I don’t think I’d ever tell you this directly - gosh the blushing would kill me, but in some sense I kind of want you to know. When I’m feeling low and generally uninspired, I go to your blog and read your poetry. It doesn’t really matter what you write about, there’s a way you present, a strength behind your delicate character that imbues me with such an air of passion. Call me shy, call me lame, call me what you will, but your presence in my life facilitates a desire in me from the inconspicuous vault of my heart. You enlighten and motivate with your seemingly effortless diction. Your words serve a dual purpose. A beautiful one. And I appreciate you.

Late night before sleep thoughts but that agnes varda quote about seeing a fairly limited number of films when she was young really resonated with me, it really speaks imo about two things, the liberating and equalizing element of internet consumption, meaning that even us without much economic or cultural capital received within primary institutions of family and education have access to a variety of content, but actually my second point invalidates the first from a certain angle, well not invalidates…. it actually makes it more complex, cultural capital shapes taste, it shapes cultural habits, also cultural capital capital facilitates success in educational institutions, cultural capital is often paralel with economic one. In a way it opens a path to certain professions, thats why its wonderful to see when someone from a working class / proletarian background despite the odds manages to enter those professions. But ultimately they have much more to offer with their insight. When youre working class, you acquire certain interests, you are catching up with your bourgeouis peers, but you have a much more valuable perception on politics, taste, and so on. Im rambling. I need to sleep.

Thunder Bay police investigate officers’ alleged racist Facebook comments
The investigation marks the second internal police probe launched in Ontario this week into derogatory remarks about indigenous people

The Thunder Bay Police Service is investigating racist comments allegedly posted and promoted online by its officers, marking the second internal police probe launched in Ontario this week into derogatory remarks about indigenous people.

The comments, which appeared on the Chronicle Journal’s Facebook page earlier this month, stemmed from a letter-to-the-editor by Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler regarding an allegation that TBPS officers had verbally assaulted a facilitator delivering cross-cultural training earlier this year.

“Give your head a shake Alvin Fidder. I think it’s too foggy to see the truth,” a Facebook user named Rob Steudle wrote on Sept. 17. On Sept. 18, the user followed up by adding: “Natives are killing natives and it’s the white mans fault natives are drunk on the street and its white mans fault natives are homeless and its white mans fault and now natives are lying about how they are treated by white men an explanation is given and it’s the white men who are lying. Well let’s stop giving the natives money and see how that goes.” A Facebook user named Jeff Saunders “liked” the Sept. 18 comment.

In a statement Thursday, the TBPS said a number of comments posted online on Sept. 17 and Sept. 18 are the subject of a Police Services Act investigation by the force’s professional standards unit. “It is alleged that these comments had the involvement of members of the Thunder Bay Police Service,” the statement said, noting the remarks were brought to the force’s attention by a local APTN reporter. “These types of comments are not acceptable. They do not reflect the values of the Thunder Bay Police Service. We would like to apologize to our indigenous community for the hurt these comments may cause.”

No officers are named in the statement, and it is unclear how many members are potentially involved. Investigators have not confirmed that the Facebook accounts are linked to TBPS constables named Rob Steudle and Jeff Saunders, or that they were in control of their accounts when the comments were posted. The Facebook profiles suggest the two users are TBPS officers, and there are TBPS constables with those names on a recent public-sector salary list. Attempts to reach the users through Facebook were unsuccessful.

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When the White House asks. IBM answers.  

Presidential advisors want more information on artificial intelligence and cognitive technology. In order to use it to best serve the people, the White House asked what leaders should consider when applying technology like Watson to challenges and opportunities in matters like education, the economy and climate change. In it’s public response, IBM wrote back:

We believe that many of the ambiguities and inefficiencies of the critical systems that facilitate life on this planet can be eliminated. And we believe that AI systems are the tools that will help us accomplish these ambitious goals.”

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anonymous asked:

But maybe the emperor pimps out Vader's likeness for money. I mean, Death Star money doesn't come from trees. And Disney seems to already has the idea to out Vader's face on everything for $$$$.

this is why i appreciate disney. thank you for, as an entire company, contributing to my interests and facilitating my obsession.

it might work less well in a scenario where vader is well known for his homicidal prowess. but that also depends on how the imperial propaganda mill turns.

I’m going to make this work or so help me. I’m thinking maybe three endings for this initial story? How long it will actually be will depend entirely on the choices readers make. There’s 7 or so potential choices / paths in the current draft for the first… maybe half or third of the story? Keeping it short so A: I don’t burn out and, B: readers don’t burn out. Plus if it goes to shit then it won’t drag its sorry carcass for a prolonged period of time before I can just dump it and never speak of it again.

The visual design work involved should be minimal. We’ll see. This is essentially a Choose Your Own Adventure in comic format.

The method I was thinking of originally that would facilitate choice-making on behalf of readers was a sort of gentle nudging, but after some thought I realised “that shit ain’t going to work” because there’s too many variables and points of potential confusion involved. Instead, the subtle choice-making is going to take a backseat (if be there at all), and all choices will be clearly visible in a “do this or that or that” way. Whichever choice gets picked the most will be the path that gets taken. I should probably consider having a timed window of sorts but we’ll see how feasible that is with the schedule I have.

How Satellite Technology Is Helping End Illegal Fishing in Our Oceans
Apprehending criminal fishers often requires identifying where they are, where they have been, and where they are going. The challenge is seemingly insurmountable given the sheer size of seas. The good news is that technological advancements are shifting the balance toward those fighting to end illegal fishing.

Illegal Fishing Hurts People—and the Environment

Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a global threat that robs legitimate fishers and governments of revenue, undermines scientific assessments of fisheries, threatens the stability of coastal communities that rely on fish for food and jobs, and destroys marine ecosystems. The crime accounts for up to $23.5 billion (U.S.) worth of seafood annually, totaling up to 26 million tons—or one in five wild-caught fish taken from our seas. So it’s no surprise that ending IUU fishing has become a key focus for the international maritime community.

The Pew Charitable Trusts believes many pieces must fall into place to effectively end IUU fishing worldwide. Measures include requiring that all large fishing vessels are uniquely identified with International Maritime Organization numbers(1); mandating the tracking of vessels in order to drive transparency and accountability; recruiting the seafood industry and retail customers to demand that the fish they buy and sell is caught legally; and facilitating the adoption and implementation of the Port State Measures Agreement. Pew also wants to encourage capable leadership by governments throughout the world to draft change through initiatives such as Interpol’s highly successful Project Scale, which helps countries build their capacity to enforce fisheries laws and securely exchange information on transnational criminal cases.

Breakthrough technology is now available to help achieve crime-fighting objectives.

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We Need a New IPO Process ASAP

The IPO process is pre-Internet and that needs to change ASAP. With the tech IPO window open we are once again being treated to the maddening spectacle of the opening pop in which the first trade price is massively above the IPO price. All sorts of theories are proffered for why that is rational and the right thing to do. It isn’t.

In the year 2016 here is how a company should go public. The company, with the help of banks, brokers and the exchange should build a complete buy and sell order book. The IPO price and the opening trade should be one and the same. To help facilitate this, the float should be meaningful, requiring both a primary and secondary component to the IPO.

With the Internet there is no excuse for doing it any other way. Yes, once upon a time information dissemination and gathering were expensive and trading was slow. But today neither one of those conditions applies any more. So why are we still doing IPOs the old, pre-Internet way? Because investment banking is a highly concentrated industry which benefits massively from the status quo, as do a select group of investors.

In the absence of a competitive solution, regulators  should mandate a larger initial float which will force building a complete book. If there is no market clearing price, well then the IPO doesn’t happen (this takes care of the “but we also buy the bad companies” non-argument — bad companies should *NOT* go public).

As part of this change we should also get rid of the private road show. The company should hold multiple public streaming sessions and take questions (known as an earnings call once a company is public). Again, in the age of the Internet there is exactly zero reason to have private discussions prior to an IPO, which is supposed to be an “initial *public* offering — otherwise we should call it what it currently is: "BCD” - best club deal.

Reasons to love Jim Moriarty

• Charming Irish accent

• Says words like teensy, gotcha, and sissy 

 • Ends texts with kisses  

 • Uses “you just can’t” and “that’s sexier” as justifications 

 • Is very polite and flirts a lot


Ohmiya bullying, featuring sakumoto facilitators.

From: arashiblast2015.com

If you ever wondered just what Migi tweaked with that alien open heart surgery of his, here you go.

Edit: I realized after the fact that my post-merger Shinichi was a pixel or two smaller than he ought to have been (assuming his head didn’t shrink any). Doesn’t seem like much, but it does show up in the measurements, Here’s your properly scaled one, complete with added imperial units.

Also, since I continue to have absolutely nothing to do this weekend, here’s Migi’s alterations by percentage:

Height: 5.2% increase

Neck width: 21% increase

Shoulder width: 12.8% increase

Chest width: 14.7% increase

Hip width: 9% increase

Leg length: 7% increase

A true healer does not heal you; she simply reflects back to you your innate capacity to heal. She is a reflector, or a loving transparency.

A true teacher does not teach you; she does not see you as inherently separate from her. She simply reflects back your own inner knowing, and reminds you of the vastness of your being. She is a mirror, a signpost.

And love is the space in which all of this is possible; love heals, and we learn best in a loving field, no threat of failure, no punishment.

—  Jeff Foster