faces: in love

I need you in my head. I need you on my skin. 
My God, you are so busy
and so lovely. 
Your tired hands on my 
adventurous body.
I need you like this. 
I wait for your calls. Darling, 
call me and kiss me goodnight 
through the phone. 
You work so much
you forget how much I love you. 
And I need you 
to need me. 
I wait with my lips,
dripping all sweet dreams. 
Sweet poems behind your back. 
My nights are filled 
the thoughts of you. 
I don’t stay lonely. 
You work and love.
That’s what you do lately;
you work
you love
—  Hardworking Heartache by Royla Asghar 

To Him,

Not a single day goes by where you fail to cross my mind. I wonder how you are and what you’re up to. One thing I have never doubted was your genuine heart and your capacity for love. Lately, I have found a strength within myself all thanks to you. I need you to know how beautiful of a person you are and despite all that has happened between us I need you to promise me this. Promise me you’ll live life as fully as possible with a lack of fear. Promise you’ll take risks and try new things and not let any experience slip away from you. But most of all, promise me you will never forget that you deserve the best even if the best isn’t me.



Successful relationships are made from two people, not one.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin