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Episode 7x05… was not my favorite. The leak of 7x06 left a bad taste in my mouth, but there’s still the possibility that Arya is “playing” the game of faces (the waif training game).

I’m pissed at D&D with what they did to Arya’s characterization in the past episodes, making her seem so one-dimensional and arguably sociopathic, but I’ve got some reason to think there will be a twist to the Starkbowl plot.

Arya, who’ve been trained to fight and recognize poisons while blind (not to mention killed the waif in complete darkness), should have sensed Littlefinger in the shadows. Her spying on Littlefinger was so obvious too (not to mention unprofessional for an assassin).

D&D made an effort in 7x02 to show her human side with Ed Sheeran’s Lannister soldiers, their inconsistencies can’t be that bad…right?


A king and a potato

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Undeveloped vs developed moon signs

Aries moon
Undeveloped: aggressive, too competitive, mood swings, childish and immature
Developed: goal-orientated, hardworking, but not too hard, funny and open

Taurus moon
Undeveloped: lazy, rude, holds grudges, judging, has to be right all the time
Developed: stable, good with money, great with kids and family, able to make compromises

Gemini moon
Undeveloped: shallow, two-faced, playing mind games, liars, selfish
Developed: great communicators, weird in a cute way, very intelligent and talkactive, social

Cancer moon
Undeveloped: manipulative, huffy, overprotective, possessive, jealous
Developed: caring, helpful, lovable, friendly, shy, but kind, a good friend, supportive

Leo moon
Undeveloped: egoistic, bossy, can be bitchy and rude, loud, tells everyone everything, can’t take critics
Developed: loving, radiates positivity, optimistic, adventurous, great actor and performer, knows how to handle people

Virgo moon
Undeveloped: pessimistic, too hard on themselves, but blames others for their own mistakes, critical, skeptic, boring
Developed: sweethearts, perfect organisators, handles mental health well, friendly

Libra moon
Undeveloped: superficial, indecesive, unsure about who they really are, nervous, manipulative, uses people for own good
Developed: a great friend and advisor, happy and optimistic, open, loves to talk, knows what they have and are happy with it

Scorpio moon
Undeveloped: grudge-holding, possessive and dark, often plays the victim, huffish, loners, sometimes even depressed
Developed: shy, but helpful and truly loves the ones that love them, knows how to be at peace, loves themselves and all their edges, friendly

Sagittarius moon
Undeveloped: fast-paced/hectical, too many thoughts they can’t put into words, can be clingy, do what they want, too loud
Developed: funniest people ever, adventurous, free, peaceful, optimistic, know their worth, can be super serious and deep

Capricorn moon
Undeveloped: flinty, cold-hearted, seems like they don’t have emotions, too hard on themselves, bossy
Developed: have goals that they aspire to reach, supportive, persuasive power, can inspire others

Aquarius moon
Undeveloped: rebellious, can’t find their place in the world, acts cold, uninterested, bored, hard to reach, delusive
Developed: almost a genius, show hidden talents, fun to be around, super practical and great worker

Pisces moon
Undeveloped: doesn’t care about anything, unrealistic life perceptions/ideas, lost their heads, moody, manipulating
Developed: kind hearts, want to help change the world, great with kids, emotional support, creative

[ENG] “A boy who, after defeating evil and saving Hyrule, left that land that made him a legend …”

[ITA] “Un ragazzo che, dopo aver sconfitto il male e aver salvato Hyrule, lasciò quella terra che fece di lui una leggenda…”

( The original artist is @joodlez , go for his profile )