faces that are stupid

Got ya
  • Victor: hey Yurio could you sign this restraining order
  • Yurio: gladly you stupid son of a b
  • Yurio: now I never have to see your stupid face ever agai-
  • Victor: hey Yuuri he fell for it! he signed the adoption papers ahah you're grounded mister!! haha just kidding your father and I love you

A practise run of our medieval-smoke-n-cloak self portrait photoshoot to see how Zach (and me) went with handling everything! Still waiting for our final pieces of tack to arrive, including a chamfron for him. He was a champion, I even had a jump with smoke bombs under it and he was perfect going over it :D I can’t wait to take the real photos soon!!

Masquerade 4: The Siren’s Song

Links to previous chapters here. Commissioned art by @kantonliu​ here

Siren’s Song - the enticing appeal or utterance of something alluring but potentially dangerous.

If you told Katsuki Yuuri 5 and a half years ago that one day he would fight on the same side as Victor Nikiforov, pair up with him and turn the underworld on its head in a bloody escape for survival; then he might have actually laughed in your face and shot you there on the spot, because if you were that stupid then you weren’t worth the air you needed to breathe.

Who would have thought meeting Victor all those years ago in Detroit would lead to this perfect state of chaos.

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I promised @saggitariisms I would saw up a process for my profiles, so here we go. A little elaboration on the steps.

1. Make a circle. Just fucking do it.

2. Give them a stupid motorcycle helmet. Make the front facing line where you’d like the nose and chin to end.

3. Block-in. I start from the bottom of the nose, get the mouth placement/chin done and then continue up. Remember that your brow juts forward from the bridge of your nose. Your eyes also sit very close to the front of your face from the side, with only the bridge of the nose and brow sticking out further. Put your hands all over your face if you need to. It’s okay, I won’t tell your dermatologist.

4. Features. Here’s where you get to make a face. Take that dumb circle and line and decide your eye and mouth shapes. The eyebrow touches the front of the browbone. Study mouths from the side or go cartoony dependent on what you want to do. Remember the ear lines up with your jaw bone and eye. The neck doesn’t extend straight downward unless the head is pulled back.

5. Details. I take this time to give the face “meat”. Cheekbones, dimples, temple divets. Take note of the hollows of the cheeks, the soft underside of the jaw, and shape of the nostrils.

And as a bonus, some bone structure and skin pull/flow to help show where my thinking goes when I’m giving shape to the face!

Hope this helps!

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(1) Alex and the little girl grow to be rivals. They believe they hate eachother but it's just hormones. So in junior high they decide to fight it out after school. When the girl finally pins her..

(2) Alex can’t help but lift her head and capture the girls lips in a kiss. She comes home with some bruises but has a stupid smile on her face. Lexa and Clarke’s reaction..Omg lol

TBH this is adorable and so cute for like her first gf, I love it


“Oh, we haven’t actually started to advertise just yet-”

“Yeah, I know. I just noticed that you usually do at this time of year. Thought I could try to get in early.” Summer scratched at her arm, looking away. The shop owner still hadn’t fixed the coffee machine, or maybe they had decided not to replace it since it was mostly Uma using it anyway. The smell of coffee somehow still lingered, months later. 

“Ah, early bird and all.” 

“Yeah, exactly.” An awkward pause. Uma hadn’t moved and didn’t seem to be planning on it; instead she was frowning at the desk. Summer cleared her throat. 

“How have you been? We haven’t really had the chance to catch up much.” As soon as she said it, Summer felt her face burn. Stupid! They had never really been friends, had they? Just people who occasionally ran into each other and had some overlapping interests. Uma was probably laughing at her now… 

“I know right!?” she exclaimed, becoming happier like a switch had been flicked. “It’s been so long!”

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Headcannon, not about the body swap. For a while Riza always told Roy "Don't do anything you'd regret." when he got that look on his face that said he was going to do something stupid, but every time she did he'd get this dopey grin on his face and would do said stupid thing anyways, like say flirting with Major General Armstrong. Then one day she just looks at him and says "Don't do anything I'd regret." And he goes to brush it off and just pauses in the middle like, Frak would she?

Hahah yes I love this! He so would.

“I don’t regret anything but,,,,,,, would Riza regret doing this???? Maybe I shouldn’t.”

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So... maybe this is a dumb question, but I see you posting a lot about "ragethirst" and "ragethirst crew." What is that?

The Ragethirst crew is a band of misfits who met here on Tumblr and we get together once or twice a week to watch a Donnie Yen movie and scream in rage about his stupid face. So far, we’ve seen Flash Point, Special ID, and Kung Fu Killer. Up next is The Lost Bladesman.

It’s a riotous good time, although don’t come expecting to be able to actually follow the plot, because we’re all too busy thirsting over Donnie’s abs or arms or bloody face.

That being said, you’re more than welcome to join us! Rabbit does put a cap of 25 people on a room, so if you want in, it’s best to join early. I always post a link to the room before we start watching, so keep an eye out for it. :)