faces faces faces. they should just win all the awards for their faces

Zach asking you to sleep over at his house - Part 2

A/N: Sorry on such a long wait for this imagine. I hope that it was worth it though. Enjoy my lovelies:)

The final bell rings, signalling the end of class and also the end of the school day. You start packing up your things with shaky hands, your nerves getting the best of you. It’s Friday today. Which means it’s the beginning of the weekend. This also means that you will be going to Zach’s house, staying there for the next couple of days.

You have been able to stay calm and collected the next few days after he had asked you to sleep over at his house for the weekend, but right now you can’t help but start to feel really antsy. 

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Car Troubles

Mechanic!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,120

Warnings: nothing….just yucky fluff lol

A/N: This is for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge!! My funny quote was “Are you having a stroke? Do you smell toast?”
Hope you guys (especially Lau!!) enjoy it, thanks to @mamapeterson for the beta and feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

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Grammys: Josh Dun imagine

Y/N: Sorry this one’s kinda short, I just did a little drabble (but it’s longer than a series chapter) let me know if you want a part two maybe and I’ll whip something up ok love you guys!!! And btw some of these requests I’ve been getting lately are super amazing I love em I love you xoxo

Anonymous said:
Hi! Can I request a josh dun x reader where they’re at the Grammys and Josh goes with her and he is very happy to show her girlfriend to the world? Please 😁

*female reader

Staring at yourself in the mirror, you examined your dress, your makeup, your hair, everything about you. You had to look perfect. There would be millions of people watching you, eyes fixed on you, giving you the title of the girlfriend belonging to the one and only Joshua William Dun of Twenty One Pilots. And completely honest, you were not ready at all. Josh was handsome and hot and talented and famous and you were, well, you. Your smile faded away as you looked at yourself in the mirror, trying to take a deep breath and search for that lost self-confidence, closing your eyes and beginning to tell yourself you looked just fine when you felt two arms wrap around you, pressing a soft kiss to the back of your neck before resting on your shoulder and whispering in your ear. “You look absolutely gorgeous, y/n,” Josh murmured quietly before placing a quick kiss on your cheek. “Damn I don’t think I’m going to let you leave the house looking like that.”

“Whatever,” you giggled, turning around and looking up at him, both of you sharing a rather passionate kiss. When you pulled away, you stared into your eyes. “Really? I look okay?”

“Okay?” he raised his eyebrows. “You look absolutely stunning.”

“You sure?” you insisted.

“I swear,” he chuckled. “Gosh, I have to give it to Jenna, you do look really amazing in yellow.” It had been Tyler’s idea for the two of you to wear bright yellow dresses to match Josh’s new hair. While you seemed a little skeptical at first, Jenna insisted, saying it complimented your eyes, and even dragged you out to a shop for the day to go searching for the perfect one for you.

“The dress looks like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast,” you nodded, twirling around in it once, the fabric flowing around your legs and Josh’s smile grew even wider.

“Exactly,” he grinned. “You’re a princess.”

“More like the beast,” you teased.

“Oh shut up,” he rolled his eyes, pulling you into a huge hug. “I’m not lying when I say you look like the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“You’re too kind,” you smirked. “Now come on. Let’s hurry over there and kick butt! I bet you’re going to win more than one!”

“We’re lucky if we win one,” he laughed. “But I agree, we should head over.”

When you were both driving to the venue, you could feel something was off. Josh kept biting his lower lip, knuckles turning white because he was clenching the steering wheel too hard, or constantly darting his eyes around nervously. “You okay, babe?” you raised an eyebrow, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Huh?” he whipped his head around to look at you when he reached a stop light. “I’m okay.”

“You look nervous as hell,” you softened your eyes.

“I am,” he admitted. “I’m scared to death.”

“Don’t worry,” you soothed. “You look amazing, your music sounds amazing, and you guys are amazing. I know you’ll win.”

“Yeah, but everyone will be staring at me,” he mumbled. “A million eyes all watching me if I go up on that stage. Even if I don’t. I have this bright yellow hair and these gages and-”

“And they’re all tiny reasons that add up to why I love you,” you reminded.

“I feel like I’m going to look like a fool,” Josh whispered. “I mean, I already do in this tuxedo and bowtie.”

“Don’t say that,” you argued. “You look like Prince Charming. Perfect for a princess like me, right?”

“Right,” he smiled. “I just don’t want to mess up.”

“Sometimes I wish I could just punch your anxiety in the face,” you frowned.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “Me too.”

“Look sweetie, you’re going to do absolutely amazing,” you reassured. “And besides, I’ll be right there beside you. Got it?”

“Definitely,” he nodded, turning into a parking spot. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. Gosh, I can’t even believe we got this far.”

“I’m so proud of you guys,” you beamed.

“We’re just two guys from Columbus, Ohio. We were literally just playing in front of handfuls of people in a basement and now we’re selling out Madison Square Garden, being televised nationally, and now we have a chance at winning a Grammy. That’s absolutely insane,” he sighed, parking the car and staring at you. “I don’t even know how it happened.”

“I’m so happy for you,” you kissed him on the lips. “Ready to add another accomplishment to that long list?”

“You bet,” he agreed.

When you arrived, there was already plenty of people there. Luckily, you hadn’t spotted anyone else wearing such a bold shade of yellow, and it made you excited and happy. It wasn’t long before a teenage boy was running up to Josh, huge smile plastered on his face. “Hey, uh, I was wondering if maybe I could get an autograph, please?” he wondered, grinning up at Josh. “I’ve been listening to your music for years. I’m a huge fan.”

“Absolutely,” Josh nodded, receiving the marker and piece of paper he handed him.

“So who’s this lucky lady?” the boy asked.

“Oh, y/n?” Josh laughed, tugging you right at his side and wrapping an arm around your waist. “This is my lovely girlfriend.”

“Sweet,” the boy grinned. “She’s very pretty.”

“Isn’t she?” Josh beamed. “You know, before we came here she was being all flustered acting like she didn’t look good in this dress. Can you believe that?”

“Josh,” you turned red, stifling a chuckle.

“You guys are the perfect couple,” the boy laughed. “Thanks so much for the autograph, Josh.”

“No problem,” he reassured. He ran away happily and you slapped Josh on the arm.

“Why’d you say that?” you joked.

“What? Say that you’re beautiful?” he raised an eyebrow. “Because you are.”

“Flirt,” you smirked. “Come on, let’s go look for Jenna and Tyler.”

“Wait! Joshua Dun!” an interviewer raced up to the two of you, microphone in hand, a camera crew following close behind. “My name is Stacey. I’m a reporter here tonight, I was wondering if you would be open to sharing about the lovely lady you brought with you tonight possibly? She isn’t a familiar face, but she definitely will be remembered after tonight. That’s a lovely dress dear.”

“Thanks,” you blushed.

“This is y/n, she’s my girlfriend,” Josh presented you and thrust out his hands, waving them up and down as if he was selling a product or showing a prize on a gameshow. “She’s the only award I need tonight.”

“How sweet,” Stacey gushed. She shook Josh and your hand and then grinned back at the camera. “Look at these two love birds.”

“Love birds indeed,” he chuckled, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “But I think it’s time for us to fly away now.”

“Oh yes, you two run along. I think Tyler and Jenna are over by the red carpet,” she informed. “Good luck tonight!”

“Thanks so much,” Josh responded, linking his arm with yours and plastering on a smile. “Come on my little chickadee, we’ve got a lot more stuff to do before we win that Grammy.”

“Chickadee?” you giggled. “You’re awfully cheerful now.”

“I’ve got good vibes,” he shrugged. “Oh look! There’s Tyler and Jenna!”

“Where?” your eyes instantly darted around in search of the matching bright yellow, and when you saw her, your face lit up. “Goddammit she looks like a Queen.”

“You look better,” he whispered in your ear with a sly smile as you approached them both. You were about to protest but Josh was already unlinking his arm from yours, engulfing Tyler in a huge hug, and Jenna approached you with a huge grin.

“Oh my goodness gracious, y/n!” Jenna exclaimed. “You look like you just stepped out of a fairy tale, sweetheart.”

“Me?” you laughed. “Look at you!”

“She looks smoking,” you could hear Tyler whisper to Josh. “I could barely breathe when she walked out of the bedroom.”

“I know, same here,” Josh agreed in a low murmur. “She didn’t even notice me staring at her from the doorway. Dude, I was floored.”

“I don’t know but I think we should start doing more of these Grammy things if they’re going to look as hot as this,” Tyler teased.

“Hey!” Jenna snapped, giving him a playful tug on the ear. “You boys should work on your whispering skills. We can hear everything.”

“Then that just means you’ll know how much we think you look so freaking sexy tonight,” Tyler smirked, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her closer. “Right, babe?”

“Sure,” she rolled her eyes, planting her lips on his for a kiss. A couple flashes went off and Josh chuckled.

“Come on guys,” he laughed. “Let’s keep the PDA to a minimum.”

“Shut up,” Tyler narrowed his eyes when he pulled away from the kiss, squeezing Jenna’s hand before letting go. “I bet you guys are going to be all over each other by the time we sit down.”

“It’s the Grammys,” Josh argued. “We have to be well behaved.”

“Well behaved,” Tyler scoffed. “Like that’s something we know how to do.”

“You’re being so silly,” Jenna sighed.

“Just wait until we take our pants off,” Tyler winked. “Then it will get real.”

“What?” you and Jenna both exclaimed at the same time.

“Nothing,” Tyler reassured. “Just a joke.”

“It better be,” Jenna warned.

“Sure…” Josh smirked, leaving both of you curious of what the hell that meant.

And The Oscar Goes To
Also on AO3
Being publicly in the closet means Stiles can’t go to the Academy Awards with who he really wants, but it’s not like he’s going to win so he doesn’t have to worry about slipping up and thanking Derek in his speech… right?

This one is for my OSA (one sentence anon) who keeps cheering me on and motivating me. I wouldn’t have finished this WIP if it wasn’t for you, so thanks dude, whoever you are!

Earlier in his career, Stiles Stilinski had thought that walking one red carpet meant he had walked them all, but this award season had proved that assumption to be totally false. Walking a red carpet when you’ve been nominated for an award at the show was an entirely new experience. Sure, he had been nominated for People’s Choice Awards and more fan-driven ones before, but this year he had finally broken out of the rom-com and buddy comedy genres and into roles that challenged him. And this year, he was walking the red carpet at the Oscar with the chance to win not just one, but two once he entered the building.

Some had called 2016 his breakout year, others had said they knew that he could do it all along, and others still had questioned his ability to take on some of the more serious roles until they saw the films he was starring in. So here he was, at his third Academy Awards, but this time he was nominated instead of just attending. It had been a nerve-wracking award season that had left Stiles with a Golden Globe, a SAG award, and two Critic’s Choice awards, but none of that would hold a candle to this.

“Stiles, you have to move,” Lydia Martin–his agent and manager–said to him, pushing him toward the final reporter along the carpet. “Smile more.”

Stiles resisted the eyeroll that he could feel building; he didn’t want to be on the cover of some trashy tabloid with his eyes rolled back in his head and a caption commenting on his mental instability or an attitude problem. “Stiles! You look great,” Erica Reyes from Access Hollywood said, her voice sweet as syrup and her lips fire-engine red.  

“So do you, Ms. Reyes. Are you sure I can’t convince you to leave your husband and run away with me?” Stiles said with a charming smile. He had gone to UCLA with Erica’s husband Vernon Boyd and they had been, and still were, good friends. Boyd was currently the star wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints and would kick his ass if he were here in that moment.

“Ah ah ah, you know that I’m loyal,” Erica said with a smile. “But what about you? Who are you here with? Have a hot date that you’re hiding somewhere?”

“Of course I do,” Stiles told her. “My dad’s right over there.”

“Oh! Of course he is; he’s your permanent date during award season.” Erica said and then waved. “Hi, Sheriff.”

John Stilinski waved back with a smile, “Aren’t you going to ask me who I’m wearing?”

“I would, but that’s Laura Hale and I need to catch her before she gets inside. She and that hunky artist brother of hers skipped half the reporters already; I can’t let them skip me,” Erica said, giving Stiles a little smile. “It was lovely talking to you Stiles; good luck!”

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anonymous asked:

How would the boys plus Jaehee react to MC being the kind of person who refuses to wear pants at home?



  • “It’s not like it’s anything you haven’t seen before!!”
  • You stood in front of your bright red boyfriend, pantless and proud
  • “I-I know, but…”
  • He trailed off, his eyes still focused on your bare legs
  • You tapped your foot, waiting for his response
  • “My eyes are up here,” you sighed
  • His head shot up, his face even more red than it was before if that’s even possible??
  • “S-Sorry… I just… you’re just…”
  • “Yoosung,” you crossed your arms, “if I’m not embarrassed, you shouldn’t be either.”
  • “But… YOU’RE HALF NAKED!!!”
  • You smirked
  • “Well, I guess you’re right-”
  • You took a couple steps forward until you stood right in front of him
  • “-so let’s make us even.”
  • In one quick motion, you pulled his shirt up
  • As if on autopilot, Yoosung raised his arms to allow you to take it completely off
  • You smiled and ran one hand down his bare chest
  • “Better?”
  • He nodded, shocked into silence
  • You planted a kiss on his lips and turned around
  • Yoosung stared at you as you walked away
  • He let out a breath and ran his hands through his hair
  • “You coming?” you called out behind you
  • “O-Of course!!”
  • He basically sprinted to catch up with you


  • you were curled up on the couch trying to catch up on your favorite show when he came home from work
  • “Zen, welcome back!!”`
  • He set his bag down and gave you his an award winning smile
  • “You too comfy to come and give me a hug?”
  • “Of course not!!”
  • You stood up, letting the blanket fall off your lap
  • Zen’s eyes widened
  • “W-Where-I mean, your-you don’t-“
  • You crossed your arms, “Just spit it out!”
  • “WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS?!?!” He gestured to your lower half
  • You shrugged, “I hate wearing pants around the house.”
  • He stare at you as if you just committed some sort of felony
  • “You hate pants?”
  • “…I’m pretty sure that’s what I said.”
  • He sighed dramatically and shook his head back and forth
  • “MC,” he held both his arms behind his back and began pacing, “let me tell you a little bit about pants.”
  • Oh god…
  • “Pants are a form of self-expression. Say that one day -and by one day, I mean everyday- I’m feeling good about myself. How would I express that? By wearing tight pants, of course! Or when I feel a little risqué? Pants with holes in them. Bad ass? Leather pants. It’s so simple! That’s what makes it art.”
  • “Did you just say… pants are art?”
  • “I’m pretty sure that’s what I said,” he smirked, mimicking your earlier remark
  • “Interesting,” you walked toward him, smiling innocently
  • Zen took a step back
  • “W-What are you doing?”
  • “Oh, nothing-” you quickened your pace
  • You stood in front of him and gave him a peck on the lips
  • “-just this.”
  • You grabbed the loops of his belt and pulled down
  • He stumbled backwards, covering his mouth
  • His once pale completion was BRIGHT RED it was actually the reddest it had ever been
  • Zen reached down and fumbled around, trying to pull up his pants
  • Your face was twisted into a cheeky grin
  • “Now that,” you looked down, “is what I call art.”
  • After that Zen had a nosebleed that lasted for DAYS


  • “Isn’t it the same as wearing a skirt?”
  • You shook your head at your naïve girlfriend
  • “Oh nonono, it’s much more,” you dramatically looked off into the distant, “…free.”
  • Jaehee rolled her eyes and began unbuttoning her own skirt
  • You watched as the fabric hit the floor
  • You looked back up at and waited for her to say something
  • “…Jaehee?”
  • Her eyes sparkled and her lips formed into a goofy grin
  • “I…I am a changed woman.”
  • She closed her eyes, spread her arms out wide, and took a big breath in
  • This was probably the first time she’s let loose IN HER LIFE
  • “I’m glad I converted you to team no pa-”
  • You were interrupted by the sound of your front doorknob turning
  • “You two should really lock your front door!”
  • Jumin walked into the room with a stack of papers, kicking the door shut behind him
  • “Jaehee, you left these at…”
  • He trailed off when he saw Jaehee’s skirt on the floor
  • almost IMMEDIATELY, his face turned bright red 
  • The three stood, petrified, Jumin staring at Jaehee’s legs, Jaehee covering her burning face, and MC gaping at Jumin
  • After a couple of seconds, each of them opened their mouths
  • “I think I should go-”
  • “I’m never leaving the house again-”
  • “Betrayed by the pants-”
  • They looked around, all of them making eye contact
  • Jumin cleared his throat
  • “I, uh… bye.”
  • He turned around and opened the door basically sprinting out of it
  • Jaehee stood in the middle of her living room mortified
  • “I am never doing that again.”


  • He’s just really confused by the “no pants” concept
  • “Are you too poor for pants?”
  • “No.”
  • “Did you run out of clean ones?”
  • “No.”
  • “Do you want to have sex?”
  • “…Not right now.”
  • “Then why are you standing in the middle of my living room without pants?”
  • You sighed and flopped down on the couch
  • “Because it’s comfy!!! You should try it.”
  • He gave you a strange look and walked back into the bedroom
  • When he came out, he was wearing a casual shirt and his favorite set of cat boxers
  • “This is… interesting.”
  • He sat down next to you and put his arm around your shoulder
  • “I guess I can see the appeal, it’s much less restricting.”
  • “Exactly!”
  • “…You know what would make this even better?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “If my lovely wife would go and pour me a glass of wine, so I can truly relax.”
  • You glared at him before standing up
  • “Fine.” 
  • he better hope you don’t spit in his glass… again


  • Well then you’ll fit right in his favorite saying is “Home is where the pants aren’t!” 
  • 9 out of 10 video chat meetings, he doesn’t wear pants
  • “But, Seven, that’s yourboss!!!”
  • “I know, but I won’t be able to concentrate with those… leg prisons on!!”
  • He huffed and turned around, walking into his computer room
  • Giving his shirt a quick dust, he plopped down in front of the monitor
  • He turned the camera on and smiled
  • “How you doing today, boss man?”
  • You shook your head as you watched your pantless husband carry on a conversation with his superior
  • “…And I wanted to congratulate you on this myself, Agent 707.”
  • “Congratulate me on what?”
  • “You got the promotion.”
  • Seven shot up out of his seat and waved his arms in the air
  • His smile soon turned into a frown when he saw his bosses face
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • His boss sighed
  • “Where are your pants?”
  • Seven’s eyes widened and he tried to sit down
  • He reached his arm up and felt around for the mouse
  • “I-I’m gonna have to let you go, I’m having some technical difficulties.”
  • “…Interesting word choice for one of the nation’s best hackers… Goodbye, Agent 707.”
  • As soon as the monitor clicked off, you burst out laughing
  • “Long…enough… no pants… told you so,” you said between laugh
  • The only thing that made the situation funnier is that he was wearing his “property of MC” boxers

Taking Tom to the Spa:

- Tom giving you a spa voucher package for your birthday
- “I thought maybe you could take one of your friends darling”
-Tom’s face clearly saying ‘please take me though’
-“Tommy did you want to come with me?”
-“Oh you don’t have to do that love, take one of your friends, you don’t want your boyfriend at the spa with you.”
- “Last chance Tomm-.”
- “YES please”
- Getting ready to go and Tom not being sure what sort of thing to wear to a spa
- “Is this shirt okay? Will they give me a shirt to wear? Shall I just not wear a shirt?”
- “You can wear whatever, they’ll give you a robe when we get there”
- “Oo with my initials on it and everything?!”
- “No Tom”
- Driving there and Tom looking at his nails feeling insecure about them being a little dirty
- “I think maybe I should have cleaned my nails before we left, what do you reckon?”
- “You have acted in front of award winning celebrities Thomas why are you getting nervous about going to a spa?”
- “I’m just excited to get pampered with you.”
- Him saying PAMPERED UGH
- Getting to the spa and him asking the receptionist loads of questions
- “So apparently we get robes? Is that true?”
- “It’s my first time at a spa, is there like an initiation or something?”
- “Tom it’s not a cult.”
- “Just checking love!”
- Being sent to seperate locker rooms and Tom being really disappointed
- “I thought you might need my help changing though darling”
- “I’m sure I’ll manage on my own Thomas”
- Starting in the mud bath and Tom being confused about why mud is involved
- “Y/N? Y/N?! I thought spa’s were to get clean not dirty???”
- Taking your robe off to get into the mud bath and Tom rushing to cover you up because he’s worried the spa attendants are looking so he just pulls you into a bear hug and covers your butt with his hands
- “Oh. Ha, oops.”
- Rolling your eyes at his dumbass as you step into the bath and him just confidently stripping off and joining you
- Closing your eyes to relax and feeling him start to graze his fingers over your bare thigh
- Turning to stare at him and him just opening one eye to look at you and grinning like a CHEEKY BASTARD
- “Tom we can be naked in here but we cannot fool around in here”
- “Where there is a naked Thomas, fooling shall be had”
- “Are you kidding me?”
- Getting a couples massage together and you’re already faced down on the table and as he’s stripping to lay down he keeps getting distracted by the curve of your body, the dimples in your back and the way your hair is tied on top of your head, he’s always loved it that way
- You fall asleep and as his massage is finishing up he asks the masseuses to leave the room while he secretly takes over your massage
- Starting at your shoulders he slides his rough hands down your arms, achingly slow, reaching to the spot just above the small of your back, sliding his hands one by one back up your spine
- He kisses your shoulder, leaving a trail of kisses from one to the other
- You’re not even surprised because you’d recognise his facial hair anywhere, your skin knows it’s touch so well
- Flipping over, you reach up, holding his gaze so perfectly, pulling his chin in with your finger, kissing him hastily, with heat
- “When did you get so good with your hands Tommy?”
- “You’ve always given me plenty of chance to practice sweets.”
- Getting a pedicure while he gets a facial and he’s got he’s earphones in bopping his stupid cute little head to music while the beautician is laughing at him
- Snap chatting it and sending it to him and he looks at it and just gives you the finger
- “If you sent that to Harrison we’re breaking up!”
- “What are you even listening to?”
- “Madonna! She has some right old bops!”
- Tom feeling so pretty after his facial
- “Y/N! Feel my face it’s so smooth”
- “I’m not feeling your face Tom”
- Tom taking your hand and just plopping it on his cheek
- “Nice isn’t it?!
- “Yes Tommy.”
- Getting eyelash extensions put in and Tom just being concerned af
- “Is that safe for your eyes darling? It looks like it hurts, I didn’t pay for this for you to lose your eyesight!”
- “It’s fine Tom, the lady knows what she’s doing.”
- Tom getting his hair washed and blown out because he likes to do the moST
- Tom asking the hair dresser if she can make sure his curls look extra nice because he knows you love it when his hair is curly
- “What do you think my love?”
- “You know exactly what I think Tommy. My handsome man.”
- Him throwing the ‘oh stop it you’ hand at you.
- Putting your hand on the back of his neck and playing with the curl at the back, kissing his jaw and making him sigh
- “My little curly locks”
- Walking out and Tom checking with the receptionist, “so we definitely don’t get to keep the robes?”
- “TOM”
- “Just making SURE, they’re really sofffttt”
- Jks on him because he’s a soft bby boy
- Driving home and he has his hand in yours, drawing figure eights in your palm
- “So, did the love of my life enjoy her trip to the spa?”
- “Not as much as you did I think Tommy.” -
I just got thinking bout how I needed to get my lip waxed and how I’d fucking love to go to the spa with Tom and see him get treated the way he deserves sooooo 🤷🏻‍♀️ If y'all have any requests, hmu xx

request: “a draco malfoy imagine where they’re enemies but Malfoy goes with (reader) to the Yule Ball to avoid Parkinson? They end up having a better time then expected. thanks :))” by @siriuslymagical

a/n: i’m happy that you let me make this a part two to my in preparation for the yule ball imagine! i just really felt that it would add up and all that. hope you like it!


Masterlist + Request here!

     "Where’s your date?“ asked Pansy Parkinson with what seemed like an evil smirk plastered on her face.

     The program has already started for a few minutes now and yet Y/N hasn’t arrived, Draco rapidly looking among the crowd in deep pursuit for the girl he has taken interest upon after the many arguments and nagging he has shared with her. At the sudden thought of their current status — a mix of being friends and enemies — he was abruptly afraid of getting stood up.

      But as he focuses his eyes at the entrance of the Great Hall, a lost Y/N was peering everywhere, wearing a red gown that glimmered white diamonds by the light, her hair kept up in an elegant bun with a few strands of hair falling on each side of her beautiful face. Draco had a hard time distinguishing if it was really her — though when their gazes finally met, he could instantly recognize quite well that it was indeed Y/N.

      "There she is.” said Draco to Pansy, staring at his date in complete amazement as she now walks towards them, her chin held high and her smile wide.

      It was obvious by the way she marched with such confidence that she knew what kind of effect she was giving to those who caught a glimpse of her appearance for the night. The boys from Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons were all giving her the look of utter awe, even the girls were silently gushing about how gorgeous her dress was.

     "I’m sorry I kept you waiting.“ Y/N apologized once they were face to face. "Had a little problem with my — uh, Malfoy?” she waved her hand in front of him for he was staring at her in deep thought with his mouth agape.

     "Hmm?“ he snapped out of it.

     She smirked. "I said, I’m sorry for being late.”

     "It’s alright.“ smiled Draco before turning to Pansy, his smile turning into a smug grin. "Well, now if you’ll excuse me, Pansy. I have to get going. Shall we, Y/N?”

      Y/N saw how Pansy’s expression wrinkled at what Draco said, causing Y/N to chuckle and accept Draco’s outstretched hand. Together, they go to the dance floor where a bunch of pairs were already showing their best moves.

      “What’s your deal with Pansy?” asked Y/N all of the sudden as she places a hand on his shoulder; Draco doing the same thing he had done back when they were still practicing.

       He shrugged. “She’s too persistent. I’ve already established it many times that I do not fancy her back but she’s just so stubborn.”

       "Really? I’m not sure whether to be surprised by the fact that Pansy likes you or that someone bothers to do so generally.“ joked Y/N as they now follow the melody of the music.

      Draco sarcastically laughed, his eyes then analyzing her from head to toe. "But on the other hand, I must say, Y/L/N. You look breathtaking tonight.”

     She smiled, a blush appearing on her cheeks. “Well, you don’t look bad yourself. You certainly know what suits you the best.”

     "Of course, I do. That’s why I asked you.“ smirked Draco.

     "Wow. We just got here and you’re already working on your charm.” said Y/N.

      He chuckled. “Only to you though.”

     Draco twirled her around, pulling her swiftly as he leads them swaying against the rhythm. He admit that she had gotten better compared to the last time they danced; her movements were smooth and gentle, just like a true dancer. Not saying that he was a dancer himself but he did know how at least.

     Y/N was looking up at him in uncertainty once he pulled her even closer, something that she noticed he does a lot. “Why did you ask me?” she couldn’t help but inquire.

      He pursed his lips when the thought processed inside his brain. He then looked at her closely, trying to find a reason on exactly why he bothered in the first place.

      “To be completely honest, I don’t really know.” answered Draco. “I guess, at that time when we were practicing, I desperately needed someone else to take other than Parkinson. Then I saw you, sitting there looking like McGonagall was a gift from heaven — and I figured, hey, you’re not that bad, maybe I should just ask you instead of some stranger.”

      She snorted. “I’m glad you thought I wasn’t so bad.”

      He rolled his eyes. “Well, how about you?”

      “What do you mean?”

      “Why did you say yes?” asked Draco.

      Like his answer, Y/N shrugged. “Not really sure, as well. Maybe because even though you annoy me to death, you’re not the worst person out there, Malfoy.”

      He raised an eyebrow. “That must be the nicest thing you have ever said to me on the course of our stay here at Hogwarts.” he teased.

      “Yes, and it’ll be the first and last.” retorted Y/N.

      As the night drew deeper, the two Slytherin students found themselves conversing more about themselves, something that they haven’t done before despite being housemates for so long now — just as what Draco claimed.

      When they grew tired of dancing, they settled on just chatting by their table, eating and drinking, their eyes not leaving each other’s as they listened to the countless stories one had to offer. Y/N was taken back by Draco’s sudden politeness and chivalry towards her; it was like she was meeting an entirely new person, someone she clearly hasn’t met yet. While Draco found himself laughing and grinning a lot genuinely, a rare thing to happen for someone like him who was always pressured to be someone the people surrounding him wanted him to be.

      But like most nights, the night of the Yule Ball had to end. Draco took it as his job to escort her all the way to her room, leading her until he was sure that she was already safe inside.

      “Thank you for tonight.” said Y/N as she stands at the doorway, a natural glow seen on her cheeks while she smiles widely at him.

      He bowed. “Pleasure is all mine. I really enjoyed spending time with you. Perhaps even better than what I expected.”

      “Well, I’m happy to know I exceeded your expectations, Draco.”

      At the sound of his name rolling out of her tongue, he suddenly stepped closer and boldly placed an innocent kiss on her cheek, his lips lingering on her sensitive skin for the meanwhile before pulling away with an award winning smile on his features. When he got a good look at Y/N, she too was grinning like mad, her face matching the color of her lovely dress for that evening.

      Finally, Draco put his hands inside his front pockets. “Good night, Y/N. May this night never be forgotten.”

      “Good night, Draco. May this night never be forgotten indeed.” she agreed, slowly backing up and closing her door.

       For a good minute, they just stood at their positions, unaware that the other was doing the same. Draco was running his fingers through his blond hair in astonishment at what he was beginning to feel; Y/N, on the other side of the door, was touching the spot where he had kissed her — her other hand pressed against her chest where her heart was beating harder than a Snitch’s wings.

anonymous asked:

What if one day, MC is just feeling really romantic and fluffy (?) and just starts randomly slow dancing with RFA+ Saeran. How would they react and how would it make them feel? (I'm feeling really fluffy) ^^ Hopefully you're still taking requests! :3

A/N: Aaww! This request is really cute! ^^ ~Admin 404


               -The two of you were just walking downtown when you heard an outdoor symphony start to play

               -You gasped before grabbing his arm and practically sprinting towards the music, dragging him along

               -“M-MC! Wait! You-you’re running too fast! Where are we going!?”

               -He ran into you because you stopped so abruptly in front of the musicians

               -Looking around, he saw a fairly large crowd- people were either standing there and simply admiring the music, while others seemed to be dancing together

               -You turned to him, a wide smile on your face as you grabbed one of his hands, putting the other one on his shoulder

               -“Yoooooosuuuuuung! Please dance with me!”

               -His face turned a neon red- so red in fact that it could put Saeyoung’s hair to shame.

               -“H-here? Out in the open? With this many people around here?”

               -The soft smile you gave him melted him into a puddle. Without a second thought, he put his other hand on your waist and started to sway the both of you back and forth softly

               -You couldn’t help but giggle when his burst of confidence faded because he had absolutely no idea how to slow dance, so the two of you were stumbling left and right, bumping into people, but all around having a good time with each other


               -He came home to some soft music playing in the living room

               -Among the music, he could hear the little pitter-patter of your feet moving around

               -So, out of curiosity, he took a peek around the corner to see what in the world you were doing

               -He watched as you spun about the room, switching between who lead the dance- you or the broom you’ve made your dance partner

               -His heart practically flew out of his chest as he watched how happy you seemed to be as you danced around

               -Couldn’t help but join you; the light blush that grew across your face when he appeared in front of you was not left unnoticed

               -One hand to your hip and the other intertwining with yours, he gracefully guided you around the room, avoiding the furniture with ease

               -Your smile made his whole world stutter and burst with joy! Seeing you genuinely happy, with something as little as dancing around the room with him, makes him fall more and more in love with you

               -The end of the song was nearing, and he decided what better way to end the dance than with a kiss

               -So he spun you around and pulled you back to him, holding your face gently before leaning in to place a small kiss on your lips, living in the giggle you let out afterwards

               -He loved the feeling of dancing with you so much, he plays the song on repeat for hours just so he can have an excuse to pull you into another dance


               -You felt incredibly lonely at home, so you decided to visit Jaehee at work for her lunch break!

               -Placing a neatly wrapped lunch box on top of her paperwork, she jumped a little in surprise before she looked up at you

               -“Oh, MC! I didn’t hear you come in! What are you doing here?”

               -“Um, what does it look like, silly? I brought you lunch! I know for a fact you didn’t eat yet, so I’m here to make sure you do!” She raised her eyebrow in suspicion, waiting for you to finish. “Well… I mean, I might have been lonely as well?” you replied, shrugging sheepishly

               -As much as she wanted to get her work done, she also couldn’t deny having lunch with you

               -A visit from you was always relaxing, refreshing, and just what she needed to get through the day

               -The time spent after lunch was calm, listening to some musical soundtracks play softly in the background

               -But you jumped up when a familiar song came on, grabbing her hand to make sure she followed you up as well

               -One hand took hold of her hip while the other held her hand gently, pulling her closer to you as you took the lead, guiding her around her desk

               -She was blushing like crazy, the fact that she’s at work and you were being so loving, she loved it but it was so unprofessional, what if Jumin had come out and saw she was dancing with you rather than working?

               -The moment you kissed her cheek though, she decided she didn’t care if Jumin walked out, she was enjoying and basking in your love and affection and he could fuck off (though she would never say it out loud to his face)


               -He could hear the music playing from the living room but he was busy finishing up important business in his home office

               -The sound of your laughter is what finally pulled him from his paperwork hell

               -He peeked through the doorway, watching as you were swaying back and forth to some classical music

               -You spun around and he could see that you were holding Elizabeth in your arms

               -She was meowing in enjoyment, rubbing the top of her head against your jaw as you continued to dance with her

               -“Are you having fun, MC?” You spun quickly to watch him walk towards you, a smirk creeping across his lips

               -“How about you, Elizabeth? Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked as he reached to scratch the top of her head, she practically jumped up to meet his hand

               -“We’re having a lot of fun! But, I think it’d be a lot more fun if you joined us!” you shot him your award winning smile, one you knew from experience that he couldn’t deny

               -So you place Elizabeth on the floor before interlocking your fingers behind his neck, his hands making their way to your waist

               -He lead you all around the room with a thick aura of elegance, Elizabeth wrapping around both of your feet as the two of you danced

               -It got to the point you had to pick her up again and hold her between the two of you just so you wouldn’t trip

               -But the three of you spent the rest of the night dancing together as a trio, you and Jumin switching off on who gets to hold her, laughing when she would meow in complaint when the two of you danced alone


               -“Saaaeeyyyoooouuuunnnng!” you whined, throwing yourself across his desk, he quickly grabbed his keyboard and lifted it above you before impact

               -“MC! I’m trying to finish this! We can play after I’m done!” he watched as your lips puckered into a pout “Oh come on, don’t do that!” In a huff, you crossed your arms and walked out, hearing Saeyoung yell an “I love you!” over his shoulder

               -You sat on the couch, just grumbling to yourself, not seeing Saeran sitting next to you

               -“Hey not that I really, you know, care? But you’ve been grumbling to yourself for a good 10 minutes now” the sound of his voice made you jump, your head whipping in his direction

               -“I’m starting to think we should put a bell on you.” “YOU SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME AND STARTED TO GRUMBLE, ASSHOLE”

               -You sighed and rested your elbow on the arm of the couch, holding your chin in your hand. “I’m just.. well it’ll probably gross you out, but I’m just really…. loving right now, and your stupid brother won’t pay any attention to me”

               -“You’re right, that is gross. But just go make him pay attention to you. Push him out of the chair, lean over and type random things on his keyboard, I don’t know. Just go be annoying somewhere other than here”

               -So you took his advice…well, lightly at least. You  pulled his chair away from his desk as he tried to type, his cries of slight distress made you laugh softly. “MC! I was working! What are you doing!”

               -You caught his hands while they were gesturing to the desk and pulled him up without any hesitation from his part. You wrapped your arms around his waist and laid your head against his chest before he could sit back down

               -The sound of his heartbeat kicked up in his chest as he wrapped his arms around you and set his chin on the top of your head. When you started to sway and move the two of you in a circle, a small chuckle come from the back of his throat

               -“Okay okay, I get it now MC, I’m sorry I was ignoring you. Work can wait a little bit if it’s for you”


               -Soft music is always playing during his galleries

               -He wants his guests to feel relaxed enough with their surroundings that they can truly feel the emotions behind his photos

               -So he has you help him pick songs to play because nothing is more relaxing to him than you!

               -The night of his show, he couldn’t help but admire you as you talked to his guests, walking gracefully, the true picture of elegance in his eyes

               -The song playing caught his attention and was the only thing able to pull him from his thoughts about you

               -He remembered you had told him it was one of your favourites when the two of you had put the playlist together

               -Making his way over to you, he stopped to bow in front of you, hand outstretched, looking up at you slightly with a warm smile on his face

               -“MC, would you please honour me with a dance?”

               -His smile only grew when he watched you look at the crowd now looking at the two of you, your face growing hotter every second before you nodded and took his hand

               -You found comfort from everyone’s eyes by burying your face against his chest as the both of you wrapped your arms around each other, you quickly found yourself gaining more confidence as he lead the two of you around the floor

               -With a graceful spin and a quick dip, the dance ended with you completely red and him smiling down at you with a face completely full of love, everyone in the room could just feel the emotion radiating off the two of you and clapped to celebrate


               -“MC, I don’t dance.” queue the high school musical song

               -“But Saeran, pleeeeease! Just this once? No one’s here to see! It’s just me!”

               -One of his eyebrows rose as he crossed both his arms and his legs, eyeing you suspiciously

               -“Just why do you want to dance with me all of a sudden anyway? Is Saeyoung here? Did he put you up to this?”

               -You threw your hands in the air in a huff, puffing your cheeks out before your hands landed on your hips

               -“No! Saeyoung isn’t here! Is it so bad that I just want to be close to the love of my life? And incorporate something cute couples do? Is it?”

               -He rolled his eyes before standing up and replacing the hands on your hips with his own

               -“Fine! Whatever! Just- I dunno, just put your hands somewhere,” he said, blushing and looking anywhere but at your face as you interlocked your fingers behind his neck

               -It was painfully obvious that he was stressing because he had no idea what to do, so you took initiative to start swaying the two of you back and forth

               -After a while, he got a little more comfortable with the idea of moving around the room, and he lifted his eyes from the floor to meet your own

               -“I guess this isn’t that bad… as long as it’s with you,” he said, lightly kissing the tip of your nose, “but tell Saeyoung and I’ll kill you.” You giggled in response before nodding and laying your head on his shoulder

               -“Whatever you say, ya big softy.”


Shameless - CALUM SMUT

there has been a ton of requests for this sort of thing and i got inspired. basically this is pure nsfw smut plz read with caution.


“This is a bad idea.” Calum swallowed thickly as he adjusted his tight jeans.

“You are not backing out now.” You grinned, holding the small remote in your hand and adjusting the settings fast in an attempt to sway him.

Calum lurched forward, his mouth wide as he moaned freely; completely at your disposal as you toyed with the settings of the remote control vibrating anal beads currently in him. You squealed as he lunged for the other remote on the dresser - the one that controlled your own vibrating underwear - quickly getting his revenge and swivelling the dial to the highest setting.

“Godammit.” Calum choked out, almost on his knees with how good the vibrations felt pulsing through his prostate.

“Calum I’m in my dress turn it off!” You squeaked, desperate not to cum in the original Yves Saint Laurent before you’ve even stepped out the house.

You were both meant to be preparing for the AMAs, walking the red carpet in just under two hours. But the scandalous idea had hit you when playing with your own full size vibrator one night, astounded by the purrs from your boyfriend as you experimentally ran the toy up and down his cock. The revelation spiralled and ended up with both of you daring the other to wear remote controlled vibration devices at the next public appearance you both attended.

And that had landed you in this situation today. You didn’t let your gaze stray from the panting boy as he plucked the small remote from your hands and turned his anal toy off, then turning yours off.

“Jesus, we’re never going to last the whole night.” You panted, propping yourself up by your elbows on your kingsize bed.

“Speak for yourself.” Calum said confidently, giggling at you.

You rolled your eyes and stood up on weak legs, lightly hitting his arm. You moved to the full length mirror in the corner of your shared room, smoothing out your dress and checking your makeup in the glass.

“We need to get going.” You spoke as you received a text from your Uber driver.

He would take you to the rest of the boys and their respective dates, and then you would all arrive at the red carpet together.

“Don’t forget this.” Calum handed you his remote, winking deviously before switching your vibrations on for a split second and cackling as he left the room, closely followed by you.

The car ride was uneventful, neither of you working the other up too much in front of your friends. They’d all caught you in compromising positions anyway, it was far more fun to build the sexual tension and watch Calum twitch as you ran your fingers along the remote in the pocket of your dress.

“Ready?” Calum laid his large hand on your thigh as you neared the venue, the car buzzing with excitement.

“As I’ll ever be.”

Shivers ran down your spine as the door of the car slid open, your vision faced with an onslaught of flashing lights and ears deafened by high-pitched screams from the crowd.

Neither of you dared to make the first move as paparazzi clamoured around you. One picture is worth a thousand words and both of you had boundaries. Your jealous nature meant you didn’t want Calum’s orgasm immortalised and shared around countless magazines and websites, and you were sure the feeling was mutual. However as the less intense interviews started, so did the fun.

You had been singled out by MTV, asking you who you were wearing and which acts you were excited to see later on that night. The interview was going well until you flinched at the all too familiar feeling of vibrations from your underwear. You glanced over at Calum, who was beaming at you, his hand in his pocket as he discreetly fiddled with the speed, switching from lowly vibrating to the bullets’ fastest setting. You felt your cheeks get hot as you tried to control your breathing and stay upright in your heels as your legs quaked.

You were overcome with relief as the interview finally came to a close and you could return Calum’s little favour. You caught his eye from across the bustling carpet and shook your head, a sly smirk decorating your face as you slowly turned on his toy. You watched hungrily as Calum’s entire body tightened, only making the sensations stronger for him. He narrowed his eyes at you before having to answer a question the bright-eyed female reporter addressed to him. Even from a few meters away you could tell he was struggling to keep his voice from cracking. But before your head got too big Calum flicked his own remote again, bowing his head and chuckling as you almost had to lean against a barricade to keep yourself standing. You had nearly given up trying to hide your inevitable orgasm; you were fighting to keep your eyes open and your mouth closed as the harsh vibrations wracked your body. You turned Calum’s toy off in surrender but he didn’t return the gesture. Your breath was hitching and before you could moan the incessant trembling in your soaked underwear ceased. You let out a whimper which was easily drowned by the non-stop shouting from fans and would have collapsed if not for Calum’s impeccable timing. His arm wrapped securely around your waist, giving your weak legs a break and allowing your body to stay standing. He kissed your cheek as you were heckled for more photos, but guided you both indoors, courteously waving at the electric crowd.

“God…” You laughed as you tried to collect your fuzzy thoughts.

Calum had led you both to a quiet corner and you propped yourself up against a wall, your breathing pattern slowly returning to normal.

“You okay?” Calum asked, the look on his face telling you he was wrecked from the teasing too.

You giggled again and held your head in your hands, “We need to get seated.” You exhaled loudly and took a ginger step forward, testing the strength of your legs.

You walked in front of Calum and jumped as he slapped your ass, whispering, “I’m going to make you cum so fucking hard during those performances.” As he took your arm, ignoring your jaw going slack at the thought.

Once you had found the other boys and their dates, you had almost forgotten about the secret you both were keeping. As the musical performances started you both couldn’t help but cheer along with the roaring crowd and get completely distracted by the acts. However, as the awards started getting announced, you both got fidgety. Teasing each other for so long without a release just had you itching to get the other alone. But you were restricted to your seats as the award 5SOS were nominated for was finally announced. You gave Calum’s hand a squeeze and held your breath as the presenters waited for the end of a tension-filled drum roll that felt like it would lasted forever.

“And the winner is… 5 Seconds Of Summer!”

Calum leapt up, quickly joined by his overjoyed bandmates and you. Calum was greeted by high-fives and handshakes from the surrounding crowd and a gigantic hug you engulfed him in. As the supportive cheering died down it was time for the boys to collect their award on stage but Calum quickly hugged you tight again. You tried to draw away after a few seconds but he held you firm, you stiffened as he whispered in your ear.

“Don’t you dare play games with me whilst I’m up there.”

You didn’t reply, too stunned from their win and his threatening tone to think of a sassy comeback. Calum kissed your cheek gently and left your side to join his friends and the presenters on stage.

You sat back in your seat, tossing the small remote in your pocket and pondering whether or not you should comply to Calum’s demand. As the microphone was handed to Calum you mentally exclaimed ‘Fuck it.’ and twisted the dial which switched on Calum’s toy.

You bit back a laugh as Calum’s words became choked and short and his heavy breathing was audible through the mic. He was chewing the inside of his cheek and his hands were shaking, and on the big screen you were sure you could see a layer of sweat beginning to form on his flushed face. To the audience it would seem as if he was just nervous or excited but if he stayed up there longer than a few minutes you both knew it would suddenly become a very different televised event. You watched eagerly as Calum handed the microphone over to Ashton and reached his hand into his jean pocket, deftly returning the vibrations in full force. You bit back a squeal and squirmed in your seat, the highest setting making you giggle uncontrollably as you knew Calum was definitely angry at you for potentially embarrassing him. The people next to you gave you smiles, innocently thinking you were just overjoyed for your boyfriend and his band, little did they know. Your stomach was in knots and your toes were curling against the soles of your shoes, you were sure you were about to explode from all the edging that Calum had put you through tonight. In the meantime Calum was sweating next to his peers, praying that his boner was concealed by his long shirt and that the boys would get ushered off the brightly lit stage soon. He slapped a hand on Luke’s shoulder, to others it would seem congratulatory, but truthfully it was because he wasn’t sure how much longer his legs would hold up against the assault of the vibrating toy.

As soon as the presenter ushered them offstage Calum was rushing back to your side, glaring at you and gritting his teeth to hold off from cumming in his jeans. He grabbed your hand and took the remote from you, switching his toy off. You couldn’t put up a fight even if you wanted to, at this point you were trying - and failing - to steady your breathing and your hands were brutally digging into the arm of your chair. You were close and Calum knew it. He took out the remote control for your underwear and held it on his thigh where you but no-one else could see it. He watched you closely, examining your breath and the scrunching of your eyes.

He was waiting.

Tension was pooling in your belly and you could hardly stop yourself from thrashing around and causing a scene. Just as you were about to moan out in pleasure Calum flicked the remote off, instead causing a disappointed whine to leave your mouth, which earnt a few strange looks. You almost had a strop in the huge venue but hastily decided against begging for Calum to let you cum in front of a few thousand people.

You silently seethed as Calum had all the power now. You were now forced to wait until you reached the comfort of your own home before finally getting the release that currently had you completely wet and quaking.

You bounced your legs nervously in the taxi. You were riled up and internally screaming for Calum’s touch to push you over the edge, but he had deliberately ignored you for the rest of the night, letting you take his arm but refusing to acknowledge your tugs on his sleeve in an attempt to get him home.

He finally complied to your silent request just after midnight, bidding farewell to his fellow musicians and gripping your hand a little too tight as you walked out of the grand doors of the venue and into your arranged car.

By the time you arrived home and got inside you were practically sweating from anticipation, but Calum simply swanned over the threshold, hardly paying any attention you. Just because he had been treating you this way the entire night, didn’t mean you had gotten used to it and you were far from happy with being looked over. You pouted dramatically and huffed as you sat down on the sofa, waiting for Calum to check on you but he didn’t. You heard footsteps echo into your bedroom and crossed your legs and arms, pursing your lips even more and furrowing your eyebrows.  You sighed loudly and eventually resorted to following Calum, trailing into the room stroppily before stopping dead in the doorframe.

Calum was lying on your bed completely naked and jerking himself off leisurely, his remote control toy discarded next to him. He lazily turned his head towards you as you walked in, giving you a nod in acknowledgement and biting back a smirk at your reaction to his position.

“What are you doing?” You gulped.

Calum’s hips bucked as he sped up, unwilling to admit he liked you just watching him hungrily. You could only stare in awe as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. He glanced over at you, still stuck in the doorway, and chuckled lowly.

“Don’t look so lost princess.” He grinned as he fucked his fist.

You doubled over, the vibrating in your underwear suddenly violent as Calum took control of the remote again, rendering you weak for the fourth time that night. He waved the remote tauntingly, luring you over to the side of the bed. Your legs ached and you surrendered, collapsing on the bed next to Calum, who was in turn wrecking himself.

“Turn it off!” Your legs spasmed as you swatted at Calum, who kept the remote way out of reach, stroking himself more deliberately as his eyes swept your quivering body.

“Calum!” You practically yelled your boyfriend’s name, your hands grabbing fistfulls of the sheets.

Calum complied to your request at the last second you could hold on for, reading your body like a damn book. You relaxed on the bed, somewhat disappointed but glad he relented for just a second. Before he could start his torture on you again you hastily stood up and wriggled out of your dress, throwing it over a chair and making a mental note to hang it up later.

You looked Calum dead in the eyes as you unclipped your bra, sliding it off your shoulders and throwing it down at your feet. You gaze locked as you bent slightly to slip off the underwear. Calum swallowed the lump in his throat, the hand on his cock frozen. He didn’t have control over you anymore.

You moved slowly towards the bed, basking in the attention Calum was now giving you. You knelt on the edge of the mattress, eyeing up the boy suspiciously as he had a mischievous smirk on his face. As you predicted, he launched himself towards you once you were close, flinging his body on yours and pinning you against the soft sheets.

“Wanna race?” His eyes were glinting evilly and with those two words you knew that you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.

“That’s not fair, you’ve been teasing all night!” You protested.

Your ‘races’ with each other rarely occurred, due to how wrecked it left the both of you. The aim of the game was to cum last, doing all you could to make the other cum first. Calum never let you top when you raced because the position allowed you to have more control and he liked winning.

“Loser buys dinner?”

“It’s like 2am, Cal.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Eat me.”

Calum dropped his head into the crook of your neck and scoffed at your remark, his lips finding your collarbone nipping at it gently.

“After you cum around my cock.”

His sudden dirty talk startled you but sent a flood of warm tingles through your body. Game on. You wrapped your legs around his hips, pulling him in tighter to you and moaning yourself when his hard on brushed against your wetness. Grabbing the back of his neck forcefully, you pressed your lips to his and quickly realised how inevitable it was that you were going to lose. Calum’s lips worked magic and you were soaking under him just from a few seconds of making out, that boy had you utterly wrapped around his finger. You were kissing him as if he was oxygen, passionate and deep, your tongue flitting over the plump lips they knew all too well.

“Need you…” You whined, gasping for breath as Calum sucked a bright hickey on your neck, knowing he’d have to pay for it later.

“What was that?” His voice mocked your desperation, he knew exactly what you wanted.

“Calum! Please, I need you.” Your ragged breath was making it hard to talk but you spat the words out.

He said nothing else, just let you watch him in anticipation. He reached his hand between your two bodies and grabbed his length, pumping a few times before teasing you with his tip.

“For fucks sake!” You squirmed, about to burst from the need to feel him inside you.

“Patience babygirl.”

His words drove you crazy but you needed to at least try to win the race. Your jaw went slack as Calum finally indulged you, pushing in gently and pacing himself slowly to get you warmed up to his size. After all this time his size still stretched you and you couldn’t stop yourself hissing at the burning you were so addicted to.

Somehow you found each other’s lips again, soft gasps escaping your mouths as Calum thrusted gently. You both knew this wasn’t the aim of the game but you couldn’t help basking in the effortless love you both showed for each other… Even if it occasionally involved embarrassing each other in front of huge crowds. Uncharacteristically he groaned, his hips stuttering and biting his lip hard.

“Close, Cal?” You teased, grinding your hips down on his length and watched cunningly as his eyes fluttered and rolled. It was a competition after all.

“Shut up.” He growled, surprised himself at how the toy had worked him up so much.

He connected your lips again, kissing you swollen. His thrusts became animalistic, pushing deep trying to hit your sweet spot and keep his winning streak. It was working, but his panting told you he was a split second closer to cumming than you were. He rested a hand above you on the headboard and he drove into you harder, both of you moaning with abandon as you tightened around him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You whined, thrashing your arms and dragging your fingernails down Calum’s taught back, rendering him weak.

“God… fuck!” Calum faltered, exploding inside you and doing his best to not completely crush you under his weight as his arms struggled to hold him up.

The feeling of him inside you was the last straw and tipped you over the edge, sending you spiralling out of control as your hands curled into fists and you came hard around him, “Calum” being the only coherent word your lips could form.

You lay weak, Calum’s torso pressed tightly to yours and arms wrapped around each other before Calum carefully pulled out of you, rolling on his side but still remaining close to you. Both of you lay in silence, bathing in the afterglow and catching your breath.

“I won.” You muttered, giggling as Calum sighed loudly.

You turned your head to look at him and raised your eyebrows, unable to erase the cocky smile from your face. He wiped the thin layer of sweat from his forehead and leaned in to peck your lips before standing up, placing a hand on the wall to steady himself as his head spun from his orgasm for a moment.

“Your regular, yeah?” He confirmed, moving to retrieve his phone and sticking to his end of the deal.

“Yup!” You smiled contently as you watched his ass wiggle out the door, “You should probably get dressed babe!” You called as he disappeared down the corridor, murmuring to himself about how he’d rather eat you for dinner.

You Can’t Hurry Love - Tom Holland

Words: 1176

Warnings: None :)

A/N: This was an idea I had and not a request even though I have loads of those haha… I will get round to them promise I just had the idea for this one and had to write it. And it’s named after the song ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ by Phil Collins because it is an amazing song and I’m so into my 80s music at the moment.

And I’ve set this at this year’s BAFTAs because Tom won (I know I’m still shook) so I could play with that. :)

Oh and I’m really not happy with this one. Plot, fine, but its just how I’ve written it that I’m not happy with. So take it with a pinch of salt. This is easily the worst thing I’ve ever written. ^.^

Honestly, you regretted the break up with Tom every minute since it happened. And now you were doing a red carpet at the same time, and you knew that you would bump into him and see him.

You two didn’t break up because you didn’t like each other anymore or the relationship was failing, it was just that it turned into a very long distance relationship with both of you doing different projects and having no time in the middle to see each other. You didn’t want to break up and you couldn’t speak for Tom, but you hoped he didn’t either. It was a mutual decision and at the time was made for the best.

But tonight you hated that decision with a passion but didn’t know if you had any place to deal with it. Probably not. Tom had probably moved onto someone else that he saw more. It did make you sad but you couldn’t show it tonight. Not with all the cameras and press.

You got out of the black car that was taking you to the awards and took a deep breath because standing up straighter. Camera’s were already on you and you stopped for a few of them.

You were happy with how you looked tonight. The long lilac dress helped show off your figure and your hair had been curled and then pinned so it was off your face.

You moved on down the carpet and then saw Tom signing things for fans a few meters down from you. More people asked you to turn and face the cameras so you did but then turned back to look at Tom.

Now he had noticed you as well. You could see him staring, now completely oblivious to the fans right next to him shoving things in his face.

You bit your lip and supressed a grin. You couldn’t believe it. Tom was completely distracted by you. He knew you were going to be there so you ruled out that he was surprised to see you.

“Fans.” You mouthed to him and pointed towards them.

He seemed to snap out of his trance and turn his attention off you and back to the fans. You grinned to yourself as you moved further on down the carpet and past Tom. You hoped you wouldn’t get any questions about yours and Tom current relationship status. Because at the moment you didn’t know how to answer that. Not together, but you were still interested and you didn’t know about Tom.

You made it down the carpet gracefully and you actually enjoyed it. You went inside and soon found where you were supposed to be sitting. You weren’t up for an award tonight but you were still going as being an actress who was well liked and respected.

When it got to the Rising Star award your heart started beating hard against your chest in anticipation on whether Tom was going to win or not. You hoped so. He deserved it and as the public could vote, you were confident in the fact that the Marvel fans and his own fans could get behind him.

When his name was called and you became ecstatic and clapped as loudly as you could. Your heart swelled with happiness as you saw him make his way up to the stage with a big smile on his face.

His acceptance speech was brilliant and he looked so confident even though he was standing in front of many people.

You sat through the rest of the awards and were happy with what won what. You were debating whether or not to go and find Tom at the after party. You wanted to congratulate him but would it be awkward between you two if you did?

~ Time Skip to the After Party because I’m Now Being a Trashy Peasant With My Writing :) ~

It had been ages since you had been to a party like this with so many famous people. You couldn’t tell if you’d missed it or not. It was getting really late now and you could tell that people would start to leave soon.

You were wandering through the crowd of people when someone lightly grabbed your hand from behind.

“Hey.” You turned to see Tom standing behind you with a nervous smile on his face.

“Hi.” You said returning the smile, “Congratulations on winning by the way. You.. um deserve it.”

“Thanks.” He chuckled.

“Is Harrison here?” I asked just trying to be polite and keep any sort of awkwardness at bay.

“Yeah he is somewhere.” Tom said.

You nodded.

“Do you want to get some air?” Tom asked.

You nodded, “I was thinking of going anyway.”

“I’ll walk you back.”

“But what about Harrison, and your Mum and brothers?”

“They’ll be okay.” He smiled.

He looked like he was going to take your hand in his for a moment but then decided against it. You grinned as you followed him out of the crowd and out of the building. The cold night air of London was startling but nice.

“So how have you been?”

What since we broke up? You thought but put on a weak smile and said, “Fine, what about you?”

“Okay, just very busy.” He answered.

“I can understand that.” You laughed.

“Where are you staying?”

“In a hotel just a few blocks down. I could have ordered a car.”

“What you don’t like my company?”

You looked over at him and he had his eyebrows raised but was grinning at you.

“No of course I do.”

He looked satisfied with that answer as you both walked through London. You wished you could come here more often.

It didn’t take you long to get to the Hotel you were staying in and up to the floor where your suite was. You fumbled to get the keys out of your purse.

“Thanks for walking me back.” You said honestly to Tom. He was leaning up against the wall next to the door and you had to admit that he looked pretty damn sexy.

“Anytime Y/N.”

You wanted to kiss him. Do something to stop the regret you still felt.

“Um, Y/N?” Tom asked.


“Do you still like me?”

Well that was pretty open ended question. You still liked him. And you were pretty sure you still liked him. But could you tell him?

“Do you still like me?” You countered.

You didn’t get an immediate answer. It was like you both didn’t want to answer each other. Although you both knew the answer.

The next minute, Tom’s lips were on yours. You had missed kissing him, missed the feeling of having his body close to yours. He pushed you up against the door as you wrapped your arms round his neck.

“We should never have broken up.” You muttered breathlessly. There, you had said it.

“I second that.” Tom said as he kissed you again with even more passion than before.

You giggled into the kiss but then pulled away when you heard footsteps walking down the corridor. You grabbed the key for the door and opened the door quickly, Tom’s hands still on your waist.

Back still to the door, you pushed it open and grabbed Tom and pulled him with you.

“Someone’s in a rush.” He commented as you slammed the door behind him.

“Depends, how much time do you have?” You hummed seductively.

“All the time in the world.”

Don’t get mad, get even

Originally posted by jjeonguk

Pairing: Jungkook & Reader

Genre & Warnings: Angsty Smut af. Name calling, degradation, cheating-ish (Too drunk to realize it isn’t MC), basically a bunch of stuff I don’t usually write about.

Word Count: 2,925

Notes: I just had to throw this together real quick while the idea was with me. This has minimal editing and no beta reading was done, so if it’s horrible right now, I apologize. I’ll go back and do this correctly later. Ok, so, real quick. You won’t see degradation or name calling in a lot of my fics, because it’s just not my thing. If someone were to call me a slut or a whore while we’re doing the do, I’d get turned off real fucking fast. HOWEVER, I am looking at this from the POV of someone who is fucking pissed, just caught her BF fucking around, and I imagine she would call everyone and their Mama a Slut if she could. I am also not a fan of using honorifics in fics usually, but I didn’t want her to use mistress or anything like that, so Unnie/Noona it is. This is probably the dirtiest shit I’ve ever written. So have fun with this lol. 

You were on your way to a party that was being thrown for BTS by mutual friends, to celebrate yet another win for them. You briefly wondered what Bang PD was going to do since he was going to run out of shelf space for all of their awards. You felt a little burst of pride yourself, knowing that your man was doing so well. Jungkook had called you just that morning, excitedly telling you about the party and the shiny new award. He kept whining that Yoongi was hogging it and he wanted to take a picture with it to send you. 

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Playing Dirty

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3K

Warnings: SMUT (unprotected sex, oral sex, sex in fairly-public place), mentions of alcohol, swear words, dirty talk, stripping & Bucky being hot af, phew I think that’s it lol

A/N: This was so much fun to write, I’m kinda sad it’s ready now. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Oh and requests are open so don’t be afraid to hit me with your ideas! 

Originally posted by uncensoredsideblog

”Natasha!” I called her name, running next to the basket, pushing Steve out of my way. “I got it!”

Natasha smirked, passing the black and orange ball to me and I jumped, throwing it through the basket.

“Oh come on”, I heard Bucky mumbling behind me as I ran to Natasha, laughing from pure happiness as I hugged her tightly, both of us cheering loudly. We had been working our asses of, with mission after mission. When we finally got a day off we decided to have some fun with the boys –and a little bit of alcohol, while rest of the group preferred to use their free time by resting.  

“We are so gonna beat your ass, boys”, Natasha laughed, glancing at Steve and Bucky, who were rolling their eyes, looking slightly annoyed.

“I wouldn’t be so cocky-“, Steve let out a laughter, changing smirks with his all-time best friend. “You might be leading but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to win.”

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anonymous asked:

Dear 404, i hope this one doesn't trigger you: Please write an RFA/V/Saeran reaction to MC admitting she has killed someone. Like, right almost now. Body is not even hidden yet, she might or might not be asking for help/assistance (your choice if it was accidental, self-defense or premeditated, but wow, premeditated would be cool).

A/N: (I really… was tempted.. to turn these into individual fics…because i kept these short with not much detail but /man/ i wanted to get more detailed;;) I’m not gonna lie, I was like… really… excited… for this one. Because I’ve never written anything like this. My stuff is usually fluff and some (pretty bad) nsfw here and there but i am /hyped/ and hope this came out okay ~Admin 404

Should I put a TW here? I wouldn’t know what to put? But it’s here? There’s mentions of blood and death? Is that a good enough TW? Is there a “General TW”?


               -“Hey MC! Welcome home, do you want to play a little LOLOL before I log-” his sentence faded off, taking in the blood on your hands and the immense amount of tears trailing down your face

               -“What happened?! Are you okay?! MC, is this blood?! Please, talk to me!” he panicked, running up to you and searching for any sort of cut on your hands before wiping away your tears

               -He tried to look into your eyes but you couldn’t stop crying long enough to look at him.

               -Trying to talk through your sobs and hiccups, he caught a few words like attack, scared, and the phrase “couldn’t help”

               -His panic levels skyrocketed. What?? Couldn’t help what? Who? MC?

               -You calmed down enough to start speaking quietly, never taking your eyes off of your hands

               -“There.. was this guy. I was walking home and he pulled me into this dark alley thing…… and I just,,, I pushed him away from me but I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it, Yoosung!” you cried out, tears starting to fall again, “ I tried to help him, I really did! It was an accident!”

               -You kept crying out and as worried as he was about you, he couldn’t get past the fact that a grown man? Grabbed you? What did he want to do? What did he think he was going to get away with?

               -His eyes grew dim, a sort of veil over them you’ve never seen before, as he grabbed your wrists, leaning in close to your face

               -“MC, what happened to him. Whose blood is this? His, right?” he asked, honestly scaring you a little bit with his dark tone

               -You nodded, sniffling as he took you to the sink to wash your hands before asking you to take him to where the man was.

               -On the way there, you explained that you had pushed him away from you, not knowing he would trip and smack his head against the side of a brick building

               -“I- I wanted to call the police but I wasn’t sure what to do! What if they didn’t believe it was an accident! What if-”

               -You were caught off guard when he started to wipe him down, trying to rid him of any evidence of you

               -“Yoosung? What are you doing? Shouldn’t we call-”

               -He turned to you, eyes darker than ever, leaning in close to whisper to you

               -“He touched you, MC. He shouldn’t have. You aren’t his to grab onto. You’re mine and only mine,” he leaned in all the way to kiss your lips softly before continuing

               -“MC, he’s gone. He’s passed on. But he got what he deserved,” he stood up straighten than normal

               -“He’s lucky he was gone before I got here, or it would have been much… much worse. Now, I’m going to get rid of any evidence that you were here. I’ll protect you, MC”

               -He smiled at you, his normal, happy smiled turned into something dark and wicked, he kissed you again, a little harder than at first, his heart pounding in the excitement of what you’ve done, but mixed with his anger that another man had even thought to put his hands on you. He’d take this secret to his grave, always looking out for you from then on


               -He has hundreds, if not thousands of fans

               -And you’re okay… as long as they stay away from him. Stay within the boundaries. Keep their hands off. Keep the distance between them.

               -You’re trying so hard to keep your cool. You knew as an amazing actor, he was bound to get a lot of attention from other people.

               -But you couldn’t take it anymore.

               -This one woman- one who thought she was cute by trying to get so close to your boyfriend

               -Thought she could get whatever she wanted out of him by flipping her hair, pushing up her bra, running her fingertips down his arms

               -But did she care that he was yours? No. Did she continue trying to scheme her way into his pants? Yes.

               -Have you had enough? Most definitely.

               -You contacted her through a burner phone, pretending to be Zen. You set up everything you needed to in order to carry out whatever you needed to protect Zen.

               -Sitting at home, Zen was actually worried about you- you hadn’t come home in hours, and you weren’t picking up his calls? What if something had happened to you?

               -But you knew what you were doing. You wanted to take your time, let her know exactly what she got herself into before you ended her life. You wanted to make her pay, not give her a free pass by taking care of it quickly.

               -“MC! There you are! You haven’t answered my calls all day, where have you been?” Zen asked the moment you walked through the door, practically running up to you as you turned to face him.

               -He wrapped his arms around your waist, looking down at you as you gave him your award winning smile, playing a hand on his cheek

               -“Don’t worry about me, I just had some business to take care of,” you said with a slight giggle. It was then that Zen noticed an odd emotion in your eyes. Why did your hands smell slightly metallic?

               -When you pulled your hand away from his face, he could feel something warm, and a little sticky on his face. Wiping a little off, he saw that it was blood

               -He quickly looked at your hand, about to ask you if you had gotten hurt- but he noticed both of your hands were covered in the red liquid, along with spatters of blood flung across your face. How did he not notice it before when he was looking into your eyes?

               -“MC..? What.. happened? What did you do…” he trailed off, watching as you threw your once enemies signature scarf on the ground, soaked in blood

               -“I took care of our little problem, see? Now you and I don’t have to worry about her butting into our relationship. I did this for us! We can live together happily, until another one of those harpies try getting to you again.”

               -You stepped closer to him, standing on your toes to kiss his cheek, stepping away to watch how completely shocked he was. Before turning on your heel, you caressed his cheek and looked into his eyes, your own glossing over with a wave of possession. “You’re mine,” you whisper against his lips, leaving him to his thoughts while you went to wash up

               -What could he do? What should he do? There were so many thoughts running through his head. When he was younger and in a motorcycle gang there were… many things he didn’t enjoy doing. There were times he’s sure he had… injured others to the brink of dying, but he pushed that in the back of his mind. But you? You were doing this to innocent people who got too friendly to him? What has he going to do? He was a natural flirt. How many more people were going to get hurt? Can he even deal with the fact that you had… done this?


               -The both of you know how to take care of yourselves

               -Both know self defense, you might even know some sort of martial arts, or so Jaehee thought

               -You’ve always seemed a little more… fluent, in your movements

               -Whether you noticed it or not, you had this hidden strength about you and that left her with mixed feelings

               -On one hand, she was proud! She didn’t have to worry /too/ much about you getting hurt

               -On the other hand… she had to worry about anyone who came near you. Even if it was something innocent, like someone walking up behind you too quietly, she was scared that you might hurt someone

               -Turns out she was right.

               -You called her during a meeting. She ignored the first one, thinking she could call you back afterwards, but you kept calling? She excused herself and answered the call, only to hear you broken in sobs, unable to form a full sentence

               -“MC? MC what’s wrong? Are you alright?” she started to whisper soothing words into the phone, hoping to get you calm enough to talk to her

               -You told her you needed her to meet you in a discreet location, and that made her danger senses go off

               -Rushed out of the office to meet you in a dark, deserted alleyway downtown.

               -She found you on the ground, hugging your knees and completely sobbing. A tall, burly man lay on the ground next to you, his eyes dull and lifeless

               -Her gasp caused your head to snap up and look at her, tears streaming down your face.

               -“Jaehee! You have to trust me, I-I didn’t mean to do this! I didn’t mean to hurt him! He grabbed my shoulder from behind and I just… I just… reacted! I didn’t know I wou-would slam him to the fl-floor that hard!”

               -She bent down next to you, smoothing your hair and kept an eye on the man laying lifeless next to the two of you. She couldn’t muster up any words to comfort you, her mind was working too fast to think rationally

               -‘It was self-defense,’ she told herself, ‘MC would never hurt…. I mean… take someone’s life on purpose…’

               -What would happen to MC? Would people believe it was self defense? Would MC be safe? There had to be a way to make sure MC wouldn’t get in trouble for this. She could do her research, she could ask Jumin for help- no no, she couldn’t do that…

               -She had to do whatever she could to protect you.

               -You looked up and watched as she started to drag the man away from you, propping him up against the dumpster. She figured he looked scruffy enough that people could think he had simply fallen and hurt himself on his own. She felt extremely guilty, but she couldn’t lose you

               -“MC,” she said, holding onto your shoulders as she bent down to your eye level once more, “You and I will never speak of this again, do you understand?”


               -He was suspicious when you refused to let him send body guards with you when you left the penthouse

               -What could you have been doing?

               -You knew he already didn’t like the fact that you were leaving so late at night. He just wanted you to stay with him, but you had to do a lot of convincing to get him to let you leave. Sometimes you stayed behind on his business trips because you had things to do

               -There was this one person.. this one person in your life who you could never forgive for hurting you

               -You’ve followed him for years, tracking everything he’s done, learned all of his schedules

               -You were always telling Jumin he should be more open, more honest, more in tuned with his emotions, and to be rational about things

               -Did you take your own adivce? No. This was something they couldn’t come back from. This was something that would never go away, you had to take care of it yourself

               -One night, you decided it was the best time to strike. It was now or never, and this could all be over with. You wouldn’t have to sneak around anymore, and you could finally forget all that had happened.

               -Your target was risky, he was in the higher class and held some sort of power in the business world, but that wasn’t going to stop you.

               -Making your way into his house, you lay in wait, Your heart beating out of your chest

               -When the deed was done you went home, cursing yourself for not thinking it completely through. You thought so carefully how to get it done, how to enjoy it, how to execute it so you won’t be caught in the act

               -But one thing you didn’t think about was how to clean up after you were done.

               -You couldn’t get caught. There was no way you were going to go down for this, nor were you about to slander Jumin’s good name

               -But you didn’t know what to do? How were you going to cover this up? Who could you even ask for help?

               -You went home, your thoughts were frantic but you were composed on the outside. Jumin wouldn’t have been able to notice something was wrong… if he didn’t notice the fact you smell like metal and another man’s cologne

               -He sat as you carefully explained to him what you had done, rubbing his forehead, his eyebrows knit together.

               -He cannot believe what you had done. He knew you had a problematic past but he just couldn’t see how someone like you- the kindest, most warm-hearted person he has ever met, could go and murder a man with no remorse.

               -He has the money to clean up your mess, he has the strong mentality to keep your secret, he has the resources to make sure you’re never caught and that you’re safe- and he’ll do it all for you because you are the love of his life and there was no well in /hell/ that they were going to take you from him.

               -It takes him a very long time to process all of the information before figuring out how to help you, and even longer to actually attempt to get physically close to you because his mind just wouldn’t stop running. He wouldn’t dare to kiss you until he was positive you were in the right frame of mind

               -Although he helped you cover your tracks, he’s still worried about anyone coming near you. He should be afraid of you hurting him but he wasn’t. He was more afraid of someone finding you, or someone hurting you in retaliation. Just as V and Rika had their secrets, he now felt this sort of… pride in having a dark secret between the two of you. He knew it was wrong to think that but he couldn’t help it. It gave him sort of a rush to think about something so secretive the two of you could never speak about it. There was never a thought in his mind growing up that he’d be this close to someone but now he did and there were multiple times he had to talk himself out of suggesting the two participating in similar acts just to grow even closer


               -As secret agent, he’s had to take a few lives

               -He’s not proud of it per say, but he doesn’t let it tear him up inside

               -He found complete comfort in you, though

               -You were calm, loving, and so warm- something he didn’t have most of his life.

               -He thought you were so innocent, so pure

               -But there was something in your background check that just didn’t add up with him

               -There were pieces of information missing. What was your source of income? Your spending habits were a little sporadic? What sort of life were you living?

               -He ignored it all because he of all people knew about terrible pasts, and wanted to believe everyone can be who they are in the present instead

               -So whatever was wrong with your background, he decided he could accept it

               -He was extremely broken hearted at the fact he had to leave you for a mission, but he knew it was something he had to do, and he would see you at home, ready to greet him!

               -What he didn’t expect on this mission, however, was to find you there, at his targets place

               -Let alone see you grab the guy by the hair, dragging a knife across his neck

               -He actually almost screamed, watching the love of his life kill this man, the red liquid dripping down the guys throat and across his chest

               -You looked up from the man to see Saeyoung, your once emotionless face turned to something completely mortified at being found out

               -“This.. this isn’t what it looks like,” you let out a nervous giggle, “I-I mean okay it.. it is what it looks like. B-but you have to hear me out! Please! Just hear me out!”

               -He stared at you like a deer in the headlights, listening to you explain that you’re a paid hitman. You had no idea his target was the same one you had been given

               -You explained that you did this often, with multiple different methods, but when you attempted to go into detail, Saeyoung stopped you with tears in his eyes

               -“MC, listen… I forgive you. My job… it’s not that innocent either, I get it. I just wish.. you would have told me, you know? Trust me with this sort of thing… You… you’re so kind and I love the ever-loving hell out of you. I’m not going to change how I think about you. Except now I’m sure I might have some nightmares watching you with a knife to a man’s throat, but…”

               -You nodded in understanding, letting out a soft sigh and a small smile at the fact that he immediately accepted you despite the horrors you bring upon people, just like you accepted his. At least now he understood why you didn’t mind the danger of being with him…

               -A light bulb went off between the two of you when you simultaneously realized you had to get rid of the body. Completely thrown off guard by Saeyoung’s presence, you lost all train of thought and he started to help you clean up the mess, much to your surprise. You stayed with him while he got whatever information he needed, and as if nothing happened, the two of you went home together hand in hand. Was it odd for the both of you to accept that you’re both killers? Yes, but the two of you can work on those feelings together, and Saeyoung was okay with that


               -He’s been hurt enough in this life

               -And he had been surrounded by enough pain, confusion, and manipulation

               -When he met you, everything seemed brighter and loving and he couldn’t wait to finally be happy with no worries!

               -Except it wasn’t that easy for him

               -He expected some sort of hiccup, but he didn’t know it would be something like this.

               -The two of you were walking through the seemingly empty park one night after an incredible date, when you noticed there was some sort of black figure lurking in the shadows

               -As much as V would love to protect you, his eyesight still isn’t the best, but you don’t blame him at all. You just take it upon yourself to protect him instead!

               -That being said you carried some sort of weapon with you, because you never know who would come up to the two of you. Usually it was something like pepper spray, but after the whole “Rika” thing, you got something a little more… powerful, because you were terrified about someone hurting V!

               -The shadow figure jumped out to grab you, and you panicked.

               -With a small screech when you were grabbed, you pulled out a small handheld gun, pointing it in the direction of the person holding onto you. A bang rang out and echoed into the night and V freaked out, worrying about you

               -He could see a lot of movement and he didn’t know what to do and he never felt more horrible

               -There was a loud thud followed by a lot of mumbling

               -He was able to pick out words like, “oh no,” “what did I do,” and “please”

               -Frantically trying to find you, you grabbed his hand and started to sob

               -Your hand was wet and sticky, and he immediately knew what he was touching. He dropped to his knees, his heart racing out of fear. Was it possible for his heart to beat so fast it just runs out of his chest?

               -“MC? MC! Are you okay? Are you in pain? What happened? Are you injured? MC! Please, tell me what happened!” he begged, listening to you cry violently, trying to get words to come out through your cries

               -“I! He- he! He grabbed me! I was afraid! I was scared for you and I… I didn’t know what to do! I just- I pointed, closed my eyes, and pulled the trigger! I only meant to hurt him a little bit, I guess?? So that we could get away?? I.. I didn’t mean for this! I didn’t mean to end this man’s life! Jihyun, please! Please believe me!”

               -He pulled you into his chest, smoothing your hair and whispering calming words, he wasn’t sure how well he could help you, but he knew it wasn’t your fault.

               -It was self-defense and he knows it. He would never blame you for this. But he loved you, and he couldn’t let you suffer through this alone. He took the gun apart, chucking pieces into what he hoped was the lake, shoving other pieces into his pocket. If it was in pieces, they won’t have enough evidence.

               -He promised you he would always be there for you no matter what. He knows you aren’t capable of harming a person on purpose. He was positive that you are simply an angel on earth and would only do what you needed to protect yourself and the ones you love. There was no way he would let you get caught. He’s done terrible things in the past and he would do them all over again if it meant he could protect you.


               -Working for Mint Eye, he’s already had to kill people

               -It doesn’t bother him anymore. He can do it in the blink of an eye. He doesn’t think twice

               -When you first joined Mint Eye, he was positive you wouldn’t make it

               -Someone as cute as you wouldn’t be able to handle such dirty work.

               -You’d probably cry the first time you were confronted

               -So when you were sent on a mission unrelated to the RFA, he wanted to go with you

               -Definitely not to protect you! Just… to see you crash and burn.

               -You came face to face with the man you had to kill

               -Saeran stood back with his arms crossed, ready to step in and call you an idiot. To tell you that you weren’t cut out for the job, you should stick to just working back at headquarters

               -But without a second thought, you put the gun in between this man’s eyes and pulled the trigger,  leaving the blood spatter across your face as you stare down emotionless at the lifeless body at your feet

               -He was honestly shocked? You…. didn’t feel a thing?

               -You continued going through this man’s belongings, looking for what you were sent there for

               -He stood there in awe, not sure about what he should do about this situation? There were so many feelings about you swirling around in his head. He couldn’t help but grab your arm and spin you around, watching as your eyes sparked back to life

               -“Um? Saeran? What do you want? What’s wrong?”

               -Looking back and forth between your eyes, Saeran watched as your guard dropped and concern flooded them, staring back at him and started to get confused

               -“I uh. Just-” he started, turning his head away from you and furrowing his eyebrows, frowning at the floor, “Don’t get to full of yourself when I say this but, you… you did good. I thought.. I thought you didn’t have it in you to kill. I thought I would have to.”

               -He turned back to you, eyebrows still knit together before he sighed and slammed his lips against your own, dominating and commanding your bottom lip to follow the movement of his own, moving a hand up to the back of your head to bring you closer

               -You tried to stutter out that you were out of breath and that’s when he let you go, practically pushing himself 7 feet away from you

               -“I mean, whatever. You better do this well next time. I don’t want to have to follow you every time you leave HQ just to make sure you can keep pulling the trigger. It’s not because I want to protect you, or anything! Take care of your damn self! You know what, maybe you shouldn’t even go on these things anymore. Maybe you should just stay back,” he rambled on, trying to hide a blush that was rising to his cheeks. He turned to the lifeless body on the ground, nervously fidgeting with him, attempting to change the subject

               -“Come on. I’ll help you just this once to get rid of this thing. You need to do it yourself. I won’t help you next time. What do you mean I’m trying to change the subject? No I’m not! Mind your own damn business, get over here and help me carry this guy!”


We All Fall Down - Seventeen

You didn’t sleep or at least you didn’t think you did. You spent most of the night laying face up on the guest bed, tears that you rarely let anyone see flowing down your face. Minutes blurred into hours as you questioned yourself over and over again, how had you let yourself end up here?

The things Will had told you had made your blood run cold, yet at the same time you found that you weren’t all that suprised. Not now that you thought about it. Spencer HAD been fixated on you, you’d figured that out long ago. So why should you have been the only one it had happened to. And why had you been the only one that had allowed themselves to get trapped by him?

You knew the answer really. Because you had been that low at that point that marrying someone you didn’t love but who’s child you’d been carrying, had seemed like the only option you had. And Spencer WASN’T a monster, or at least he wasn’t what you would consider one. He’d treated you right for the most part, provided for you even if that meant you having nothing to call your own, he’d left his position at the university and moved to New York for you. Although now you thought about the second incident Will had mentioned, that all made perfect sense. But even though you didn’t love Spencer Reid and you would never love him, not truly in the way he wanted you to or at least he used to want you to, you didn’t hate him. You were for the most part indifferent to him which was quite possibly worse. You hated yourself for ending up here though, but was that his fault?

Was it Derek’s?

Surely it had to be yours.

But now, with everything Will had said, the comments the others had made about him having issues, being obsessive and easily infatuated and that making someone dangerous. And the events of the evening, and him grabbing and bruising your wrists the day of the funeral.

You now didn’t know what to think.

At some point you must have dozed off a little, you could hear a knocking on the bedroom door and it took you a few befuddled seconds to react to it. Emily entered the room carrying two mugs with her. She held one out to you and motioned towards the mattress, sitting on it when you nodded. You took the drink, smelling strong coffee and you sipped on it gratefully, your eyes feeling like someone had rubbed crushed up glass in them and your banadaged hand still throbbing.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Emily asked you although you were fairly sure that your face gave it all away.

“I honestly don’t know how to feel about everything.” Your voice was hoarse and quiet.

“That’s fairly understandable. Well, you’re welcome here as long as you need it babe.”

You nodded, knowing that you didn’t have anywhere else to go. “Emily, did you know Spencer when he was younger?” From the things she’d told you you were under the impression that she was from around here.

“Not really. We went to the same high school but he and JJ were in a different year. I remember being aware of them because most people from this area are, it not often there’s two award winning writers in one family, especially one as young as Spencer was, but I didn’t really know them. My grandmother and I lived on the other side of town so it’s only since I moved back that I got to know the family.

“Your grandmother?”

Emily shifted on the bed, getting comfortable as she drank from her cup. “Yeah my grandmother bought me up. I lived with her until I left for college. She passed away a few years ago.”

“Where were your… erm, where were your parents?” It wasn’t an unwarranted question to ask but you felt awkward asking all the same.

Emily pushed a lock of her hair back before beginning. “Well my mom….. My mom’s an actress, quite well known in soap opera land actually…. Anyway, I came along at a rather inconvenient time for her I guess because when I was about four months old she decided she wasn’t cut out for motherhood and dropped me off with my Geema. She’d turn up once or twice a year and take me out for the day, buy me whatever the latest barbie doll was and then I wouldn’t see or hear from her again for months. Growing up, I saw my mother through the TV screen but rarely in person. And I don’t know who my father is. She won’t say but I suspect it was one of her co stars at the time, an actor called Jason Gideon.”

That name rang a bell in your head and you suddenly knew who her mother was. “Wait your mom’s Elizabeth Prentiss?” You could totally see the resemblance now.

Emily nodded. “I’m not totally sure I’d bestow the title of mother upon her though. I mean our relationship is better now that I’m older but I think it’s only a because she doesn’t have to take care of me.”

“Do you still see her then?”

“Not regularly. I didn’t see or hear from her for about six years in actual fact. When Tara and I first got together though, we were talking abouts families and our parents and I ended up slipping into about a three month long depression which we figured out was caused by wondering why she didn’t want me. So after some pushing and prodding from Tara, I tracked down her address and went and asked her outright.”

“And what did she say?” you were both intrigued and somewhat jealous. At least Emily had been able to speak to her mother.

“Pretty much that I was an inconvenience to her career. She was terribly apologetic about it to my face, it just wasn’t the right time for her to be a mommy and she regretted leaving me and all that. We do see each other occasionally now but I still can’t understand. Why have me if she didn’t want me? What kind of person abandons their child? Especially someone who was earning good money as well.”

“My mom left me,” you blurted out suddenly. Emily’s eyes widened at the realisation that you had this in common.

“She did?”

“Yeah. She left me and my dad when I was seven years old. Not even her sister knew where she’d gone. She didn’t leave a note or anything. I just came home from school one day and she wasn’t there.”

“Jesus Y/N. How did your dad take it?”

“Extremely poorly apparently. He drank himself into a bottle and died from cirrhosis when I was eleven. My Aunt bought me up, mom’s sister.”

“My God, parents suck sometimes.”

You nodded in agreement. “People suck sometimes.”

“This is also true,” Emily patted your leg through the comforter. “But I don’t suck…. At least not dick anyway,” she grinned at her own joke. “You wanna get up? Ill make pancakes? Then I could use your help. I gotta try some new recipes out and I need a guinea pig.”

Being Emily’s guinea pig sounded incredibly appealing and you told her so.

“Excellent. If you wanna shower there’s fresh towels. And Tara washed your clothes from yesterday, even managed to get the blood out too. Apparently she knows some formula for removing it that she learnt in medical school. I’ll see you downstairs in a few.”

After Emily left you hauled yourself off the bed and moved to the bathroom, finding a toothbrush in a wrapper set out for you. You didn’t want to risk wetting your bandage so you decided not to shower, just brushing your teeth and washing your face instead. Your eyes were puffy and red and your hair hung in rat tails, the results of the rainwater.

You looked a mess, which seemed incredibly fitting.

The rest of the day was spent in Emily’s huge kitchen, her feeding you dish after dish whilst her cat Sergio, sat purring on your lap. You got the distinct feeling she was holding back from you, she wanted to ask questions about what Will had referred to last night but she also wanted you to open up to her in your own time. And you decided that you would. Emily was quite possibly the first friend you’d had in years and her and Tara had opened their home to you. You just would do it slowly, you told yourself.

Tara arrived home later and the three of you sat down for a meal you’d like to say you helped prepare, but really you just sat watching Emily cook, amazed at how quickly she could turn a pile of ingredients into a meal fit for a queen. Just as you were about to begin eating, the doorbell sounded, the three of you pausing and looking at each other.

“I’ll go,” Tara put her cutlery down. “It’s probably Will checking up on you.”

She disappeared and minutes later she still wasn’t back. You and Emily listened carefully, your eyes widening when you realised you could hear your husband talking.


“I know. She won’t let him in though, not if you don’t want her to.”

You did want to hear what was being said though so you both moved to kitchen door.

“Spencer, she’s not here.”

“There’s nowhere else she could be though Tara. You’re the only people she knows in this town. I just want to speak to her, to find out what happened.” Spencer sounded desperate and you closed your eyes briefly knowing exactly how his face would look.

“If you’re that concerned Spencer, then perhaps you could speak to your brother in law,” you could hear a slight hint of venom in her voice as she continued. “I’m sure the police department would be very interested to hear how your wife just decided to go for a walk, in the middle of a storm without her phone, bag or keys and not come back. I’m sure they’d also be interested to know why you’re only looking for her now, 24 hours later.”

“She’s here, I know she’s here. Y/N?!” he began calling out loudly. “Y/N!!”

“Go home Spencer. If you’re really concerned about her, speak to Will. And tell him what actually happened rather than the bullshit story you just fed me.”

With that, she slammed the door in his face.



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Some Things Never Change

Title:  Some Things Never Change

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  2049

Warnings:  None, really. Maybe canon typical violence.

Author’s Notes:  This is loosely based on this request I received (sorry, I don’t know who sent it, I forgot to make a note): a fic where Donna runs into her ex, Doug at another shindig and Dean swoops in and acts like her new husband (I did boyfriend). I do not condone violence between former significant others. If you can’t tell, I’m a Dean and Donna shipper. If you’re interested in reading any of my other Hanchester fics, here’s my master list for Dean and Donna.

Keep reading

I Don’t Love You Anymore (pt. 2)

You can find part 1 right here –> I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 1


I’m writing this note because I don’t have the balls to say this to your face. The reason I’ve been acting like a douche these past few weeks is because, well, at first, I thought it was just stress but, for awhile now, I haven’t felt anything with you. Each kiss, touch, laugh and word we shared has felt dead to me. I’m sorry y/n, I really am but I just don’t love you anymore. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me.


I read the painful words over and over again, each time praying that this is a sick and twisted drawn out April Fools joke he’s playing on me; maybe Mikey put him up to it. But as the minutes pass, I come to the bitter reality that he meant what he said, he doesn’t love me anymore. Is it really a surprise? I mean, all the signs were there. He stopped our morning and nighty-night cuddles, claimed he was sore from working out so much. No longer gave me his warm and soft pecks before he or I left work, it was always, “I really gotta go” or “Go, y/n your gonna be late.” He completely stopped all intimacy between us, and not just physically but mentally, he didn’t talk anymore, nor did he want to listen. So no, it’s not a surprise but it still hurts like hell. I get out the bed and walk over into the closest grabbing another shirt of his and placing it on his side of the bed as I snuggle up next to it and cry myself to sleep.


Six Weeks Later

I’m in the grocery store humming along to Tim McGraw’s “Shotgun Rider,” while debating if I want salmon or tilapia for dinner when a familiar and comforting voice behind me says, “You’ve always had a beautiful voice, it’s a shame that you never considered putting it to work.” I turn around and none other than Ashton Irwin is standing there giving me his award winning smile walking towards me. “Oh please,” I say dismissing the thought. “I’m serious, y/n, we could’ve used you in our band,” he admits as he gets closer. “Then you’d actually be five seconds of summer,” I joke as he laughs and his smile warms up my day. Gosh, I forgot how perfect he was. He looks good, his hair is cut nice, muscles seeping through his shirt.  “A picture lasts longer babe,” he smirks while finally coming face to face with me. I chuckle softly at his cockiness, “How have you been, Irwin?” I ask sincerely wanting to know how my best friend’s been the past few weeks with the stress of making an album. “Seems like I should be asking you that same question,” he says back and a seriousness falls upon us as I realize what he means. I clear my throat as a shift to the other foot, a little uncomfortable, “I-I’m good. I’ve been fine.” “Really?” he asks not buying it as he senses my whole attitude change. “Yeah I’ve been just focusing on school and wo–

I’m cut off by a sudden warmth that wraps around me and I realize that warmness is coming from Ash. Me and Ashton have always had a great relationship, sometimes I felt he understood me better than Calum, maybe it’s because he’s older. I could always have deep and intellectual conversations with him, something I could never do with Calum. We always understood each other; there were countless long nights of personal thoughts, feelings and blissful moments being shared over Chinese takeout or bowls of ice cream, especially the last weeks before Calum broke up with me.

One Week Before Breakup

“Ash, if I ask you a question, will you be completely honest with me?” I ask as I take a bite of my sesame chicken. “Of course, y/n, you know that. What’s up?” he asks and takes a long swig of his beer. I poke at my chicken, still wondering if I’m a bad girlfriend for even considering this thought, I mean I should trust my boyfriend right? I eat another piece of chicken as I take the beer out his hands and finish it making that my 4th one that night. “Okay, y/n, you only drink this much when we’re celebrating, which we’re not or if somethings really bothering you,” he says pausing the TV. I continue poking at my chicken and Ashton pulls the food off my lap and sets it on the bed side table as he makes me face him. “Y/n, talk to me, love,” he says softly as he lifts my chin forcing me to look in his eyes. “Do you–Is Calum seeing someone else?” I blurt out as tears begin to fill my eyes. The thought of Calum cheating didn’t seem real until I actually said it. “What?!” Ashton gasps, “Why would you think that?”

“Well, we’re growing really distant, ya know? He doesn’t  want to cuddle anymore, doesn’t want kiss or touch me, it takes so much for me just to get him to tell me how his day went, which is only a grumbled out, “fine.” And all that has got me thinking that maybe, there’s someone else,” I admit to him. I can see Ashton getting upset at hearing the way his best friend has been treating me. “I’ll talk him,” is all he says before he reaches his phone. “No! Ash, please don’t. Its only gonna create more problems between us, just stay out if it,” I desperately say as I snatch his phone out his hand. “Well, I’m not gonna let him treat you like shit and let him think its okay,” he snaps back at me reaching for his phone. “Ashton, you can’t talk to him about this!” I scream as I hop off his bed, “Why not Y/N?! What’s the big deal?” he asks. “Tell me Ashton, how would you feel if your girlfriend went talking to Luke, for instance, about problems she’s having with you?” I ask him. “I’d be pissed,” he says immediately. “Exactly,” I say back, “He can’t know I’ve been telling you these things. Especially now, he’s so irritable. Our relationship is at a fragile point and any sort of pressure will crash it,” I admit as I flop back on his bed. His face softens as he whispers, “Sorry, love I know–”

“Is it me?” I interrupt,  “Am I not pretty enough? Is it because I’m always talking about school and the future? Does that scare him? Am I too boring because I’d prefer to stay in than go out and party? Does he not want me?” I ask as the tears fill my eyes again and they freely fall down my face. “Hey, y/n listen to me,” Ashton says softly, “You are a beautiful woman. You are so intelligent, funny and talented. I mean what normal person, double majors in sociology and philosophy while minoring in Spanish and working two jobs, you’re frickin’ superwoman,” he exclaims making me laugh. “And oh my goodness, that gorgeous smile. Y/n you literally walk in a room and it lights up, you make everything brighter. And you know what else?” he asks wiping away the tears from my face. “You have the most beautiful soul. You have a such a great heart y/n, you’re so selfless, my goodness, I love you.” My eyes widen as I feel that he didn’t mean love as in best friends but love as in lovers. We stay like that for a while just staring into each other’s eyes and as each moment passes I realize which love he meant and I realize that maybe I too feel that way. Not once had Calum ever expressed his love for me in the words my best friend just had. “Ash, I-” “Shhh,” he says softly as he brings his hands to the sides of my face. “Ashton, we can’t,” I say bringing my hands to wrap around his “I know. But I can’t stop wondering how different it would all be if I’d seen you first,” he says. “Me too,” I admit. The moment is interrupted when the sound of footsteps snaps us from each other’s trance. We immediately sit on our respective sides of the bed and return to eating our food while watching FRIENDS as Mikey bursts in the room yelling, “I’m bored!”


We never got a chance to talk about that night seeing as I blamed our confessions of love on too much beer. We always get super mushy with another after a few beers, a reason why Calum never wanted me to drink alone with Ash. Then the next week Calum broke up with me via, sloppy written note and I’ve ignored and avoided all connections to him, including Ashton. However, my best friend who still loves me, is holding me and I finally relax in to him and for the first time in a while, I feel comfort, cared for, loved even, simply through his touch. He tightens his grip on me as I wrap my arms around his torso drinking in his scent and embracing the memories that I shared with him. Ashton has always been the only who could completely comfort me, its almost as if he peers into my soul, finds out what’s hurting and says the right things to heal me. I don’t know how long its been as we stand there enjoying one another presence, I mean I haven’t talked to him in six weeks, despite his constant tries. I sigh as a warming tingly feeling comes over me and I begin to grip on him tighter, almost craving him, which freaks me out as I realize that my best friend, who is also my ex-boyfriend’s best friend is making me feel weird things as I pull away. “I umm, I should go,” I say as I get ready to push my cart. “Y/n, wait,” he says as he softly grabs my arm, “Can we go grab a coffee?” he asks desperately with pleading eyes. “I don’t know about that Ash,” I say despite my mind saying yes. “Y/n, come on, it’s been six weeks. I miss my best friend,” he says. “You still have Mikey, Luke and uhm, Calum” I say looking down. “Yeah, but there’s someone special still missing,” he says as he lifts my chin up to look at him. “Ashton! What’s taking you so…bloody…long…” a voice that I never thought, nor wanted to hear again says. I watch with big eyes as the guy who tore my heart apart comes in to view. “H-hi y/n,” he says.

A/N: Hey beautifuls! I know I promised it would be posted Friday but it’s 11:39pm on the west coast :p and I live in the midwest so, I use both time zones interchangeably  /.\ Anyways, this is part 2, what do yall think? Its okay to message/ask me I promise I don’t bite…hard (was that too corny/played out?) Forreal tho, talk to me! 😊

I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 3