I like the whole “Dad Bod” thing going on right now.

Because it’s a clear example that men are able to do anything and everything they want with their body…

Eat a bunch of hot wings.  Maybe work out once a month by playing a pick up game of basketball.  Flaunt that beer gut with pride, brother!

But women are scrutinized and held up to these incredibly high standards to even to go grocery shopping.

Talk about some misogynistic bullshit.  Men are able to do whatever they want where women are still ripped apart when they have a slim sliver of confidence about their appearance.


Get dunked on for the upset.


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I’m very sad that VEISHEA 2014 is finished with a tarnished name - http://m.kcci.com/news/riot-breaks-out-at-isu-veishea-celebration/25389656

It has always been a highlight each year to come down and meet up with old college friends, drink and party like the old days, and play some old drumline beats with other old balls for the parade.

But this year that will not happen.

It’s alright to party and enjoy yourselves during times of celebration. Go on and be merry. Live it up and enjoy your youthfulness. Nobody is trying to ruin that for you.

But please understand that your actions of property destruction and disruptive behavior is something that is not enjoyable. When you are a few years removed from that moment, you will look back in shame. You ruined an enjoyable moment.

You deserve to any punishment you receive for ruining what is supposed to be a celebration of school spirit and pride. You ruin more that just a weekend of supposed fun, you ruin generations upon generations of proud history.

What you did is not cool. Your future employers will not think that’s cool. Your friends you meet outside of college will not think its cool. Your parents and grandparents will not think its cool. A random alumni that makes VEISHEA his yearly visit to ISU definitely does not think its cool.

So I mean this with all of my heart,

Fuck you.

You owe me a fucking cherry pie and a super dog.