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Harry Styles' Gucci Suit Was the Real Star of the 'Dunkirk' Premiere
The perfectly tailored double-breasted number upstaged even Prince Harry.

When you’re attending an event with a member of the royal family present, it’s usually safe to assume that you’re not going to be the center of attention. Unless, of course, you’re Harry Styles and you’re wearing one of the best damn suits we’ve seen in recent memory. The singer-slash-actor showed up at the Dunkirk premiere this week in custom double-breasted Gucci and straight up stole the show—even from Prince Harry.

Here’s the young royal speaking with Styles and, we assume, complimenting him on his effortlessly cool look:

And here’s the full outfit, in all its louche, laid-back glory:

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I played FFXV after I saw your numerous posts. It's an okay game but Noctis is your typical flat emo character, I don't understand the ruckus for him.


Anon-san, are you sure

that we

even play

a same game

Because.. I mean..

just look

at this guy



This game have a lot of flaws but I’m certain Noct’s characterization is not part of them. Of course you’re free to like or dislike and entitled to your own opinion, but….flat…… no, anon. Just, no. I have to disagree. Fight me.

Nie bój się sprzedać kopa każdemu pajacowi, który sprawia, że czujesz się gorsza, słabsza, niefajna, mało ważna, głupia, wykorzystywana! Sekret tkwi w tym, że póki nie pokazujesz gdzie są drzwi, idioci nie wiedzą, jak w nie trafić. Pokaż drzwi i miej święty spokój. Nie potrzebujesz wokół siebie nikogo, kto sprawia, że nie czujesz się najfajniejsza na świecie.
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From @alpottery - Throwing a faceted bowl at 4x speed. #transformationtuesday from ball of mud to functional bowl!!!

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ATLAS: do not talk to me of the weight of the world, 
nor its people’s hearts. you know nothing of endurance.
the heavens are heavy and my shoulders ache. 
i am tired.

APHRODITE: you think holding the earth is enough?
you think you are close to them just because they rest on
your back? you know nothing of their pain. do you even remember
how tears taste?

ATLAS: i know pain. i know bruises that last centuries,
bone deep and digging like claws, burrowing like worms
through body structure-

APHRODITE: -you know standing still, rigid, a statue in body
and soul alike / you know the exact weight of the human heart
x 7 billion. you do not know how it feels to watch as they burn in place,
how it feels to see them fall; down / in love / to their deaths.

ATLAS: i carry them in life and death. my dear, your hands
are soft; they do not understand the strength it takes to balance
oceans on knuckles and land against muscle.

APHRODITE: my hands are soft because they hold hearts
as easily as you hold the world, and hearts, in their own way, are worlds.
i know strength. better yet, i know how easily strength crumbles
and i know how to guide through the breaking. do not equate soft
with weak. they are not the same thing.

l.s. | APHRODITE vs ATLAS: on the subject of strength© 2016

“Find someone who chooses you no matter what. Who doesn’t mind giving up a night out to look into your eyes and hold your hands until your breathing slows down. Or wants to go grocery shopping with you as much as they want to hide beneath your sheets together all weekend. Or sometimes puts your needs before their own, because you’re feeling a little stressed and they know you deserve the help just that tiny bit more. Find someone who understands every facet of your personality, and loves each one equally, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that someone who won’t even consider giving up their time for you isn’t worth your time at all.”

Hiveswap gives a whole new perspective on the Alternia the beta trolls lived on and on how Feferi is as a character. I didn’t even consider that Feferi had the power to actively rule Alternia, and she made a willing choice not to. Trizza, and unnamed previous heiresses as shown in the comments Xefros gave, are basically given a tutorial on being an empress, the planet is completely her playground and this is totally allowed. The drones are at their command and they have resources.Condy is chill with it, lets other castes know whats up and as long as the heiress dies in the end Condy appreciates boldness. 

Feferi had the power to be completely a ruthless dictator and in her withholding of it Alternia is still bloodthirsty and castist but doesn’t have an active enforcer, its a pure free for all. And the attitude of the lower caste trolls in the beta trolls (who are of course effected but also do their own thing and with alternia gone shrug it off) and the effect seen on Xefros and his neighborhood (actively fearful, weary, and preparing for their subservient future) is a marked difference.