s great you can choose when to activate it, so you can wait until someone knocks over the monsters first then go ham on it. Very fun!

For Hammer, I really like the interpretation of the weapon they have. It’s quite agile and has nice wide strikes. Best of all, and I’m sure you’ve seen video of this, is the super jump you can do. Basically it’s a Gun Hammer and you have a few ammo slots of aether energy. You can activate a jump by pressing a button then do an air attack. It’s satisfying to jump in and smash the head of a behemoth when it turns around. Very different than how you think of hammer in a game like Monster Hunter. Another thing worth noting is once you run out of aether shots, you can reload the weapon and currently they use a system like Gears of War with the “perfect reload” which felt super satisfying to pull off.

Axe is the big hitter that is slow but does massive damage. Stamina management is really crucial but numerous times I was able to get the behemoth to flinch with a well-timed hit. I like that there is a walking charge attack so you aren’t necessarily committed to a position (which there was a fixed position strong charge as well). After doing enough damage you can unleash a super slam that raises your base attack power, think of it like a great sword in Monster Hunter that has the Long Sword spirit system.

Overall I like the way aether plays a big roll in this game, from the weapons and how they deal out bigger damage, health pools you can heal from on the field, and elemental attacks the Behemoths do especially when enraged.

Behemoth Impressions:

Shrike was fun - I think it’s going to be an earlier monster but that doesn’t mean it was easy. It’s one of those fights where you can find yourself getting greedy and are punished for it. There are generous i-frames for evasion if you can time it well but even that won’t help you if the behemoth is in your face!

Pangar is really a good example of where this game shines and proved to me they know what they are doing when it comes to monsters design. Its moves had personality and it felt very different from the Shrike hunt. It also had a good variety of attacks: clawing, tail swipes, charging at you, ice attacks, you name it. In my demo I was able to utilize one of the sword combos that ends in a nice upward slice to sever its tail, which felt good! Some media had some gameplay footage but it doesn’t really do it justice - when you are in there close and fighting it, the action is well-paced and exciting.

Gameplay Notes:
When an fellow slayer is down you can run over to revive them (not at full health or anything) and you really want to since the longer they are down and out the closer you get to a quest fail. It’s really well implemented and will be something you just have to try out, but I found it kept the team really thinking about each other, and once we ran out of heal items it really raised the stakes. Absolutely love this idea. Not being sent back to camp keeps the action heavy and makes you move as a team but is never a pain in the butt. Lots of “omg dude I’m down quick someone help” “thanks!” and accidentally dying as you try to revive a fellow slayer is funny.

I also think the flare system is cool. Since there are no loading times, if you run and spot the behemoth you can throw a flare into the air to signal other slayers in a way that is integrated into the game world.

The game is really showing promise and I can see and most importantly *feel* what its going to be like later and it’s exciting. It takes from Monster Hunter some of the core things we like but doesn’t feel like a clone–it feels different and in a good way.

The developer is super open, funny, and interacts with the community. Also worth noting is while we don’t know the details, they are adamant that the F2P will not be pay-to-win. These are a bunch of guys who love the same games we do and are trying to do this right—they have my support not only because they are cool but the game is also frankly just shaping up to be a lot of fun.

Can’t wait to see more as the game development continues. I knew that I wanted to cover this game closely but after having a hands-on demo with the game, I am now fully committed to covering it. It’s going to be free to play so if you have a PC it won’t cost a thing to give it a try. I really think you guys will enjoy this game so put it on your radar!

Until next time…happy slaying!


Vinelasher, a new Dauntless fan behemoth I’m working on.

Idea behind these fellas is a parasitic creature that lay their eggs in trees, which after maturing into a mass of tentacles tear the tree apart and infuse it into their bodies.

So while a matured one will always have the same quadratic structure, their appearance will vary based on the kind of tree they matured in.

Also a pair of Vinelashers can meld their bodies together to form a single larger entity (A fused one being the drawings above). This fusion is generally a means of simply gaining more strength. A fusion is also not permanent, the two can separate their bodies if they so choose.

It’s believed that more than two can fuse together, but that has yet to be seen.

Not your toy (Part 1)

It has been two weeks since you were transported to Dauntless. It was hard to get used to all this things: getting up early, training all day and fighting your friends. But you weren’t the weak girl and you tried your best to succeed. Fortunately, you made everyone see that you’re strong and stubborn and will achieve your goals. Everyone except one person. Eric. Well, you weren’t surprised by his behavior. He was that type of man who didn’t care about anyone but him. At least you thought that. Everyone did. Eric was always trying to make you fall or cry or get injured. Eventually he was succeeding: you often cried. But you wasn’t so pathetic to do that in front of the crowd. You cried late at night when everyone was asleep. Then you couldn’t make it to be awake and fell asleep too. But one day changed all your view on your new life. This day was as any other. You got up earlier that others, had breakfast and went to the training room. By the time of dinner, Four announced that everyone will be playing the game “Capture the flag” at night. So all of you were free until that time. You made your way towards the roof. That one from which you should have jumped. The initiates weren’t supposed to wander around the Dauntless until they become the member of the faction. However, this was one of the places which you could visit without problems. You often came here when you couldn’t sleep ir just wanted to be alone and let your thoughts wander while you’re watching the sky. You went upstairs and sat down in comfortable position. You started thinking about you previous life, your family, your friends. Everything was new now. And you didn’t want to come back. Dauntless was your home now. You had already convinced so many people. Except Eric. “I should prove you that you’re strong and I belong here” you whispered and continued watching the sky.

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My first one -shot!

So , now here it is, my first attempt to write something about our favourite character Eric.

Title: Little Warrior

Warning: none just a lot of fluff

Words: 1622

I want to thank my fellow jai-sisters and the lovely @pathybo for encouraging me to post this! You rule! Lots of love!

P.S. I’m sorry for every mistake in this text, English is not my first language.

When I left the infirmary, I was stunned. Not about the pregnancy, I was well aware about that, but Eric. He had shown up and seems very interested about the child. He even stayed behind to asked the Doctor a few more questions. With a big smile on my face I walked back to my Apartment.

Halfway there suddenly Peter stopped me, a malicious smirk on his face. „Well, well look who’s here. Heard you’ve been knocked up.“ Ok, rumours spread as fast as light at Dauntless. „ you think you can take advantage of this, don’t you? Carrying a leader’s Baby would gain you respect?“ he took a step towards me and started poking my belly with his index. „You are nothing but a cheap whore! Everybody knows that, and this little brat inside you…” The next moment a dark shadow rushed past me and Peter was pinned on the opposite wall. Eric! With his hands tight around Peter’s throat he glared angry at him. „This is MY woman and MY child you’re talking about“ he hissed between clenched teeth. „If I ever saw you around May or my child again, I swear to god I’ll show you the chasm from a very different perspective!“ Peter gurgled and turns violet. I laid my hand on Eric’s Arm. „Honey please! He’s not worth it. Let’s go home ok?“ He let go of Peter with a deep growl, took me by my waist and left further down the hall with me. Around the next corner he stopped and looked at me with worried eyes. „Is everything ok? Did he hurt you? Did he hurt the Baby?“ He laid his big Hand on my stomach. I shook my head. „No, everything is fine, but I think we need to talk.“ He nodded and followed me.

The second I closed the door behind me his lips crushed on mine. But it wasn’t that usual heated sex-driven Kiss, but a soft and sensual one. When I break the kiss a few seconds later, I saw nothing but genuine love in his eyes. We sat down on my couch. „We’re really having a Baby, don’t we?” Eric noted. “Jepp” I just answered. He shoved his hand trough his hair. “Wow….that’s wow. I’ve never thought of me as a father!” “Nor I’ve been thinking of me as a mother, at least not for now. Somewhere in the future of course but not yet.” Eric slides himself closer to me, wrapped one of his arms around my shoulder and with the other Hand he started to rub my non-existent belly. “Move in with me” he whispered to my ear. I look at him in shock, that was unexpected. “Eric…I..” He took my hands in his. “I’ve had a lot of time to think about this, since you told me” I scoffed lightly. When I broke the news to him, he went pale as a wall, excused himself and run for the hills. No one saw him for nearly two weeks! Today he finally reappeared. He laughed a little. “I know I know, I’m sorry about that, I was a little overwhelmed. But as I said, I thought about it. If I would ever had to have children in this world, this faction, it would be with you!” I sighed. “Babe , I’m normally not the kind of relationship-guy, and I can’t promise that this will work , but I want to try it, for you and the Baby.” I layed my forehead to his. “I also don’t know how all of this will end, I never was in an relationship before, but I want this Baby, our Baby to grow up in a real family.” He gently kissed me again. “So it’s set? You’re coming with me?” I nodded and snuggled into him. Slowly he shoved his hand on my stomach again. “I… I think…I love you!” The next moment he grimaced. “Well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought.” I laughed. “I love you too….Yeah, you’re right, it feels good!” We sat there for a couple more minutes, hanging on our own thoughts.

Suddenly Eric jumps up and took me with him. “Come on, let’s seal the deal. Pack up a few things, you’re living with me now! Later we will visit the Housing-Department to get you registered to my Apartment. I don’t want you and our Baby to be on your own. If something happened, I’m not here to help!” I smiled. There he was again, Eric the leader. Any other day I would be angry about someone ordain my life like this, but maybe it were the hormones or because deep down I know that he was right, I simply agreed. So I took my Dufflebag and threw random clothes out of my Wardrobe in it. Eric went to my bathroom and collected my toiletries. A few minutes later we were ready and headed out to Eric’s . As I closed my door Eric laced our Hands together. This was the first time he showed any affection towards me in public.

After we put my belongings at his home we went to the Department. Carlene, the assigned Dauntless smirked widely at our request. “Finally! That step was long overdue!” She laughed hardly at our confused looks. “What? Do you really thought nobody knows about you two? We even placed bets on how long it took you to admit it to yourself! As for that…..” she spins herself around and shouted to a fellow Employee “Tell Andrew he owes me a lot of points now. I told you it would took them over a year!” Eric and I looked at each other staggered. Was it that obvious that there was more between us than just occasional banging each other? Beside that we hadn’t much in common….till now.

We get everything done and went back to Eric’s…No, our Apartment. Eric opens the door and pointed inside. “Welcome home, Babe” Albeit I had been in here countless times before, this was the first time I took a real good look around. It was as I expected: Neat, very structured and a bit cold, to be honest. On the right side of the door was the living room with a big black couch, a fireplace and a TV above it. On the left lays the kitchen with a cooking island as the central element. There were three more doors to the Master bedroom, a guest bedroom and a little bathroom as Eric told me. All walls had a light grey colour like concrete and most of the furniture was black or dark brown. On the ceiling was a big surface light which makes the whole room light up nicely. Eric dropped my bag on the bed. As I opened the wardrobe I saw that Eric had already made room for me. I looked at him in question and he smiled “when I thought this whole thing over, I already made a few arrangements” I chuckled lightly and shocked my head.

In the next few ours, the rest of my stuff was delivered to us. Soon you could tell that a woman was now living in here: There was a sand-coloured rug in front of the couch, a few pictures on the walls, a candle holder on the sideboard and a basked of fruits on the dining table. Now the bathroom holds two toothbrushes and a few more care products. Eric looked around in awe. “Wow, I liked my flat bevor , but now it looks really vivid!” He slipped his arms around me and kissed me lightly. “Thank you” he said tenderly. “For what?” I asked astonished. “Just for being here with me, for giving me something to live for aside my job” A tear formed inside my eye, as I kissed him eagerly as an answer.

Later we laid in our bed together. Suddenly Eric laughed to himself. “What’s up?” I asked. He props himself up on his elbows and turned to me. “I just realised that this is the first time I’m in bed with a woman and not having sex with her” I looked at him “Never bevor?” He shocked his head. “Nope. Either I was in the girl’s room or I throw her out afterwards.” I thought about it. As in my case he was right. Every time we were done I soon left to my own home. We never really slept in the same bed. “So, should I sleep on the couch as long as we have no sex?” I said smirking. He laughed again. “ No, of course not. To be honest, now I can’t think of anything better than to wake up beside you every morning!” I looked at him ecstatic. “Aww, big bad leader Eric, soft as a little kitten” He glared at me playfully. “Don’t you dare tell anybody! I have a reputation to loose!” He reached for the covers, took them down and lifted my shirt up. Lovingly he caresses my stomach. “So, how are you two?” I laid my Hands on his. “Good, great actually. I’m happy and comfortable” He nodded satisfied, laid his head beside my belly and kissed it gently. “Hey little warrior, it’s me, Daddy. You have to grew fast and become strong. Me and your Mommy can’t wait to see you!” I fondle his hair softly. “And if it is a girl?” His eyes sparkled “Then she will be as brave and as beautiful as her mother!” Wow that whole Baby-thing has engulfed him entirely! I put my head on his chest and my arm around his waist. I closed my eyes and drifted slowly to sleep. There was a big adventure for us ahead!

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Dauntless: Daddy Dearest (Part 5)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, parenting angst

A/N: I think the panicked expressions on Eric’s face are incredibly accurate for this series lol also, if you want to be tagged in any dauntless updates, let me know! I don’t always post consecutively, sometimes there might be a few weeks in between chapters, and I don’t want anyone to miss out! Don’t forget to check the masterlist for the rest of my Dauntless, and where all parts of this series are tagged.


I leaned over the crib, watching the infant sleeping in his blue blankets. Camille had him wrapped up like a burrito, still wearing his little blue hat, his face scrunched in his sleep. It was late, I’d just gotten in, but I’d wanted to check on him before I went to bed.

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Eric Fanfiction Pt. 4

(A/N) Here is the promised part of my fanfiction! Have fun! Anyway! I hope you like it! I’m always open for critics, so come at me…in a nice way please…! The next part will be posted very soon, as an apology…

Warnings: Emotions, Fighting


If anyone else wants to be tagged, just say so :)

First Part: https://home-of-the-lonely-writer.tumblr.com/post/160344801874/eric-fanfiction-pt-1

Second Part: https://home-of-the-lonely-writer.tumblr.com/post/160631233899/eric-fanfiction-pt-2

Third Part: https://home-of-the-lonely-writer.tumblr.com/post/160994956079/eric-fanfiction-pt-3


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After sitting on the floor for quite some time, my stomach rumbled and I decided it was time for dinner. Finding my way to the cafeteria, I got in line, waiting to get food. A few people before me stood Tyler. He catched my eye while looking around, but turned around instantly. Probably still scared of Eric after what happened earlier.
The line moved slowly and I had to wait over ten minutes to get a cheeseburger and some fries. The old lady, serving dinner kindly smiled at me before handing me my plate. Her face resembled one I once knew, but I couldn’t place it directly.
Moving out of the line, I walked straight towards Xavier and Lucy. As soon as I sat down, Xavier hugged me by the shoulder and whispered in my ear. “You sure you have a date with Four and not with Eric? He won’t stop looking at you.” I glanced towards the leaders table, and without a doubt, Eric was openly staring at me. He didn’t even bother looking away after I returned his stare.
“Forget him. And I already had my, what you call date, with Four.” I broke eye contact and focused on my food.
“What did he want to talk about?” Xavier excited took my hand and squeezed the living hell out of it.
“Bloody hell Xavier, I still need my hand!” Xavier rolled his eyes, but let go. Still, he looked at me, waiting to continue. “He asked me how I was doing in training and if I needed help. He is, apparently, concerned because most of the guys make fun of me.” The lie slipped off my tongue without hesitation. Well, I knew I wouldn’t belong to Candor. Xavier eyed me suspiciously but didn’t ask. For now.

After dinner we went back to the dorms, ready for a good nights sleep. Lucy and I walked over to the sinks to wash our faces, while Xavier staid on his bed. What I didn’t expect was that Xavier moved our beds together while I was away. “Now we can cuddle at night!” He had a giant grin on his face while I had troubles closing my mouth. Lucy stood beside me, looking more shocked than I.
“How sweet. Good night.” Lucy sounded mad, but before I could say something, she turned around and walked to the front of the room, where her bed waited for her.
Xavier, completely oblivious to Lucys reaction, took my hand and pulled me down onto the bed.
“Let’s sleep. I’m tired as shit!”

As soon as I opened the front door, I could hear my parents shout at each other. Without making myself known, I fled up the stairs to the room I shared with my older sister. She sat by the window, looking at the children in Erudite school uniforms, running home. Most of them already greeted at the front door. They returned to happy homes, we, we returned to a home filled with screaming and anger. With tears and sobs. We never had the chance to get a happy family, a loving one.
My father continued screaming downstairs, my mother sobbed, pleading for forgiveness for something that she did.  
I put my schoolbag on the ground and turned, facing the door.
“Don’t. You know what happens if you interfere.” My sister didn’t even look at me. I knew what would happen if I went down there, so I didn’t.
I sat on my bed and my sister sat down beside me. “Why us?” She didn’t answer. She only hugged me and let me cry on her shoulder.
Later in the evening my mother came upstairs and we helped her clean up her wounds. After that we all went to sleep.
The next morning I woke up to find my mother and my sister gone. I never saw them again.

I was awake without knowing exactly what woke me. It took a few seconds for me to remember the dream, or better said the memory. Xavier, who had his back turned towards me, rolled over and took my hand.
“It’s okay.” He was wide awake and looked at me. I only nodded and turned on my side to look at him. He took my other hand and pulled me towards me.
“I guess you don’t want to talk about it, but it’s okay.” Our foreheads touched and I nodded again.
He continued talking quietly while I slowly fell asleep.

“Wake up! You have five minutes to get dressed! We’re going for a run!” Four stood on the last stair, looking at all of us. Everybody scrambled out of their bed and began putting on their clothes. Xavier and I huffed and got out of bed too.
All of us managed to put on their clothes in the five minutes Four gave us. As soon as we were ready Four began jogging and we all followed him. Xavier and I began as the last ones, but soon managed to get to the front, along with Four. We jogged through the city, past the main hall where the choosing ceremony took place and through Abnegation. We took a shortcut through some side streets near Erudite and continued through the city.
We rounded a corner and saw a Dauntless troop, waving around their guns in front of some factionless. Eric was there too.
As soon as he noticed us, he came over.
“What’s the problem?” Four looked at the factionless that argued with the Dauntless soldiers.
“Just some factionless occupying a building they shouldn’t occupy. Nothing major.” His voice was cold as always, still, the disgust clearly hearable within it made me shiver.
Of course, factionless were weak and sometimes traitors, but they were still people. They were human beings, just like him and me.
“The way they treat them is unfair.” Originally I wanted to think that, but somehow it came out as a quiet mumble. Xavier looked at me with wide eyes and quickly glanced at Eric and Four, obviously hoping they didn’t hear what I just said.
They didn’t. They kept on talking for a few minutes, after that we continued our run.

Most of us were breathing heavily when we arrived back at the Dauntless compound. The asked for a timeout to relax a bit, but Four was having none of it.
Today began the real training. We partnered up and tried the basic moves he showed us against each other. Of course, Xavier asked me to be his training partner and I could feel Lucys jealous glares all day.
We trained for a few hours, Four walking through the room and correcting our posture and the way we hit. Right when all of us wanted to go get lunch, Eric walked in, looking pissed.
“I want to see a fight! First jumper and last!”
Xavier turned towards me, looking sacred. I, myself couldn’t keep my breath from catching in my throat.
“What are you waiting for?! Get on the mat!” Eric stood beside the mat, his arms crossed over his chest. I carefully stepped onto the mat and found myself face to face with Jax, the boy from Amity. He was at least two heads taller than me and a lot stronger from the work in his old faction. I could never win this fight.
“Get ready!” Both of us got ready to attack and waited for the signal. “Go!”

I knew that this was supposed to be a fight, but I didn’t expect Jax to lunge at me as soon as the start word left Erics mouth. I was able to dodge the blow at the very last second and roll to the side. This went on for quite a while until he finally managed to land a blow. He threw me backwards and I landed on the mat. It knocked the breath out of me. For something that felt so soft beneath my feet, it was really hard on my back.
Jax looked at Eric, unsure of what to do next. Rubbing my left cheek I slowly stood up again. Jaxs back was turned on me, I knew I should use this to my advantage, but that would have been to easy.
“Finish this.” Jax turned back towards me and I could see the pain in his eyes. He didn’t want to hurt me, or anyone for that matter, but this was Dauntless and this is what Dauntless do.
He tried to punch me again, but I ducked under him and kicked him in the back. He fell onto the mat and I instantly sat down on top of him, locking his arms and feet under my body.
“I’m so sorry.” I could swear he smiled at me before I knocked him out. His head fell to the right and a soaring pain shot through my hand. Swearing I got off Jax and Four and two other boys carried his body out of the training room. I slowly followed them, holding my right hand with my left one.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Erics cold voice could be heard behind me.
I ignored him and kept on walking. “(Y/N)! Stop right now!” He grabbed my arm and turned me around. “What?!” I glared at him, wishing that looks could kill.
“I asked you where you were going.” He obviously tried to calm himself down. Still the guy with the short temper. “To the infirmary. I hurt my hand.” I showed him my hand and with an unusual gentle touch, I only knew from the old him, he took it and examined it. Just as careful and gentle as he took it, he let it go a few minutes later.
“Okay, you can go. But next time ask before you leave, okay?” I nodded as a response and turned to again. “(Y/N), I…” His voice wasn’t cold anymore, it was sad and pained. I looked at him over my shoulder. As soon as I catched his eyes, he looked away again.
“I know Eric. But that doesn’t mean I understand. I mean, I don’t even want to understand it! You left me! You left me with that monster and you knew it! Why? Why?! Fuck not wanting to know it! I want to know why!” I didn’t even notice that I hit his chest with my left hand. He immediately pressed me against his body, to keep me from hitting him.  
“(Y/N)…calm down. Here is neither the right mo…” Before he could continue, he let go of me and his hard façade came back as he stared behind me.
“(Y/N)? Is everything okay?” Four stood behind us in the hallway. No wonder Eric played his part again. “Everything’s perfect Four. Take her to the infirmary.” He turned around without giving me another glance.
“(Y/N)? You cried, what’s wrong?” Four was really concerned. “Just my hand.” He nodded as if he really believed me. But he didn’t and I knew it. Still, he was way too nice to keep talking about it.