So, during Jared’s M&G, there was a question about how the series were to end and we all know Jared’s answer about the show ending with the boys dying but as he’s such a sweetheart he just said “You’re not gonna like what I’m gonna say.” I piped up and told him that I agreed with him as did a few others and he looked at me and nod and agreed. So, I just had my Jared op and as soon as he saw me he immediately said “I still like your shirt!” I laughed and he pulled me into a squishy hug and damn he smells great and he just gives the most amazing hugs I just wanted to melt in his arms!!! Then when he let go he just goes “So, you agree about the dying thing?” and I just smiled and replied “Oh, definitely!” He smiled and I thanked him and he said bye. I’m so mesmerised by him, I just love him so much, I’m so sorry!