fact versus fiction


Fiction versus fact, Down Syndrome

Fiction: Down syndrome is a rare genetic disorder.

Fact: Down syndrome is the most commonly occurring genetic condition.

Fiction: All people with Down syndrome have a severe cognitive disability.

Fact: Most people with Down syndrome have a mild to moderate cognitive disability, or intellectual disability.

Fiction: Most children with Down syndrome are born to older parents.

Fact: Eighty percent of children born with Down syndrome are born to women younger than age 35.

Fiction: People with Down syndrome are always happy.

Fact: People with Down syndrome experience a full range of emotions just like anyone else. 

source: dsa-gc.org/


From the HBO press release about the new David Mamet-written-and-directed film Phil Spector:

In the hands of celebrated playwright, screenwriter, author, director and producer David Mamet, Phil Spector is a mythological story, and he approaches it as such, rather than as a news story. Mamet begins his film with the card, “This is a work of fiction. It’s not‘ based on a true story.’ It is a drama inspired by actual persons in a trial, but it is neither an attempt to depict the actual persons, nor to comment upon the trial or its outcome.”

David Bianculli is reviewing the film on the show today. In the meantime, here’s an interview with David Mamet (as well as the actor Shawn Ryan) from 2006 about Mamet’s CBS series The Unit.