Things we learned about Leafy today:

- He is right handed
- He can draw
- He has chapped lips
- Tracer, apparently, is his favourite Overwatch character (oh wow suprise)
- He looks so (so so) fucking hot when he is concentrated
- He is the definition of perfection
- The way he holds the pen,,,,,,, i’m ded

There’s an Oregon Trail board game. It has cards that look like the original computer game and dry-erase gravestones that allow you to write down your name and how you died along the way. Source Source 2


The zodiac signs which give the silent treatment to the people they dislike are Pisces, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer.

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Life moves faster as you get older, and there are biological reasons why. Your internal clock slows down while the rest of the world seems to speed up. Your brain remembers significant events, but the rest of the time that passes is a blur. As daily life becomes more mundane, there are fewer events to remember, which causes you to underestimate time. source

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What Happens If You Cheat on these Signs

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Being cheated is one of the most heartbreaking relationship experiences. You find it difficult to trust again and you’re never quite the same person in a romantic relationship. Both of you lose a friend, a lover and a confidant. But what is the most special and unique thing you will miss from each zodiac sign?

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