Twick or Tweat

Summary: Halloween at the Winchesters. Part of my husband!Dean AU, An Unassuming Life (master post).

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader, OC’s Henry and Hannah

Word Count: 803

Warnings:  extreme fluff

Author’s Notes: None

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I forgot why I named this drawin iwa_good_body.jpg

2016 Battle of Mosul, Daesh cunts (ISIL) destroy an Iraqi Army M1 Abrams.

A catastrophic ammunition cook off, possible as the Iraqi tank was facing away from the AT team, showing them the least armored area of the tank, the back, which also has the ammo storage for the main gun, practically the ideal target for the missile.

Taken from twitter. Source: https://twitter.com/Conflicts/status/790615617791520768/video/1

Special thanks to @leicsfox for the link!

Halloween Series || Joe

You loved living with your boyfriend, Joe, but sometimes, he was quite the nuisance. He was always pranking you, and now that the Halloween season was in full swing, it felt like you were never safe in your own house.

“Joe, I’m home!” you called as you walked in the door, dropping your keys on the counter. There was no reply. “Babe, are you here?” Again, nothing. So, you walked into your bedroom, assuming he was on the bed, either sleeping or editing a video with headphones in. As soon as you opened the door, Joe jumped out from behind a wall wearing a zombie mask. You screamed and covered your face, turning away from Joe immediately. Joe laughed as he removed the mask and hugged you from behind.

“I love you,” he laughed in your ear.

“I hate you!” you said back, slapping him away from you. “You’ve got to knock it off with these pranks! I’m going to shit my pants one of these days!” Joe only replied with a laugh and gave you a kiss on the forehead.

“What do you want for dinner?”

After that day, you decided that enough was enough. You were going to prank Joe back, and it was going to defeat him and end these stupid Halloween jump scare pranks once and for all. So, you enlisted the help of all six other buttercream boys, even allowing Caspar (who was out of video ideas for the week) to film it and put it on his channel.

Joe was set to be gone all day doing a photo shoot with Zoe. You had called Zoe, telling her your plan of attack, and she agreed to text you when you were done and try and distract Joe and stall him if you needed her to. So, you were at your flat with the other boys, Tanya, and Niomi. You had called upon them in order to really make sure the prank went smoothly. You and the boys were going to dress up as clowns, hide around the apartment, and scare the shit out of Joe. You figured that if Caspar stayed in the main room of the flat and scared him immediately, Joe would assume that the prank was over and would let his guard down. Hopefully, that would mean the clowns in every other room would scare him into another world.

So, the seven of you were sat in chairs, waiting as Tanya and Niomi did make up for all of you. “I want this to look terrifyingly real,” you said to them as they did their work on Caspar and Josh. “Like, unable to recognize them real.” You knew that you could’ve gotten masks, but that was more Joe’s style. You wanted this to be as real as possible. So, you and the boys had gone out earlier to get wigs and clown costumes, but left the face for the girls to do.

“How excited are you right now, (Y/N)?” Caspar asked, putting the camera on your face.

“So excited,” you laughed. “We’re about to make Mr Prank shit his own pants!”

“We look so scary,” Oli said, gently poking his face as he looked in the mirror.

“Don’t touch it!” Tanya scolded, slapping his hand away from his face. “You’ll ruin it.”

What felt like hours later, Niomi and Tanya were done. You thanked them repeatedly and ushered them out of the house, making sure they left no trace of their presence behind. Just as you were all changing into your costumes and going over the final parts of the plan, you got a text from Zoe saying that Joe was on his way. So, you helped Caspar turn on all the hidden cameras then split up to go to your hiding places.

Caspar was behind the couch in the lounge, ready to pounce as soon as Joe appeared. Josh was behind the kitchen counter with Oli, Jack was at the top of the stairs, ready to run down menacingly on cue, Mikey was in the closet where Joe would hang up his coat, Conor hid behind the shower curtain in the bathroom, and you were in your bedroom.

You could hear everything going perfectly. Joe walked in and dropped the keys on the counter. You had texted him, tricking him into thinking you were out getting groceries. You heard the first scare go down perfectly. Joe let out a, “Jesus!” as Caspar leaped out from the other side of the couch. “Bloody hell, mate!” he shouted. You could hear Caspar laughing.

“The prank war never ends!” Caspar cheered to him. Joe managed a laugh and had calmed down, talking to Caspar about how sick the make up was and how in depth the prank had went. When Caspar headed to the kitchen for a drink and Joe followed him, the next scare happened. It sounded as though Joe dropped something, and a string of curse words flew out of his mouth. “Alright!” he shouted. “So where is everyone else? I’m not that big of an idiot. I know you’re all here.”

You could hear Joe padding through the house. He found Mikey and Conor in the closet and bathroom, but you could tell Jack startled him as he ran down the stairs. Finally, it felt like the deed was done. All of the boys had appeared, so Joe thought he was in the clear. Just as planned, Jack asked if Joe could get him a sweatshirt to borrow, considering he “was cold,” and Joe obliged, saying he’d be right back and running into our room. You had been hiding under the covers of your bed, ready to rip them off of you and sit up to scare him.

As soon as he entered the room, you jumped out of bed and let out the creepiest laugh you could muster. Joe let out a startled shout and spun around on his heel. Immediately, you started laughing. “What the hell, (Y/N)?” Joe yelled. You could tell he was holding back a laugh, faking his anger to mask his fear.

“I told you to stop pranking me!” you told him, sticking your tongue out at him. You ran over to him menacingly, causing him to back away from you. “Come on, baby, give me a kiss!”

“Get away from me!” Joe laughed. “You’re the worst girlfriend!”

The rest of the boys had come into the room, Caspar armed with his camera and all the boys laughing wildly. “We pranked the prankster!” you cheered to the camera, your arms wrapped around Joe’s body. You managed to place a kiss on his cheek, smearing a bit of your make up across his face.

“Don’t think this is over,” Joe said, wagging a finger at all of us. “Suggy doesn’t surrender.”

You couldn’t help but laugh a bit and roll your eyes. As the boys all left the room, you went into the bathroom to wipe all the make up off your face. You may hate Joe’s pranks, but you sure did love him.

and it echoes when i breathe

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AU in which the reader hates hospitals, and when the group is forced to take shelter in one, 10k gets worried

10k sees the Zunami coming an hour before it reaches you. While the group splits up to check the hospital for supplies and much needed meds, 10k takes the top floor, and is lucky enough to glance out the window.
You’re standing outside the front door, leaning against the truck, arms crossed against your chest, facing away from the hospital. If you don’t look at it, you can pretend it’s not there.
Lots of people hate hospitals. They’re a place people die. They’re a place for people who get sick.
But they aren’t just those things for you. Hospital symbolize the end of your life; the end of the world.
On Day 1, your family went to the safest place they could think of: the hospital. They assumed there would be medicine or a cure, or something.
All that you and your family found was death.
You stayed trapped on the top floor with 50 other survivors for three weeks. Three weeks in which people killed for the little food and water they had. Weeks in which people got sick and turned Z, and were then killed with whatever the others could find.
Your mother starved to death in a hospital. Your father was killed for a bag of chips. Your best friend died of dehydration.
You and three others made it out, when the Z’s finally cleared out. You went your separate ways and headed into a larger version of your first hell.
You never went back.

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chiomies  asked:

Open ask box (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و!! If it's okay, can I request a scenario where Kiyoshi, Kasamatsu and Takao comfort their super stressed s/o, who feels like they're working themselves to the bone handling everything at once? Thanks Tia-senpai, you're the best!

AH! Jamjam! Of course you can ask! This is something I need for myself so i’m glad you asked for Kasa bby! I hope this makes you feel better! (More under the cut because it got ridiculously long xD)

Kasamatsu: “I’m done.”

Those two words send dread down his spine and he felt his breathing was cut off. You were facing away from him, but your tone is what made him feel ice in his veins.. 

You don’t mean…

“I’ve had it! I can’t…” you paused, shaking your head and throwing the towel down, “I can’t do this anymore!”

He wasn’t sure if he should approach you or not, considering his legs felt like jelly, and he was a bit faint.. Despite that, he found himself walking to you, tentatively placing a hand on your shoulder, immediately feeling sick when you shrugged him off..

yeah.. He fucked up..

“Don’t fucking touch me..” you muttered, wanting nothing more than to yank your hair out.. “Have you seen this mess?!”

He blinked, turning his head, only to feel a lump in his throat at the variety of garbage littered all over.. Not to mention the juice stains on the brand new curtains and a couple broken bottles on the floor.. 

“I leave for one night… JUST one night..!! And this is what I come home to?!” you laugh, though it’s ugly and disgusting.. You just.. You want to cry..

“You’re so irresponsible… ALL OF YOU.”

He really didn’t think the party would’ve turned into this mess.. He’s a complete moron.. With Kise and his old team.. Yeah.. He really should’ve seen this coming.. God he’s an idiot..

“I don’t want to see anyone right now…” you shook your head, trying to find your words.. “I just.. I need a damn nap..” you curse, pushing him away to go to your shared room, collapsing on the bed in tears of frustration. You don’t even bother taking off your coat, or your shoes, too tired and pissed off to care.. Why should you? Clearly no one else did.. 

Behind the door, a very upset and distraught Kasamatsu was on the phone, immediately calling for help.


When you woke up, it was probably mid afternoon. You were so angry you’d wasted your entire morning sleeping and crying.. Honestly… Why did you take it out on Kasamatsu?! It wasn’t ENTIRELY his fault.. 

Great.. You feel worse now..

You left the bedroom after getting into pajama’s, scuffling down the hallway.. You’ve been so stressed lately, and you took it out on the one guy who’s been with you through everything.. It made you feel more exhausted.. 

However, you were stunned when you walked into the living room, seeing it completely spotless and a fresh plate of pancakes were sitting there, with your favourite juice.. 


“I was just going to wake you…”

Your head snapped around, meeting the ex-captain’s sheepish smile as he scratched his head.. You were confused.. What.. 

“I got the guys over here and made them clean up..” he explains, immediately coming over to wrap his arms around you. “I’m sorry I didn’t stop them last night.. I really didn’t expect them to get out of hand..”

He blushed, helping you sit in his lap as he brought the food over, along with the remote. His hand absently rubbed your leg, a soft sigh leaving his throat..

“I should’ve noticed sooner how stressed you really were ____. I’m sorry it took me so long to do something..”

You blushed, turning around to shake your head, but he pressed a finger to your mouth.

“Don’t say anything.. As your boyfriend, I should’ve offered to help and I’m sorry I was too much in my own world to support you.. So.. Just let me do this.. Let me support you…”

Rather than say anything else, you nodded, watching him cut a piece of pancake and feeding it to you.. Okay.. maybe you could be a little more vocal.. But having your stern boyfriend feed you once in a while wouldn’t be so bad..

Kiyoshi: An aggravated sigh left your lips as you cleaned yet another messy table at your job.. You knew teenagers were messy.. But come on! This is literally disgusting! It was like cleaning a table filled with children!

“Ah! There you are ___-chan!”

You blinked, lifting your head to see your cheery boyfriend standing there waving his hand happily. Wait.. he said he’d be here at six… It’s not..

“I came to get you! It’s Six..”

Startled at his words, you turned to look at the clock, mentally cursing upon realizing he was right.. Where’d the time go?! You nodded, grabbing the dishes and ushered him into a seat.

“P..Please wait for me Kiyoshi! I’ll be right back!”

He just shrugged, idly sitting in his usual spot as he waited for you to come back.. You felt so embarrassed being caught like a deer waiting in headlights.. Were you really that stressed out you didn’t notice the time?

Letting your hair down, you shook your hair, trying to clear your mind before your boyfriend saw the stress. You didn’t need to worry him.. Not with this.. You then walked out, seeing him talking with your boss, before he caught you staring, making him smile.

“Ready to go?”

You wordlessly nod, waving goodbye to your boss as Kiyoshi grabs your hand, giving you a cup of hot chocolate. He took your bag from you, carrying it and kept you close.

“I’ve noticed you’ve been tired lately..” he states, keeping his eyes on the road. “Are you getting enough sleep, ___-chan?”

You nodded, trying not to fidget too much around him. “O..Of course! I always go to bed before ten!”

Which wasn’t entirely a lie.. You normally DID go to bed before ten.. But lately you’ve been staying up until midnight, sometimes one, because you had to study after coming home from work. Your boss noticed your behaviour, asking if you needed a day off, but you shook your head, wanting to take as many hours as possible..

“You’re spending the night with me.”

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Lily felt great. Better than she had in days. Weeks. Months. More than a few heads turned as she walked by them ( not sure if they were seeing who they thought they were seeing ). She smiled, a genuine happy smile that few ever saw, perched herself on the back of a corridor bench. A young first year stopped before her, jaw nearly to the floor. “ Close your mouth, Bernard — you’re not a cod fish, ” she said, smile not leaving her face as he walked away.

Let It Burn (27/?)

Next chapter of LIB! Sorry about the delay with this, I’ve been super busy with moving. But anyway, thanks for all of the tags, comments etc. I really appreciate it. I hope you guys like the chapter!

Warning(s): Sexual scenes (maybe), violence, general angst. 

It was early in the morning, Honoka bit her lip as she meticulously rubbed the ointment on her fingers into the wounds on Eli’s back, doing her best not to hurt her. She’d never been the best at doing things like this but she hadn’t wanted to entrust the task to anyone else either.

“This is embarrassing.” Eli mumbled suddenly, breaking the silence that had settled between them.

“Huh?” Honoka looked up in time to see Eli turn her head slightly toward her. Though she was facing away Honoka could still see the blush tinging her cheeks. “Why?”

“It’s not exactly pretty to look at, is it?” Eli asked sheepishly, her voice low. She’d been glad when Honoka had offered to help her but for Honoka of all people to see her in such a way made it even worse. She hadn’t looked at the scars on her back yet but she could imagine what they looked like just from how much it had hurt. “It must be kind of ugly…”

“Don’t be silly.” Honoka said with a roll of her eyes. “Nothing about you is ugly. I don’t think so anyway, even with…well…” She stumbled over her words, feeling her cheeks burn with embarrassment. “Sorry.”

She went back to what she had been doing, silently cursing herself for not being more reassuring. She knew what she wanted to say but she couldn’t force the words past her lips. Her attention strayed and she accidentally pressed down a bit too roughly on one of the wounds on Eli’s back, causing her to wince and shrink away. “S-Sorry!”

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simplydiply  asked:

❦ - Changing clothes facing away, showing off their back

Mabel shrugged off her jacket, entering their shared room and glancing over at Dipper. Her expression softened and she skipped over, throwing her arms around him. “Hi bro-bro. Getting ready for a hot date or did Rose get you all hot and sweaty in the woods?” She asked, obviously teasing him.

It took only a moment for her arms to fall away, fixing her sweater as her eyes roamed over his form.

“Can’t believe you did it.”


☢: My muse finds yours playing dead.

Jessica walked into the infirmary after going out for a bit of lunch. However, when she walked in, she saw someone laying on one of the beds, facing away from her. She arched a brow and walked over, gently nudging the person. “Hello? Are you alright?” There was no response so she gently pulled them back so they were laying on their back, so she could see who it was. What she was met with was a very bloody Hermes with ‘bruises’ all over him. She screamed and jumped back, covering her mouth in horror.

i woke up first. i rolled around in the open spaces of my bed and thought about what it meant to be alive. the sun streaked across the wall of posters by my bed, and you sleepily turned your face away from its brightness. i thought of how it would look if i opened the blinds and let it come into my life fully and unconditionally. i thought about what it would be like to be unafraid of the light. you stayed asleep while i thought about what it meant to love. i traced my finger across your lips and thought about the first near kiss. i thought about the comfort and love that can come from those lips. i thought about how strange it was that something that isn’t mine can be made so familiar. i know the back of your arms better than i know my own, and i know that in any given moment i could lose it all forever. i look at the sun trying to come through the blinds and i look at the sleep on your eyes and lay my head back down. loosely on your chest. hoping you will wake up and pull me close. you don’t. but i know you would. its such a strange thing to be alive and in love. its such a strange thing to be so close to happiness and yet so far from being okay. 

I used to drown in your pool of deceit , gasping for truth , but the more your lies enveloped me , the deeper I felt I was dragged along . It was like a strong current bringing me further and further away from what’s real . Above the shore lies a lighthouse .“ Don’t look at it , it’ll blind you ! ” . I listened and turned my face away from reality .But It’s dark ,the waters are coming in again , and I’m so afraid . I look for the light , I struggle and swim against the current of my compulsions and love for you .I pull myself out onto the cold rocks that for once ,made the rushing water seem welcoming . I wanna jump back in but I don’t . But as I look back into the ocean . I see nothing but a shallow pool , surrounded with weeds and torns .I wasn’t lost . I was stuck , tangled between the toxicity of your manipulations . My lungs finally open up and I cough out all the negativity that you made me feel . I’m spent, hugging myself to what seemed like an eternal warfare between a fisherman and his storm. I’m so exhausted . You’re so exhausting but I had no choice , I couldn’t stop trying and let you drown me . I needed to save myself because you didn’t . Maybe it was worth my struggles , the pain , the cold wind on my wet skin . Because now I’m dry .You will still cling onto me like water droplets . But soon , you’ll evaporate from me . And I’ll be free .