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So what does everyone know about KOA (Katherine of Aragon)? Henry’s first wife. Stubborn. Proud. Arrogant. She should’ve taken the deal and save her daughter years of miserable treatment at the hands of his courtiers? If you believe this trash then go. This is not the place for you. I mean it.

Katherine of Aragon was neither a dowdy old wife or ugly shrew. She didn’t complicate matters for her daughter. If she had accepted Campeggio’s offer to retire to a nunnery, it would’ve hardly solved matters. Henry was convinced *deeply* convinced that his marriage was an aberration to god and man. He wanted power, absolute power and clear his conscience. Right or wrong, Henry was right, at least in those times. He needed a son and he needed it now! If Katherine was going to remain firm in her position she didn’t consummate her marriage to Arthur then so would he. But suppose she had accepted, would Henry had accepted his councilors’ advice to admit the ‘good faith’ argument that said that even when one or two parties agreed on the annulment (and that’s what Henry was after), Mary could still be recognized as his heir presumptive since he and Katherine lived for so many years under the belief they were legally married. Sounds very fat fetched but at the time it was seriously considered, and Chapuys and so many others thought it would be a good way to salvage this situation even if Katherine still refused to give in. Henry didn’t want to accept this, he wanted Mary and Katherine out of the way. Henry had always been a scholar at heart, he read and made a special treatise where he had attacked Martin Luther years before earning the title “Defender of the faith”. He wasn’t going to let this matter go until he got the result he wanted since he thought that God spoke through him (something that he later emphasized on the Tudor coat of arms where it bears the Latin motto 'God and my right’).

Katherine wasn’t going to go down so easily. When she had been summoned to Blackfriars to face her accusers, her husband and many others, she rose up and crossed the room and then in a dramatic gesture (we must remember she was a good actress) fell at Henry’s feet and gave the performance of her life, forcing him to sit down when he attempted to raise himself up. Such was her conviction, such was her character that everyone *Absolutely Everyone!* was both shocked and moved. And when she rose she gave him one last look and said “The rest I leave it to your conscience”. And just like that she turned around and with a servant left the room like a boss, ignoring the judge’s reprieve. 

Katherine was widely cheered by the commoners. They regarded her as their queen of hearts. And she was. Katherine had been prepared for the role since she was a baby. She grew up believing that it was not her duty but her *destiny* to be queen! She couldn’t see her life in any other way. And being the baby of the family, her parents paid special attention to her and just like her parents, she was a skilled politician. She knew what people expected from her so she played the role of the damsel in distress during her trial to perfection and lived up to everyone’s expectations. In an era where women were supposed to emulate the virtues of the Virgin Mary, the holy mother who gave birth to humanity’s savior; Katherine did her best to exemplify these. Her charity work, her kindness, her sweetness and her motto “Humble and loyal” won her the support of the common people and the approval of the more conservative groups at court.

But Katherine was far from the Christian submissive figure she emulated. She could be fierce and just as her rival, Anne Boleyn, she could be very outspoken. When she found out about her husband’s first affair with the Duke of Buckingham’s sister, she was enraged and railed out at Henry. We always think Anne was the only one who demanded fidelity out of Henry, but that’s not true, Katherine did on many occasions. But like Anne she learned she had to put up with it. Katherine had royal training unlike Anne, she knew that it was normal for kings to have mistresses but she was also human and very happy when she had been crowned alongside him. Henry, a lover of chivalry, said he had come to rescue her from bondage and make her his wife based on his promise to his dying father (a promise most of his council did not believe but went along with their young king). Henry VIII’s reign was predicted to be glorious, Thomas More and many others praised him, not just for his looks but for his love of books, and surrounding himself with scholars. Katherine was only 23 when she and Henry were crowned in 1509. The happiest moment of her life, she believed she was going to share some of his glory and they would live happily ever after. Her father was known for his mistresses, she believed Henry would be different. She was soon disappointed. 

Henry continued to have mistresses and Katherine could do nothing about it, she was the queen, he was the king. That is how things worked and Katherine learned to accept it *except* for one minor thing. None of his mistresses had given him children, at least none that Henry recognized. The affair with Bessie Blount gave Henry his long-sought-for-son except he was illegitimate. But this didn’t stop him from showering him with gifts, titles, and positions which made Katherine angry because there was talk he could usurp her daughter’s position. And there was nobody Katherine loved more than her daughter and she wasn’t going to let anyone take her rights from her.

That’s why she fought Henry so fiercely. Her mother was queen regnant of Castilla. Castilla unlike England had a long history of queens regnant, and she believed that Mary had every right to succeed him as any male. When she realized her time was near she asked to see Chapuys and she asked him news about her daughter. She had been so worried about her health two years prior when he told her that Henry denied her request to bring Mary to her so she could look after her. She worried daily for her and to comfort his ailing master’s aunt, he lied to her and said that Mary was faring much better and likely to be back in favor. Katherine died less than week later. She had written two letters, one to Mary where she told her to be good to her father and obey him in all things and another to Henry where she told him that in spite everything he had done to her, she still loved him and to be good to Mary. In her will she left furs and other valuables to Mary (which she didn’t get because Henry didn’t let her have them).

Beyond the Spanish stereotype, Katherine was an attractive blue eyed, auburn haired, round faced, girl. Every series starts at the end of their marriage, saying the story begins when Henry met Anne Boleyn but that’s not true. It began much earlier. Even the first version of the BBC’s drama about Henry’s wives, leaves out many significant parts, jumping straight to his courtship of Anne Boleyn after he marries Katherine. It’s like there is little to Katherine’s story that doesn’t involve her divorce. She was just as interesting as any of Henry’s wives and she deserves to be seen as much more than just an extension to either Anne or Henry. As Henry’s wife and daughter of the Catholic kings, she did much for education and she didn’t disappoint her country when Henry appointed her his Regent after he went to fight off the French in 1513. While her role is exaggerated, no one can deny she displayed great leadership and rallied most of the men to fight for her husband and gave a great speech in his name. And true to her motto, she displayed complete humility setting herself aside when she attributed the victory solely to her husband. When she learned of Henry’s actions against Luther, she also did her part composing a letter in defense of her church and this also earned her the title “Defendress of the Faith”, andd last but not least she earned the praise of many humanists, including Reformists like Luther himself who she had so fiercely opposed!

An ill-developed sense of fact vs fiction and not realizing how absurd it was lead to me trying to impress a girl by telling her that I was in-fact a Clone Trooper when I was 17 years old. I was found in a ditch 3 days years later.


Bettas - Fact vs Fiction 

Fiction: Wild bettas only live in puddles during the dry season and many of them die.
Fact: In reality they live in large flooded rice patties where they stake out a territory.

Fiction: Bettas can live in vases and eat the roots of the plant.
Fact: Bettas are carivores and starve to death in vases.

Fiction: Bettas are fine in small novelty bowls or tanks without heaters or filters.
Fact: Bettas are tropical fish who need warm clean water to survive.

Fiction: Bettas live very short lives so you have to keep buying new ones.
Fact: Bettas live for two to three years if they are kept in larger properly heated and filtered tanks.

Fiction: They are just fish.
Fact: They are very intelligent fish who will interact with you and seek out your company if you let them. They need enrichment in their tanks such as plants to keep them from being bored.

Personal fact: I have a 5 gallon tank on either side of my keyboard and they spend as much time watching me as I do watching them.  One of them really likes my little dog Widget and they visit with each other every day.

Here is the French Ambassador Charles de Marillac’s report regarding Henry VIII’s relationship with his teenage wife:  ‘

The King is so amorous of her that he cannot treat her well enough and caress her more than he did the others.”

Other envoys also reported favorably on Katherine, stating what had attracted her to Henry:
“It was upon a notable appearance of honor, cleanness and maidenly behavior and that High Highness was finally contented to honor that lady with his marriage, thinking in his old days -after sundry troubles of mind which had happened to him by marriage- to have obtained such a perfect jewel of womanhood and very perfect love towards him as should have been not only to his quietness but also to have brought forth the desired fruits of marriage.”

Which brings me to my next point: With all this said countless times, why does she still get to be portrayed as a bubbly head? They are doing a huge disservice to Katherine portraying her like an idiot when she clearly WASN’T. And sex sells and the Tudors were full of sex scandals but half of those scandals come from hundreds of years after they were dead and are mere inventions and shouldn’t be regarded as fact. So let’s do the poor girl justice once more and appreciate her for all her achievements, as insignificant as they might seem to us, she fulfilled her queenly obligations and her motto speaks millions of the role she intended to play, one as I said in my previous post, similar to Jane Seymour’s. Her one flaw was her past, and being young and fallen for a dangerous rogue who unlike the fictitious characters we love to fawn over in the movies, had nothing commendable about him.

So here I leave you with the only portrayal I’m able to stomach of Katherine, because she is not bubbly in this one and they do her more justice than any other series, albeit they still exaggerate in some things (it’s drama after all).

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West And Taylor Swift: Fact Vs. Fiction

The drama between Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Taylor Swift is reaching new heights (or lows, depending on your perspective). But there’s still a lot of misinformation and misconceptions as Team Kimye and Team Taylor each try to spin the situation in their own favor. Gossip Cop, however, can separate fact from fiction on the latest events in this long-standing feud.

FICTION: Kanye West didn’t tell Taylor Swift about “Famous” before its release.
FACT: West, as he has always said, did call Swift to tell her about the song, and she thanked him for doing so. And Kim Kardashian proved the conversation took place by releasing video footage of West in a recording studio with Swift on speakerphone.

FICTION: Taylor Swift heard “Famous” before it came out.
FACT: Kanye West did not play “Famous” for Swift. As seen in the footage Kim Kardashian posted on Snapchat, the rapper says aloud the line, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.” The video does not show Swift hearing the completed song, which included the controversial lyric, “I made that bitch famous.”

FICTION: Taylor Swift knew about the lyric, “I made that bitch famous.”
FACT: The aforementioned footage does not show West and Swift discussing that particular lyric. While there’s conversation about being “famous,” there is nothing in the clips that addresses the “that bitch” part of the song.

FICTION: Taylor Swift gave approval of “Famous” before it came out.
FACT: Swift, as seen in the video, is heard expressing approval of the “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex” line. She never gives her blessing to the full song or any additional lyrics mentioning her.

FICTION: There is other footage showing Taylor Swift supporting the “I made that bitch famous” lyric.
FACT: This is unclear. Gossip Cop has reached out to reps for Kardashian and West to find out if there is any video evidence that Swift did indeed approve that line. A spokesperson for the reality star told us on Monday, “I’m not at liberty to comment further.”

FICTION: Taylor Swift is now changing her story after initially denying Kanye West spoke to her before the song came out.
FACT: Swift’s camp never denied there was a conversation about the track before it’s release. They always maintained, however, there was no discussion of the line, “I made that bitch famous.” Her rep specifically told Gossip Cop in February, “Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that bitch famous.‘” That was Swift’s stance before, and it’s still her stance now. There’s been no change.

FICTION: Taylor Swift had her rebuttal statement planned before Kim Kardashian posted the video.
FACT: Because the photo of Swift’s statement has “search” in the upper left corner, many have assumed she wrote the message in advance, and only had to dig it up when the time came. It is not clear if Swift was indeed prepared, or if she simply wrote it last night, saved it, and then went back to it when she was ready to screengrab and post.

FICTION: Taylor Swift knew she was being recorded when she spoke to Kanye West.
FACT: There is no evidence, in the footage or otherwise, to suggest Swift was aware the phone call was being filmed. Kardashian, however, revealed the video existed during her GQ cover story, and said they had received a legal letter from Swift’s lawyer demanding it be destroyed or face legal action.

FICTION: Kim Kardashian always planned to release the video of Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s conversation.
FACT: While it was known in advance that Sunday’s episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” would address the “Famous” drama, it’s not clear if Kardashian had purposefully been waiting til the broadcast to make the footage public, or if it was a spur-of-the-moment decision upon seeing online reaction to the “KUWTK” scenes.

FICTION: Kanye West could go to jail for filming Taylor Swift without her consent, and Kim Kardashian could be in trouble for releasing the footage without permission.
FACT: Under the Invasion of Privacy Act, it is indeed against the law in California to record a phone conversation without both parties’ knowledge. It is possible West could face criminal charges, and punishment calls for a fine of up to $2,500 and/or a year in prison. He could also be responsible for civil damages.

Similarly, it is also considered a crime in that state to disseminate video when not all parties have given clearance. As such, Swift could sue the couple, much like Kardashian and West sued YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley for posting unauthorized footage from their engagement celebration online.

That said, whether Swift plans to take legal recourse is not known at this point, and Gossip Cop has reached out for an update on that front. We will also continue to clarify what’s real and what’s rumor as more rounds in this never-ending feud undoubtedly go down.

There are some days that you call
There are others when you don’t call at all
I’m starting to think I was never listening to you at all
Shared a cup of stale moscato with your father
He asked me if I loved his daughter
I had to be true, I told him I couldn’t love his daughter
On account of the fact I am every girls lover.

We snuck into the basement and laughed at poorly made feature films of the silver screen
You read these books in languages I’ll never understand
I don’t want to make a pact of forever
I just like the way I feel when you hold my hands
It’s a grave of a thought but love is a language I never could understand


FACT vs emotional fiction.