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rebelcaptain sharing a dessert (I know you just wrote something for me feel free to ignore but I figured I'd send this anyway ;)

Thanks also to the anon who requested something similar to this!

It’s rare that there’s good food on base, but Princess Leia’s birthday seems as good an excuse as any. Or at least, it seems that way to Luke, who bribes someone to make a cake. Less so to Leia, who scowls about how she never told anyone her birthday to begin with, and less so to Han, who grumpily tries to pretend the cake was half his idea.

Cassian really couldn’t care one way or the other. But if a princess demands that you eat her birthday cake, you eat her birthday cake.

He’s sitting with Bodhi, attempting to drown out Han prattling on about something in the corner, when Jyn takes a seat opposite them.

“What are you doing?” she asks. Bodhi, his mouth completely full with a too-big bite of cake, just points down at his plate happily.

“It’s the Princess’s birthday,” Cassian translates. “Want some?”

And then, without even thinking about it, he extends his fork across the table to hover in front of her mouth.

He immediately regrets it. There’s something entirely too intimate about the gesture, and with the way Jyn’s staring wide-eyed back at him, she must agree. Even Bodhi’s gaping at them, cheeks rounded with cake.

He considers stealing back the fork, but that feels disastrous, too, like an acknowledgement of what messy territory he’s inadvertently crossed into. If he acts like it’s no big deal, he can at least preserve some semblance of dignity.

He waves the fork a smidge, as though to communicate this is normal, I do this all the time.

Which of course he doesn’t, because his longest friend is a droid who a) doesn’t eat, and b) frequently whines about how sugar corrodes the human immune intestines, but still.

After a painfully long beat, Jyn glances down at the fork. And then, in what feels like slow motion, she leans forward, opens her mouth, and takes a gentle bite.

It would be absolutely ridiculous—not to mention inappropriate—to find this hot. And yet.

Cassian swallows.

“Any good?” he asks, his voice crackling.

She nods. She runs her tongue across her lips, swiping the extra crumbs, and seriously, Cassian needs to get a damn grip.

“Do you want the rest?” he asks, gesturing to his plate, because really and truly, his brain has stopped functioning.

She raises an eyebrow. “Or I could just get my own.”

“Right. Yeah.”

She stands, moving for the table over where Leia has now raised herself to her tiptoes to better yell at Han, and Cassian sinks back into his seat.

He glances at Bodhi, who has yet to swallow that piece of cake. Bodhi blinks back at him.

“Eat,” Cassian barks, a little more forcefully than intended.

Bodhi swallows and then immediately starts coughing.

Cassian sighs, pats him on the back. He slides his half-finished piece of cake towards Bodhi both as a silent apology and as an excuse to leave the room before Jyn gets back.

Which is, quite honestly, pathetic. But that’s a problem for another day.