faces of founders


((OOC: I made a little list of headcanons for Rowena, tell me what you think 😊

▫Space lesbian (but Bi for that one guy, Mr. Helena'sfatherman) ▫Sharp and quick witted, smart sense of humor ▫is a lover but will also fight ▫empowering feminist and v. Opinionated ▫messy room, papers and books every where, probably a stack of dirty dishes on the floor (Helga once tried to clean her room and she was outraged “EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE IN THIS MESS”, so Helga only sneaks in to clean up the dishes and touches nothing else) ▫fiddles with everything and is antsy and probably has ADD▫know it all and proud, says “well actually” too much▫loves riddles and games▫QUIDDITCH JUNKIE▫competative▫alto singer and doesn’t dance well▫embarrassed of her laugh➡loves making jokes but hates listening to them bc of her laugh▫usually VERY composed▫has a temper▫gets impatient and frustrated but generally p chill ( just don’t get her angry)▫lives by a schedule (dude that she falls for throws her WAY off with lots of surprises and drives her INSANE but she loves him any way)▫few close friends and many lovers ▫knows loads of languages▫picky eater and expensive taste▫has insomnia▫Also love love LOVES art and totally started the mass hoarding of it on the walls of Hogwarts

And a big thank you to @potterdeer for left me use her glorious face for reference ❤❤))

Not So Sober Slytherin

*Godric walks into Salazar’s office with a bottle of Firewhiskey*

Godric: Come on Sal! You’re no fun!

Several Shots of Firewhiskey later…

Godric: *hiccuping* You’re office, … I think?

Salazar: I thought we were in yours?

*Salazar leans over the trash bin, while Godric laughs*

Godric: You are funny, Salazar! Here have some more! …

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shut up & dance

sakura just wanted to eat in peace, unfortunately the founders won’t let her

Sakura sighed, rotating her shoulders. It had been a long, long day.

“Sakura!” a voice called.

And it was about to get a lot longer.

Sakura turned, casting Hashirama an irritated look. “Yes?” she inquired.

“Let’s grab some dinner, I’m sure you’re starving,” he stated, tucking her hand in the crook of his elbow as he led her away.

It’d been two years since Sasuke’s genjutsu had somehow thrown her back to the past. Two years of catching herself calling out to Ino whenever she saw odd plants and looking for Sai when there was a beautiful sunset. Two years of dealing with nosey annoyances.

Like Hashirama.

Her stomach growled on cue, but Sakura refused to feel embarrassed. She’d just completed a double shift and hadn’t eaten since the night before.

Hashirama laughed. “Let’s go see what the Akimichi have prepared tonight, shall we?”

Sakura shrugged in acquiesce and the duo left the makeshift hospital. Despite her exhaustion, she felt proud of the progress she’d made with the Konoha hospital. As the only competent medic in Konoha, Sakura was in charge of every aspect of the hospital, from creating the medicine to training the staff. They were improving in leaps and bounds and the citizens of Konoha remained in awe of her.

Hashirama glanced at her out of the corner of his eye a couple of times. Sakura smirked. Subtly was not Hashirama’s strong suit.

“Yes?” she inquired sweetly, eyebrow raised.

He flushed, not an uncommon sight when around Sakura. She always managed to unbalance him. Ever since she showed up at the gates, covered in blood and demanding to speak with Tsunade, she continued to surprise him. “Are you ready for the upcoming celebration?”

Sakura grinned. “It’ll be nice to celebrate the founding of this village. Have we decided on a name yet?”

Hashirama grinned. “Madara’s come up with a great name. He’ll reveal it at the ceremony.”

Sakura hummed noncommittedly. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this universe was Uchiha Madara. Her first encounter with him had been beyond humiliating. She’d broken through the gates of Konoha, looking rougher than ever, caught sight of Madara, and decked him across the face, screaming something about Tsunade. In her defense, Sakura had been functioning with both blood and sleep deprivation.

Uchiha Madara had also been their main enemy in the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

In any case, apologies were made and Sakura found that this world’s Madara was an incredibly thoughtful individual. He hid it behind his stoicism and intimidating aura but he was a sweetheart to the core. She’d found dango on her makeshift desk in the hospital on days when she was running double or triple shifts. Madara was the only one who knew about her favorite sweet. It made her wonder if Sasuke had cast her into an alternate universe completely, instead of just the past.

“Sakura?” Hashirama asked anxiously.

Sakura started. “Sorry, I was drifting. What were you saying?”

His flush spread to his neck as Sakura watched in fascination. “I was wondering if you’d join me at—“

“Sakura,” a voice greeted, interrupting Hashirama.

Sakura turned, breaking her grip on Hashirama. “Tobirama,” she greeted warily. Sakura liked the philosophical conversations and debates they sometimes had but Hashirama and Tobirama together tended to be…interesting. “How are you?”

His red eyes warmed minutely. “I am well, thank you for asking. Are you going to dinner?”

Sakura nodded, valiantly ignoring the glares the brothers were trading.

Hashirama smiled tightly. “Why don’t you join us Tobirama? We’d love to have you there.”

Tobirama smiled slightly in return. “I would be honored.”

Sakura shook her head slightly as they started down the street again, smiling at civilians and ninja alike who greeted her. Tobirama and Hashirama flanked her. Thankfully, it wasn’t an uncommon sight for the men to traverse the village with her or the rumor mill would have imploded. For some reason, the villagers considered Sakura a central figure to the village and her interactions with the major clan leaders seemed a part of that.

They approached the patchwork building that housed the most phenomenal cooks in all of Konoha. It was bustling with activity as was the norm. Sakura greeted the familiar patrons and any former patients that she recognized as Tobirama and Hashirama commandeered a table for them in the corner.

“The usual Sakura?” Kimiko asked, brown eyes twinkling with good humor. Sakura had been on good terms with the Akimichi ever since she’d healed the clan leader’s daughter of pneumonia.

“Of course, thank you. If I could get three orders?” she asked.

“Make that four.”

Sakura turned, barely resisting the urge to groan when she caught sight of Madara smirking down at her.

“Coming right up,” Kimiko said, bustling back into the kitchen, a sly grin on her face.

Sakura should have expected it, honestly. They always found a way to corner her every day. Sometimes it was Tobirama volunteering to teach her a specialized jutsu. Other times, it was Hashirama “stumbling” upon her while she was out training. Madara approached her sometimes asking for her medical opinion on the Sharingan. Generally each of them managed to coerce her into a spar once or twice a week. The really crazy ones were when the four of them sparred together.

They had to travel a distance from the village to prevent long-term destruction.

Sakura made her way back to the table, Madara at her side, feeling that doom looming over her.

This wouldn’t end well.

Tobirama and Hashirama stopped glaring at each other to stare daggers at Madara who merely smirked triumphantly as he took a seat near Sakura.

“So, as I was saying earlier Sakura…” Hashirama began.

“You know, Sakura I wanted to ask…” Tobirama said at the same time.

Madara interrupted, “Sakura, would you do me the honor…”

The men all broke off, glaring at one another. Sakura, beyond confused and exhausted at this point, smiled when Kimiko approached.

“Here’s your soup,” she said, watching Sakura sympathetically. “I brought you two bowls because I can see you’re famished.” Kimiko winked. “On the house.”

“Thanks so much!” Sakura replied, digging into the first bowl with enthusiasm.

The others began to eat as well, discussing politics and paperwork as Sakura slowly began to feel more like a human being. They’d been having some problems with other villages, ones that had been established for a longer period of time. A lot of shinobi were coming into the hospital after being ambushed. Madara was pushing for a show of strength while Hashirama was hoping for peace overtures among the villages. Tobirama wanted to hold off and study the other villages some more before making a decision.

Sakura ignored their chatter and focused on her food, thanking the gods above that they were distracted from whatever was making them competitive earlier.

“S-Sakura?” came the tentative call.

Sakura turned, smiling when she saw Itama, Hashirama and Tobirama’s youngest brother. She’d healed him as a gesture of good faith following her impromptu attack on Madara. It had been the start of the founders’ intrigue with her. Itama was a sweet and gentle kid, probably five or six years younger than she was. She enjoyed talking to him. He was the only sane Senju in her opinion.

“Yes, Itama?” she asked politely.

“W-would you…could I escort you to the celebration of the village’s founding?” he asked, looking up at her shyly through his eyelashes.

Sakura smiled gently. “Of course, Itama!” she enthused. “I would love to join you!”

Sakura frowned, realizing that the conversation at the table had petered off. She turned, recognizing the dark looks on the founders’ faces. She groaned.

It was going to be a long night.

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Finnrey Somehow meeting padme? As a prompt

Anonymous, whoever you are, I love you. Do you know this? It is true. My two great Star Wars loves… incredible… but this was a scene that could not be kept under 500 words. Closer to, uh, 1700, so I guess it was a good thing I got this request last night. 

Luke Skywalker, the myth, the legendary Jedi Master, who helped to overthrow the Empire when he was only nineteen years old, who pulled his own father back to the light aboard a space station filled with malevolence and hatred and pain, who had saved the galaxy, had finally met his match.

And it was two young, giggling, lovesick Padawan learners.

Learners who should be focusing on their meditations and not on distracting each other.

He cracked one eye open. Sure enough, though they sat across from him in stiff imitations of his own practiced posture – legs crossed, back straight, hands resting on knees, forefinger and thumb lightly touching – young Finn and Rey were barely holding themselves together. Finn, at least, was maintaining a semblance of the proper posture, but Rey – Rey was a hopeless cause. She couldn’t even look at Finn without breathless laughter bubbling up, clapping a hand to her mouth to hide the sound. As if that would have fooled Luke.

And as Luke watched, a faint smile threatening his Mean-And-Wizened-Old-Master reputation, Finn’s hand flashed out, grabbed Rey’s, and brought it to his lips. She squealed with delight as Finn kissed the back of her hand again, proudly smirking as he did so.

They had been meditating for three minutes and forty-two seconds.

Luke cleared his throat and said, in as deep and grave a voice as he could muster, “If you can make it to five minutes in silence, you two can hold hands for the rest of the session.”

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Post Vanilla Lips

This is a rough draft of the worst sort. Don’t read too much into this, I am just too excited to hold back. Future Bughead from me to you.

Family was deeper than blood.

Jughead always said our family was deeper than Sweet Water River itself and as much as I laughed at him as he spun me around our kitchen that smells like maple and sticky-sweet covered fingers, I couldn’t laugh at him for not calling it true.

Family was the feeling of little hands creeping up my sides and his rougher, more used ones as he cupped my face. Jughead is my home, Founders Street was were our home sat. I had two smiling faces, one was small and blonde who was stuck to my hip-side who looked up at me all bright-summer and blue; the other was a dark-ochre-worry eyed one who was approaching rapidly in growth to meet me in the eye with his lopsided grin and dark hair.

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HP Characters: 1/?

The Founders
Godric Gryffindor: Abbas Jafri
Rowena Ravenclaw: Liu Wen
Helga Hufflepuff: kieraplease
Salazar Slytherin: Tony Thornburg

“What you do today is the foundation upon which your future will stand” - Topsy Gift

Founders taking responsibility while building Hogwarts:
  • *Intense meeting session*
  • Godric Gryffindor: I will take care of the construction of the castle *shoves food in mouth*
  • Rowena Ravenclaw: * peeps from the book* dibs on the library!
  • Salazar Slytherin: *rolls eyes * I will take care of the interior. * pets the baby basilisk*
  • Helga Hufflepuff: * puffs weed* I want to do the School Anthem !!!
  • Several Months Later...
  • Godric Gryffindor: I have to say, Salazar, you did an amazing job with the moving stairs ! Can't wait to see the students losing their shit !!
  • Salazar Slytherin: *dismissively* The castle stands, I guess you did the job.
  • Though I have to say Rowena got some amazing books on Dark Arts ,I can't wait to read !!
  • Rowena Ravenclaw: What about you Helga, did you come up with the school anthem ?
  • Helga Hufflepuff: * puffs weed* Yes, yes I did . * clear throat* * starts singing*
  • Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
  • Teach us something please,
  • Whether we be old and bald,
  • Or young with scabby knees,
  • Our heads could do with filling,
  • With some interesting stuff,
  • For now they're bare and full of air,
  • Dead flies and bits of fluff,
  • So teach us things worth knowing,
  • Bring back what we've forgot,
  • Just do your best, we'll do the rest,
  • And learn until our brains all rot.
  • Rowena Ravenclaw: ...
  • Godric Gryffindor: ...
  • Salazar Slytherin: * face palms*
Moving Staircases
  • Gryffindor: Guys, I have a great idea.
  • Hufflepuff: We’re not capturing the giant squid to see if it’s friendly.
  • Gryffindor: Picture this: moving staircases.
  • Slytherin: That seems highly impractical.
  • Gryffindor: The whole castle becomes a giant adventure! Forces students to explore! Stretch their nerve, take some leaps of faith!
  • Hufflepuff: Not literally, I hope.
  • Slytherin: And how do they get to their classes?
  • Ravenclaw: Actually, it would force the students to pay attention to their surroundings and challenge their intellect in a variety of ways.
  • Gryffindor: Oo! Oo! And we could put in trick steps! Steps that you fall through and get stuck unless you swing yourself over!
  • Hufflepuff: We are not forcing 11 year olds to migrate through a potential death trap.
  • Gryffindor: And we could have doors that only pretend to be doors.
  • Slytherin: This is senseless bravado, Godric.
  • Ravenclaw: Intriguing. Or maybe they only lead to the right places at certain times of the day.
  • Hufflepuff: Rowena, be sensible…
  • Gryffindor: Walls that pretend to be doors! Doors that yell at you for trying to open them! Dead ends! Secret passage ways!
  • Ravenclaw: We could make it a class project for students to locate and circumvent any potential obstacles in their way.
  • Gryffindor: A competition!
  • Ravenclaw: We could do the same with the rooms themselves, as well.
  • Gryffindor: *high fives Ravenclaw*
  • Slytherin and Hufflepuff: *face palm*

i am years late to this fandom but you can’t tell me that “gaang” doesn’t actually translate to “acolytes of katara”