faces of ohio state

“As a business student, I was pursuing a broad range of options without really knowing what I wanted to do. When I came here, switching majors gave me more direction and once I got that direction, I received more purpose. So now, I have more of a sense of purpose than a broad exploration.

A sense of purpose is important to me, but purpose in the sense of doing something important and not so much personal importance. I know this sounds kind of vague, but making the world a better place—that kind of purpose is important to me.

To be honest, I haven’t done much as of right now, but I think a degree in Natural Resource Management gives me the potential to keep things sustaining and keep life sustaining into the future. I may not have done much to change the world so far, but getting an education is preparing me to do that in the future.

I think sustainability is pretty important to everybody. Eventually things, in a broad sense, are going to run out. Sustainability as an idea is important because without it, we’re just going to exhaust everything, but with it, hopefully, we’ll have our resources for a longer time.”

By Laurie

What’s a story from OSU that you will always remember? 

- Does it have to be PG?

- No.

- One day I was tripping on mushrooms in the Oval, and I saw a dog being chased by a baby, chased by a toddler, followed by a teenager with two adults behind them. I said to my friend that it was the progression of life. (helpful info, he is a 4th year philosophy major.)

How has you college experience been so far?

- I was a Political Science major, but I realized I din’t want to spend my life in a cut-throat world. 

Also, I was a depressed for a while; and I took the past fall off.

Can I ask why you were depressed? and how you got yourself out?

- Most of my friends went to other schools, and I didn’t know a lot of people here. I thought I would become better friends with the acquaintances from high school; but didn’t because they developed their own group. I was lonely at the time.

But taking time off helped. People think if they take any time off they won’t come back; but taking the time off really helped me.

I also started to realize what’s around me and stopped pitying myself. 

How has college changed you? 

- College made me more confident in myself, I don’t worry about what others think of me, because I am not as judgmental of myself. I started to learn that friends actually care about me, in high school they only cared about themselves. I am not embarrassed about myself. 

College is made me realize the person I could be, where as in high school I was the person I had to be. I want to be free and charismatic and outgoing and open. Was afraid to be in high school, it wasn’t what people expected of me. 

Hello everyone, this is Laurie, she will be taking over Faces of Ohio State from now on. She is a brilliant photographer, and just as good of a story teller; also this will be my last post. I hope you are all just as excited as I am about what Laurie can do for Faces of Ohio State.
What made you want to photograph for Faces of Ohio State? - Growing up, I was always writing, reading, and telling stories. I love gathering information about people and taking photos of them. I find something so intriguing about an encounter of two people who may never see each other again, as if somehow that makes it more meaningful. I love the unwritten stories of strangers, the a-million-and-one potential lives. I take bits and pieces of them with me after we go our separate ways. This is storytelling to me. This is journalism. This is three of my passions in one: people, photography, and words.

I met this wonderful lady earlier today, she told me she met her late husband while they were students in Ohio State. She said she was introduced to her husband through a friend of her from high school, a friend she had a crush on, not knowing that her friend was gay.

- How did you feel when you found out you high school crush was gay? 

- Oh I didn’t know, he had always hung around me. He wrote a letter to me after my husband died; he said he always hung around me because he wanted to be like me. It is sad in a way, complementary in another. 

- When did your husband die? 

- Five years ago. 

- What’s the best memory you have of him? 

- The 30 years that we lived together in Detroit. He was a musician, and I worked in a doctors office. We were always driven to the arts, we travel to places with beautiful art. We went to Paris, Vienna, New York looking for the strange, the beautiful. 

- Oh, that sounds amazing.

- I will tell you one thing, when you spend so much time with someone, you lose yourself. I didn’t know who I was after he died. I was lost.  

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What was the craziest thing that happened to you in Ohio State? 

- My freshman year was pretty crazy. 

How come? 

- Some one in my dorm was dealing molly. 

 Okay, we lived in the same suite. 

 He was my roommate. 

How was that like? 

- He got busted for it. It was bad, about 17 people switched in and out of that suite that year. I am all good now, after I started architecture. 

“I graduate soon and I’ve been kind of reflecting about what I have contributed to Columbus and where I belong in it because a lot of the time, I feel pretty drowned out. I’m not super active in a lot of student organizations. I have had these moments where I think, ‘Oh my gosh. Ohio State is so big.’ I don’t feel like I’ve left a lasting impact on this school partly because of it, though obviously anyone who goes through four year of school feels some kind of progression. It is overwhelming at times, but I have definitely come to know Columbus a lot better as a city. Ohio State is so big that it is connected to the city and I think that is really cool.

It’s funny that it’s raining right now because I love Columbus and I love Ohio State in the rain. Usually people are inside and only a few people are shuffling along and it’s really quiet and there’s all these yellow lamp lights all over the place. I remember I had some friends from OU come over once and we were at somebody’s house party on the other side of campus and we were all laughing at how huge Ohio State is because it took us 45 minutes to get to the party. We walked home and it was pouring cats and dogs and we were giddy and running around campus in the rain, getting completely soaked. I was showing them campus and pointing things out, when I realized how much of campus I know, regardless of how huge it is. I had a really good time just running around and realizing that there is so much here, but so much that I actually do know.

Ohio State is big but small at the same time; I’ve learned that you just have to make your place here.”

By Laurie

What’s biggest struggles you faced in college? 

- Being myself, accepting myself. 

How come? 

- Because you can’t accept to be loved by someone until you love yourself.

What made you realize that?

- Relationships; during my last relationship, I wasn’t being myself, I forgot who I was. But I came out stronger, even though I expected to be broken. 

Lesson in life: Love yourself first.