ok but for real Jotaro is hardly ever affectionate but that won’t stop him from sitting with someone for however long they need to just be with ‘em for support like I can def see him being the type to keep the person company even tho he likely wouldn’t say much at all. if he knows the person well, he’ll also just put a hand on their back and pull them a lil close and tell them that it’s fine to cry. maybe takes ‘em out for a walk when they calm down too.


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✨i’m going for a summer bitch mom™ aesthetic today enjoy✨

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GA: So What Do You Think Of My New Eyeshadow Its Composed Of Several Exceptional Ingredients I Was Required To Go To Great Lengths To Obtain
GA: The Pigment Grubs Were At Least Already Among My Possessions
GA: Vriska Are You There
AG: Whoops!!!!!!!! I just got caught up in how weird that m8de your face look. It made me, like, really uncomf8rta8le in my 8loodpusher to even have to witness it, hahahahahahahaha.
AG: Yep, t8ke it from me as your consider8 moirail fri8nd that you should defin8tely never desecr8 your face with th8t stuff again!!!!!!!! In fact, I recommend that y8u just delete that picture off all your devices, starting with wh8tever you’re messaging m8 on now.

Day 1 of @vriskanweek - Pre SGRUB !!

tfw your very platonic and meddlesome friend sends u a selfie and it makes you FEEL something???????? (vriska saves it to a special folder and looks at it sometimes when it’s late and she doesn’t think there’s any way anyone knows what she’s doing.)

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