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I forgot why I named this drawin iwa_good_body.jpg

In 1967, Richard and Mildred Loving were at the heart of the landmark civil rights case that legalized marriage between races—this documentary novel tells the story of the devoted couple who faced discrimination, fought it, and won. Loving vs. Virginia isn’t out until January, but we’re sharing it today to honor the stories and people around the country that fight hate with love. We hope you go out and vote!


after the last thing i draw Jamie’s immediate response was “AU where instead of captain america for a retainer Elise has batman” 

so here’s five million doodles of Gerome doing very important retainer duties for the little Nohrian princess, he takes his job increDIBLY seriously, thank you. Unlike the other royal sibs and their Awakening!retainers he is definitely the babysitter here, I bet he’d probably be like Jakob except not a butler and five times more straight-faced. 

Otp Fluff

Imagine your otp playing Hide & Seek (can also be smut)

Imagine your otp building a blanket fort

Imagine your otp watching a shitty show and that they love making fun of together

Imagine your otp telling ghost stories

Imagine your otp stuffing their faces with candy

Imagine your otp making s'mores

Imagine your otp googling stupid stuff

Imagine your otp pranking each other

Imagine your otp goofing off in the store

Imagine your otp in tickle fights and blowing raspberries

Imagine Person A taking care of Person B after a rough day

Imagine your otp lip reading random people incorrectly and trying to make the other laugh

Imagine your otp giving suprise gifts to each other! Like something small that they enjoy or their favorite candy or a doodle!

Imagine your otp reenacting shakespeare or high school musical or both at the same time

Imagine Person A working but Person B wants to cuddle

Imagine your otp having a water gun fight

Imagine your otp babysitting

Imagine Person A trying to wake up Person B (mission: impossible) (dududurududu-) (sorry)

Imagine your otp watching disney movies

Imagine your otp cuddling on a Saturday morning

Imagine your otp cooking breakfast

Imagine your otp stargazing

Imagine your otp telling each other funny childhood memories

Imagine Person A trying to get Person B to smile


I’m kind of on a great Meronia mood tonight, plus all the guilt for not being able to get anything done for this lovely awesome ship lately, I decided to post these two sketches which I did a couple of months ago. A quick change in style. This obviously isn’t my usual one but it was fun to draw (and hard too)XD
Please do not delete my description or repost these without my permission. Thank you>v<

My Feelings Are Valid! (Sex Hair PT. 2)

Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Some language

Word Count: 475

(Gifs not mine)

You were sitting in the library messing with your computer when you heard Dean’s voice booming through the bunker.

“Why Cas?”

You rolled your eyes and took a deep breath.

“I like him, and he likes me.” you responded.

“But why?” he really wasn’t going to drop it.

Were you really going to have to tell him the story of how you and Castiel had come to be dating? Because he wouldn’t like it very much. He sat across the table from you as Sam walked in.

“Still not leaving her alone about it are you Dean?” Sam said, sitting down at the head of the table.

“Nope,” Dean stated, a grin on his face, “so, tell me the story.” He leaned his head on his hands in a very ooh tell me manner. You looked up from your computer.

“You don’t want to know.”

“Yes, I do.” he assured you.

You shook your head and leaned back in your chair.

“Alright, but just remember I warned you.”

Sam and Dean both looked at you, Sam figuring he wasn’t going to like what he hears and Dean not quite getting it.

“Well-” you began, closing your laptop and leaning on the table to make eye contact with your brother- “a few weeks ago, when you guys left me here to go on that vampire hunt, I got really drunk and I fucked him. Haven’t been able to stay away from each other since” you said, smirking, trying to egg Dean on.

You saw Sam take a deep breath, bracing himself for what was about to happen.

Dean’s expression went from sarcastic to pissed in less than a second, you threw your hands up in defense, “Hey, I warned you.”

He stood up, his hands balled into fists. You laughed, you were really amused at his reaction; because what was he really going to do? Try to beat up an angel?

“Dean,” Sam came to your defense again, “drop it.”

“Drop what?” Castiel appeared out of nowhere, looking between the three of you.

“My feelings are valid!” Dean huffed, causing you and Sam to double over.

“Did I miss something?” Cas asked.

You shook your head no as you tried to catch your breath, “No baby, Dean’s just a little huffy because we’re together.”

Cas looked at Dean, now feeling caught up on the situation. Dean gave Cas on overprotective older brother look as you walked over to Cas.

“We’re going out,” you said, “try to get your testosterone under control, Dean.” you joked as you and Cas walked out of the room.

Dean turned and opened his mouth to say something to Sam, but he just shrugged, “Don’t look at me dude, she’s an adult.”

“Yeah, well, I’m goin out for beer.” he said.

“Don’t follow them!” Sam warned, but Dean waved his brother off.


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Am I The Only One?

Rhysand’s face after telling his story in Ch. 54 and asking Feyre to be his mate. 😍😍😍😍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😘😘😘

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remember when y'all were in elementary school and planned your slumber parties all extra like you were gonna do a million and one different activities and stay awake til 6 am and draw on whoever falls asleep’s face and tell scary stories and shit, and in reality y'all would have pizza at 6 pm then at 9:30 one be like “i’m tired” then all are suddenly tired and you watch half a movie and fall asleep by 11