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Eric x Reader

Part One

“We all know why we’re here, (Y/N) would you like to explain yourself?” Max asked as he hurried in and sat down, not looking at Eric or Tori.

“Running to Abnegation gave my child the best chance to correctly decide on her faction.” You said seriously and everyone seemed to be taken back.

“So, you were pregnant before you left?” Eric asked through gritted teeth.

“Yes, less than two percent of Dauntless children leave Dauntless I wanted to give my child a chance to experience a faction that had a higher…” Eric shook his head and stood up.

“Are you saying that she wouldn’t have the chance to change factions if I raised her!” Eric snapped and Max motioned for him to sit.

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rewatching s11 like

locus: shoots wash first 
(coz honestly wash is like the support, the mercy of the team)
locus: shoots sarge next
(mostly coz sarge actually is dangerous)

(you can tell the other shots aren’t made by locus because they missed xD)

Friends to Lovers Pt. 6

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Warnings: Nightmare, Singing


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Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

Eric POV

I was back in Erudite, sitting in this big room, completely alone. I waited for a few minutes. A blonde lady entered the room. “Eric Coulter. 16. Choosing Ceremony tomorrow. The test said that the best faction for you would be Erudite, the second best would be Dauntless. You’re smart and strong. And Divergent.” Her voice was like ice, piercing my ears with every word she uttered. “What are you going to choose tomorrow?” She sat down opposite of me, keeping her eyes on the tablet in front of her.
“I don’t know yet.” I tried to catch her eye, so I could read her, but she avoided eye contact.
“I’ll tell you. You’ll choose Dauntless. You’ll work very hard and become on of the leaders. Win their trust and convince them to cooperate with Erudite. If you don’t choose Dauntless, or you fail at any task I give you, I’ll kill you for being a Divergent.” Now she looked me in the eyes. And she was serious. Dead serious.
“But, wh…” “What about (Y/N)? You’ll leave her. After you change faction you won’t talk to her, or even look at her. Trust me, I’ll know if you do. If she follows you to Dauntless, you’re free to do whatever you want with her.” I stared at my hands, intertwined and squeezing each other in my lap. I couldn’t leave (Y/N)! But if I don’t, she’ll kill me and that way I’d leave her too.
“Oh, I changed my mind.” I looked at her, hope written all over my face. “If you fail me, I’ll first kill (Y/N), letting you watch, and then I’ll kill you. Have a nice day.”
She left the room and I knew what I had to do, even with (Y/N) would hate me for it.

The setting changed. I was in a room, bright and clean. My hands were bound behind my back and I was on my knees. I failed that woman, Jeanine, and now I was paying for it.
They brought in (Y/N), her hands were bound too and she had a cloth in her mouth to keep her from screaming. As soon as she saw me, she relaxed a bit.
“What did I tell you Eric? If you fail me, I’ll kill her.” (Y/N)s eyes instantly widened and she tried to struggle. “Stop it!” I began to struggle too, trying to get the ropes of.
“Say goodbye Eric.” With one bang (Y/N) laid on the floor, her lifeless eyes staring at me. Then there was a second bang and my vision went black.

I woke up, the room was black, not white. And I was alive. That’s good. That’s really good.
I was back at Dauntless, in my apartment. I didn’t fail Jeanine and she didn’t kill (Y/N).
Wait! What about (Y/N)?! I looked around frantically, needing to confirm that he was alive.
“Ngh…” Someone moved beside me. “Eric?” It was (Y/N). My sweet, innocent (Y/N). She sat up, looking at me. Her hair was all over the place and sleep was still present in her eyes.
“Go back to sleep, didn’t want to wake you up.” I laid back down, using my left arm as a pillow.
“Mhm.” She laid down too, but she placed her head on top of my chest and wrapped her arms around my waist. “You still know that play from school?” (Y/N) buried her face in my chest but kept on talking. “The one about the girl? And the sea?” I wrapped my right arm around her waist, pressing her body against mine.
“Yeah. Moana. Do you remember that one song?” “There were so many songs, which one?”

I have crossed the horizon to find you
I know your name
They’ve stolen the heart from inside you
But this does not define you
This is not who you are
You know who you are

“Oh this one. Yeah. That scene was awesome.” I smiled a little at the memory. “There is this other song that matched this one, but our teacher didn’t want to put them together.” (Y/N) nodded and began singing again.

I am the girl who loves my island
And the girl who loves the sea
It calls me
I am the daughter of village chief
We are descendants from voyagers
Who found their way across the world
They call me
I delivered us to where we are
I’ve journeyed farther
I am everything I learned and more
Still it calls me
And the call isn’t out there at all
It’s inside me
It’s like the tide
Always falling and raising
I will carry you here in my heart
You’ll remind me
That come what may
I know the way
I am Moana

“Why did we even have to watch this play? I mean, what was the benefit for us?” I stared at the ceiling, waiting for (Y/N) to answer. “I think they wanted to show us that it’s okay to leave everything behind us when we change faction.” She snuggled further into me. “Not everything, huh?” She didn’t answer, already asleep. “I’m sorry (Y/N).”
I got out of bed and walked to the living room to call Jeanine.


I woke up, finding the bed beside me empty. Outside, I could hear two familiar voices arguing. I got out of bed, searching for my clothes till I remembered that I left them in the bathroom.
I had no other choice but leave the bedroom in Eric’s Shirt. At least it covered most of me.
As I opened the door, I didn’t expect Four to stand in the living room, yelling at Eric.
“Oh, finally! The princess decides to show her face!” Four glared at me, leaving Eric alone for once.
“What? How did you know I’m here?” I walked over to them and Eric passed me a cup of coffee. That’s when I noticed that my hand was perfectly fine now.
Silently thanking him, I waited for Four to continue. “I was watching the cameras yesterday and suddenly I see you entering Eric’s apartment. You didn’t come out again, so I thought I’d confront you today! I can’t believe that you would give yourself to him!”
“Give myself to him? He didn’t even see me naked. Yes, we slept in the same bed, but we didn’t sleep with each other.” I tried to explain to Four, but he obviously didn’t believe me.
“I don’t care what you did and what you didn’t. I just thought you were different.” Four turned to leave and the first time since I left the bedroom, Eric opened his mouth.
“Did you delete the tapes and disable the camera?” He took a sip of his coffee and looked at Four with raised eyebrows. “Do you think I’m dumb? Of course I did. As much as I hate you, I like her. Just, be more discrete from now on.” Four left me and Eric in the kitchen, sipping our coffee.
“You need to get ready. If anyone asks you were up early to visit Xavier in the infirmary.” He put his cup in the sink and walked back to his bedroom.
Huffing, I finished my coffee and placed my cup alongside his. To dress, I went to the bathroom and left as soon as I was ready. Eric was never good with mornings.

Taking Eric’s advice, I went to the infirmary, checking on Xavier, but when I got there, Xavier was just about to leave.
“My hero!” I hugged him, chuckling quietly. “Aww, that’s cute my damsel in distress!” I hit him.
Together we walked back to the dorms, where the others told us that we got the day off to do what we want. After Xavier and I shared a high five, we decided to go get some new clothes.
Together we stormed the giant store, each one picking outfits for the other.
I picked a tight, black tank top with matching trousers and a flannel shirt that faded from white to black. As accessories I picked a chain he could put on his trousers and a choker with spikes. The shoes looked like typical military boots.
We both got into the changing cabins, putting on whatever the other picked. In my case that meant a black tang top with black hot pants. Over that I had a loose black cardigan and some black necklaces. My shoes had the same military look as the ones I picked out for Xavier, but instead of black, they were bright red. Matching the wrist band he picked out.

Both of us left the cabins at the same time, grinning at each other. The only downside to this game was that neither one of us could afford those clothes. So we put them back and kept on window shopping. As we got to the tattoo parlour, I decided I want to get one. Xavier, who wasn’t too good with needles, said we would meet each other for dinner later.
Laughing at him I turned to search for a symbol I would like to have.
After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to get one with dreamcatchers that run down my spine.

The whole procedure took about one hour and it hurt like a bitch! I mean sure, I could’ve used this new technique they developed, but this, what I have on my back now, is a real tattoo. And I love it.
The tattoo lady explained everything about the healing process and the cream I have to put on it every day and let me go.
It was already dinner time when I was able to leave, but I decided to stop by the clothes store again. I used my last few points on a shirt, so that the others could see my tattoo.

I entered the cafeteria and immediately found Xavier, sitting at a table with Lucy. The talk they had yesterday seemed to have paid off.
After getting my food, I walked towards the table when Tyler walked in my way.
“Oh there you are! I searched for yesterday and somehow, you didn’t return to the dorm. I wonder where you were…maybe, screwing one of our leaders?” He smirked at me, his friends laughed. Well, two could play that game. “Aww, that’s so cute! You missed me so much you even looked for me all night! You stayed awake for me. That’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me!” I faked wiping away a tear. The attention of the room was on the two of us, even the leaders couldn’t help but to stare.
“Oh no, I didn’t miss you. I just wanted to see where you were. Nothing against that, huh?”
“So…now you admit to being my stalker?” I raised an eyebrow.
“No! What the! You little bitch!” Not even one second before Tyler lunged out to hit me, Max stood up and everyone halted in their movements.
“Initiates! After what happened yesterday I don’t think this the right time or the right place! You’ll have enough chances to fight in training! Sit down, or leave!”
I admit I didn’t listen to him on the first day, but right now, Max was a real cool guy with perfect timing.
I shot Tyler a grin and walked past him to where Xavier and Lucy waited for me.
“How was it? Getting a tattoo, I mean.” Xavier immediately started talking, as always.
I told him everything, hoping to be able to eat a meal in silence. And it was quiet. Well, as quiet as it can get with Xavier sitting beside you.

After dinner, the three of us walked back to the dorm. Lucy hasn’t talked about what had happened yesterday, but she was sorry. I knew that.
Since I had the honour to have the most comfortable shower just yesterday, and I didn’t want to get my tattoo wet, I waited on Xavier’s and my bed.
They soon were finished and joined me. We kept talking for a while, about our old faction, what we want to become after initiation and so on.
Still, when Xavier suddenly pulled a guitar from under his side of the bed, I couldn’t help my eyes widening in shock. “What is that?”
“A guitar.” He grinned at the guitar as if it was his baby. I just continued to stare at him. “Oh come on! I know you can sing! I heard you!” I couldn’t believe this guy! He listened to me while I was singing under the shower!
“You don’t even know how to you use this thing!” I turned away from him, but turned back as soon as I heard him play some familiar chords.
“Xavier! Stop! I’m not going to sing in front of all of the others!” My voice turned to a hiss.
“Why? I would quite enjoy it.” Lucy just now decided to chime in. Those guys…
Xavier repeated the chords and slowly, I began to sing.


Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHaIxSimdSs

The song and the video do NOT belong to me.

On Gems and Colour

(i hope it’s ok to ask through submission, because i’d have to split it up into several asks)

I’m not sure it can be called a theory, but i’ve been thinking about how much gems can and cannot influence the color pallet of their pysical forms.

Tbh i don’t remember if you were the one making a post about this, but i remember someone pointing out the fact that there seems to be a difference in color shades and/or intensity depending on the age of the gems. I’ve been looking through your Ruby posts again and you said that in Hit the Diamond it was Leggy’s first mission, so she’s probably the youngest. Leggy is the darkest of the Ruby squad. Then there’s Eyeball who is the oldest (if i remember correctly) and her colors are the most faded.
So, this is something they probably don’t have any control over.
Then there’s the thing that gems are usually similar colored to their Diamond or share a color in some variation with them. (eg: Peridot – YD, Sapphire – BD, Rose - PD)
My theory (kind of) is that Pearls are the only ones (maybe Bismuths too) that can change their colors according to their Diamond (or whoever their respective owner is). Real life pearls do shimmer in all kinds of colors after all.
This would explain why our Pearl looks so different from Blue and Yellow Pearl, who stick strictly to the color of their respective Diamond. Could it be that our Pearl changed her color pallet to show that she doesn’t belong to anyone? I think this might be another way to show her struggle of understanding change (as seen in Three gems and a baby) and her willingness to try for Rose.
We’ve seen Amethyst change the color of her clothes multiple times, but her color pallet always stays the same. Pearl on the other hand is the only one who uses very different colors. Looking at her everyday outfits from before Steven was born up until now, she seems to move further away from pink everytime, and her current outfit even has quite a lot of yellow in it. She is basically a mix of the colors of Y, B and PD.

So, to conlude, I think Pearls can change their colors more drastically than other gems (and even if all gems can, none do it except Pearls)

Can I get your thoughts on this? Did I miss something here?

Hi there! Of course you can send in submissions, and thank you for your comprehensive submission here :D

If I could summarise your main points, it’s that:

  • Gems’ colours fade as they age and they can’t control it
  • Gems’ colours reflect their diamond and faction 
  • Except Pearls, who may be able to control their palette after regeneration

I think these are really interesting ideas! :D 

1. Fading Colours

So far our only glimpse at gems of the same type is the Ruby Squad and our own Ruby. And you’re right in pointing out Eyeball has a lighter colours compared to the other Rubies. Leggy is the Newbie and has the darkest, almost purplish coloration. Navy, whom we’re assuming is young as well, has a lighter purple to her, while Doc, Army, and our Ruby have similar colours. 

I like this idea because it shows that even if gems don’t physically, there are still signs of their years passed. And you’re right in saying gems can’t seem to control that. When gems regenerate, they maintain their colour palette and can’t change things like the colour of their skin.

I feel this can be broken down into two ideas. First, not all gems of the same type come out exactly the same. There will be little differences. Just like how some of the Rubies are more on the orange-red end of the spectrum while others are on the violet-red of the spectrum. 

When we talk about intensity of colour though, that’s interesting too. In fact, Eyeball supports this statement in Bubbled. When she and Steven are careening through an asteroid field, Eyeball is still outside the bubble and she’s running, jumping, and dodging asteroids for her life. 

At one point, she gets tired and pants: I think I’m losing my lustre…

Which is said in the context and tone of most people going, “I’m getting too old for this!”

So gems do have a concept of ageing in the form of losing their lustre. And it may be true that after facing a lot of battles or just being exposed to the elements a lot, a gem can have a lot of very small scratches, that make it appear dull, unlike the scratches on a phone screen after a lot of use. 

But it’s very subtle, because gems, in reality, don’t actually age. They do feel time passing and the weight of the years on them though, and it would be interesting if it manifests in their physical appearance as well. 

2. Reflecting their Factions

This is a topic that I’ve covered on the blog before, but it’s worth discussing again! Gem colours reflect the colour of their factions. It makes sense that in The Answer, Sapphire and the other gems aligned with Blue Diamond are different shades of Blue, even in their silhouettes. 

One new thing to bring up is that we see some gems who are a definite mix of two Diamonds’ colours. I will be the first to say that Quartzes come in all colours, and that the gem colours in the show are definitely partly based off the kind of material the gem incubated in.

Nonetheless, it’s interesting that, say, the Kindergarten Control Room and Hand Ship are green, even though they’re areas for Yellow Diamond. That Peridot, the embodiment of technological development under YD’s faction, is green means that there might be room for collaboration between diamond factions in post-war Homeworld, particularly between Yellow and Blue Diamond.

3. Pearls’ Colours 

This is something I also agree with! That Pearls cut across factions (gems of any faction seem to be able to own Pearls, who are given as merit awards) means that they might not be made with a particular colour in mind. When we see Pearl in The Answer, her colour is stylised as a light blue-green. And we get hints of that now when she blushes. But you’re absolutely right in saying that she has yellows, greens, and even pinks in her colour palette and these are things that she adds on as she regenerates. There was even a time Pearl had purple leggings in her leg warmers phase.

And it would mean that Pearls may come from the white faction. They’re malleable and sort of start out with a template, much like the White Diamond is a template or the archetypal diamond. As such, they’d be given the ability to change colours more easily than do other gems.

It’s also worth noting that Pearls are created through organic means, so they aren’t like other gems. That could be the key to making them able to change colours. 

Life As We Know It - Part 1

Rating: M (Smut, Language, Violence, Adult Themes)


Their lives seemed to be steeped in tragedy. Through it all they had each other until wrong choice brought it all crashing down. Eric had never been able to make up for the mistake he made, but he never stopped trying. Once again tragedy strikes turning everything upside down. Now, for little Ava they will have to come together once more. AU Eric/OC M No War No Divergent Hunts

A/N: This is a completed story that I have posted on another site as well. But thought I would add it here since I just started this account. I hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 1

The party was in full swing and Eric was already feeling no pain. He wouldn’t say he was drunk but he wasn’t far off. That was fine with him because it’s what he needed. To get drunk and get all the shit in his life off his mind. At least for the night anyways.

Her ass filled his hands as he pulled her to him on the dance floor. Eric feels her moan and trails her hand down his chest to his pants to cup him through his jeans. Finding him already hard she starts to massage and stroke him.

He doesn’t need another invitation and before they know it he has her on her hands and knees on his living room floor. He is close, so close to releasing. He closes his eyes as he grips her hips and pulls her back onto him again and again forcefully. Her cries and moans only spur him on until finally he lets go.

“Kira” He moans her name on release, panting with exertion. His mind is fuzzy from the two glasses of whiskey that he added to what he had already drunk after they had gotten back to his apartment.

She pulls away and he groans his way over to plop onto his couch. He vaguely hears her huffing angrily. “What the fuck did you just call me?”

Swallowing and squinting his eyes travel up to the woman in front of him and he tries to focus on her face. It’s not her. They never are. He can fucking imagine it’s her for a moment but then that moment passes quickly. Usually that is right about now when he has shouted her name and not theirs. As if he even knows their name.

His face darkens and goes into the hard glare and demeanor that he is a legend for. “Apparently not your name.” He shrugs casually as if it isn’t a big deal to him. Which it really isn’t. “My bad. Not like I really cared to pay attention to when you told me it. Was I close?” He says in the most asshole way he can. Between a sneer and not really being concerned with the answer.

“You’re an asshole Eric.” She snarls and starts to get dressed.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I love your blog (it's some quality stuff). I was wondering if you could do a headcanon of TFP autobots meeting a neutral bot who kinda helps both teams as a means to survive?

only doin my main 3 (arcee, ratchet, nd ‘op) because you didn’t specify. 

Optimus Prime

- While he does respect your decision of being Neutral; the war is very grueling and painful; that doesn’t stop him from trying to convince you to join the Autobots. He knows you’d be an asset to the faction, as you’re well-trained and can handle yourself well when going up against large groups of bots. 

- Every time you assist them, he makes sure to thank you; something he knows the Decepticons wouldn’t think twice of doing. He wants you to know, as the war will eventually consume everything and you must choose a side, which faction will be the safest for you.


- He appreciates the help he gets from you; specifically any medical help you may provide. Tools are especially appreciated, whether they be repaired tools you found and decided to fix for him, or completely new ones you decided to butter him up with.

- He’s just as bad as Optimus when it comes to the faction thing, though; the Decepticons are slagheads who take advantage of your abilities without as much as a thanks. At least you’d actually be appreciated in the Autobot cause.

- If you don’t change factions, he doesn’t care. You do what you want; he doesn’t control what you do in your life. He’s just trying to point you in the safer direction.


- She’s definitely the most suspicious of you. Anyone interacting with both the Decepticons and Autobots has to have an ulterior motive; power? Safety? What it is, she’s not sure. But it’ll take a lot for her to trust you.

- If you save her in battle, however, she might start considering you are just a neutral trying to stay online; and doing what you can to do so. You’re not a bad cybertronian, you’re actually well-intended. But it doesn’t excuse the fact you literally interact with the shittiest ‘cons out there to stay alive.

- She’ll try to convince you to join the Autobots if you become friends. She wants the best for you– and the best will be where she’ll be able to watch your back.

Friends to Lovers Pt. 7

(A/N) The next part is here! Yay! Confetti! It’s party time!!
Okay, I have no idea what’s wrong with me…I’m tired…can’t wait for my own bed…Puh…! Enjoy!
This one is a little bit shorter, there is a timeskip between this and the next part..sorry….

Warnings: Singing, Emotions, Fighting


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Originally posted by effindivergenteric

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high and live worth living
I dream that love would never die
I dreamed that god would be forgiving
Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

But the tigers come at night
(But the tigers come at night)
With their voice as soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
(As they tear your hope apart)
As they turn your dream to shame

And still I dream she’ll come to me
That we’ll live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I’m living
So different now from what it seemed
Now live has killed the dream I dreamed

By the end of the song the whole room was quiet and I had tears in my eyes, but no one except Xavier noticed that. He looked at me, eyes filled with concern.
The silence in the room was interrupted when a girl started clapping. Soon, the whole room was applauding. Xavier hugged me and wiped away my tears. “You did well.”
Soon silence fell again and some fell asleep.
Xavier and I kept on talking for a while.
“So, I guess your talk with Lucy was successful?” We laid in bed, looking at each other.
“Yup. But more important, why did you cry?” He looked worried, again. “I, uh…just thought about my old faction. Nothing to worry about.” I tried to smile at him and he quietly laughed at my pathetic attempt. You don’t have to tell me, but if you want to, I’ll be here. Good night.” He kissed my cheek and went to sleep.
I stayed awake for a while.

When I woke up the next morning, Eric and Four stood by the stairs, discussing something. The others were still asleep.
I decided to take this opportunity to take a long shower. Getting my towel and a change of clothes from under my bed I walked to the shower area and turned on the water.
“You’re already up.” Four walked over to me. “Yup. Ha to take the chance to shower in private.” He laughed at my comment, shaking his head. “I remember that. You’ll love the showers after initiation. You can even lock the doors!” We kept on laughing, until Eric stepped in.
“Go take your shower, we are going to wake the others soon.” His face was stern again. Typical leader mode.
“Yes sir!” I turned around, beginning to shed my clothes. Four and Eric retreated to the stairs to gi2ve me some privacy.
The shower wasn’t as good as the one at Eric’s place, but it was quite okay.
I just finished putting my clothes on again when Eric woke the others. Four has disappeared to somewhere. “I want to see all of you in five minutes in the training room!” After that, he too, left.
I went back to where Xavier put his clothes on and together with Lucy, we walked to the training room.
Eric was waiting at the knife throwing stand, polishing said knives.
“Today we’ll train throwing knives. I’ll show you and you’ll have all day practising. And if any of you, hit me, don’t think I won’t kill you just because you’re only sixteen.”
He really did show us hoe tor throw it correctly. Once.
He showed us one time how to do it and didn’t even bother helping us during practise. Asshole.

Xavier and I stood beside each other, throwing one knife after the other. It wasn’t going all too bad. Most of the time, I hit the body that was displayed before us, sometimes even the targets that were drawn on it. But most of the time I missed. At least I was strong enough to throw my knife so it could reach the wall. Most of the knifes fell to the floor midway.
“Focus when you throw. And stand a little more sideways.” Four grabbed my hips and positioned me right.
I quietly thanked him and tried again. This time it landed much closer to the target. “Much better.” Four squeezed my shoulder and went on.
“Ahm, Four! I think I, too, need help!” Xavier called out to Four, who just rolled his eyes as a respond. Still, the small smile on his lips betrayed him. “With all due respect Xavier, I don’t think he is gay.” Xavier pouted at my comment and I laughed again.
“Hey! Focus!” Eric stalked towards us. “We’re just having a little fun Eric. Calm down.” I looked at him with raised eyebrows, not understanding what happened to make him this angry.
“Don’t talk to me like that, initiate!” That hurt. “I thought it was (Y/N), but apparently I was wrong.” It only came out as a whisper, but Eric still understood me. He turned around and signed me to follow him. I did, and that was the biggest mistake I ever made.
He walked to one of the mats, stripping off his boots and jacket, he climbed up.
“Come on, initiate. Or are you scared?” He smirked at me. He knew that I would not let him call me that, and he used that to his advantage.
“There is seriously not one day I don’t get involved into a fight.” Xavier, who has followed me chuckled which earned a death stare from Eric. Let’s just say he shut up, immediately.
I climbed onto the mat, waiting for Eric to say something. Instead he lunged at me. I ducked under his right arm and came out behind him.
“I won’t fight you Eric!” I looked him in the eyes after he turned around. “Take all the points you want from me. This is not bravery! This is foolishness! I would never be able to win against you, at least not now. So do whatever you want, but I won’t do this.” I jumped down and walked back to my knives, continuing to practise. All eyes were on me and Eric, waiting what he was going to do next.
“Follow me.” He walked towards the exit. I followed him, not wanting to despise him more than necessary.
We walked for a few minutes, until he stopped and turned around.
“Are you fucking serious?!” He grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head against the wall. “Just because I knew you in my past, doesn’t mean that you can go around talking like that to me!” His grip on wrists tightened and that hurt, but the words that left his mouth hurt more.
“You knew me? Are you sure? Because I thought I knew you, but I’m not sure anymore.” He let go of my wrists and took a step back. “(Y/N), look, I…” “Save it for someone who still cares Eric! Because I, sure as hell don’t anymore.” I ran down the hallways, just wanting to get away from my so called best friend. After a lot of running, I found myself in the dorm, standing opposite from a mirror.
Tears were streaming down my face and my eyes were red and puffy from all the crying and rubbing.
“Do you want to tell me something?” Four stood on the stairs, looking at me through the mirror.
“If you really want to know, sit down. This is going to be a long talk.”

“My father has never been the nicest guy. He always yelled at my mother and sometimes hit her too. I once tried to interfere, and let’s just say it didn’t end to well. Then, when I was seven years old my mother and my older sister just left overnight and all my fathers anger focused on me. He began hitting me daily, with his belt, a stick or just his hands.
He also knew when anything important happened in school. For example school nurse check-ups and when the school photographer came. A few days before those things happened, he left me alone. Not touching me, but he also never talked to me during that time.
Anyway, Eric was the only one that knew about that. He was my best and only friend, especially after my mother and sister left. He was the only that was there for me. He kept me from doing…things…many times. He saved my life and then he left. He just changed faction, leaving me completely alone. I always thought he really liked me. And I wasn’t really able to hate him after he changed faction. So I went to see him on visiting day. I asked one of his trainers to tell him I was waiting for him, he never came. I sat there till visiting day was over. When I got back, my father was already waiting for me.
After that I really thought that he never liked me. But…after everything that happened when I slept at his place I had hope again. That everything would be the same as it was, even better! And now…he destroyed all that hope with one sentence. Now I finally realised that what you said is true. I’m sorry Four. For lying to you and for not trusting you. Apparently you know my best friend better than I do.”



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{Not blog related in the slightest unless I make a nintendask version for this guy asididwithsomanyocs, but I’ll be giving my night elf druid guy in WoW a server/faction change in the near future and since I like pressing the borders with my personal designs for my characters I decided to make him a troll/worgen hybrit, cause, you know, it doesn’t sound too mighty unlikely in the circle of hippies.His original name was Mharloh, although I think I’ll keep them seperate characters and choose a dif name for this guy once I get to it.}

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Hey! I was wondering if you could do a Divergent AU with Fall Out Boy in it, im sorry i know its the second week!! Maybe the AU could be about them choosing their factions? or them being on two different sides of a fight? Whatever you want to write is fine! Love your writing, bye!

5 Weeks of AUs || Week 1: Dystopia AU || 5 Weeks of AUs Masterlist

AN: Even after a week is over, you can still request from that week. Requests are open for every week, even when the five weeks are up.

Candor was your home. How could you think of leaving it? Abandoning it? How could you even consider leaving the only place you had ever called home? 

How is one test supposed to determine your entire future?

Trust the test.

Your uncertainty about the test hadn’t really fazed the others. They were perfectly content with the factions they moved to.

Patrick went first. He walked up to the five bowls, his hands trembling slightly as he picked up the silver knife in front of him. From the moment you met him, he had always been nervous about going through the process.

He held his hand over the stones that represented Abnegation, making everyone in the faction he had chosen clap, welcoming him into his new home with open arms. You looked at his parents to see them both in tears. You remember him always being very close to his parents, it must have been hard for them.

He never liked the saying that swept through the factions.

Faction before blood.

Andy went next, his jaw set as he walked to the five bowls placed carefully in front of him. You watched him press the knife into his palm, noticing how he tried to stop himself from wincing. He must have pressed down a bit too hard.

You weren’t surprised when he held his hand over the burning coals filling the left-most bowl. You barely heard the sizzle of his blood landing on them before the dauntless section erupted into cheers, standing and clapping Andy on the back. Andy barely took a glance at you, Pete, and Joe as he sat down.

Pete went next, walking cooly to the stage and going straight to the table. He told you once that the faction he got in the test would be the faction he chose, no questions asked. He had always been a strong believer in the system, in the test.

He believed that the test was the key to keeping the piece in society, much like the faction he chose and the leader of that faction.

“Erudite,” the word rang in your ears and you couldn’t help the distaste you felt. You had never been a fan of Erudite and Pete knew that, but if that was what Pete’s test told him, it was inevitable that he would choose anything else.

Joe was called next, and you knew what to except. Joe confided his test results in you a few days after the test, although you didn’t do the same for him. You knew it would be better to keep yours to yourself.

You watched him walk to the Candor bowl, eyeing it carefully as he dragged the knife over his palm. He held his hand over it, the glass below stained red from others who chose the same faction.

Your eyes widened when Joe’s hand moved one bowl to the left, his blood staining the gravel symbolizing Amity. Too late to change.

You waited while other students were called up to choose their factions, trying not to think about the fact the your four best friends had all chosen different factions. Everything was changing.

Faction before blood.

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

You stood from your seat, feeling yourself start to tremble as your mother squeezed your hand.

The bowls looked more intimidating than they should’ve been, but you weren’t exactly sure what you were supposed to choose.

You remember the day of your test, when the woman who tested you speedily pushed you out of the room when she got your results.

What? What were my results?

You…you got Candor. Candor and Abnegation and Dauntless.

You remember what she called it so clearly, the word ringing in your ears as you picked up the blade. Divergent.

You’re still not sure what it means, not exactly, but you know that it’s dangerous. That people like you had to be contained to protect the faction system.

You barely felt the knife on your skin as you walked closer to the Candor bowl. You figured that things would be easier if you stayed in your faction, in your home. You’d be safe there.

“Faction before blood,” you whispered, moving your hand over the Candor bowl. 

This isn’t right…

You remember watching your best friends leave you, one by one. And you remember feeling as though you were choosing between them when you chose the faction that would be your home for the rest of your life.

You remember stepping away from the bowl that symbolized Candor, moving towards your other options, ready for something new.

You always ask yourself if the war between the factions was worth it. Maybe if you had stayed in Candor, you could’ve done more. But you chose to leave, to leave your loved ones behind and start over with a new family. A new faction.

But maybe, just maybe, if you hadn’t been in the same faction as your best friend, he wouldn’t have taken a bullet for you. Maybe… 

Faction before blood. 

Brienne is here for the peace.

Brienne’s fighting ability is significant, but it’s not the only thing. Her being a True Knight ™ regardless of Official Knighthood ™ is significant, but it’s not the only thing.

Her real superpower is getting people to trust her. And that’s bigger than simply being Sansa’s protector.

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Shattered Glass First Aid
  • “They call him First Aid because you’ll be lucky if you even get that much from him.” –Ambulon
  • Seriously, unless a mech has a complicated, uncommon, or otherwise unusual injury/illness, he’s not interested in fixing it. Show Pharma or Ambulon, it’s not worth his time. Technically still employed because most of the medics are dead.
  • He acts like he’s the most skilled and knowledgeable medic alive. He’s passable at the moment, but he’d be so much better if he actually spent time repairing mechs. He knows this; his insecurities are through the roof. He deals with it by studying a lot and trying to cow other medics with his obscure knowledge.
  • It is the Greatest Injustice that he is still a nurse and not actually a doctor. No, he cannot be bothered to put in the hours to make rank, he is far too clever for that, is everyone dull or something.
  • He is so jealous and petty; it’s awful. He picks on anyone he perceives as a threat by being passive aggressive and using backhanded compliments. Pharma gets the brunt of this, for being both talented and soft-Embered.
  • “Primus, Pharma, don’t waste medical supplies on Decepticons; he’s just going to go in the smelter anyway.” –an actual thing he has actually said, and on multiple occasions
  • He can’t stand Ambulon either because, on one hand, Ambulon is so quiet and focused and professional that he’s actually pleasant for First Aid to work with (and tends to do as First Aid says so that he doesn’t get in trouble), but on the other hand, he Used to Be a Decepticon and that is never okay. Also, Ambulon is obviously the better medic and it’s just so frustrating.
  • He’s also a massive control freak. No, he won’t perform that simple weld-job, but by Primus, the fellow who does had better do it the way he says to.
  • He hates Ratchet. Abhors him. First Aid finds the whole “mad-doctor” thing infuriating and detestable. Why would someone be in medicine if they aren’t going to learn anything or subvert people with their superiority? Also, it eats him up inside that Ratchet is one of Prime’s favourites, and First Aid isn’t.
  • He’s pretty good going hand-to-hand with small knives, and is even better with a standard rifle. Ever since Sideswipe changed factions, First Aid has been taking pot-shots at him – mostly out of spite, but also because he’s itching to know what actually happens to split-Embers when one half dies. Sorry, Sunny, it’s for science.
  • Does Not Remotely Have His Life Together but he might pretend that he does while around other people in order to make himself look better.
  • There is a weird sort of rivalry going on between him and Hook. Neither are quite sure when or why it started, but it’s there, and one day First Aid is going to bring down Devastator all by himself. Just you wait and see.
  • Don’t mention Defensor to him unless you want to die in a very creative manner.
Dauntless (Part 14)

​Eric x OC
​Warnings : Language, Suggestive Themes 

I watched as the initiates one by one went into their final testing, some coming out in tears, some looking somewhat confident, and some just plain cocky they did well.

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Tough Love Prt 19

Hello Mortals!!! Here is part 19… almost to twenty

Warning:  Eric and Aadya style FLUFF


if I forgot to tag anyone send me a message please…. SPANKS!

“DAMNIT AADYA I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING CONCENTRATE!”  Eric Screamed at me for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last three hours. Over the course of the last few nights we’d stayed up late to work on my self-control. I had gotten the hang of everything except the fire. Another side effect of all these “Gifts” as my mother called them, were my heightened emotions and influence on others emotions. What normally irritated me now sent me into full-fledged anger. The angrier I was the more flames covered my body.  He was trying to get me to aim my flames and will them away but I kept getting frustrated and reducing the targets to ash instead.


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I’m in a such love/hate-relationship with this patch, it made me faction change my mage back to Alliance, that AND ANOTHER PERSON WHO DIDN’T REALLY HELP WHEN I TRIED TO RESIST THE URGE TO GO DRAENEI AGAIN, U KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

But anyways, got insanely lucky in one day of transmog runs, the entire tier 17 + Edict of Argus and my mage looks hella rad in the process.

After Kim Il-sung’s death in 1994, some members of Kim Jong-il’s faction proposed changing the name of Pyongyang to “Kim Il-sung City” (김일성시), but others suggested that North Korea should begin calling Seoul “Kim Il-sung City” instead and grant Pyongyang the moniker “Kim Jong-il City”, and in the end neither proposal was implemented.