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If I ever become a history teacher, I’m going to write “gullible” on the ceiling.
Then in the middle of class, I’ll announce, “There’s ‘gullible’ written on the ceiling.”
After the whole look vs. not look shenanigan occurs, I shall then slam my books on my desk, prop myself up, lean forward and say, “Welcome to history. Your first lesson? Check your facts for yourself.”


Soft Lips and Birthday Wishes (pt.III)

“I think you were always meant to know me a little better than anyone else. And our lives were fated to converge like some cosmic dance. I know there is a terrible distance between us. But our bodies are made of celestial light, and we are hurtling through space and time, toward the most beautiful collision.”

ft. Rei Ohara by @plumbobsophy

Something I’d like to encourage you guys to do is think for yourself

Anything that gets popular on Tumblr, whether it’s a shitpost or something informational, is often only true from one point of view. And if you don’t subscribe to said point of view, you’re problematic. Not because you are, but because you were reluctant to join the hive mind. Don’t fall for it.

Tumblr discourages critical thinking and in the real world, this gets you nowhere. Look at everything with a grain of salt and fact check things yourself, because a lot of people post things on here with an agenda in mind and are using you to make a point that perhaps isn’t all that valid.

god you KNOW you know too much about a really, really obscure topic when you find yourself fact-checking inaccuracies on moses mendelssohn at:


-Karen Armstrong who when I look this up has taught courses at Leo Baeck College

I WAS RIGHT BOTH TIMES but I can also conclude that if, like, Leo Baeck college doesn’t care I officially know too much……………

SciShow Is Hiring an Editor/Writer!

If you’re reading this, then you’re a member of the SciShow community. And now’s your chance to make the community even better!

We’re seeking an experienced full-time science writer/editor to contribute to SciShow, one of YouTube’s most viewed and trusted sources of science information.

Since you watch SciShow, you know how we talk to people: with intelligence, clarity, hopefully a little wit, and an abiding sense of wonder about the universe.

Applicants should have an academic background in a scientific discipline, and demonstrated experience writing about science for a popular, non-academic audience.

Experience in and understanding of online media and YouTube would also be wonderful. An awareness of both why people click on things and how to write things that aren’t mindless clickbait drivel are preferred.

Responsibilities include writing several episodes per week between 500 and 1500 words, fact checking yourself and others, assigning stories to freelancers, generating pitches, marketing content, and being thoughtful and kind.

Your writing must be:

  • 100% bullet-proof and fact-checked accurate;
  • completely freaking fascinating;
  • entertaining, by which we mean “witty” more than just “funny”; and
  • passionate about imparting hard science to humanity in a way that is both educational and engaging.

If your experience hits these marks, then prove it!

Fill out the online application here by October 21, 2016.

Okay I am only going to say this once and then I’m done talking about this topic. Taylor Swift is not a social activist, and I am not claiming that she is. She is a song-writer, a musician, an entertainer, and a businesswoman. Sometimes, she speaks up on social topics which she finds that it is her place to contribute to them (for example feminism, lgbtq+, environmental conservation, etc.), and more often donates to various social organizations supporting numerous different social topics, even ones she doesn’t speak on (and before you bitch about any of this fact check yourself, all it takes is a few simple google searches). Taylor doesn’t speak up about many social movements that other celebrities do, and many other celebrities don’t speak up on some of the movements she speaks on. As someone who is extremely liberal and strongly believes in speaking up about injustice, I do understand when people get frustrated that she may not speak up about something that she could; however, I also understand that this is not her job, and she is under no obligation to speak up about anything at all. Taylor Swift has never been bigoted or disrespectful to any social movements whether or not she has specifically spoken up about them, so what I really do not understand is how people can claim that she is an evil person. She isn’t evil and she doesn’t discriminate, just because she doesn’t play social activist doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you to get your panties all twisted over it. Yes, sometimes her feminism seems short-minded, but even with that she has never actually done anything that would brand her as someone who is evil and discriminates through her feminism, people who claim that have quite frankly never fact checked and talk about that simply because it’s the trendy thing to do. Personally, I would absolutely love for Taylor to use her platform for more social movements, as I surely would in her position; I admire every celebrity (and every person in general) who not only speaks on important issues but also acts to protest for them, and yes part of me wishes she would do that more often. But again, this is her decision, and I will respect it as long as she stays respectful and open-minded (as she always has been). This culture of crucifying Taylor Swift for every single thing she says and does is absolutely childish and counterintuitive, because if she gets pissed on for both speaking and staying silent then you aren’t doing anything other than straight up bitching. If she was disrespectful, bigoted, or discriminatory, I would understand the hate; the fact though is that she is none of those things, and that entire storyline has been completely manufactured by this toxic culture of insensible hate. If any of you actually cared about “policing social movements” then Taylor wouldn’t be the only one getting so much unnecessary hate; she is held to an entirely different standard than anyone else, and that is done specifically so that she cannot win. If she talks about a movement, people bitch about how she “only speaks and doesn’t act”; if she acts on a movement people bitch about how she is “overshadowing the movement”; if she stays silent, people bitch about how she is “being discriminatory and fake”. No matter what she speaks or acts on, she is called self-serving because what, she doesn’t speak up on every movement out there? None of this hate is getting anybody anywhere, and if anyone is self-serving it’s all of you who create all of this toxic discourse simply because it entertains you. If you want Taylor Swift to become more of a social activist in the future then stop bitching when she doesn’t do something exactly the way you want her to; and if you don’t want her to, then you can just keep quiet because this is no longer any of your goddamn business. All of us are learning and growing with these social movements; none of us are perfect, so your expectation that she should be perfect but yet other celebrities don’t need to be is highly hypocritical. Taylor Swift isn’t perfect, so holding her to that standard in order to justify your hate of her is pathetic and childish; it’s about time you grow up and form your own political stances based off of actual politicians and social activists rather than celebrities.

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Did it ever occur to you to fact check that post about raven from bethotful because there's a lot of incorrect things in there about gastroparesis, assumptions, and ableist thoughts

Someone actually did fact check it/ source it and if you’re so worried about it you could’ve fact checked it yourself and made a post about it.

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Hey, psa: don't believe anything manipulative people on the internet try to force on you and maybe check facts yourself first. Certain artist gets so much shit for stuff she did in the past and people still refuse to believe she changed and is done with it after two years. But sure, believe everything random people tell you. Be the naive sheep.

Um, @timelessjoy is not a random person, she’s actually one of my best friends offline! Second, we’re still figuring everything out about this artist. I know not to believe everything I’m told online, even if it is with good intentions. I’m not five, honey.

Please don’t go attacking when you don’t know all of the facts.

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Whats so special abt jinxed things, they seem boring,,,

first of all, it’s jinxedthinqs. also, don’t know where you are getting this information from bc ry and I have the funniest conversations that actually make me laugh out loud and they are literally just so amazing so yeppity yep! fact check yourself, hunty.

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Hi. I really want to do a cosplay panel called 'how to preform your best at a cosplay masquarade'. This would be my first panel though. How do you prepare for yours?

Hello there!

I’m going to answer this as a general “how to put together a cosplay help panel” type question, since it might be useful to other people, as well.

A lot of work can go into a panel, so how much work you put in depends on how much work you want to put in. There’s also multiple styles of giving panels, so I’ll try to cover as much as I can, but obviously I’m mostly going to talk about the style of help panel that I run, since I know how to do that.

First step is to choose a topic. You’ve already done that, so that’s good. Along with a general topic, you will also want to decide what you want the scope of the panel to be. Keep in mind that most panels are 45 minutes to an hour (usually given an hour in the schedule, but how much of that time you actually have and how much is the time between panels differs by con), and that you can choose to go very in-depth on one topic, very broad on many topics, or somewhere in between. Of course, the more topics you cover, the less time you have per topic.

For example, in determining the scope of your panel, do you want it to cover very aspect of a Masquerade (such as construction, skits, and walk ons)? Do you want to keep it focused to one aspect, such as just skits, or a couple of aspects, such as performance, including both skits and walk-ons?

Within your topics, what do you want to cover? Go as broad as possible? Go in-depth on the actual steps to putting together a skit (including audio recording methods, how to write dialogue, etc.)? What is the “grade level” of your panel, so to speak? Are you addressing people who are totally new to the topic and know nothing (and would thus need to cover the very basics, such as what a Masquerade is, what a skit vs. a walk-on is, etc.), or are you assuming prior knowledge of the topic? 

For my panels, ones such as Body Paint 101 and Foundation Garments for cosplay address people with little to know knowledge in the subject, but Body Paint goes in-depth on a few things while Foundation Garments goes broad on many things; ones like Fabric Choice for Cosplay assumes some prior knowledge but not a lot and is between being broad and in-depth (lots in information, but on lots of topics); How to Level Up Your Cosplay assumes intermediate knowledge and goes broad. They have different scopes, and that’s something you need to decide on either ahead of starting to write your panel or while writing it. You want to make your panel as helpful and easy to understand by your target audience as possible, so spending a lot of time covering very basic information (”what is a skit?”) in a panel aimed at people who have had Masquerade experience might not be as helpful, or including higher-level information or going too in-depth in a panel aimed at beginners might be lost on them.

Along with this, figure out what you aren’t going to cover. You have an hour, which really isn’t as much time as it sounds like. You can’t cover everything. (Hell, the 2-hour long version of my Fabric Choice panel could still cover more information.) You have to decide what is most important and what is getting left out. 

Once you figure out what you want to cover, you research. Unless you are giving a very personal type panel (”this is how I personally do things”/”this is my personal experience with X”), then you want to have as many perspectives as possible – what works for you might not work for everyone, or in every circumstance. You also want to make sure that your panel covers the information thoroughly, so even if you know a lot about the subject, you want to fact-check yourself and make sure that you aren’t missing something that you may not have thought of.

After this, you come up with your visuals and examples. Are you doing live demonstrations? Are you just going to talk the whole time? Are you going to ask for audience participation at points? Are you going to use physical examples (such as a live blocking demonstration, or a physical costume that won a construction award), or just pictures? Are you using visuals at all (and you should)? Are you going to include video (such as a video of a winning skit)? (If you use video, make sure that A: you have it saved to your computer and aren’t relying on internet and B: you note on your panel application that you need a room wired for sound, since it’s more common and easier to have visuals with no sound.)

Personally, I love Powerpoint. I make a Powerpoint for each of my panels, and am able to include photos and text there. I would recommend to not have too much text on the slides themselves (my panels that I’ve posted online are a bad example here – I actually often have to add the text back into the slide itself from the notes on the slides so that it’s comprehensible to people just seeing the slides and not hearing me speak). I would also recommend to not simply read off of the slides, but to use them as a guide for your speaking.

Next step would be to get all of your visuals together, and to write the text. Here you need to decide on the structure of the panel. How are you going to break up the topics? What order are you putting the topics in? There are multiple valid ways of breaking up a panel into sections and then slides from there, so you need to decide how concepts are going to be grouped. Are you going to talk about walk-ons, skits, and construction as three separate topics? Are you going to combine performance (walk-ons and skits)? Are you going to break it up in some other way, such as temporally (what you need to do before the event, what you need to do at the event, etc.) or by the step of the competition (such as a section on how to deal with judging and what judges look for that encompasses both performance and construction)? Where in the presentation are you going to put some of your more general information (at the start, at the end, broken up between those two depending on what it is, etc.)? 

I’ve started to include an outline at the start of my panels, so that people can know upfront what I’m going to cover and when, but that’s extra.

Then, practice practice practice. Especially if you don’t have any sort of teaching or public speaking experience. Make sure it all flows well. Make sure that you can cover the information in the time provided without either going over (honestly the bigger danger here) or going far under, and without feeling like you are rushing or having to add filler. If your time is way off the mark, then decide what needs to be edited down (whether you are removing entire sections or just going less in-depth on everything already there), or decide what needs to be added. Practice will also help you feel more comfortable the day of. (For those of us with teaching experience, at least for me, I just wing it when it comes to time because I know intuitively about how long these things take just from giving a bunch of panels and teaching a bunch of classes, but it’s still helpful to practice. Don’t be me. Even I sometimes end up rushing at the end of a panel and then regret it.)

Be sure to leave at least a few minutes for questions at the end of the panel. There will always be questions. Sometimes more than others, so it can be hard to judge how much time to leave – no more than 10 minutes, I’d say, since that’s getting to be excessive and cuts into your panel time. (Also, make sure that everything is as set up on your end as it can be before you walk into the panel room – your laptop on, your Powerpoint up, your dongle out, etc., because some cons take setup time out of your panel time, and you don’t want to spend too long at the start of your panel fumbling with getting your computer booted up.)

On the day of the panel, breathe, eat a snack before the panel to keep your energy up (especially important with long panels or when giving back-to-back panels…), use the restroom before your panel so you aren’t distracted during, BRING WATER (it isn’t always provided and you WILL need it), relax, get to your panel room early (either a couple of minutes before your scheduled setup time or right at your scheduled setup time, so you have plenty of time to prepare), and do it. Be sure to end on time and pack up on time so that the next panelist can get in there and set up after you.

Good luck! I hope this is helpful. :]

SciShow Full Time Contributing Editor
Job posting!

Hey! We’re looking to hire a full time contributing editor here at SciShow!

If you think you might be interested in applying, read the words below and then click on the link above.

We’re looking for someone to help us on our path to build SciShow into a major science media brand. SciShow currently produces eight videos per week, each receiving upwards of 200,000 views. Our editorial team, led by Blake DePastino, works ridiculously hard to produce compelling, accurate, skeptical, enthusiastic, informed, educational videos. We want to grow that team.

We’re looking for a qualified candidate who has experience writing science journalism and editing other writers. Experience in and understanding of online media and YouTube would also be wonderful. An awareness of both why people click on things and how to write things that aren’t mindless clickbait drivel are nice. Our goal with every video is to increase our viewers’ understanding of the world while entertaining them.

Responsibilities include writing several episodes per week between 500 and 1500 words, fact checking yourself and others, assigning stories to freelancers, generating pitches, marketing content, and being thoughtful and kind.  

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rowan x aelin is abusive get over it. and maybe not tamlin level but just becaus eyou love something doesn't mean you can't admit issues/flaws.

Okay hun, here’s how it goes. We never at any point said that Rowaelin was flawless. And they’re not. What relationship is. Fictional or not. Here’s what some people *cough* can’t get through their THICK SKULLS. 💀
Like in earlier posts we compare Rowaelin and Feylin on how they’re not in any way related (context clues, do you even read between the lines?). We even pointed out major flaws of Rowan and Aelin in the WHEN THEY FIRST MET. I guess you think people can’t change? Once you settle on an opinion of someone you refuse to change it? Or maybe you didn’t read the last half of HoF or QoS at all because of your cluelessness.
Secondly, yes we love the whole aspects of Rowaelin BUT we know their flaws too,Rowan’s short temper and Aelin’s cockiness are just two examples. Maybe you could find more for us and give us actual details before you go and clog up our asks. That is if you’ve even read QoS… So have a nice day. Don’t let the door hit cha on the way out…or on second though…I hope it hits you straight in the face 😊

Originally posted by lohoe123

Originally posted by wifflegif


Saying that Rowaelin is abusive is much like you thinking you’re correct: a mistake

I feel like almost 80% of the complaints people have with Danganronpa 3 Despair can be remedied if people actually played Danganronpa 2 and thought for a moment.

Like ‘Chiaki is way too important’ is a common complaint… but SHE’S ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CHARACTERS IN THE SERIES. She is literally Hajime’s hope. She is the reason DR2 ended the way it did. Without her, I’m going to guess that Kirigiri, Togami, and Naegi will be trapped in the Neo World Program, and the DR2 cast would be controlled by Junko. Even before that in DR2, she is the reason the 77-B class become friends. Sure, Chisa forced them to come to class together, but it’s Chiaki and her games who brings them together as friends.

And like the whole brainwashing thing… did you actually read half of the final chapter of DR2? The fact that they were brainwashed was explicitly stated numerous times over the course of the investigation and case. Sure, it was a little lazy, but at the same time it seems like the only way Class 77-B would become Ultimate Despair. The only time it is said that Junko manipulated them one-by-one came from Monokuma - aka Junko herself - and almost every line he says in the series is either a lie, or a fraction of a truth.

And the lack of 77-B? Junko directly tells them, the three DR1 characters, and the player that they aren’t important and never really have been. In DR3, she basically just used them as guinea pigs to test her video, and after that… they were useless to her.

The only thing you can really complain about is the lack of DR0 stuff… but DR0 was already a manga and I feel like they didn’t want to re-tread old ground. Even Twilight Syndrome got like half an episode, and the whole point of that was really to introduce Natsumi Kuzuryu and say “hey, she taught Hajime some important stuff because they were in the same class”. Speaking of DR0…

People complaining about continuity errors. Like that they kept saying it was Izuru who was behind the Tragedy of Hope’s Peak (aka School Council murders) but in reality it was Junko. In DR3, it’s shown that she pins the whole thing on Izuru by sending the end of the game ((where Izuru indirectly kills the one guy by pushing him over)) to the reserve course students.

So like… before you want to complain about things like continuity errors or contradictions in previously-established < canon > materials, maybe go back and fact check yourself first. Or think about what we’ve learned.

towerofglass  asked:

If i told you the sky was blue would you ask for citation? Some things are just plain as day.

Well yes I would ask for a citation actually. 

The sky isn’t blue. The sky appears blue under certain conditions.  During the daytime when the sun has risen and is high in the sky it appears blue. This is due to the scatter of blue light. The fact is that blue light is scattered more than other colours because it has a shorter wavelength. However when the sun is setting and is closer to the horizon does the sky appear blue? No it does not. This is because the blue light has been scattered out of our line of view and so we see more reds. Subjectively if you ask most people they will say the sky is blue. Objectively it is not. In fact even during daytime when the sky does appear blue there is violet light scattered as well. But because our cones are more sensitive to blue light than they are to violet our brain registers the sky as appearing blue when in fact it is not. 

Now how do we know all this? We know it because people did research on it. We know this because people studied it and produced factual data. Well clearly you don’t. Clearly you think the sky is blue. And your lack of interest in scientific or statistical evidence means you have obviously never bothered to fact check yourself. That’s a shame.

It might be ‘plain as day’ to you that the sky is blue. You are wrong. Now maybe consider that you’re wrong about some of the other things you think are ‘plain as day’. On a subjective level you may think that the majority of men devalue women, you may think that men don’t have any valid issues within society, you may think that women are oppressed by men. On an objective level you are wrong. The evidence proves it. Sometimes things might appear ‘plain as day’ but when we open our eyes and look at the evidence, when we look at these issues from an objective not a subjective viewpoint, we find the truth.

just because someone is guilt tripping you into reblogging something because omg no one’s talking about it or it just has to be spread like wildfire doesn’t mean you have to

and if you do take a minute to fact check and educate yourself on the position or ideology you are putting yourself behind instead of jumping on a bandwagon in the name of social justice

When You Find The Racist Mutual Friend - A Saga

So, last night, on a link a friend shared about the Michael Brown situation… this piece of racist trash appears, (fair warning -very racist), who doesn’t see herself as racist because… oh, wait, you’ll read it.

[Try not to punch your screens.]


Their first comment led me to try and reason with them by providing the actual  information… surely they had just heard one of the biased reports, right?


What followed was a tirade of racist sentiment that increased in stupidity and frustration as fellow friends tried to reason with her…

Oh, did you hear that guys? It’s totally okay she’s racist… she knows, not one, but THREE African-American people!

And when alternate facts were provided, it got worse… no one can work out where she’s even getting these facts from?



So at this point, a friend posted my long-ass rebuttal, which I will post as text because I really can’t get it all to fit in a screenshot/picture.

Should any of the information be incorrect, let me know… I wrote it at like 2am, when I was really angry at this idiot. 


The Rebuttal:

The witnesses said he was initially dragged it the car, but broke free, and shot multiple times while he ran… then when he couldn’t run anymore, the cop came up and shot him multiple times after that, when he couldn’t get away.

>Why? Apparently ‘jay-walking’ is reason enough for murder
>Then came up with elaborate lie that Michael 'stole something from a nearby store’, but the clerk from that time period rang up every news station to say that no, he didn’t, it was a lie and CCTV backed that up.

At what point, do you shoot a child, so many goddamn times… and then not let anyone near him for 4.5 or so hours, to make 100% sure he’s dead?

>Changed the story a dozen times.

Latest iteration = oh, he was a thug who charged the poor officer.
Thing is, each time someone calls them out on one story, a new one is born, and FOX/CNN literally swallows it down like good little propaganda-mongers…

>The KKK support this guy. I mean, if the KKK is supporting you… you fucked up, man. You fucked up so badly there isn’t even a strong enough word for that.

>Michael Brown has no criminal history, this has been run extensively. He didn’t even want to play football, which he had the build for, because he made it clear he didn’t want to hurt anyone…

>It very much was racially motivated, and don’t you fucking dare say that otherwise.

>The witnesses, separated immediately after the incident, were all able to tell an exact same story of what happened. The only one who couldn’t get his story straight was the officer, and then the entirety of his goddamn police force buddies.

And one final point… as I keep saying, if he was really innocent, the people of Fergusson would not have spent the last 100+ days under martial law enforced by riot-wearing police, tanks, rubber bullets and tear gas (the latter of which was tossed into backyards).

If you had nothing to hide, then impartial media groups and international journalists/reporters would not be locked out, there would not be a no-media-helicopters fly zone over the town… no barricades. Media crews have been tear-gassed deliberately, arrested, dragged out of town and their cameras destroyed.
Anyone taking videos or pictures of events going on in this media blackout, and uploading them to social media sites to show the world… can be arrested or shot dead.

But, nothing to hide, right?

The media allowed in, like FOX and the other sleazebags with republican attitudes (you know, if you’re female, poor, a minority, not Christian, not hetero or trans/non-binary, you’re not a person… and therefore deserve to be treated as inferiors) focused on 'looting’ and called several peaceful protest walks (the majority of people within them doing the 'hands up, don’t shoot’ gesture) 'riots’… when maybe one instance occurred.

There was a documented incident wherein protesters who had been teargassed HAD to break into a nearby McDonalds to get milk to pour in the eyes of those affected… the media lost it’s shit about thugs and terrible black savages… 
Like, screw you all, I will mail you the exact amount for that milk if you want… you stingy bastards - it was that or have their eyesight/every other function completely and utterly compromised (some took it right to the face).

Amnesty International observers at three separate locations tonight have been teargassed for no reason, they were just parts of crowds standing about to hear the verdict.

You know, the impartial verdict that hadn’t been handed out yet… which had apparently been rigged/pre-determined, because the old white dude in charge chose to send in the riot police and tanks the night before. They were never going to convict him… and they knew it.

Of the twelve jurors, 9 were white, 3 black. You need 9 votes to convict someone…. what a surprise.

Darren Wilson has received in excess of 600,000 American dollars for shooting that child, is on paid leave and got married in this time. People are congratulating him, and making racist comments about the child who was killed.

Between the time Michael Brown was murdered and today when the sentence was read out, 4-6 other young black men/youths have been shot dead without provocation, reason or warning (by police). This includes the 12 year old child with the toy gun…

American has open gun-carry laws.

People go shopping with a baby on one hip and loaded gun on the other, or slung over their back… and this is normal over there. Children holding weapons is normal over there… but apparently not if you’re black.
When you think 'it might have been a fuck-up’ remember that the dispatcher asked on two occasions IF THE CHILD WAS BLACK before sending armed police officers to the scene, where they shot him… on the swings.

They shot a cosplayer without provocation… because he was black.


Everyone in Ferguson is experiencing this right now, and it’s escalating. Police have the current right to do anything necessary to deal with protesters… which will only mean more deaths in 'self-defence’.

All this shit has been going on for months… because one white dude brimming with internalised racism, shot an unarmed black kid walking home with a friend… not once, not twice, but ten or so times. Then made sure no one could help him, or even get near his body for several long hours…

He’s made racist jokes about it. He’s PROUD of it. The KKK supports him.
He has no remorse that he killed a child. There was no scenario in this entire thing that required that man to shoot Michael. None.

He wanted to. He needed an excuse.

Majority of Fergusson is Black. Majority of police force is white.

No one should have to fear that their child might not come back from the goddamn corner store, because of their skin colour… and the badge-toting, gun-waving racists who are simply waiting for an excuse to kill them. Like poor Mrs Brown experienced earlier this year.

So don’t you ever say this wasn’t racially motivated.

Michael was not the first in Fergusson, or in America in general… to be killed like this for the sake of it. Just go read the comments on Darren Wilson’s charity donations page… see all the disgusting racist creatures crawl out of the woodworks to congratulate him…

Do you know how many of them make the donation from victims?

From Michael Brown, from Trayvon Martin, all thanking him for cutting their lives short because they were animals, thugs, criminals, savages, etc. For 'dealing with the black epidemic plaguing america’… and so many other comments that make you want to set the world on fire, burn their stupidity to ashes…

- - - -

So in short, you future-FOX newsanchor, you…

Yes… it was racially motivated. 
No, you can’t take everything CNN says 100% to heart, they are known liars who like to skew facts and sensationalise as their republican masters see fit.

Yes, you are being disrespectful to his memory for saying that or downplaying his life to fit your own justifications.
No, dismissing the entirety of eye-witness accounts for your racist hearsay doesn’t count…

Yes, you can feel bad about mocking the death of a child now.
No, he wasn’t a thug who deserved it… but even if he’d stolen the skittles (like they alleged as a later cover before it fell through and they changed their stories again) it doesn’t give that cop any right to shoot him a dozen times. Neither does jaywalking.

And if you ever think to start being a racist little propagada-spewing shit, then casually dismiss anyone giving you the actual information as 'wrong’ because it doesn’t fit your original pre-conceptions… you can crawl right back under the republican party rock you came from.

How about you go 'fact-check’ yourself before you try that again. Don’t just jump on the 'black people deserve to die'bandwagon and be done with it by using tired, unfounded justifications that FOX and CNN have run into the ground in the last 100+ days since this all started…


That Cop Is a Racist Bastard -Stop Making Excuses For Him And Watch The Fucking Witness-Statement Video For The Truth


You’d think that would be it, right?

WRONG… it even had the gall to condescendingly refer to me as 'Dearest Hannah…’ in a way that made my skin crawl… 

Also, as you will note, she apparently has terrible reading comprehension going on as well,which may have contributed to this whole malarkey to start with.


Apparently I’m trying to be Ghandi by pointing out the reality of her racism? 

She tried to end the conversation by posting a link to ’Why can’t we be friends?

The others in the conversation are so incredibly done with her right now, there isn’t even a word for it. As am I… 

How do people like this exist in our upcoming generation? 
It makes no sense. We’re the ones who are supposed to change the world for the better…?

Discovering she’s 19 was the worst part… I thought perhaps it was a misguided tweenager listening to the racist sentiments of her parents, but no… she’s a legal adult under American law, who sincerely believes this. That he 'had it coming’. 


That boy did not deserve to die.

Much less have his memory dragged through the mud so that supporters of Darren Wilson could feel justified about their out-dated racist sentiments…

Stop spouting propaganda. Actually fact-check like you condescendingly told me to right at the start… and stop dismissing actual evidence because it doesn’t fit your perspective.

…but, we’re not 'being logical’, right?


Burn EVERYTHING… and use as many flags as you want to do so… they’re meaningless anyway.

penguinmedication-blog  asked:

Um, not everyone in Utah is a mormon and the Holi festival is actually arranged by the south east asian community in Spanish Fork. Chill out and check your facts before going all oppressed on the internet, not all white people are constantly out to colonize you all the time

This is one view. Here is another, from a fanmail we also received:

Hi! I just felt like I needed/wanted to add some further comments to the Holi in Utah post agreeing with what was already said+adding a little extra. I grew up in Utah and was raised LDS/Mormon, but am no longer part of the religion.
I attended Holi once at the Hare Krishna temple because they had helped me with a previous assignment and I felt I really owed them. I can see why the temple might encourage a large gatherings, as they need the funds from the donations to run the temple itself. The first thing that was upsetting was that the temple clearly said that they were asking for donations two ways: from entry tickets and the colored powder. But there were people positioned outside selling “discounted” colors which were different pigments than the ones sold at the temple and so it was clear who was getting the most money. These sellers were wearing LDS shirts and were obviously benefiting in a place that the temple should have been.
The second thing that was frustrating was that their attitude towards the temple itself. They would take their children into the temple a bit before they realized they were supposed to remove their shoes and were getting mud all over the interior. They referred to the beautiful statues derogatorily. The bands spent much of the day playing the maha-mantra. That day and days after the LDS people I knew kept singing it over and over, sometimes in a mockingly “Indian” accent. When asked if they knew who Krishna was they were confused and then mocked that they sang the song so much. This was disgusting to me. LDS people command so much respect for their sacred spaces; especially their temple. Around the area of their temple in SLC they actually have security so you act the right way and people of other religions are not allowed in their temples at all. So to be so rude at the Hare Krishna temple seemed so contradictory.
Beyond all of this is a general ignorance about Hinduism. These people I know thought that the temple was Buddhist.
I believe that the LDS claim to truth muddles how they act towards other religions and makes it so that they act this way. It should be highlighted that the first time their prophet talked to God and Jesus they said that all other religions are abominations. Those are strong words that I feel build up negative relationships and lead to disrespectful behavior, like what I saw.
Sorry about the rant, but this really hits a nerve.

It’s very interesting that you’ve asked us to stop ‘going all oppressed on the internet’ and 'check facts’ when apparently you’ve neglected to check the facts yourself.