US Holocaust Museum’s “early warning signs of fascism” sign is going viral

  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum wants to make sure that fascism doesn’t make a comeback. 
  • A Twitter user snapped a shot of a poster from somewhere inside the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. 
  • Judging by dollar sign symbol in the lower right hand corner, the sign looks to be a poster for sale. 
  • The poster is derived from a 2003 article detailing the potential warning signs of an incoming fascist regime. Read more.

there is a 100% chance that Bail did not call Breha ahead of time and just showed up on Alderaan, got off the ship with his cape fashionably covering one arm, and was like “Hey babe, remember when we talked about getting a kid” and he just dramatically pushed back his cape to reveal baby Leia

At this point, every morning feels like waking up, checking the computer and witnessing a dystopian Orwell novel happening right before my eyes.

And the really shitty thing? It’s not even a good Orwell novel.

The characters are too stupid. Too bland. Too one-dimensional. It’s too much of a circus. No subtlety. 

Be real: Orwell would roll over in his grave before he wrote anything like this

If I had the power, I would add an 11th commandment to the already existing 10: “You should never be a bystander”.
—  Roman Kent, Holocaust survivor, in his speech on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. January 27, 2015.
January 20, 2017

I respected President Bush. I would have respected Senator McCain and Mitt Romney had they been my President. Though I disagreed with many of their policies, I respected them and could see their virtues and the common ground that we had. It’s not about losing. It’s not about Republicans versus Democrats or conservatives versus liberals. It’s about Trump.

I will never use the presidential honorific when referring to him. He is not and will never be my President. I am ashamed that I live in such an ignorant country. I am ashamed that so many of my fellow Americans cared so little for the lives and well being of their neighbors. I am ashamed of people that I know that either still support him or blithely advocate continued chances to prove himself.

Trump proved himself to be an utter failure of a candidate all through his campaign and continued that streak since securing the election. He is a fraud and a fascist. I only hope that this disastrous turn for our country will cause the silent majority to speak out. The inauguration does not mar today. It marks the first official day of the resistance. Rise up.

I should be asleep but I’m

We ain’t out here to change nazi minds. Punching Nazis won’t make them stop being Nazis.

What punching Nazis does is show them that There Will Be Consequences. Punching them reminds them they cannot advocate genocide without being held accountable.

We have to resist facism and nazism. Dialogue with Nazis is not resistance