Why Lonely People Stay Lonely

Nobody likes feeling lonely, and some recent research suggests that the ache of isolation isn’t only a psychological problem; unwanted solitude impacts physical health, too. Loneliness increases a person’s risk of mortality by 26 percent, an effect comparable to the health risks posed by obesity, according to a study published this spring.

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Latin Phrases Everyone Should Know

Carpe Diem: Seize the day (probably written on a white board in a classroom somewhere)

Caveat Emptor: Let the buyer beware (on legal stuff)

Cogito, Ergo Sum: I think, therefore I am (something profound to impress your friends)

In Absentia: While absent (also on legal stuff e.g., trial in absentia)

In Flagrante Delicto (my favorite): In flaming offence or in the act of a crime (as said in Clue)

Ipso Facto: By that very fact (used in philosophy, law, and science)

Mea Culpa: By my fault (as said in V for Vendetta)

Persona Non Grata: An unwelcome person (diplomatic term)

Prima Facie: On first view (another legal term)

Post Mortem: After death (as said on detective shows)

Pro Bono: Done without change

Quid Pro Quo: Something for something, this for that (as said in Silence of the Lambs)

Tempus Fugit: Time flies (song by Miles Davis)

Terra Incognita: Unknown land

Vox Populi: Voice of the people (as said in V for Vendetta)


Hello Everyone… I took a little break with sketching and decided to “commit” a painting in acrylics… sooooo, here it is :) This painting is of course based on the Jennifer Morrison & The Lana Parrilla “facie” from twitter :)

I conclusion… I used only five colors to make it. White, black and three shades of grey. Size of canvas (50x40 cm - 19,6x15,7 inches). It is 98% finished but I still need to work on some details with mini brush & of course dry it out - cause it’s still quite… well… wet :) 

Hope You like it! :)