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I practically had to shove a couple and their four kids out the door 10 minutes after close. They were the only ones in the store. They walked about three feet, did a head count, and came back to tap on the door because they forgot a kid. She was sitting quietly in front of the fish tanks.

The fact that they had to do a head count tells me they lose a kid in public often. They should think about leashes. -Abby

Tiger Trivia

Nothing too new or exciting, but it’s hard to find facts that haven’t been already compiled a million times about these popular vehicles. Anyway:

  • The driver sat to the left of the gearbox, the radio operator on the right.
  • Behind them, there is the fighting compartment that is connected to the turret by three steel tubes and revolves with it.
  • The commander’s place was in the back of the fighting compartment, the gunner was left of the gun and the loader right of it, facing backwards.
  • The actual translation of the Tiger II’s name Königstiger would be Bengal Tiger, which has nothing to do with kings. King Tiger sounds badass, though.
  • The Tiger II’s “Henschel” turret was actually produced by Krupp.
  • At first the fighting compartments were painted in ivory colours, but later on they just left the interiors red.
  • At some point the Germans started believing that the Zimmerit paint could catch fire and discontinued its use.
  • Otto Carius was not impressed by the Tiger I’s angular look and called it “plump”. He was pleasantly surprised however that it drove “just like a car”.
  • Since even the Tiger I was too heavy to cross most European bridges, it was fitted with wading equipment to go through the rivers instead. But the equipment was expensive and used so rarely that it got discontinued.
  • When the Tiger I first entered the battlefield, the commanders basically mostly improvised their tactics. By the time the Tiger II appeared, there were more established doctrines.
  • An unofficial dictum was: “If a Tiger I appears, send out a platoon of Shermans with a Firefly and expect only one to come home.”
  • There was such a thing as Tiger-phobia, basically. A solitary Tiger I once fired for an hour and drove off unmolested because not a single tank went out to engage it.

Source: “Tiger Tank” by Marcus Cowper


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given the fact that I've never seen a gunner or a TC on any form of social media or anything, I've come to the conclusion that the abrams is in fact a 2-man tank using a siri system as a TC, and the gun fires itself using AI.

if you think about it, it’s a voice activated tank because you tell the driver what to do

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ please!

Aaaaa that’s so many!!! I can’t answer that many at once o.o So Imma just answer two of ‘em!! Um um um….

I really really like to sing and dance and talk to myself in my room :) like when I’m talking to people online, I actually say what I’m typing out loud :)) like right now for instance! And I usually have either music or youtube videos on cause I like sound in the background and sometimes one of my favorite songs comes on and I just break out into song ^-^

Hmmmm…. oh! I usually wear super comfy clothes :)) like most of my clothes could be easily worn as pjs so if I fall asleep randomly I’ perfectly fine ^-^ I also have a bunch of super cute teeturtle shirts that I love so much cause they’re comfy and they have super adorable and slightly dark humor filled cartoon animals on them and aaaa I just love them okay? I really love them :) and comfy clothes! Comfy clothes are the best clothes!

Also! Bonus fun fact! It may or may not be my birthday tomorrow :)

Thank you so much for sending this!!! Aaaaaa I hope these are okay!! I hope you have an awesome day!!

7 Tips for Building a Simple Betta Tank

Making your tank beautiful (and keeping the fish healthy and thriving) does not have to be hard!

I absolutely love bettas, and chances are that if you’re reading this, you love bettas, too.

Bettas are known for their vibrant colours and feisty personalities. Because they are so hardy, many people get them as first-time pets. However, to keep things simple while also ensuring that your betta is healthy and thriving, it is important to do your research beforehand. With my experience and research, I’d like to pass along 7 tips for building a simple betta tank:

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Grady and the baby. 

This is set in the canon divergence in where Emma broke up with Hook BUT didn’t bother to go back with him.

Original prompt @kendrickhier

I guess this is not what you had in mind(?) The original idea for this was also completely different from what actually ended up transforming into so… this is all Regina and Emma’s fault xd Hope you like it!

“What are you cooking?” The question came as unexpected as the voice, which echoed at Regina’s back and made the brunette woman’s back go stiff for a second as Emma’s body came into view, the blonde green eyes twinkling as they fell into the kitchen’s island.

The former queen blinked, the question of how the woman had entered answered as she heard Henry’s footsteps echo all the way back to the living room where she had last seen him. Focusing again on her hands and the dough she had been kneading before she was interrupted, the brunette tilted her chin, pointing at the apples she had lined up at one side of the island, ready to be sliced.

“Apple pie?” Emma’s lips quirked into a smirk, one Regina tried hard not to look at but found herself failing while she rolled her eyes, pretending to be outraged by the unsubtle snort Emma followed her question with. “My mother is going to kill you for that one.”

“I didn’t promise I was going to behave myself when I agreed to go to Neal’s birthday.” Regina replied, noticing the small, but still there, wince. It had already been a year but the name was still a fresh wound and for a second she let her gaze drop to her hands, her digits stuck into the dough which was far from being finished. When she glanced back, Emma had already regained control over her features and for a second the two of them shared a quick glance, the younger woman nodding slightly, silently thanking Regina as the former queen merely smiled, knowing very well that Emma would deny the wince if she ever talked about it. “Everything okay? I thought we were going to meet later at Granny’s.”

“Yeah.” Emma replied, tucking her hands into the red leather jacket that had appeared once again on the woman’s closet a couple weeks back. Regina remembered that she had made some off-handed comment about it, pretending to find it ridiculous but the bite was gone and she had found herself smiling secretly once she had been out of Emma’s stare. “I just finished the shift and since I had some free time before going back to my flat and change into something more party appropriate -Regina smiled at Emma’s rolling eyes- I decided to see how you were doing.”

The answer came too quickly perhaps, too much like an explanation and an apology, perhaps even like a question Regina didn’t really know how to respond so she merely nodded, noticing through slightly narrowed eyes as she returned to the dough how Emma moved her hands from the jacket’s pockets to the jeans’, her thumbs drumming against its fabric in a silent, nervous tune.

It had been like this ever since Hook’s departure, when after the pirate had left Regina had went to Emma’s house only to find her packing; lips and hands trembling as she did so. She hadn’t been about to leave as Regina had found herself fearing for but moving, moving out a house too big for her, too strange to be ever hers and into a flat, a small, comfy flat not too far from her parents but enough, just enough as she had whispered with a crocked smile and Regina had understood.

That night they had talked until they both had found themselves about to fall asleep and then… then Regina could remember the ghost of a caress on the back of her right hand, something so quick that she could have pretended that hadn’t even been there. Even when it had been real. She could also recall how she had scooted closer to the blonde in a couch that was far too uncomfortable for her back but she didn’t find herself caring an ounce about it as she slowly, almost too slowly, encircled Emma’s frame with one arm, a too awkward half-hug that had been over even too quickly to be considered a hug.

Ever since the too loud answers to silent questions had been there as well as the tension, the eagerness, the finger drumming, the quickly stolen glances. Noticing how the dough was almost done and how Emma seemed to have been also gotten herself stuck into a trance, the older woman cleared her throat as she moved into the sink, quickly washing her hands before turning back to Emma, the woman already eyeing her, eyes narrowed and another silent question dancing on them.

“Could you slice the apples then? If you can stay of course.”

It sounded formal, too formal but then again nor Emma nor herself had truly learnt what they were supposed to say to each other whenever their lives didn’t seem to be in danger. Everything was simpler when someone was about to take your life. She was about to say how it really didn’t matter, how Emma didn’t need to feel obliged when the blonde nodded and took off her jacket, placing it on the back of a chair, showcasing how the white shirt was, in fact, one of her tank tops. Another re-appearance. One Regina hadn’t even bothered to feign irritation for.

Biting the inner side of her right cheek Regina returned to the dough as Emma grabbed one knife from the cupboard, not even doubting a second as she opened it and closed in one single motion. Soon, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of the edge of the knife against the apples, the crisp sound following Regina’s thoughts as she placed the dough, turning back at Emma just as the blonde sneaked a slice of those red apples into her mouth, a tiny smirk raising her lips as she realized that Regina was staring.

And Regina truly wanted to say something or even snatch the knife away but she found that she couldn’t as her eyes kept looking at Emma as she chewed, blonde tresses cascading on bare shoulders and just enough mascara to make her green eyes shine.

“You really don’t need to go back to your flat.” She didn’t ask, she really didn’t need to and when Emma shrugged, suddenly a flash of shyness replacing the cockiness the older woman found herself chuckling.

“I can go.” Emma said, shyness still on her eyes. Regina, however, took that final step forward, placing a hand on Emma’s wrist and doodling a quick circle on it.

“Stay.” She replied and she still didn’t know which question she was answering but she kept staring until Emma nodded, a quick and soft okay that didn’t really reach too far as Regina moved forward, capturing both word and lips in one slow kiss.

Which was okay, she guessed, since neither her or Emma seemed wanting to stop. And that was good. Very good.

The mental gymnastics people go through to justify tiny enclosures for the ‘health’ of an animal is amazing.  ‘They feel vulnerable in large empty spaces!  Therefore, instead of providing adequate cover, they should be kept in a very tiny space - FOR THEIR HEALTH!’  

trying to balance georgia summer heat + dysphoria + a warped internalized notion of what is societally appropriate for me to wear bc im a “woman” (and subsequent anxiety when i dont conform to that notion) is a pain in the ass but hey I look nice today

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I have see some LL stans around complaining about Colin coming back, saying they should be more concerned about Katie. I think that people forget that she is a victim of her own circumstances. She failed to resonate with the larger audience. The only reason that Colin even left was because they needed to reshuffle things after they realized how hard she tanked. The fact that she is even available now speaks of her 'success'. If she was so great she would be busy with new projects, like Colin.

Katie is a lot like her character, let’s put it that way.

I shouldn’t say that. Let me be clear, I don’t know Katie, I don’t want to know Katie, I don’t want to know any of the actors actually because I’m not interested in the actors. Hell, I’m barely hanging on to the story itself at this point. The closest I get to watching that train wreck these days is fanfiction to be honest. Still, were I a terrible person and if I actually gave a shit, I might say a few rather unfair things; things that, once again, I have no firsthand knowledge of but human behavior being fairly predictable, I can hazard a guess or two about.

I will say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Laurel’s fans…delusional though they be, are squeaky as fuck and it gets them noticed. They squeaked and they got heard so there you go. Colin isn’t a squeaker; he’s a damn good actor who is a genuinely nice guy. No matter what life throws at him, he’ll always land on his feet because he’s the kind of guy people want to work with. Literally no one on the planet dislikes Colin Donnell. Actors love sharing scenes with him because he’s generous and makes them look better because he knows how to make a human connection. Directors and producers love to work with him because Colin isn’t demanding, he’s serious about his craft, he never causes problems with his fellow actors, he’s generous with his time; he’s basically the guy people always put on the top of the list because, as my mother used to say, pretty is as pretty does.

When people are genuinely kind and good people, when they spread good karma and put forth good intentions towards others, people sense that. I’m a transcendentalist but I studied theology among other things and there’s this biblical passage in Matthew 5:16 that goes: In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. 

The gist of that is that what you put forward in terms of your attitude is reflected back to you. It’s the same law Wiccans, pagans, and every other religion recognizes as the law of three which basically means that everything you put forward comes back to you threefold. A friend of mine who studied metaphysics called it ‘intentions’ as in you speak directly to the Oversoul (or God, whatever you make call the Divine Soul) through your words and actions and make clear your intentions which are then recognized by the Oversoul and the Universe.

Now, bad things happen to good people, that’s a fact, but a lot of what we go through in life is our own doing. We are the ones driving the bus so when you’re a good person, good things happen to you. When you do things that upset people or put forth negativity, that comes back to haunt you as well. 

Again, that isn’t a dig against Katie, I don’t know Katie, I don’t care about the actors, but I will say that from what I’ve seen of him that Colin Donnell is destined for great things because he genuinely deserves them. I feel the same way about Emily. She casts a light before her that people can sense which is why Felicity is the most popular character on the show, even more so than Oliver ironically, so when she does leave Arrow I have no doubt she’ll land on her feet. Others sense that as well which is why she makes the top fan lists and is always referred to as a ‘breakout star’ and ‘fan favorite’.

In fact, I’ll state right now that 20 years from now people will still remember Colin Donnell and Emily Bett Rickards, they might remember Amell since his acting has improved consistently with each passing season. I think he needs to get into more character roles though because action stars have a short shelf life. David Ramsey will always find work, same with Paul, Caity has improved a lot as well so she’ll be doing something. As for others…time will tell, let’s put it that way.