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I hear a lot of people from the anti-sjw crowd saying things like "why are you complaining about microaggressions in the west when women and gays are being executed in the Middle East?" Well gee Greg, I'd love to help oppressed folks living there, but learning Arabic and extensively researching the laws and histories of countries I've never been to is kinda fucking time consuming and let's face it, a queer atheist foreigner like me isn't going to change any minds over there

Also, like, oppression isn’t a fucking competition? You can simultaneously support gay rights and women’s rights in the US while being appalled by what’s going on in the Middle East


This is an illustration of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The genius of the book is the observation that all hero myths are essentially the same (because they are products of the same human minds, who have the same broad concerns about resources and safety and so on).

The cycle has to be tweaked sometimes, but think of a hero myth. Go on. Think of a hero myth from any culture. Now see how it fits. 

It won’t work for real-life heroes, because their stories are products of reality and don’t even have to make sense, or hang together as a narrative in any way. But it works for Oedipus, Batman, Moses, Superman and Jesus. 

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hi mod aria!! im atheist so i hope this is ok to ask! whats your experience in catholic spaces and being openly gay? what are some of the challenges you faced & how can atheists such as myself be more sensitive to that and understanding? <33

My experience in Catholic spaces has been… less than pleasant, unfortunately. :-( It’s not the Church itself that’s the issue (though I disagree with their anti-abortion stance, that’s a rant for another day), but where my church is located. I live in an area where Republicans are the majority, so things like gay rights are swept under the rug and never talked about. There’s one kid in my catechism class who’s a huge Trump supporter, so he and I tend to take the lesson we’re learning and somehow turn it into a passionate debate on politics. ^.^;

I’m not comfortable enough in my parish to come out of the closet – in fact, I’m not even really out to my parents yet. I tried coming out to my mom and it didn’t end well; she advised me to never tell my dad (who’s a very strong Catholic) about it. We’ve also had a few awkward conversations where they basically told me I was straight and the only reason I was thinking about sexuality stuff was because of Rae. …Yeah, they’re in denial.

I guess the best thing atheists like you can do is be accepting. You don’t have to share my religion to respect that it’s my choice to believe, and vice versa. I hate atheists who tell me that God doesn’t exist, and I’m sure that you hate religious people who try to persuade you that atheism is wrong. Just show us – or anyone, for that matter – the respect we deserve, and we’ll do the same. :-)

What you will face when facing an atheist online

For those of you who keep up with me, you will know about a real back and forth I have had with a self-proclaimed atheist that ultimately blamed a church for her anti-Christian views. She gave me the name of the church where she found her views were justified in the teaching she received. I found nothing on the website that indicated anything more than a conservative Christian church so I went one more step.   

I contacted the church in question and got this response:   

GraceAmbassadors.com is a church that has regular meetings on Sundays and Tuesdays, but we do not hold classes. Nothing in your email sounds familiar with what we teach which you can see from our website. We do use and believe the King James Bible in our church.

If she has questions or issues about what we teach I would be glad to respond (as we do each time in our meetings as well). If you are a Christian, then you know that more important than what any person/church/religion teaches is what God revealed in scripture. None of the proof texts from scripture teach what was claimed by this person “as a Christian”. I can’t imagine someone coming to one of our meetings where we give time for questions where they would go away thinking any of those things unless they were biased toward doing so when they came in. 

Justin Johnson - Graceambassadors.com 

As a reminder of the claims she made “as a Christian”, here is what the atheist claimed was reinforced and taught at this church. 

As a Christian I never felt like I was feminine enough. As a kid I played with race cars instead of barbie dolls, and chose martial arts over dance lessons. As an atheist I no longer feel like I have to fit into a feminine mold. Proof text Titus 2:4-5

As a Christian I thought I was sinning by daring to teach others about the Bible. As an atheist I know women are equal to men and should never be stopped from sharing their knowledge with others. Claims she felt guilty teaching children’s Sunday School Proof Text 1 Timothy 2:11-13

As a Christian I couldn’t trust anyone from the secular world; scientists, school teachers, doctors, and historians were all tools of the devil to deceive me. As an atheist a whole new world of knowledge and learning has opened up to me. Proof text 1 Timothy 6:20

As a Christian I tried to force myself to swallow the bitter pill of female inferiority as taught by the Bible. As an atheist I feel zero obligation to put up with misogynists, especially religious ones. Proof Texts 1 Cor 11:3, Eph 5:22-24

As a Christian I tore up dozens of pieces of my artwork because I thought the subject matter was idolatrous or blasphemous. As an atheist I’ll never destroy any of my art again, especially not to please a mythical being. Proof Text Exodus 20:4

As a Christian I agonized over the souls of “unsaved” family and friends. And when a neighbor unexpectedly died, I blamed myself for her torture in hell because I had never “shared the gospel” with her. As an atheist I revel in the fact that there is no hell, and that death brings peace, not suffering. Proof Text Revelation 14:10-11

So what are we left with? We have a supposed once fundamentalist Christian that turned their back of the faith due to the hateful teachings at a church that reinforced her worst fears about Christianity. That church is fundamentalist in their perspective, but totally discounts any of the claims and their website backs them up not the atheist in question. 

This should serve as a warning to Christians. If a person claims something online, it is not always true. Go the extra-mile check what they are saying. I am sure that the church in question will love refuting any claims made against them. 

Mistletoe (Thomas Jefferson)

Word Count: 461

AU: Meh. Probs modern? (Again, I hope I’m the only author you know that literally just lets you choose which AU you think fits best)

Warnings: cussing, minimal drinking, some tipsy Peggy that should be it

A/N- Mistletoe Series (King George’s has the explanation)

Historical Jefferson was an evil dick, yada yada yada Jefferson from Hamilton. We good? We good.

The glasses… and the bow tie… I can’t…

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Someone yanked on your wrist and you were forced to spin haphazardly into his chest. Recognizing the sickening magenta coat you had fallen into, you promptly shoved him away.

“What do you want.” You snarled.

“Oh, aggressive.” He commented.

“Get to the point, Jefferson.” You rolled your eyes.

“Look.” He pointed upward, you sighed and tipped your head back to look at the ceiling. “Mistletoe.” You could almost hear the smirk that you knew was plastered on his face. You were about to roll your eyes again and leave him behind, but instead you walked to him, pushing your body against his. You slowly drew your hands up his arms, letting your leg twist around his. Your hands finally anchored in his dark curls, pulling his face closer to yours. You could tell you had him wrapped around your little finger, the expression of a content puppy melting onto his face.

“I’m an atheist.” You whispered, your lips barely touching his with your words. The events had left a tingling sensation on his mouth, his heart begging for more. You stepped back quickly and turned on your heel, leaving him confused and… well… extremely frustrated.

You couldn’t wipe the grin off of your face after leaving him speechless.

“What’s got you so happy?” Peggy asked, taking your arm.

“Go look at Jefferson.” You responded, nodding toward him.

“Shit. He looks…” She said.

“I know.” You grinned.

“Jesus (Y/N), what’d you do?” She asked, throwing her head back to take another gulp of whatever she was drinking out of the plastic cup in her hands. You shrugged.

“I guess I just have that effect on him.” You smirked.

“Walk with me. I’m getting drunk.” She stated abruptly. You giggled and followed her, your gaze lingering on Jefferson for just a half second longer.

A hand fell on your shoulder and turned you around. Before you knew what was going on Jefferson’s lips were pressed to yours as he pulled you against himself. He backed away abruptly, leaving you almost dizzy.

“I-I’m s-sorry.” He stammered, flustered for the first time since you’d met him. Obviously you’d noticed that he was attractive when you first saw him, but right then, right there, you actually saw for the first time. You reached up and brought your hand to his neck. And you kissed him. You kissed Thomas Jefferson. Your life-long archenemy. You kissed him and it felt like the essence of the sun was trapped in that kiss, begging to be released, filling you up with a burning desire. You snapped out of it. What? You were kissing fucking Thomas Jefferson. You stepped back and your jaw dropped at what you’d just done.

“(Y/N)?” Thomas asked nervously. “Can we… Can we give ‘us’ a shot?”

Here’s me, I’m a 25-year-old freelance artist, bone collector, cosplayer, and natural history museum volunteer. I was raised on intense Christian homeschool (speaking in tongues and convulsing on the floor and demon exorcisms intense), but still managed to come out godless in the end. Thanks to books and internet at the library I learned that there was more to the world than what I was taught, and in time the years of indoctrination eroded away. It’s frequently terrifying to be a queer liberal atheist in a deeply conservative rural area, so if anyone else is in the same boat I promise you’re not alone. x

  • Aries: Walks around with their head up and a giant grin on their face. Probably was a devout atheist.
  • Taurus: Keeps telling the demons that they are torturing them wrong, to use [blank] instead of [blank].
  • Gemini: Literally switchs between crying cause they can't see their aunt, whos in heaven, and laughing cause they know that their enemy is burning to a crisp right next to them.
  • Cancer: Reliving their past like 4 times and crying durning it all. And whatever breaks they have.
  • Leo: They and Aquarius are yelling at Satan for hogging all of the attention.
  • Virgo: Tries to keep calm, ends up losing it and throwing things around in a giant fit. Also kills like two people, who just regenerate without fingernails.
  • Libra: Died, and came back without fingernails. Keeps dying. Finds it justified cause you were a fucking prick.
  • Scorpio: Somehow they found shit that even YOU aren't into... Have fun with that.
  • Sagittarius: Your mouth is stitched shut and you keep on trying to speak with hand geatures that no one understands.
  • Capricorn: Thinks that Sag's gestures are all sexual, and keeps laughing as they go through sever withdrawl symptoms.
  • Aquarius: Debating with Leo about how Satan is hogging the throne, and how they should be up there instead. Also complains about how Satan is slacking and insists they could do a better job. Possibly creates a plan to overthrow Satan.
  • Pisces: I don't know why in the Hell you're here, but you are talking Aquarius out of overthrowing Satan.

Hi! My name is Kelli. I’m 24 years old and currently live in Spokane, WA but am moving in two short weeks to Bellingham, WA. I am a supervisor at a large grocery/retailer chain. I love the PNW for its beauty and easy accessibility to outdoor activities. My dog is my God. I don’t believe in organized religion, but I believe in the freedom of others to practice whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t harm me. I’ve been ridiculed for many years and have had family members, friends, and exes try to convince me my life had a little less worth without God. I still stand strong to my beliefs (or lack thereof) and know I am QUITE ALRIGHT and my life will be just dandy. :)

I’m an artist and free-thinker living in a small town in the Bible Belt. As an Atheist I have found that to escape persecution I must conceal my non-belief, and even pander to the zealous religious minded people that surround me. It’s very isolating and disheartening.

So sorry to hear you’re feeling isolated and disheartened. If you have the opportunity to change up your scenery, make it happen! :) Good luck, friend. <3

I am a retired USAF officer. I was never raised religious and really never contemplated people’s beliefs. That is until I kept getting the default labels and associations of theism. I found myself correcting forms and my wishes at nearly every turn because it was all ways assumed in the military that you were a theists… I keep this picture as my profile picture in all my social media to remind people that there are “atheists in foxholes” and that we do need to represent ourselves to the rest of the world. I think to many people continue to get away with some fantasy “atheists are evil people” charicature because they simply do not realize they may actually know and respect an atheist already.

I am a retired USAF officer. I was never raised religious and really never contemplated people’s beliefs. That is until I kept getting the default labels and associations of theism. I found myself correcting forms and my wishes at nearly every turn because it was all ways assumed in the military that you were a theists… I keep this picture as my profile picture in all my social media to remind people that there are “atheists in foxholes” and that we do need to represent ourselves to the rest of the world. I think to many people continue to get away with some fantasy “atheists are evil people” caricature because they simply do not realize they may actually know and respect an Atheist already

Hello! My name is Hanna and I live in a very right-wing republican area of the United States, which makes it very fun to be an atheist. I went to a Lutheran preschool and remember being sent to time-out multiple times because I never believed in a god and refused to pray with the rest of the class. Now I am 17 years old and I’ve stopped trying to hide the fact that I’m an atheist. I love photography, reading, and I work in a coffee shop.

Hello; I’m Nick M. and I am an atheist coming from a roman catholic Hispanic background. Even in childhood in Puerto Rico I saw Christianity as… silly. Everything about it made no sense to me, it was riddled with plot wholes, and it all around seemed off. Not just that, I also used to have a crazy religious teacher who would speak in tongues and smack me with a ruler every time I would ask her about the 1000000000 holes I would find and poke. I never felt a sense of community, as I’ve always found it fake and shallow and I never felt like it helped anyone as it seamed people just used it. As a big excuse instead of doing things themselves. 😒

Growing older, I realized that it was fake fairly early in my childhood and teen years as I’ve always been a book nerd who questioned everything, especially in history where the bible made the least logic. I couldn’t come out tho, as I was living in Chile in my early teens which is fairly, if not super, conservative and where speaking out gets you pretty isolated. In the rural areas it can be actually dangerous as you could be a victim of hate attacks, especially me with my sexuality also out of the norm.

However, it got better when I learned how to bite my tongue until my family finally moved back to the states and away from danger. I told them I was an atheist at 15 which they didn’t take well. My father still pretends it’s a phase and that I’m ‘too naïve to know’ despite knowing full well human history (as I study that for my college mayor) behind the bible and read the entire thing.

Despite the fact that my parents don’t accept me and consider me damned, some friends left, and I have been in danger because of my atheism in Latin america (especially Peru), I can gleefully say that being out of religion has made me happier and somewhat more educated.