Dark skin model of the week

Model Flaviana Matata 

Born June 9th, 1988 in Tanzania 

  • In 2007 she won the Miss Universe Tanzania pageant 
  • Represented Tanzania in the Miss Universe competition in 2007 where she ranked 6th place 
  • She was the first ever contestant in the Miss Universe pageant to participate with a shaven head 
  • Has modeled for designers like Alexander McQueen, Tory Burch, and Vivienne Astwood among others 
  • Appeared in magazines like Dazed & Confused, Glass Magazine, L'Officiel and i-D Magazine
  • In 2011 she won model of the year in the Arise Fashion Magazine Awards
  • In 2012 she won outstanding model award at the Nigeria Next Super Model Awards as well as the face of Africa in the African Diaspora Awards 
  • The face and CEO of Lavy Prodcuts, which is a cruelty, and toxic free beauty product company based in Africa 
  • She won Humanitarian of the year in 2013 at the Swahili Awards 
  • Established the Flaviana Matata Foundation, an organization that helps empower young orphaned girls in Tanzania among doing other things to help improve the education of Tanzanian children 
  • Her goal is to encourage children to pursue an education and for young women to work hard and support one another 
  • Currently lives in the US with her husband Doe Massawe
INFP Gothic

@angryinfp did one before but in a different style.

  • An ESTJ gives you a spreadsheet. Suddenly you can see your face in every square of the grid. I’m being put in a box!!!!!! you scream. No one hears. No one cares. You no longer have an identity.
  • Aliens come to destroy the planet. You try to stop them with kindness. They destroy the planet and keep you as a pet.
  • You dream with your eyes open. You are the only one with your eyes open. You can no longer tell what is dream and what is real. Everywhere you look you see ideals. Where are all the people?
  • You are staring at the stars. Stardust… you whisper. The universe whispers back. Stardust!!! you repeat excitedly. The universe doesn’t hear. Just like everyone else. Your opinion is not valued.
  • You have a feeling. The world drowns in your tears.
  • One day your friend calls you. You don’t answer. The ringing continues. The ringing has always been there.
  • Your friend breaks into your house the next day. Why didn’t you answer your phone? they ask. Who are you? you reply. You don’t know them. You can never truly know anyone.
  • One morning you wake up an 80-year-old. You still have a young body and live in your parent’s home. This is completely natural. You go back to sleep.
  • You live in a wasteland of half-finished projects. They call out to you. They know your name. You burn your house down.
  • You write something backwards with your wrong hand. It sells a billion copies worldwide. What a poet! they exclaim, How avant-garde! You don’t remember what you wrote, and suffer from imposter syndrome for the next 10 years.
  • People always tell you you’re quiet. Every time they do your curse grows heavier. Your mouth no longer moves, your larynx is like dust in the wind. You are fed intravenously.
  • Lost are the days when you did things. You huddle in a corner consuming people’s emotions from afar, tear-stains disfiguring your once-beautiful face. The starving child in Africa does not escape. You are the void.
  • Everyone around you is either burnt or frozen. Some are burnt, encased in a block of ice. You cannot help this. They should be more accommodating of your emotions.
  • Mental connections explode in your brain. It’s like magic!! you say. There is too much to grasp. No one can find your brain. You cannot find your brain. It really is like magic.
  • Do pigeons have feelings? you ask. You talk to them and begin advocating pigeon rights. Pigeons take over the world.

do you like scifi-horror original characters that spend an inordinate amount of time lying face down while africa by toto blares in the distance? original characters that started saying the phrase “ooo dope” ironically and it slowly became apart of their everyday vocabulary? what about original characters that are as if fox mulder and donnie darko had a kind of ugly, overly intelligent, glasses-wearing and braces-having baby? look no further if you do, because BARTLEBY “BUDDY” RAMOS is the character for you! just take a peek at the rules and dossier pages and you can get started with that overwhelming sense of disappointment you’re apparently craving!

anonymous asked:

Have Imazighen face/still facing a genocide?

Azul ! Thank you for your question, it is very interesting to talk about these kind of subjects. 

A genocide is, by definition, « the intentional action to destroy a people (usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group) in whole or in part ». Officially and according to this definition, Imazighen haven’t faced a genocide. However, there is not a lot of written records about our History, we didn’t have any official census until recently (and most of them were made by the colonizers). If there have been one or more, we don’t have any proof of it.

We know that Imazighen have been victims of massacres and torture (during colonizations for instance, in order to submit them to the colonial rule/religion/tax…), slavery, rape and looting. I will give you some examples among many others down below :

  • Some historians estimate that between A.D. 650 and 1900, 10 to 20 million people were enslaved by Arab slave traders (Africans, including Imazighen).
  • The historian Mohammed Talbi says that, in less than a century, since the advent of Oqba Ibn Nafi Al Fihri until the one of Abd al-Aziz Ibn Musa Ibn Nusair, 415.000 Imazighen have been enslaved (this slavery also lasted under the Abbassides and the Banu Hilal).
  • According to the writer Amine Zaoui, thousands of Amazigh women (and girls) have been deported to Middle East and sold to be reduced to slavery and/or sexual slavery under the reigns of the Umeyyade caliphs Hichem Ibn Abdelmalek (691-743) and of his father, Abdel Malek Ibn Marouane (646-705).

On another hand, it is certain that Imazighen have faced and are still facing an ethnocide in North Africa, which is by definition, « the deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic group, accomplished either by destroying the members of the group (genocide) or by destroying its cultural identity (culturicide) ». You can, that way, notice that Imazighen are mentioned in the french Wikipedia web page about the word “ethnocide” (“Berbères en Afrique du Nord”), as well as Native Americans. This ethnocide is the result of centuries of arabization and acculturation, this is the reason why so many North Africans have lost their identity and culture through the years, and why a majority of them claim to be arab nowadays.

I would like the World to understand that North Africa and North Africans are not arabs. We have to stop this ethnocide in one way or another before it is too late.

I hope I have clearly answered to your question, if you have any other do not hesitate to contact me ! Bye 😉