La strada facile è quella che all'inizio non ti crea problemi perché ti conviene. Ma è anche vero che dopo ti porta a delle conseguenze. La strada difficile è quella che mette a dura prova te stesso, ma alla fine te ne esci forte e contento, perché sai di essere riuscito in qualcosa che pensavi fosse impossibile.
—  freddezzeelacrimerimangono
Tatcalling is street harassment, 8 black churches have burned in the past 10 days, new Stonewall film whitewashes history
  • Tatcalling is street harassment, 8 black churches have burned in the past 10 days, new Stonewall film whitewashes history
  • Citizen Radio

Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James did a Q&A on Twitter and it didn’t go awesome, SCOTUS blocks restrictions on Texas abortion clinics, “tatcalling” is street harassment, Greece’s Tsipras makes “concessions” to creditors while panicked pensioners rush to banks out of fear their pensions will vanish, Facebook’s creepy policy that deadnames transgender people, Cuba is the first country to eliminate mother-to-baby HIV transmission, eight black churches have burned in the past ten days and CNN asks, “could it be faulty wiring?”, the new Stonewall film whitewashes history and erases transgender women of color who played pivotal roles during the uprising, and many of the requests inmates at Clinton Correctional Facility are reasonable and shouldn’t be reversed because of David Sweat and Richard Matt’s escape.

Special guest: Bane

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Guess who’s back with the singing….. mE… full version on my insta 👽👽


WELP, gonna post these to my art account instead of my primary account over at goodkingbanana. .. I’M GONNA POST IT HERE ANYWAY!

This was a project I worked on for everyone in an SCP themed D20 Modern game my husband is running. I decided to make everyone our own ID cards just for fun since its such an in depth campaign that has already been going on for a while now. I’ll probably be posting more information on everyone over at my other account, so if you’re interested keep a look out :)

From L to R:
A-Class Field Agents Barnabas Blackstone and Wilhelm Rutger Vulger [team leaders],
C-Class Field Agents Nani Kinimaka, Ivanna Killemov, Miles Montegue James Johns and R.J. MacReady
Keter Response Agent Douglas “Dodge” Hannon and 04 Administrator Professor Phillip M. Jacoby.

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I have a friend Kurissa whom is orginally from the Goffstown/Manchester, NH area. Though she has been living in Malone, NY for about three years.

She told me the residents of that small town were “Clinging to their guns and Bibles, these past couple weeks”.

Sound familiar President Obama? Those folks have been supporting their families and the second Amendment for sure since the two escaped prisoners were on the loose.

Gun Control is a joke. It’s anti family, humanity, common sense and the threat to the great empowerment of Women. The greatest equalizer of the sexes. Real Feminism.

New York State is a joke anyhow with their anti American Gun laws. Though Bless those people who were not taking any changes. NY Safe Act 👎👊🔫

Gazing into the Sunset por Sean Goebel
Via Flickr:
The day after I moved to Hilo, <a href=“http://www.flickr.com/photos/shupp”>Bill Shupp</a> and I headed up to Mauna Kea for a night of photography. It was quite cloudy, but both of us managed to get some decent sequences. Altogether it was a successful night. Mauna Kea had yet another of its awesome sunsets. I captured the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) with Maui in the background. When viewed at 100%, a bump is visible on top of the mountain which I suspect is the Pan-STARRS dome.

Il était mille et mille fois désolant qu’un jeune homme gratifié d’une telle réserve d’intelligence, comme c’était manifestement le cas de son voisin, gaspille son temps précieux avec des femmes faciles, qui risquaient de lui en coller une pour le reste de ses jours. Pour ce qui relevait de l’état de grâce du célibat il prendrait un jour femme lorsque sa Princesse viendrait en scène mais en attendant la société des dames était une conditio sine qua non quoi qu’il eût vraiment les plus grands doutes, non qu’il veuille le moins du monde tirer les vers du nez à Stephen à propos de Mlle Ferguson […] quant à savoir si cela l’amuserait beaucoup de jouer les jeux de la romance amoureuse, en la compagnie de pimbêches sans le sous bi-ou tri-hebdomadairement, avec les préliminaires imposés du petit galop d’échauffement de compliments-dispensés et de promenades qui vous changent en tourtereaux, fleurs et chocolats fins. 

Ulysse - James Joyce