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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Cat

30. Post a picture of your freaky fabulous self with your favorite dolly! :)  #Monster High Challange

I couldn’t decide which one of my two graceful cats I love more. Find detailed pictures of Catrine DeMew and Purrsephone here and here. Also, my attempt at MH Challange is over. Thank you so much, growup-girl-blog! Everyone else should feel free to take part, as well. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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Today’s Hakone Garden model was Rose Opal! It’s bright but cool, and perfect for wandering and photos. I had to borrow a walking stick from the tocket office/gift shop because I forgot my cane. Rose Opal was light and easy to pose one-handed, and i’m loving my camera.

The Details:
Rose Opal is a @seed-arts / @armeleia Wol head on an older, single-jointed Resinsoul girl body. Her eyes are glass (off of Ebay.) Her wig is by Unstrung Hero BJD/ @funnylori. Her dress is by Dorset Clothing/ @kawaiimon. Her shawl is a vintage handkerchief borrowed from @mischief-maker-me, and her (mostly unseen) star bloomers are also by mischief maker. Her faceup and blushing are by me.


Bee Queen!!

[These bees all died naturally, and were collected from around my mom’s hives. Please support your local beekeeper]

This girl is I do believe a Doll in Mind Lalia I got in a trade, faceup and base concept by me, @mismantisbjd helped me out with some concept art, which is why she looks so cool. This lady really needs a body someday


Megurine Luka BJD cosplay 
By me: faceup,  doll’s dress, head accessorie

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Rifon (Switch Holy Soseo; Studio Darjeeling faceup; clothes by me) and Devain (Volks SDGou Claude; AngelToast faceup; clothes half Volks half me), here for all of my mopey vampire needs.  Rifon is the only son of the most important vampire family in Rosewind, and abstains from drinking blood from humans for a classically French Romantic mixture of moral hangups and self-absorbed melancholy, with an unhealthy dose of modern social anxiety.  Devain studies magic for lack of anything better to do, works a part-time job in his friends’ bar, and has an entirely-too-modern lack of direction.   


After a two years hiatus from the doll hobby, this one doll has inspired me again, and I am so very grateful, because fun size is fun!

Here is my 41cm Iman (Dollshe Erica Snow Fashion 26F in Pale Tan). She is inspired, of course, by the living goddess Iman Abdulmajid, who I’ve adored all my life. My little Iman is also quite a fashionista, and this is only the first of her many future looks.

Since these mini beauties are still relatively new, and finding fitting clothes and accessories is a bit of a guesswork, here is what I’ve used for her so far: faceup and mohair wig by me, glass eyes are Dollmore 8mm flatbacks ( had to file off the edges to make them a better fit), top by me, jeans are TTYA slim MSD fit, shoes are from ebay - a Tonner American Model size.

I’d love to make an income from painting dolls for people, but I live in such a cold area that I’d have to pack up shop for huge chunks of the year while I can’t spray MSC. I don’t have anywhere to spray it inside my apartment and I’m not popular enough for people to put up with waiting months for a faceup from me. I’m going to go sulk into my ten layers of clothing, boo.



A “little” summary of my character and fav bjd :3

This is my very first drawing of him, he started his life as a roleplay character. He is a super intelligent, serial killer. As a psycho he’s got no feelings yet likes to smile on top of that, he is a pastry cook and loves sweets

At this point I didn’t think about having him as a doll but I started to love him as his character started to evolve.

When I finally decided that I want him as a doll I got the self doubt if his hair color would be ok for him. (He is so cute with pink hair xD)

When his head arrived I almost cried q-q I saw William in my palm. (his body and head arrived to me separately) 

Valentines day with him ^^ I couldn’t paint his head, because I promised my friend that he will be her character for a photoshooting and she wanted to paint him herself. 

I gave him a temporary faceup and temporay wig. He was nothing like William but at least he got a face q-q 

So finally my friend painted the Hugh and I painted my floating modded Karsh head to have a William. I must admit it wasn’t near okay for William, but my friend saw his character into him x”D so we switched heads after that.

And I could finally start to work on my cutie qAq *modding modding* 

And his officially first William faceup ^^

I loved his cute face but something was off with it. It was not a face of a serial killer.

So I started again everything xD *modding his eyes to be smaller* 

He is alive now. I can clearly feel it. He is like a horcrux xD a piece of my soul. And I love him to bits <3 

Surprise Yagi! I’m trying to get a few more “professional” shots of my dolls post-makeover to send out with this month’s commissions. Essie’s next but I really have to think about how to make her wig look less messy 😕

Yagi is a SQ Lab Navi with faceup and manicure by me. Hair clips by Doll Coronet Studio ✨

Boyfriends. [They’re in a polyamorous relationship~]

L-R: Stuart is an April Story Anthony, default faceup. Wig and eyes from Crobidoll, glasses from Sadol, shirt from Volks, sweater & bow tie from Freedom Teller.

Mikhail is a Fifth Motif Venitu. Faceup by SugarCoatedStars. Wig from Volks, eyes from MakoEyes, shirt from Iplehouse, suit from Freedom Teller.

Alex is a Custom House Hyun. Faceup by Titytetee, piercings by me. Shirt from TTYA, jeans from DollInStyle.