Plant of the Day

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Helianthus annuus (sunflower) is grown for its edible seeds and oil and often in gardens as an annual ornamental plant. Here the tall flowers are being supported by the iron hoops of a pergola, together they make an impressive display. The birds will enjoy the seed heads in early winter.

Kew Gardens had some great information on the behaviour of sunflowers: “It is a common misconception that sunflower heads are heliotropic and track the sun across the sky. The alignment of sunflowers in a field is due to heliotropism at an earlier stage of their development, while the flower heads are still in bud. The buds follow the sun until the end of the bud stage when they finally position themselves facing east. This behaviour makes blooming sunflowers growing in the open like living compasses with north to the left, west behind and south to the right.”

Jill Raggett

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)

Han Chinese girl, tired of my identity used as a joke or a measurement as if “asianness” is something shameful and inherently embarrassing!!!! I am glad I no longer perceive whiteness as success and I’m no longer embarrassed of speaking Chinese in public or of my parents’ accents. I am so sick of being made an accessory to men who think I’m a fetish, I’m tired of being terrified for other Asian girls who will face the same things as me .

I will no longer let my fear of reclaiming my own identity hold me back from anything!!!!!!!! I love my culture

‘Cuddling on a Rainy Day’ Playlist

“Atlas Hands” - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
“Northern Wind” - City and Colour
“Stubborn Love” - The Lumineers
“Cherry Wine” - Hozier
“Holocene” - Bon Iver
“No One To Let You Down” - The Head and The Heart
“Always Gold” - Radical Face
“Blood” - The Middle East
“Banana Pancakes” - Jack Johnson
“Thank You” - Led Zeppelin
“Higher Love” - James Vincent McMorrow
“No Shade In the Shadow of the Cross” - Sufjan Stevens
“Snaggletooth” - Vance Joy
“Maps” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
“Sand” - Keaton Henson
“Like Real People Do” - Hozier
“Love Love Love” - Of Monsters and Men
“First Day Of My Life” - Bright Eyes
“No Me, No You, No More” - The Staves
“Everything” - Michael Buble

one time i was walking through downtown with my dad and we passed by this white guy who told my dad to “go back to China, asshole.” thankfully my dad was distracted and didn’t hear him (he has poor hearing) 

and there was another time when my family and i were hiking through a forest and we passed by 3 white boys who were chilling outside. i was walking a little bit behind the rest of my family so i was the only one who heard when one of the white boys looked at me and my sisters and turned to the rest of his friends and said “too asian!” and laughed like it was some hilarious joke

and another time, a few weeks ago, i was walking through campus and when i was about to walk pass an old white guy he looked at me and said “fuck you” under his breath 

and idk i find it really funny how white folk hate us asians and yet we make their clothes, their cars, their phones…. and they love our smooth skin and our skincare routines and our eyes and create new “”“"makeup trends”“” to look like us…but then say “ching chong !!” to their friends or expect every asian women to work at a nail salon or cleaners or expect every asian schoolgirl to get on their knees and please them like ????

and idk sometimes i think about this late at night and it hurts me a lot 

so i guess shoutout to all my asian women who experience these things on a regular basis and don’t seem to get a lot of solidarity or support from the Tumblr community (POC community included.)

((maryann, 18, grey-romo pansexual.))