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Jonathan: We missed you guys! Please, keep us company! 

Jotaro: Well, I guess we’ll be staying for a while. 

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a comprehensive list of  reasonable Gendrya shite i want

-her bursting into the room and him standing up quickly from the table of men he’s sitting at “Gendry!?”.. “Arya.. My Princess-” “Shut up” AND A HUG while the other men are like ?????????? and then Jon walks in and he let’s go of her and Jon just raises his eyebrows and walks away

-friendly teasing, arm punches, tickling, “Milady”

-tying a dirty handkerchief to his war hammer and saying “Don’t die.” 

-him asking her to dance at the feast and they get all the way onto the floor before realizing neither of them can dance. “Shall we just.. get more some more mead?”

-them standing or sitting next to each other at least. just in the same damn frame pls.

-an ”I can be your family” parallel or 2 or 17 

-someone to notice that they look like Robert and Lyanna. like i want Jorah to see them reunite and have a look on his face like: “de ja vu thooo!!!!” 

-u know that scene when King Elizabeth Swann gives that epic “hoist the colours” speech to the brethren in PotC3? and Will Turner is looking at her like she is the most amazing person to ever exist? YEAH. yeah. i just want Gendry to look at Arya with utter amazement and pure respect.

-her to use her faceless man skills to fight him in a play fight and win. can she get him in a headlock or something? and like when she let’s go he must react like Linguini did in Disney’s Ratatouille when Colette pulled all the knives out of his sleeves like “WOW!!!” :D with fucking acorn hearts in his eyes. 

(just fuck me up.)

i was looking at AnY characters design and…

“Yona is so cute… but… what’s that?”

look at this damn precious baby face

it deserves to be a fucking meme

camping / sirius black

author note: aaah so this is my first fic! this was actually inspired by the film the parent trap. i had watched it last night and got the idea to use it for this fic. i hope you guys enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated! requests are open as well now! 

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 It was a week before school started again when you and your friends decided that a weekend camping trip was necessary before the new school year. Well, it was actually Lily’s idea but none of you opposed it.

 "And I should’ve realized sooner how sweet he really is,“ Lily rambled on about James and their nth date over the summer. “I think he’s going to make it official soon. I hope.” she continued but you weren’t exactly paying attention. Not because you didn’t care or because it was boring you out, but because your attention was on someone else. 

 Your eyes were locked on the young man who was encouraging his best mate on making a handmade fire for the night. Though it was turning dark, you could still see the crinkles appearing at the corner of his eyes every time he smiled widely. “Y/N, do you-” Lily stopped when she realized you weren’t listening to a single word, she followed your gaze, smirking when seeing who you were admiring- “You know you could always just tell him how you feel. It’ll make it easier.” 

 “I was actually looking at James in amusement so I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You lied, gesturing over at the boy failing miserably on starting a fire.

 “I’m not going to use magic, Padfoot! I’ve seen someone in a Muggle film do this with just sticks and a stone.” James was determined on making it happen. 

“There’s a reason why it’s called a film, James.” Lily shouted which caused him to send a glare in her direction. 

 Remus agreed with Lils, but James was quick to comment on how poorly him and Peter had done their tent. Your heart fluttered at the sound of Sirius laughter, his gaze meeting yours as you sucked in your breath and forced yourself to look away. You had come to terms on the crush you had on the Marauder during your third year, keeping it a secret from everyone. Lily was quick to catch on and had always tried to push you to tell him, but you knew you couldn’t deal with the sting of rejection if you ever did. He was one of your best friends after all which meant your friendship came first and meant more to you than a stupid crush ever would.

 ‘It’s only a crush’ you always found yourself saying, knowing deep down that it had blossom to something much more. 

 You were all huddled close around the bonfire that James failed to make, Remus having had to step in and take care of it himself with a swift flick of his wand. You were all talking about the new school year that was going to start, sad looks hidden behind everyone’s eyes though. You all knew it was your last year and were well aware of the fact that the war was quickly approaching. You had glanced over at Sirius, seeing that his eyes were already fixated on you. He winked at you before looking away, a smile creeping on his lips. 

‘How long had he been staring at me?’ 

‘Was that smile because of me?’

Your thoughts were whirling as your cheeks blushed a bright shade of pink. Of course it wasn’t because of you.

 “I think the fire is dying. You should get more wood.” James ordered, his attention averting to Sirius. 

 “Wha- No it’s not.” Sirius pointed out, but pulled his wand out from his back pocket. “I can jus-”

 “No. You will do no such thing. Just find some wood out there, mate.” James insisted, whispering something before looking over at you. “Y/N/N, you should go too.” Lily quickly nodded at the idea and grinned widely at you, causing suspicion to arise from you.

 You got up regardless but in slight confusion, “Okay?.. Are you coming?” You looked at Sirius.

 The two of you were heading back to the camp, your path being illuminated by the moon as you both carried a fair share of collected wood. Sirius was saying something but you weren’t paying attention to be honest. You were staring at him, taking in his exquisite features. You noticed how the moon shined perfectly on him and made it seem like his long, ebony locks was flowing. His grey eyes appeared darker than usual and his cheekbones seemed more prominent. Due to his distracting appearance, not only were you not paying attention to what he was saying, but you weren’t looking at where you were going. A yelp soon escaped your lips when you tripped, the wood you were carrying soon fell to the ground as you tried to catch your fall.

 You didn’t of course. 

 Sirius ruptured in laughter, quickly trying to muffle his laugh when you shot him a threatening glare.”Oh love, you can’t deny that wasn’t funny.” He beamed with an amused smile, biting down his bottom lip to try and stop him from laughing again.

 “It’s not funny when you’re the one busting your ass.”

 “Right. Not funny.” He chuckled before dropping the wood he was carrying. “Are you alright though?” 

 You quickly took the hand he offered, “I’m fine.” You assured. “Mildly embarrassed though.” 

 Sirius helped you up to your feet, pulling you close to him. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about with me, love.” He said softly, staring down at you intently with a smile plastered against his lips still. Your cheeks blushed profusely, quickly pulling away from him.

 “We should pick up the wood.” Your voice hitched quietly, Sirius’ smile that was now faltering going unnoticed by you. 

 You both picked up your respective pieces of wood before continuing your way back to the others in silence.

 “Should we really be doing this?” Peter questioned with uncertainty as he watched James pick your sleeping body up from the mattress you had been sharing with Lily.

 “Of course. I warned Padfoot that if he didn’t make a move when they went to grab wood last night, that I would intervene somehow.” James spoke as he laid your body down by Sirius.

 “I’m surprised they haven’t woken up to being handled. They’re pretty knocked out.” Lily mused and James snorted.


 “I might’ve drugged them.” He admitted with a smirk.

 “YOU WHAT?” Both Remus and Lily quietly yelled.

 “Ah yes, their butterbeer was mixed with a strong sleeping potion. But enough about that, let’s drag this to the lake as planned. Shall we?”

“Why were you even carrying around a potion? You know what, I don’t even want to know.” Lily sighed, shaking her head.

You had slowly stirred in your sleep, waking up to a strange amount of brightness shining on your face. You groaned as you hovered an arm over your eyes to block it but felt the mattress you were sharing with Lily move strangely as well. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, your mouth gaping open when you saw the situation you were in. 

You looked over and instead of seeing Lily you were surprised with Sirius.

 “S-Sirius?” You stammered, only causing him to stir slightly. “Sirius!” You tried to shake him awake now. 

 He groaned, rolling over to face you. “What Ja- Y/N?” He frowned. “What are you-”

 You cut him off, gesturing around- “Look.” 

 The both of you were on a inflatable mattress that was floating on the lake by your campsite. He sat up now to look around, his mouth parting as if he was going to say something but deciding not to. “How the hell did this happened?” You questioned, more to yourself than anything. But what you saw ahead of you answered your question.

 Remus, Lily, Peter, and James were all sitting on folding chairs and waving at the two of you as if nothing. 

“What did you guys do?” You shouted, you and Sirius glaring at them.

 “What was right!” Lily shouted right back.

 “What was right? What are they going on about?” You asked as you looked over at Sirius. He seemed quite amused about the predicament you were both in but his heartbeat started picking up when he realized what this was about.

 “How’d you even bloody manage this?” He asked out loud, avoiding your question. 

 “I’ve impressively managed to drug the two of you!” James shouted now, sounding rather proud of himself. “Now stop talking to us and get on about your feelings.” 

 Sirius face instantly froze as you looked at him again with confusion, “Your feelings?” You tried not to stammer, making a mental note to yell at James later for drugging you.

 And by the look on his face it dawned on you that this wasn’t a prank being pulled on either of you, it was meant to be a confession.

 “Look, Y/N,” He began, knowing there was no way out of this if he didn’t tell you how he felt for you all these years. “You don’t have to say anything but-”

 “Sirius I fancy you.”

 “I fancy-” He tried to finish but abruptly stopped when he realized what you had confessed. “Y-You fancy me?” He grinned, his face lighting up. You nodded, the grin you wore matching his. “Oh thank Merlin,” He seemed to let out the breath he hadn’t noticed he was holding in. “Because I fancy you too, Y/N. For such a long time and hadn’t had the slightest clue on how to tell you correctly. I mean I wanted to tell you last night but didn’t want to ruin anything and-”

 “Sirius?” You interrupted his uncharacteristically rambling.


 “Just kiss me already.”

 With that Sirius eagerly moved over to kiss you but the sudden movement wasn’t favorable to the inflatable mattress because it had suddenly turned and flip the both of you into the water. You and Sirius emerged up to the surface, looking at each other before erupting into laughter. He splashed you and you feigned a shocked look before sending water back his way. After your short water fight and fits of laughter died down, the two of you had locked eyes on each other. His orbs boring into yours with adoration.

 “C’mere, beautiful.” He whispered, his tongue grazing over his bottom lip as you moved closer to him. He grabbed your hips, pulling you tightly against him as your heart raced against your chest uncontrollably fast. “I think this is going to be the start of a great school year, don’t you think?” He grinned, his hands moving up as his heart was just as much of a mess as yours. He cupped your face with his hands, a thumb stroking your cheek gently before tilting your head upwards a bit and leaning down to place a kiss on your wet lips. You kissed him back instantly, running a hand through his soaked hair, the kiss turning into a much more passionate yet needy one.

The two of you eventually pulled away slightly to catch your breath, Sirius resting his forehead against yours as his slightly swollen lips broke into an enormous smile. The cheers and roars coming from your group of friends went unnoticed due to the fact that the two of you were entranced with each other. 

And true to his words, it was one of the best starts to a new school year.

wanneer je de hele week niks hebt gedaan van de dingen die je wilde/moest doen, maar alleen maar bones hebt gekeken en een broodverslaving hebt #canrelate 

Choreographed (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Hey guys! Alright, confession time, I got a little ( a lot ) confused by the prompt for this and I have no idea if I interpreted it the way it was meant to be! Oops. I think it turned out decently, at any rate, and I hope you enjoy it.

Please forgive any major errors (and yell at me to fix them tomorrow!) It’s late as hell right now, I’m tired, and I rushed like mad to get this posted. 

Words: 2057

Warnings: Language

You were pacing backstage, discreetly wiping sweat from your palms onto your red dress. You could hear the final phrases of the first Cabinet Battle being performed now, and that left you with just one more song to prepare before yours. I can do this, I can do this, you chanted mentally, trying to slow your racing heart. You’d been a member of Hamilton’s ensemble cast for months; you were no stranger to performing live at the Richard Rodgers. But tonight was different.

Tonight, Jasmine had caught a cold that had entirely stripped her of her beautiful voice. Tonight you were her understudy. You’d had no trouble at all in your numbers as Peggy, but “Say No To This” was next, and you were more than a little worried about how that was going to go.

Jas was here to support you all, clinging to a cup of honey lemon tea and lounging in sweats, and she walked up behind you now to give your shoulder a reassuring squeeze, making a point of leaning away from you so she didn’t get you sick.

“Hey.” she whispered. “Listen, you’re doing great. There’s no one I’d rather have covering me tonight.”

“Jas,” you whimpered. “What if I fuck it all up?”

“First of all,” she croaked with a glint in her eye. “That’s really what Maria does. Second, you nailed it in rehearsal every time we did this. You’re going to do fine.”

You sighed heavily, trying to believe her. “If you say so.”

“I do.” she whispered, before breaking off into a hacking cough. You winced, patting her back. “Go rest in your dressing room, Jas. I love you, but you sound awful.”

She gave you a last smile and a thumbs up, walking away as “Take A Break” began onstage.


You jumped, whirling around and fighting a wave of hysterical giggles. “Damn it, Daveed, I almost had a heart attack!”

He smiled at you, managing to look completely heart-stopping even in Jefferson’s garishly fuchsia costume. “Ready for your song? You look great in that dress.” He winked at you.

You rolled your eyes at the meaningless flirting you’d come to expect from him and shook your head. “No, no, no, I’m really not ready for this!”

His face turned to one of gentle concern. “Hey, Y/N, listen to me. You’ve got this, okay? I’ve heard you sing this perfectly a hundred times.”

“But Daveed,” you complained, “it’s The Note. What if I miss it?”

He shook his head, bringing his warm hands to rest on your shoulders. “Hey. Look at me.”

You obeyed, clenching your hands into fists at your sides and fighting to get yourself into the right mindset.

“Y/N, you are going to be the most amazing Maria Reynolds New York has ever seen. Okay?”

You were having this conversation outside of Jas’s dressing room, and the walls were incredibly thin. You both chuckled as Jas, too voiceless to yell an objection, thumped the wall of her dressing room in protest.

“I know you can do this. I’ve seen you do this. You’ve got Lin and the whole ensemble to carry you. Just breathe, you’ll be fine.”

Your entrance was moments away now, and Daveed gave you a gentle push in the direction of the stage. “Break a leg.”

You looked over your shoulder at him, giving him a shaky smile. “Thanks.”

Okay, Y/N. Just breathe. You walked onto the stage confidently, starting your walk around the rotating stage and forcing your nerves away as you began to sing, letting Jas’s and Daveed’s words fill your head instead of your doubts. Fake it til you make it.

This one’s mine, sir.” Your voice was as perfectly in tune as it had been in rehearsals, and you began to relax a little.



The song continued, and your performing instincts took over as you and Lin moved through your choreographed moves, hitting everything perfectly.

Before you knew it, you were on your knees, the red dress pooled around you, begging your lines.

“Stop crying, goddamnit, get up!”

“I didn’t know any better!”

You closed your eyes for just a heartbeat to collect yourself as the song continued, conscious of keeping up with your lines and not letting the audience see your nerves.

This is it.

You took a breath and belted out your next words as in-character as possible. “If you pay, you can stay!”

You hit the note without wavering, and it felt as though a metaphorical ton of bricks had fallen off of your shoulders. Where your performance earlier had been slightly withdrawn, you now threw everything you had into Maria Reynolds, through the sequence on Lin’s lap in the chair, and then finally exiting the stage straight into Jas’s arms.

“See?” she whispered excitedly. “I knew you could do it! That was amazing!”

You laughed weakly, your adrenaline rush fading now, and pulled away from her so you both could walk all the way back to the dressing rooms. Various other cast members were giving you quick congratulations and smiles as they passed you on their way back onstage, and you smiled back, relief filling you.

“God, that was stressful.” you sighed. “I loved it, but I never want to do that again.”

Jas made a sound that was supposed to be laughter, but with her hoarse voice more closely resembled a cat being strangled. “You’re gonna have to,” she croaked, waving a hand at her throat to indicate her voice, “because this is not coming back tomorrow.”

Your eyes grew wide. “But Jas! Tomorrow’s a double performance!”

She looked at you sternly. “Look, you rocked it. No more self-doubt, Y/N.”

“Right.” you sighed.

“Daveed!” Jas hissed as loudly as she could, waving the man over from where he was leaning on the nearby wall. “Tell her to stop worrying!”

Daveed looked at her briefly, walking over stiffly and barely sparing you a glance. “Hmm? Oh, yes, Y/N.” he said, almost sounding bitter. “Very convincing performance.”

He brushed past the both of you then, shaking off Jas’s arm. “I have to get onstage.”

“Daveed!” she whispered in annoyance. He didn’t reply.

You sighed, your shoulders slumping slightly as Jas rolled her eyes. “Well alright then.”

Jas’s indignant reaction to Daveed’s words comforted you somewhat, but you were still fighting to swallow past the lump in your throat. He’d been the first person to welcome you with open arms into this cast. He’d become one of your closest friends, and, if you were being honest with yourself, he was also the object of your unrequited affections.  He’d been so encouraging less than ten minutes ago, and his uncaring response stung. What the hell did I do?

Correctly interpreting your upset expression, Jas seized your elbow and tugged you back toward the stage, giving you a distraction as you hid in the wings to watch the performance of “Cabinet Battle #2”.

In spite of yourself, your eyes followed Daveed the whole time, silently searching for an answer. He appeared at first totally absorbed in his role as Jefferson, but you’d seen him do the same choreography hundreds of times, and this was different. There was meant to be aggression between Jefferson and Hamilton, yes, but Daveed was snarling his lines at Lin and looked inches away from punching the man squarely in the face.

“Jas,” you whispered in her ear beside you. “Is it just me or does Daveed look like he wants to kill Lin?”

Your friend’s dark eyes grew suddenly wider, and her mouth opened in a silent laugh. “Oh, so that’s what’s going on here.”

“What?” you practically begged her, desperate to figure out what you were missing.

She wrapped an arm around your shoulders and squeezed you gently. “You need to talk to him, Y/N.”

Jas’s advice proved much easier said than done.

Her cold was much improved within a few days, but her voice was still recovering and consistently cracked on any remotely high note. When combined with unpredictable coughing jags that would leave her breathless with eyes streaming, you and Jas both knew that she wouldn’t be back on stage for at least another week.

With each near perfect performance, your confidence grew and you slid more comfortably into the dual roles of Maria and Peggy. Each night, though, Daveed seemed to be colder, slipping further and further away from you. The fact that he seemed to be giving Lin the cold shoulder as well was somewhat comforting, but you still hated it.

You were walking into your dressing room to change after your curtain calls that night, and you knew he was behind you, headed toward his own dressing room. You paused with your hand on the door handle when he brushed past you coldly, his hands clenched into fists and his posture stiff, scowling at his retreating back. That’s it.

“Daveed Diggs!” you shouted. “Get your ass over here right now.

Jas and Renee stuck their heads momentarily out of Jas’s dressing room, wearing identical, infuriating smirks, but retreated quickly when you shot them both a glare.

Daveed turned slowly, raising an eyebrow at you. “Yes?”

You threw your dressing room door open hard and pointed inside. “In here. Now. The walls are stupidly thin but whatever.”

He complied silently, standing stiffly with his back to you and his arms crossed. You took your time shutting the door, trying to collect yourself. Maybe don’t scream at him.

“Alright, let’s have it.” you spat. “What the hell is your problem with me?”

“There is none.” he said tightly.

“Bullshit! You’ve been avoiding me like the fucking plague all week, Daveed! Spit. It. Out!”

He spun to face you then, his eyes looking tormented. “Are you happy?”

“What?” You shook your head in disbelief. “I’m sorry, does this look happy?” You gestured to yourself, standing confrontationally, your face a mask of anger.

“With him. Are you happy with him?”

You blinked rapidly. “Him…him who? What the fucking hell are you on about right now?”

“God damn it, Y/N! I’m not blind! Are you happy with Lin?”

“Lin?” you sputtered, utterly shocked. This was so not the conversation you’d signed up for.

“You can stop pretending.” He sounded duller, his anger dissipated. “It’s not like you don’t kiss him like you need it to survive every night.” he mocked coldly.

“You mean in “Say No To This”? That’s choreographed, Daveed. Jesus, Lin’s like my brother! It’s called acting.” You spoke slowly, as though talking to a small child.

Daveed stared at you uncomprehendingly.

“Oh my god.” You shook your head, hands finding their way to your hips. “You’re pissed because you thought I was dating Lin and didn’t tell you? That whole thing is choreographed that way, and you know it.”

How could you think that? Don’t you know how I feel about you? Obviously not.

“Y/N.” Daveed shook his head at you, his hair bouncing slightly. “It wasn’t—you didn’t have to tell me—I just—” he trailed off.

You faltered, tilting your head at him curiously. “What?”

He pulled his eyes away from yours, looking around your dressing room instead. “Nothing.”

You frowned, your anger long gone. You stepped forward, reaching out and resting a hand lightly on his arm, the silky fabric of his costume cool on your skin. “Talk to me.”

He glanced down at you, almost nervously, as if trying to decide something. “Fuck it.” He said suddenly, sharply.

His hands were suddenly on your shoulders again, as they had been earlier in the week, but this time less gently. Butterflies filled your stomach as you found yourself with your back suddenly pressed against the dressing room’s door, and then his lips were on yours.

You gasped in shock, before the reality of what was happening crashed into you, and you responded enthusiastically, your arms wrapping around his shoulders and reaching up into his hair.

Daveed broke the kiss, his nose brushing yours. “Lin doesn’t get to do this.” He said, his voice low and sending a shiver through you.

“Only what’s been choreographed, I promise.” You whispered, playing idly with his hair. “Come back here.”

He smiled, crashing his lips back onto yours once again.

Maybe playing Maria Reynolds wasn’t so bad after all.

First Impressions - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader (Chapter I)

Summary: You, the second eldest of the Bennet family, get swept along in the arrival of a mysterious and fabulously wealthy Mr. Ramos. However, at the ball, your meeting with his closest friend Mr. Miranda is not so pleasant. 

Warnings: None that I know of, other than a WONDERFUL casting of Lin as Mr. Darcy, that might make you squeal a little. 

Word Count: 2,235 (this is what happens when you mess with Jane Austen)

A/N: This is it! The official opening to a series with a Pride and Prejudice AU. I am so incredibly excited for this, I wrote this entire thing in one sitting. I’d like to say thank you endlessly to @hamilbye for constantly helping me with casting. This would be nowhere without you. 

askbox | masterlist


It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. Such was the case of one Anthony Ramos, a young man of great financial renown (as the town of Hertfordshire would soon discover) who had recently let Netherfield Park. In doing so, he had created quite the uproar in the Bennet family, as the lady of the house was intent on having one of her lovely five daughters married to him as soon as humanly possible.

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