faces of neotag

I decided to hop on the Draw Your Neopets Really Fast bandwagon and doodled 8 of my pets! I didn’t stick to a strict time limit, it was more like just drawing them as fast as I could. I was watching the clock though, and none of them exceeded 3 minutes. Also I did the coloring afterwards without a time limit :>

The neeps pictured are:

-Faedrienne (faerie gelert; she’s no longer magma! thanks to @scrawlingwithstyle for the gifted pb!)
-Bella (camo ogrin)
-Kena (gold blumaroo)
-Tetín (dimensional usul)
-Kate (speckled kougra)
-Char (rainbow grarrl)
-Mal (relic shoyru; one side of her face is cracked, revealing a geode)
-Scorch (clay jetsam)


i heard faceday got changed to faceweekend which is neat cus i didn’t have time to take any pics yesterday whoops so yeah here’s me n the boys