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As with all my midzel art, I’m too lazy to draw Midna and Zelda in their full outfits so…. here….


happy trans day of visibility ironically i cant see shit cause i just got back from an eye doctor appointment and my pupils are bigger than the weight of my sins upon my shoulders. yeah thats a juicebox

Fairy Tail Men + Grindr Profiles

Somebody did FT tinder profiles and @ice-bringer and I got this idea and couldn’t resist.


  • Screename: 2hot2h4ndle
  • Opens with the line “so are you interested in older men”
  • Pretty good about not instantly sending dick pics
  • Profile lists his age as 428
  • Doesn’t know what “DDF” is, thinks it has something to do with food
  • Is about as subtle with his flirting as a brick to the face but you know it’s Grindr and at least he’s not horridly perverse about it
  • “I am a tWUNK, okay, TWUNK”


  • His profile has his face in it but he’s covering it with his hand
  • Doesn’t actually use it that often; prefers real life contact and going out to pick people up
  • Has to explain “PNP” to Natsu
  • Knows what PNP is bc he’s done it
  • Becomes Natsu’s source for information on mlm slang
  • Wants to die


  • Screenname: hardasiron
  • Headless torso
  • Dick pics with piercings


  • Actually has a decent face pic??
  • Very polite but terribly sexy
  • He a Wolf Daddy u know it
  • Gets approximately 500 messages a day from thirsty bottoms


  • The one people hit up for poppers
  • Hasn’t been on in ages
  • His profile pic looks like it was professionally taken
  • He’s literally lounging in a silk robe
  • A bit of a Daddy-chaser


  • Profile says he’s “Just looking for friends”
  • Has hooked up with 3 dudes in the last two days
  • Profile also says “top” so there’s a lot of lies going on isn’t there
  • Flirts shamelessly, often makes the first move


  • Look me in the eye and tell me his profile wouldn’t say “masc4masc”


  • Screenname looks like a scene kid’s MySpace username from 2005
  • Halsey lyrics in his bio
  • He’s so depressing it turns away a lot of the dudes who message him


  • Had an account for a while but doesn’t really use it now that he and Rogue are together
  • His pic makes him clearly look like a Circuit Queen tho
  • The crop tops. God, the crop tops


  • Never wanted a profile, thought all of it was very crass
  • Tried it once for about 24 hours and saw so many dicks they were scarred for life


  • Doesn’t know what a phone is


  • So many snake jokes. So many.
  • “Wanna see my–” “I swear to god if you say snake–”


  • Has a fake account just so she can find men for Gray, even when he keeps telling her to stop


  • *Older person who doesn’t understand technology voice*: “Cana… what’s this… ‘Grinder’ I keep hearing about?”
  • Cana: instantly screaming

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for the otp meme: merthur, 1-30? ^^

1) Who is the most affectionate?

Merlin’s definitely the more likely to initiate PDA. Arthur tends to get a little embarrassed by it if anyone’s around, but he always accepts it anyway cuz he can’t get enough of it. He’s just a little too repressed to reach out himself, always a tiiiny bit afraid that he’ll be rebuffed.

2) Big spoon/Little spoon?


3) Most common argument?

They don’t communicate very well. They both tend to make decisions for the both of them without consulting the other, Arthur because he forgets that Merlin’s opinion might differ from his and Merlin because he just assumes he knows what Arthur’s answer will be already so doesn’t need to ask, and that doesn’t usually turn out very well.

4) Favorite non-sexual activity?

Anything that they can make into a competition, lol. They will compete on anything, like monopoly or how far they can skip rocks or who can carry more grocery bags in from the car at once, and make the most outrageous and ridiculous bets on it. The bets are a competition in and of themselves, tbh, just getting sillier and pettier every time (the number of times they have had to literally lick each other’s boots is just stupid). It’s all in good fun, tho, and there’s plenty of laughs all around either way it goes.

5) Who is most likely to carry the other?

Like literally carry? Arthur. He’s got the muscles and he can hoist Merlin up without much trouble. (Merlin can lift Arthur if he really wants to but it’s not a particularly fun or romantic experience for either of them, lol).

6) What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

Arthur has a thing for Merlin’s hands. They’re long and nimble and gentle and strong all at once. And Merlin, for his part, just really loves Arthur’s eyes. They’re a different kind of blue than his own, a lighter clearer kind, and he loves them a lot. Arthur gets embarrassed when Merlin just wants to stare longingly into his eyes tho, sometimes that’s just too intimate (at least when he realizes that’s what’s happening, lol, other times they just get caught up in each other and don’t notice that it’s been twenty seconds since they last blinked or looked away).

7) What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

They get awkward as fuck. Arthur is normally a very confidence person, but as soon as he’s faced with someone whose opinion he actually cares about, he gets rambly and blushy and drops things and tries waaaay too hard. Merlin’s slightly better off, but he’s twice as likely to trip on air and will cut and run (sometimes mid-sentence) if he thinks he’s making an idiot of himself.

8) Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

They’re not really big on nicknames. Occasionally Merlin will take a leaf out of Gwaine’s book and call Arthur princess, but he does so in full knowledge that Arthur will make him pay for.

9) Who worries the most?

Merlin is MADE of worry. It is his natural state of being and nothing can stop it. Arthur worries when they’re in dangerous circumstances of course, Merlin is his top priority then, but Merlin just worries all the time about everything.

10) Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

That’s something Arthur makes an effort to learn and remember. It’s one of those things that he sort of considers a Boyfriend Thing, and he always feels warm and fuzzy and accomplished when it makes Merlin smile.

11) Who tops?

They switch a lot. They both have a slight preference for top!Merlin.

12) Who initiates kisses?

Merlin really really really likes kissing. He will kiss Arthur at every opportunity, will make any excuse, would happily forgo sex entirely if he could just keep kissing him. (Not that Arthur minds.)

13) Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

This ties back to that “Arthur has a thing for Merlin’s hands” thing.

14) Who kisses the hardest?

When Merlin gets on a roll, he goes hard. He spends a lot of his time playing himself off as weak, but he’s not. And when he wants something? Really wants it? He will take it.

15) Who wakes up first?

Merlin is much more of a morning person than Arthur is (if either of them can be considered as such. It’s more of a 10am vs noon kind of thing, lol).

16) Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?


17) Who says I love you first?

Merlin has no trouble saying it. He knows long before he lets the words out of his mouth, and he only holds them back because he knows Arthur isn’t ready to hear them yet. Even after Arthur can accept the words from Merlin, it still takes a little while before he can bring himself to say them back. He just wasn’t brought up with love being an open or obvious thing.

18) Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

Since Merlin’s the one who almost always makes the lunches, the notes are most commonly his. Sometimes they’re sappy. Usually they’re snarky/sarcastic/actual reminders of things he knows Arthur has forgotten he needs to do.

19) Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

They’re both a little reluctant at first, if only because of their widely different demographics. Merlin with the working class, Arthur the highbrow crowd. They both worry a bit how their friends will react and if they’ll be assholes about it, and Arthur especially worries about his father’s opinion. Arthur’s friends come first because Merlin refuses to be hidden, and also he’s very outspoken and in-your-face about his social position, which they like. Then come Merlin’s friends (Will thinks Arthur is a posh prick but the rest of them don’t mind him), then Hunith, and then Uther. Later. Much much later.

20) What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

It grows on them. Everyone’s a little wary of it to start with, but they prove themselves to each other’s people before too long. (Except Uther. Uther never quite warms up to Merlin completely, tho he does accept it.)

21) Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

Arthur will totally do the whole slow-dancing-in-an-empty-room-to-no-music-just-cuz-he-wants-to-be-close thing. Just so he can get his hands on Merlin and also make him smile helplessly cuz it’s so damn sappy.

22) Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

Arthur is not allowed in the kitchen. Not anymore.

23) Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?

Arthur really honestly thinks his lines are smooth. Merlin never tells him otherwise cuz it is just too good and so worth the secondhand embarrassment to see Arthur look so pleased with himself.

24) Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

Meeerrrrrrliiiin. He will say anything to fluster Arthur in important meetings and make him go red in the face.

25) Who needs more assurance?

Arthur’s insecurities don’t get the best of him often, but sometimes they sneak up on him. Then he just needs a reminder or two that Merlin really likes him, not his money or his position or what Arthur can do for him. It’s hard for him to believe that anyone can love him unconditionally for him.

26) What would be their theme song?

Is that even a question? A Thousand Years. Duh.

27) Who would sing to their child back to sleep?

Hunith used to sing to Merlin when he was little, so of course Merlin does the same for his kids. Arthur rolls his eyes and says it’s silly, but it’s only a few weeks before Merlin overhears him humming while he rocks the baby back to sleep.

28) What do they do when they’re away from each other?

Pine. A lot. Talk on the phone all the damn time, so much so that it probably irritates whoever they’re with.

29) one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart

Arthur has a tendency to distance himself at the first sign of trouble. It’s easier than getting hurt, and it protects him from potential rejection. Merlin can’t leave him if he leaves first, and this way if Merlin does leave then at least it was HIS choice. It only takes two instance of this for Merlin to catch onto what was happening in Arthur’s head, and honestly it just made that particular argument worse because how dare he just give up on this?? How dare he not fight for them?? But after that, when he’s calmed down, he does recognize the insecurity and fear behind it and knows better how to head it off before it reaches the point where Arthur starts withdrawing.

30) one headcanon about this OTP that mends it

Merlin bites his fingernails when he gets nervous or stressed out. Arthur starts pulling his hand away from his mouth whenever he notices him doing it, holding Merlin’s hand against his chest and kissing his fingertips to convince him to stop. It sort of backfires cuz now Merlin starts nibbling on his fingers specifically to get Arthur to be so gentle and concerned with him. It’s all very sappy and sweet and this headcanon will never leave me alone.

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having zuho as your boyfriend:

  • literal fluffball for u and only u
  • always wanting ur kisses
  • he’d wrap u up and stroke ur back and make u feel cozy n safe
  • resting his head on top of urs while u buried ur face in his chest
  • whining for u to sit on his lap so that he could cuddle u
  • CUTE PET NAMES (but only in private)
  • blushing when u call him ur pet names in front of other ppl
  • not ashamed of showing his love for u in front of the other guys
  • *swallows* calling you……. “baby”
  • and maybe even………………………..”princess”
  • fixing ur hair for u and brushing it out of ur face so he can see u better
  • standing v v v close to u when other guys were around
  • hand holding!!!!!
  • putting his arm around u when u sit next to each other
  • super sly “accidental” booty touches
  • don’t even get me started on rude baek juho
  • u know he wants the booty when he licks his lips while lookin at u
  • tbh i feel like this boy has a thing for legs (idk why i just get vibes ok)
  • he would be super duper gentle but then he would sneak in a lower lip bite here n there and *catches breath* toNGUE
  • would caress ur face and move ur hair out the way bc this boy wants unrestricted access to ur lips
  • ok, now that I’m light-headed, let’s move on……
  • CUDDLING!!!!!!!!
  • big spoon big spoon big spoon little spoon big spoon
  • occassional little spoon if u didn’t understand that last line
  • wrapping his legs around urs to better hold u to him
  • resting his head on top of urs and breathing in the scent of ur hair (lol not in a creepy way tho)
  • makes sure u are comfy and waits for u to fall asleep first

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Jay & Evie in Descendants: Wicked World episode 4 (ft. Audrey)


I’ve decided to make my art progress/improvements from last year to this year and share it with you guys! The one on the right is my ever first fanart of flowerfell frisk (never posted it tho). And my first thoughts after finishing the sketch, i was so proud how the hair flower and face turned out~ it took me more than one and a half hours to finish xD then i did the redo, which actually surprised me. I really though that my art improves just in months, and im really happy with that results~ im really glad my art is improving and hopefully will improve more in the future~

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I wish the stars had traded Klingberg instead of Jordie tbh

ok, I hope you’re saying this because you really like jordie and not because you think he’s a better player than klingberg…because he isn’t. klingberg finished 6th in the norris voting last season, his second nhl season. Just because you have a favourite player doesn’t mean he’s the best player on the team. i love antoine roussel, but i don’t have any illusions about his value.

klingberg had a down year, people thought it might happen last season, the so-called ‘sophomore slump’, it didn’t, it happened this season instead when he lost his usual d-partner and had to play with pretty much every other d-man, to figure out which one he worked out better with. none of those experiments were particular successful, but he settled down with lindell and has managed to turn the season around, even tho it’s still not an ideal pairing, lindell actively hurts klingberg, but rn he’s the d-man that hurts him the least…so in the first pair he stays.

i know a lot of people on tumblr aren’t really into stats, but klingberg is a better d-man than jordie by every metric available. He’s had a good season, but that’s according to expectations/potential, the expectations for jordie are a lot lower than for klingberg. 

it’s akin to saying that because for half the season eaves had more goals than jamie he’s a better player than jamie, which is just ridiculous, eaves is having a career year, which is great for him, and i really like eaves, but that doesn’t make him a better player than jamie or tyler, who are both having rough seasons, consequence of off-season injury. 

also, a lot of people seem to have gripes about offensive-defencemen, erik karlsson who has won the the norris a lot of times is constantly questioned. what people don’t seem to understand is that the best d-man is the one that spends the least time in the defensive zone. 

If the stars spend an entire period in their own zone, but they don’t allow a single goal and significantly limit shots against, that sounds like a good thing right, they were playing good defence? no, actually they weren’t, they couldn’t get the puck out of the zone, their possession numbers were probably atrocious, and they might not have allowed a goal, but they sure as hell didn’t have any chances to score either, and that’s how you win hockey games. 

and therein lies the problem of the stars d this season, klingberg is the only puck-moving d-man on the team (a d-man who regularly gets the puck out of the zone, by either passing it to forwards, or, and more importantly, skating it out). even tho last season’s defence wasn’t filled with world-beaters, they won the west, and that’s because they were great in transition (going from the DZ to the OZ), with the departure of goligoski and demers, klingberg is the only one remaining, and he doesn’t have a partner that complements his talents, the quality of opposition a first pairing d-man faces is insane, and klingberg is basically doing it alone because lindell is way out of his depth (not his fault, he should not be playing on the 1st pair, but he isn’t responsible for his usage).

so, in conclusion, i’m glad the stars didn’t trade klingberg, and i hope they never do

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I am so SO excited to see the next page! I can't wait to see Genji's apology and how Zenyatta reacts to it. Especially because Mondatta looked like he was going to get into Zenyatta's mechanisms before, so will we see his actual face without the synthetic skin, going with the whole "leaving behind a covering" joke you had in the last page? Man, you have me on the edge of my metaphorical seat! -Kiss Anon <3

Aaah thank you so much! ♡ ♡  I’ll do my best to meet your expectations!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t consider making Zenyatta (although, unwillingly) show his Omnic face to Genji again but…
I think I’ll use that  for something else in the future… >:) 

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Your tomatt fic was so nice I loved it to pieces! I also love the fact you didn't use Matt's real last name bless you kind soul. Tho I wanted to ask if you could potentially do another tomatt fic? Maybe like a first/blind date sort of thing? I understand you're busy tho pfpf but again thank you for that fic and I hope you have a really great day sweetheart!

AO3 Link

I can’t help but feel Matt is ooc aaa I hope it’s okay.

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Omg! Akira's expression towards banjou after she woke up was priceless lol. And his face that follows after 🤣. Don't worry banjou, she's just not used to the sunlight when she first wakes up.

Hahahahah! xD Nah tho’…

I’m sure she was just surprised because she woke up to an unknown ghoul when the last thing she saw was Amon and Takizawa fighting against the Qs, so that gotta be disturbing. xD 

That’s Akira though, that’s just the way she is! Remember when she found Amon doing push-ups on her balcony? xD

It’s a similar expression, I bet she takes them after Maris Stella xDDDDD

Lol, have a nice day Anon! :D