faces in everything

First/Last Kiss

Promnis. End game spoilers. This is part two, posting it because I’ve lost motivation to finish part one and staring at this is making me anxious. It’s literally just 1300 words of kissing because sometimes I get distracted when I see a picture of Older!Ignis’s face on my dash, and I imagine Prompto does too. 

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i look like shiiiiitttt

but yeah guys this is me, face reveal

i’m not showing my entire face tho

is it a face reveal then?


i’m actually nervous af never thought i’d get the confidence to post my face wth. is not as nice as juju’s video, but yeah this little piece of shit is me! the pic is from last summer tho,, now i have more earrings, my hair is different as i now have a kpop idol style and it looks fucking great tbh.

uhg i’m spending too many time looking at it deciding wheter to post this or not




I took myself to a movie last night after distinctly avoiding eye contact with the camera


I never posted these from last Tuesday. 

Fifth show done. My run with the boys is over. I’m so sad, post concert depression has been real for the past few days.

I was so lucky to meet Jade at 2 outta 5 shows. And he answered my stupid questions and laughed at me at one point (Jenn knows this story and I will not tell it, you had to be there but I got laughed at by the Puget brothers). I also met Hunter and Adam but Jade was and is still my favorite. I don’t shut the fuck up about the man, my friends can attest to this.

I met so many awesome people who I am glad to call my friends now. I have so many memories and wonderful stories that I’ve told over and over already. I can’t wait to see everyone at future shows. 

And to @princess-havok , you’re stuck with my ass now! We have a lot more trips to plan! I wanna see July Talk! We have a lot of Blaqk Audio shows ahead of us. The boys are gonna know us on a first name basis.

AFI shows are truly unlike any other concert you will ever attend. I’ve never felt more at home, more accepted anywhere. It really is a feeling like any other.

i love season one dean with his too-big leather jacket and his ripped worn out jeans and his bracelets and ring and necklace and his freckles and long eyelashes and perfect jawline and cheeky grin

and his wide desperate eyes and his frustration because all he wants to have his family all in one place and sam and dad just can’t SEE that like he does and i love how he leans into every touch he gets because he’s so starved for it and i love the shadows under his eyes because he’s only 26 but he feels like he’s been living forever and wow oh wow i just love season one dean


I have a very optimistic view of my future right now. I’m very excited to see where it goes, but I try not to make plans just because I know how unpredictable life can be. Especially the life of an actor. I just want to be happy and healthy and surrounded by people I love, as cheesy as it sounds.