Dating Anakin Skywalker would involve...
  • Most likely meeting on a mission or at the jedi temple
  • Going from playful banter and sarcastic remarks to awkwardly blurting things and quietly avoiding you when he realizes his feelings
  • That smile, you know the one:

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  • Knowing that your relationship was against the rules, but mentally justifying it by telling yourself that you love each other and that passion was only wrong if it was riddled with hate
  • Worrying about him when you shouldn’t
  • Sneaking around to see each other
  • Almost getting caught (which horrifies you) and laughing about it later
  • Conversations in hushed voices
  • Soft kisses
  • Managing to (mostly) act professionally around others
  • The two of you discussing whether or not to confess to Obi-Wan of your love for each other
  • Him actually being very fond of you
  • Anakin always listening to you, but sometimes snapping when he disagrees, often saying something he later finds himself apologizing for
  • Reaching up to brush some of his hair out of his face
  • Touching hands under tables and cloaks or when no one can see
  • Anticipating the others moves when defending yourself from battle droids, moving together almost as if you were one person
  • Subtly competing with each other all the time
  • Sometimes being truly afraid by his power in the force, then forgetting when he speaks so sweetly about his mother
  • Thoughtful words and kind glances

Meditations for Astral Projection

Astral projection is where your soul actually leaves your body. This is different from remote viewing where you enter into a trance and will yourself to a specific location. The following two meditations are just basic guidelines. I suggest for more in depth information to click on the PDF links below.

Meditation 1

This meditation feels weird. Just make sure you seriously want to project, otherwise, any hesitation can keep you in your body. You have to be relaxed, both mentally and physically. The first few times are the most difficult. Like with anything else, consistent practice will make this easier, until you no longer have to even enter into a deep trance, but can project any time at will. Some people find projecting easier than others, as they have done this in past lives.

Get real comfortable and go into a trance. When you are so relaxed you can no longer feel your body, you are ready.Visualize your astral body inside your physical body, being held there by your seven chakras. The chakras can be visualized like colored knobs.Take each spinning chakra and stop it from spinning and give it a quarter turn in the reverse of the direction it was spinning, like turning a doorknob.Relax and let go and try to exit.

Meditation 2

This is more like a preparatory exercise. This one is not nearly as powerful as the one above, but less intense for those of you who would rather do this gradually.

Lie down and relax, as above. Go into a trance. Relax to where you feel like you are floating.Now, lift your left astral arm up. Visualize this. You will need to imagine this, but energy follows where it is directed.Lift up your right astral arm and touch your faceTouch both your astral hands together.Do the same thing with each leg and foot.Imagine your entire astral body floating above your physical body, or somewhere else in the room and concentrate on being there. Just lie there and focus on this for a while. 
Keep repeating this exercise often and eventually, astral projection will follow.

There is still facetouching in FE14

All of the articles i’ve read lead back to Kotaku and there has been no evidence of an interview. Now if you did your research, in Nohr (Conquest) you cannot repeat battles so there is no way to get your supports up besides facetouching, and compare the english website to the japan one and the japan one says the exact same thing. They wouldnt make this announcement this close to realease. Thank you for your time.