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Pokémon Go Teams and Magic: The Gathering Factions

Team Mystic

This team is guided by wisdom and intellect, and they are interested in the science of Pokémon evolution. That makes it a perfect philosophical match with the blue and green Simic Combine of Ravnica.

Team Instinct

As the name suggests, this team is guided by its gut-feelings. They trust that their Pokémon are innately powerful. This team reminds me greatly of the Atarka Brood of Tarkir, as well as the Gruul Clans of Ravnica, both of which are green and red.

Team Valor

This team is driven by passion and strength above all else. They must train constantly to enhance themselves and their team of Pokémon, so that they can be the very best. In this way, they resemble the Mardu Horde of Tarkir, a faction centered in red with a hint of white and black.

Modern day Romeo and Juliet:

A year after Pokemon Go’s release society is unrecognisable.

People have divided into factions based on their team.

The factions mostly keep to themselves, forming gangs in their areas to keep control of their gyms.

The most bitter of rivals are Team Mystic and Team Valour.

For them, dating stays within teams, family has turned on family, and sabotage is sport. The teams have marked parts of their towns as neutral and parts as territory.

And then someone from Team Mystic falls in love with someone from Team Valour.

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"WWE should just scrap the friendship between Roman and Dean."

I don’t understand you. Roman and Dean have been friends, business partners and teammates since November 2012 and they’ve been through hell together. They’ve fought through brutal matches, lost and won matches together and even lost a best friend together. Of course they’re going to be close after they’ve went through all that together.
Of course they’re not always present when the other is as they were when they were in the shield because they’re not a team or faction anymore, but they’re still there for each other when they need to be.
Roman may not be on the same level of popularity as Dean, but together the crowd love them as there’s no doubt about that.
Also, you wouldn’t see Dean so happy or protective with anyone else, would you? Vice Versa.

The two of them don’t have many friends or teammates or business partners anymore. There’s a reason they haven’t made any more friends since June 2nd last year. Trust is dead to them and they only have each other now.

To me, that’s pretty damn cute so I’m in complete favour of ambreigns.

Everyone generally describes Hunters as loners and mercurial weirdos that generally can’t be relied on to follow rules or consistently help the Tower or whatever but it’s always the Hunters who come back to the Tower with younger Guardian squads in tow like, “Yeah I found these guys getting hassled by by a pretty sizable Hive patrol. No big. They’re fine now.” Or run into your fireteam in the field like “Hey there, I found a shortcut you know… around all those Fallen squads you’re about to run into. Maybe just follow me…” or “So I noticed you wandering around this area by yourself. You want some back up?”’

Hunters may not fall into rank and file but they’re usually first in line to volunteer help and usually out of no particular loyalty to a faction or team so much as “Eh, we’re all on the same side and I’d rather not watch people get eaten by aliens.”