faceted wall

DAY 3033

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 20/21,  2016                  Wed/Thu  12:33 am

Birthday - EF - Sunanda Pandey/Amira, Egypt

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sunanda .. Amira .. wishing you the best of days .. just a simple wish for the happiness of all and the desire and will to be in the best always .. from your Ef 

‘Rang’ plays on the multi facetted walls and the spirit of the body enhanced by its rhythms moves to higher degrees of effort .. and with the ease of a feather .. there is interjection from near and dear and the results are encouraging .. meets after the efforts of the nasium bring smiles of some positivity and progress .. the hearings in the creative fields seem to be bringing effective results .. a film later, gives opportunity to be with the fraternity and interact with some of the generation that rules today .. we live at a time when the talent of today is superior and so effective and pronounced in their work .. admiration is not enough for them ..

As you drive back you reminisce the days and locations of the early days .. the spots where today large and ominous looking structures occupy the regions where once there was nature and soft settings and the quietude so desired .. and more shall happen and come as time goes by .. we have kept our greens secure and never did cross our minds to break and build bigger and greatly more fanciful .. during my time it shall not happen .. what the next generation does is there desire and will ..

SD Burman .. the maestro, the everlasting voice from heaven, Lata ji, Hrishi da who defied the system and made his own path breaking films , Majrooh Sultanpuri lyricist of eminence ..

What music for ‘Abhimaan’ .. !! Those days of spending time with Burman da in his apartment in a building called ‘JET’ on the market of the road known as Link road .. Bandra, Khar, Juhu ..etc on its way .. he would sing the tunes and his wife would be beside him as a voice of approval .. divine the moments .. divine the tunes that live till today .. divine his sense of perfection .. and the unique voice quality that he had .. a folksy dry emotive, broken .. but effortless in its execution and the lilt of its rendition never heard before … his eternal number ‘sun mere bandhu re ..’ everlasting … the melancholic chant almost of a generation ..

At the recordings of the songs in the studio, he was a man possessed .. no disturbance by anyone .. the silence .. his concentration with one ear covered by one hand of his .. his immediate reaction to a wrong note either by musician or singer .. no admonition .. just a soft gentle word of correction .. those days .. of large recording studios, and a 100 musicians and playing live to the singing simultaneously and getting it right .. how ever did they do it .. i know it because i had the good fortune to be present in most such moments .. and when you look now at the recordings .. its a wonder how the earlier artists ever did manage .. 

Now its a small little room in someone’s 1BHK, just about enough room for 2 people .. and a computer .. that is it .. a microphone appears from nowhere and I sit in that room and deliver .. minutes later voices are put through auto tuners ..and other instruments pre recorded and stored in files are added on through the comp .. at times the track, rough in nature, is mailed immediately to Los Angeles or New York, to friendly musicians, or those who work on contracted conditions and they fill in the orchestration of the song .. and within hours it comes back on mail .. ready for delivery after balancing off the music .. once this done the track goes to expert balancers .. they are a separate group or individuals who clean up the track, bring in their own interpretation and sense and the song is ready to be broadcast ..

Fascinating .. 

Its a world you do not wish to leave once inside .. there have been times when we have been at it all night and not know how time passed .. music does this to one .. it does to me .. and as the days pass by the frustration of lack of learning increases … someday I hope I shall get it right .. someday .. !!!

Which brings me to another frustration .. the thought of ending this Blog and leaving … at times I wish I could be here all night … much like those musical nights .. for being in the company of the Ef is musical indeed ..

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan