Because I got a FLOOD of asks telling me Matt confirmed this. Since I’m getting a ton of asks about it, I think I’ll post it now rather than sending it in the queue just ‘cause… I’m getting so many asks about it sdlfkjlkdsfj. Thanks for letting me know, aaaa.


“Oh? Arrogant, narcissistic, and cat-like? Sounds nothing like me.” He observed.
You started choking out of laughter.
“Pff…Ahaha! Su..Sure, whatever you say Leon…” You covered your mouth with your hand, trying your best not to let out any laughter.
“What are you trying to say here?”
“O-ohh, nothing…”
“Hmph. Oh, but the sexy and popular description matches me perfectly, don’t you think, ___?”

“Let’s see…Weird, antisocial, and is probably an alien..Huh, is this what humans think of Aquarius’?”
“I don’t know, it sounds about right.” You mumbled to yourself, snickering a bit. Hue glanced over to you, his eyes gleaming with a disapproving look.
“Is that really what you think of me? Because if I recall, that completely contradicts what you were saying last nig-”

“why the fuck does everyone hate me”
“Dui! Language!” You frowned, dissatisfied with his cursing.
“Sorry, ___,” Dui pouted, “I’m just upset..I don’t understand why people don’t like Geminis…”
“like, what the hell about me is a backstabbing bitch, what the fuck, i am so salty right now”
You laughed sheepishly.
“Ehe, don’t worry, Dui. It’s just a stupid stereotype. You’re not fake at all.”

“Ehh, food obsessed?” Teorus tilted his head to the side in confusion, his eyes showing that he’s completely unsure of what to think of this.
“I mean, I like milk products but…I don’t necessarily like food that much.”
“Huh..Mm, do you want me to stop making you meals then? I’m sorry, I thought you were enjoying them..” You apologized, frowning with concern and worry.
“Nooo, your food’s an exception! I love you and your food!”

“Whhaaaat? Cry baby, emotional, and literally a fish?” Ikky exclaimed, surprised at the post.
“Haha, that’s not like you at all, huh? Oh but, I kind of agree with the fish part.” You giggled.
“Hmm, that’s probably true! I love fish! And you! But, I don’t get the crybaby part. If anything, I’m making the others cry with my pranks!”
“Hehe, oh my..I can kind of imagine that…”

“….Sex machine, cold, and distant…Pretty much evil…” He stated, reading the post.
“…Damn straight.” you mumbled to yourself, replying to him.
“Rude as fuck.” He replied to your statement.
“It’s practically true though.” You shrugged. “Well, the evil thing is kind of an overstatement.”
“Oh? But you haven’t said anything about the sex machine part. Dirty.” He smirked, making fun of you.