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Lol it’s not even 8th yet over here but whatever! This is my drawing for the awesome @jubesy for the @emimikeweek! I’m pretty sure Tumblr (and my phone camera) killed the quality so…sorry about that ^^’

Anyways, again thank you so much for organizing this and I hope you like the drawing!! Coloring this was honestly so much fun, although trying to make it beta fish-like was painful, but hey! It…works! I think! And btw, I plan on doing Emil’s part on the prompt too, just gotta finish the design :‘3

Happy emimikeweek everyone and happy (early) birthday Emil!!


The Losers Club 27 years later → Corey Stoll as Bill Denbrough

Then Richie Tozier, leaning back against the wall, grinned again and said: “Oh my, look at this—Bill Denbrough went for the chrome dome look. How long you been Turtle Waxing your head, Big Bill?”
And Bill, with no idea at all of what might come out, opened his mouth and heard himself say: “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Trashmouth.”
There was a moment of silence—and then the room exploded with laughter. Bill crossed to them and began to shake hands, and while there was something horrible in what he now felt, there was also something comforting about it: this sensation of having come home for good.

The romantic writing of Dean / Cas (through deleted scenes)

OK, so full disclosure. This started as a simple answer but turned into a whole thing about TPTB and the meaning of deleted scenes and kind of therefore ended up as a Tink’s own small version of a masterpost of the writing of Destiel.

For me, deleted scenes are really important. They made their way to the DVD anyway so are part of canon, lets start with that. But they are deleted for a reason. And before that, they are though up, written, authorised, acted and edited for a reason.

For me the deleted scenes I list below are a big, core part of why I believe Dean and Cas are written romantically and that this is canon. Whether they decide to follow through on it is another matter but I and I know a lot of others agree that they are clearly written romantically and these deleted scenes uphold that. Then they are deleted. Now, some deleted scenes are for time but as you can see here, these scenes often hold key information regarding the overall narrative so clearly they are deleted because of the strong Destiel references. I like to believe this is because they just want to drag it out instead of completely get rid of it from the show, I was worried I’ll be honest before mid season 11 but since then I’m tentatively positive in that I believe the tides are turning and they will textualise Destiel properly and stop deleting these kinds of scenes, especially since season 12 has had so many similar scenes go through to the final cut…

The important deleted scenes for me regarding Destiel are:

1. The deleted scene from 10x23 

Cas states clearly that his time on earth has been more important to him than any time in Heaven and Sam and Dean are like family to him.

here’s a link. Basically it’s this:



As always Cas’s scenes that are just too emotionally compromising or hint too deeply at his feelings for Dean (even if Sam is lobbed in there too) are deleted, BUT this in particular has now been addressed in 12x12! So….fingers crossed?!

2. The deleted scene from season 9 

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE, IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO THE WHOLE SHOW, to the whole of the narrative for Cas and Crowley. 

Here’s a link to the video.

This one scene just kills me as it sets up Cas and Crowley’s whole arcs for the whole show and yet it is deleted because, clearly, no homo. As otherwise it is an excellent scene to shed light on two of the core characters of the show and reveals their motivations for their actions, which is what a lot of the fans have struggled with, saying these 2 characters are stale. 

In this scene Cas and Crowley discuss how they ‘dislike’ being human and how it’s so not worth it and why would you want to be human anyway (the underlying feeling being that they’re both lying and there is a reason they would like to be) - and then Dean immediately walks in and they share a glance. This is….. expositional screenwriting 101 ? 

I mean this is a classic - in fact it reminded me so clearly of the opening scene of a classic romantic supernatural love pairing in the cartoon Beauty and the Beast - the narrator says “for… who could love a Beast?” - and it CUTS TO BELLE’s introduction…

Originally posted by never-a-god

And yet they cut this scene. And it means we don’t get a clear narrative reason why Cas and Crowley do what they do and are who they are, and casual viewers who don’t look into things as deeply as all of us are confused and think they’re stale and uninteresting. 

Without this scene only people who really look into the show in huge detail, dorks like me, will know that Cas and Crowley are mirrors of each other and both their arcs up to a point revolve entirely around Dean Humanity Winchester.

Yes. That is what happens when you cut important scenes for a stupid reason, the whole show doesn’t make sense and fans get annoyed. *facepalms*.

There are probably people out there who think Cas still wants to be an Angel pffff because he said “I just wanna be an Angel again“ that one time. Yeah, that one time he thought Dean was dead and there was nothing left for him and he knew being a proper Angel would lessen his emotional pain and give him a purpose to focus on. But then, as soon as he learned Dean was still wandering the Earth he just… hangs around, pining, languishing in the blue bathrobe of despair, hoping to fix him. 

And when he finally does get some grace back (FROM CROWLEY - these two are so interlinked Chuck help me what a great narrative if they actually showed it properly) he doesn’t WANT the grace, Crowley doesn’t really want to give Cas grace either but he does it FOR DEAN, and Cas, he allows Crowley to do it FOR DEAN. This then also reminds us how earlier on when Cas steals his first lot of grace Dean asks Cas if he’s cool about being an Angel again Cas deflects and says he needs it. Not wants it, but needs it to fight.  

WHY does Castiel not want his grace back? WHY might Castiel have learned to love ‘humanity’? WHY might Castiel want to be human?


*facepalms again*.

3. The deleted scene from 10x14.

Here’s a link

This scene is not only is great for it’s own individual reveal - Cas and Crowley jealously pretending they dont care about Dean and perhaps he is the other’s boyfriend, even using the term boyfriend, I mean, guys. Could this be clearer? 

But this also just ties in to the whole end of the episode where Dean hands CAS the first blade instead of returning it to Crowley. HE CHOOSES CAS! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT (and is easily overlooked as it was deleted for *reasons*).

This, in an episode where Cas is clearly narratively paralleled as Dean’s Colette, where Dean is scared of losing himself and in a call-back to the season’s start and call-forward to the season’s ending Cas is desperately trying to save him and stop, to keep his humanity….

So, in conclusion… 

There is a recurring theme of Destiel (and Drowley) - heavy scenes being cut and this is hurting the narrative of the overall show. It’s not that these relationship are written into the show to begin with that is the problem as they are key to so much of the overall story arcs but the fact that they are written in, used extensively as key points in the story while being kept in the subtext and then when there is an opportunity to make it textual to make it make SENSE to the narrative it is so heavily affecting, these scenes are cut.


Why are they hurting their own show by doing this?!

So yeah, it’d be lovely if they actually showed these scenes that explains WHY things are happening to the casual viewer and Destiel shippers weren’t sometimes made to feel like we are grasping at straws. 

Newsflash, it’s like a milkshake bar there are so many straws in this show, everyone involved knows about it and plays on it and CONSISTENTLY WRITES IT INTO THE MAIN NARRATIVE.

Just search Amara on my blog, the whole of season 11 doesn’t make sense without Destiel. If God’s sister herself reveals that Dean represents humanity after the fandom had that meltdown after Metatron’s ‘in love with humanity’ speech, DURING a scene interspersed with Metatron just to remind us ;) If God’s sister has to work through the Dean / Cas longing to reach Dean, uses Cas to manipulate Dean, keeps talking to Dean about love and hiding things, holding back, if Dean calls out to Cas while in Amara’s presence and pretty consistently only cares about Cas during these interactions where Amara is present, even though they themselves are bonded by the mark, one of God’s most powerful creations…. please

And season 12 basically is one long Cas-focused parallel so they know what they are doing at this point. I want to trust Dabb but we have been burned before so… tentatively fingers crossed on this one now.

It’s just so freaking stupid to build a gorgeous story and through Chuck knows what, I like to hope it’s not homophobia but at these points I feel like what else can it be, they ruin their own narrative and make the story just flounder, not making a whole lot of sense because  they are not following through on their own narrative and we are therefore MISSING INFORMATION!

We are tired of waiting for this all to make sense.

Originally posted by thoughtsduringsupernatural

So I recommend anyone and everyone pay attention to deleted scenes. They are scenes that show that writers have noticed all the other subtext themselves in order to add to it, then thought about, written, acted out, edited and at the last junction been ripped out, and from these scenes it’s clear why, they all share a focal point - canonising or at least heavily clarifying the subtext between Cas and Dean and/or Crowley and Dean.

Because it is there, we are not insane. If it gets so far as to get acted out and left on the cutting room floor then it’s there and there’s a reason it’s been cut.

Couple on the Match Game

Question: What is your best quality?

Gryffindor: My best quality is my good looks and charm! *wink*

Ravenclaw: *Holds up “vanity”*

Ravenclaw: … I don’t have a best quality. All my qualities are the same, it just depends on the situation in which I choose to use them. One does not outshine the others…

Gryffindor: *holds up “complicated answer”*

Gryffindor: Love you!

* * *

Question: If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

Slytherin: Back to bed… To sleep…

Hufflepuff: *Holds up “Not enough sleep, Bed”*

Hufflepuff: I’d go wherever she wants to go! I don’t care, as long as I’m with her!

Slytherin: *Holds up “To bed”*

Hufflepuff: Well, you’re not wrong. Hahaha!

* * *

Question: What would be your perfect date?

Gryffindor: Me taking him on a night out on the town! Start with dinner then see where the night takes us!

Ravenclaw: *Holds up “Dinner and then something active”*

Ravenclaw: There is no amount of caffeine to be able to keep up with you…

Gryffindor: I know, but you love me anyway!

Ravenclaw: We’ll go with that!

Ravenclaw: Brunch where I can get a Bloody Mary, because whatever we do after is going to be too crazy for me to do sober.

Gryffindor: *Holds up “Brunch and whatever I want to do!”*

Gryffindor: Well, he’s not wrong. Last time it was skydiving…

Ravenclaw: And the time before that it was jet skiing, and before that it was rock climbing, and the time before that was paragliding. And I’ll keep going to do wild and crazy things, because you enjoy them as much as I enjoy reading up on them.

Gryffindor: I’ll take it! Love you too!

* * *

Question: What is the craziest thing you’ve done?

Slytherin: Not say “I love you” on our first date…

Hufflepuff: *tears up and holds up “go on our first date”*

Slytherin: Huh, you’re cute and I love you.

Hufflepuff: Make her try something she is allergic too…

Slytherin: *holds up “Food allergies suck”*

Slytherin: In all fairness, neither of us knew I was allergic to strawberries.

Hufflepuff: The EMTs thought it was berry funny…

Slytherin: *facepalm* I love you so hard right now!

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hi hi hi your naked damen makes me n u t keep up the good work :)

Nikandros facepalming so hard, it’s leaving a mark on his face.

That’s very nice of you, anon ( ゚v ゚)
You’re lucky that I’m the one replying because if it were Laurent, you’re probably already dead somehow.

takashi-allura  asked:

Which head-canon do you favor the most for Shiro and Allura? Pining!Shiro, Pining!Allura or (my personal favorite) mutual pining!Shallura.

Hi hello yes I’ll take an order of mutual pining with a side of “Shiro pining first and then Allura starts pining too”

  • Shiro falls for Allura first, very quickly, cos she’s just… wOW
  • Allura’s too wrapped up in The Mission at first, but she has to admit the new Black Paladin is very handsome 
  • And he keeps being really sweet to her, which is nice
  • Shiro is pining harder than the Arctic tundra, it’s pines as far as the eye can see, he’s hopeless. he’s just… he’s a mess
  • Lots of cold showers
  • He likes making her laugh but at the same time it’s a double-edged sword cos whenever she laughs he just falls in love with her all over again
  • He tries avoiding her
  • It doesn’t work
  • He can’t stay away even though he knows he should like… he is for sure gonna die but he’s gonna die happy watching her laugh so he has Accepted His Fate
  • He knows she doesn’t feel the same way
  • Doesn’t matter
  • He’s a mess okay someone help him he needs an adultier adult
  • But at the same time… all this making Allura laugh and listening to her talk and being kind and supportive is giving Allura all sorts of Feelings
  • An Altean Princess shouldn’t be feeling this way how inappropriate she has to maintain discipline and order
  • But Shiro took his shirt off one time and she forgot her own name
  • I mean he’s VERY DISTRACTING
  • But that’s all it is
  • That’s all
  • He’s just a very handsome attractive kind sweet caring man who loves to make her laugh and is genuinely interested in what she has to say and supports her helps her is always there for her
  • Q U I Z N A K
  • okay okay hang on she can handle this just… remain calm r e m a i n c a l m
  • Shiro: *smiles at her* Allura: *internal screaming*
  • And that’s it it’s Mutual Pine Time
  • Shiro remains convinced Allura doesn’t like him like that
  • Allura is almost sure Shiro likes her, but can’t figure out why he’s not making a move
  • They spend weeks making wistful heart-eyes at each other
  • It’s getting ridiculous
  • Like it’s painfully obvious to everyone by this point
  • Shiro, to Keith: what would a princess ever see in a guy like me? Keith: *facepalms so hard he knocks himself out*
  • Allura, to Coran: it’s just not proper Coran you know there are rules and it’s perfectly right that we should keep our distance and not cause complications
  • Coran: *stares into the camera like he’s on the office*
  • Every single other person on the ship at this point: 

A day on set

KJ Apa x reader

Summary; You’re a fan touring the set of Riverdale and meet KJ in an unexpected, sticky way, leading to unexpected, sticky things

Warnings; smut, a little cursing

A/N; Enjoyyyyy!

You were afraid that your neck might snap as you kept turning your head wildly around, seeing glimpses of different cast members and the familiar set of your favorite show.

You were beyond excited to be actually seeing and experiencing the ‘town’ of Riverdale. You had entered a contest to win a day of touring the set with Madelaine Petsch and when you got an email saying that you won, you couldn’t believe it. So here you were on a sunny saturday morning, walking around the set with a person from the crew, guiding you to Madelaine’s trailer.

You almost squeaked when the door opened the reveal the beautiful redheaded girl with a big smile on her face.

“Hi! You must be Y/N?”, she said as she descended the few stairs.

“Yeah, I’m so happy to meet you!”, you beamed, extending your arm to shake hands with her.

“And I’m so happy to meet you and I’m so excited for today!”, she said as she ignored your hand and went for a hug. You didn’t expect it but instantly hugged her back.

“So I thought we’d start the day with the tour of the set and then see what we come up with, that sound good to you?”, she asked.

“Hell yes!”, you laughed.

You walked around set for a few hours and talked about everything and it felt like you were actually friends, and now you had arrived at the famous Pop’s diner.

“That’s all of it and this is the last place. Would you like to get a milkshake inside?”, Madelaine asked with a smile.

“They really do milkshakes there?”, you questioned as you looked at the diner in awe.

“Not really, we have them ready in there so we could go get ones now”, she explained.

“I’d love to!”, you beamed and started to walk in.

You got your milkshake and looked around the ‘fake’ diner and couldn’t believe you were actually standing in it. Madelaine suggested that you could go sit down.

“Actually, would it be okay if I went out for a second to get a picture?”, you asked, sipping your milkshake.

“Yeah, of course, I’ll wait here so come back when you’re ready but I might photobomb your photo”, she laughed and went to sit by the window.

You laughed as well and went for the door.

Standing outside the diner, you tried to balance the large glass of milkshake pressed against your chest by holding it between your boobs and arm as you tried to use both hands to take the photo. You placed your phone sideways to get the whole building in the picture. It was a perfect angle but the high neon sign didn’t fit in it so you started to back up to get the most important part into the pic. As you had taken a few steps back and it was almost time to press the capture button, you took one more step and bumped into someone, making you almost drop your phone and the glass full of the sweet, sticky liquid slipped from you hold and made it splash all over your chest, making its way inside your top, dripping between your boobs and down to your stomach. You let out a small scream at the coldness of the milkshake and then turned to yell at the person who had caused this disaster.

“That’s fucking awesome, look what you made me do, you asshol…”, you growled, your anger getting the best of you but completely froze when you saw who the person was. Of course this was just your luck. It’s was KJ fucking Apa and you had just called him an asshole, well almost but still. The boy with the ginger hair was staring at you with wide eyes but a hint of a smile on his lips.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you!”, he apologized and turned around to grab some tissues from a near by table.

“I, uh, I didn’t mean to, um”, you stuttered but froze again when you felt his hands over your boobs, dabbing away most of the melting drink.

“At least buy me dinner first”, you joked and now it was his time to freeze as he hadn’t probably realized that he was almost groping your boobs.

“Shit, sorry”, he awkwardly said and handed you the paper to wipe it yourself.

“I should be the one apologizing, I kinda called you an asshole”, you laughed.

“That’s true but it’s okay, uh, are you new? I don’t think I’ve seen you around?”, he asked you, switching subjects in a second and you blushed a little about his interest towards you.

“Actually, I won the contest to tour the set with Madelaine and she’s in the diner waiting for me”, you explained as you tried to dab away the milkshake but it had already turned into a thick, sticky layer over your skin.

“Ah okay, so you’re a fan?”, he asked with a small smirk.

“Guilty”, you chuckled, trying to hide your blush.

“Well, I probably didn’t give you the best first impression so would you be okay with me joining you?”, KJ asked with a smile.

“I guess that’s okay”, you playfully told him, trying to keep your cool and not show the excitement that’s was bubbling inside you.

As you walked back into Pop’s with KJ, Madelaine audibly gasped as she saw your mess of a shirt.

“Oh my god, Y/N what happened?”, she asked as she stood up.

“Well, KJ here, decided to make me a little wet”, you laughed as you looked down at your ruined shirt but your head snapped back up as soon as you realized what you just said and you saw Madelaine burst into laughter. You didn’t wanna see KJ’s face but heard him trying to suppress his laugh and you felt your cheeks getting hot.

“Well what can I say, I do that to girls”, he said and started to laugh as he couldn’t hold it in anymore and you did the same. As he laughed, he scratched his stomach under his white shirt and you saw a glimpse of his abs and you almost drooled. Now your cheeks were burning.

You all laughed for a moment when you heard the door open behind you and then saw a member of the crew.

“Madelaine, you’re needed on set”, he said.

“But I thought I didn’t have a scene before 8pm and I’m supposed to be her guide”, she told the guy.

“I got it Mads, I don’t have anything for a few hours so I’ll stay with her and I think I own it to her too”, KJ smiled.

“Is it okay with you Y/N?”, Madelaine asked.

“Yes, of course, you gotta work and I’m not gonna get in the way of that”, you answered her with a smile.

“Okay, great, I hope you’re still here when I’m ready but if not, it was a pleasure to meet you”, she hugged you, not caring about your sticky shirt.

As she left with a wave, you sat down with KJ after he got you a new milkshake.

“I never got your name?”, he asked.

“Y/N”, you told him.

“Nice to meet you Y/N. Do you happen to like dogs?”, he questioned and you furrowed your brows as you felt a little confused about his question.

“Uhh, yeah, why?”, you asked.

“I just thought I’d ask because I see your into this collar wearing thing too”, he said, referring to the black choker around your neck.

“It’s not a collar, it’s a black belt at giving blowjobs”, you simply said as you sipped your milkshake but almost choked when you realized what you had just let out of your mouth. Today was going well for you…

You looked at KJ face with a little horror, waiting for him to look at you like you were crazy but he just smirked. And that’s when you felt a shiver. This boy was more gorgeous than you had thought and it was now that you actually realized the fact that you were sitting with KJ Apa at the Riverdale set, and on top of that, he had touched your boobs. Another shiver went through you as dirty thoughts about the ginger boy started to flow through your mind.

“I didn’t mean to say that”, you finally got some words out after clearing your mind.

“That’s alright. If you’re finished with the milkshake and don’t want me spill it on you again, we could go into my trailer so you could take a shower and I’ll give you a clean shirt”, he said.

“I think I’ve had enough sticky substances on me today so let’s go”, you said and wanted to facepalm so hard as you clearly weren’t controlling your mouth today. KJ only laughed at this as you started to follow him.

The walk to his trailer wasn’t long and you mostly kept behind him as you felt a little embarrassed about your words. He opened the door and went in and you came behind him and closed the door. You looked around the trailer and saw that on the right was a living room area and on the left, a bedroom with a door, probably leading to the bathroom.

“So the shower’s there and you can undress in my bedroom and I’ll get you that shirt”, KJ smiled as he pointed towards his bedroom.

“Okay, thanks”, you said and went to the room and closed the door. You had to take a moment before taking your clothes off and you hoped that KJ didn’t think that you were an idiot due to all the things you had said today. After a while, you took off your shirt and were about to remove your bra when the door opened and KJ stood there with a towel in his hands.

“Oh fuck, sorry, I should’ve knocked, uh, here’s a towel”, he said but didn’t look away from your half naked body.

“At this rate, you’re gonna own me a dinner and a movie”, you laughed, trying to hide your blush from him.

“It’s a date”, KJ said quickly as he threw you the towel and left the room after closing the door.

You weren’t sure if he knew what he had just said but you tried to ignore it as you took off the rest of your clothes and went in the shower. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for you to finish and you dryed yourself, wrapped the towel around you and stepped back into the bedroom. Looking around for the shirt that KJ had promised, you didn’t see anywhere.

“Uh, KJ? Where’d you put the shirt?”, you yelled.

“Can I come in?”, he asked from behind the door.

“Yeah”, you simply said and made sure the towel was wrapped tightly around you body.

“Here, I forgot to bring it, I got caught up with reading the script”, he said and handed you a black t-shirt.

“No problem, thanks”, you said and waited for him to leave, but he didn’t.

“Can I ask you something?”, he said after a moment and you nodded.

“Did you mean what you said about your necklace thing?”, he asked and shifted uncomfortably, which made you smirk as you knew what was going on. You weren’t one to sleep around but knowing that you had made your favorite actor horny, you couldn’t resist to tease him a little.

“I did. Do you want me to prove it to you?”, you asked with a seductive voice and a smirk on your face.

You waited for his answer with anticipation but it never came. Instead, you felt him grab your hips and place his lips against yours. You didn’t know if you had zoned out for a second or if he was inhumanly fast but you had completely missed the moment when he had approached you from the door and was now running his hands all over you as you kissed him back.

You felt the hunger in his kisses and his right hand slipped under your towel to brush his fingers over your wet slit. You bucked you hips against him as his fingers weren’t enough to give you the satisfaction you needed. He noticed your urgency and in a second, he had ripped your towel off and pushed you down onto his bed.

“Your body is amazing, Y/N”, he told you as he lowered himself between your legs. You didn’t say anything as you were still trying believe that this was actually happening.

You lifted your legs on his shoulders as he placed his head right over your pussy and you could feel his breathing. He licked a long stripe from your entrance to your clit before parting your lips with two fingers. You moaned from the touch and it was a signal for him to continue as he started to flick and suck your clit. You gripped onto his hair and it made him look you into your eyes and seeing KJ Apa between your legs was something you never thought would happen. You were used to not cumming in sex but the eye contact was enough for you to get the release you wanted as you moaned loudly.

After your amazing orgasm, you tried to gather yourself as you knew the situation wasn’t over and KJ’s belt jiggling confirmed it. You saw him take his pants off and pulling his white shirt off. Your mouth dropped a little when you saw his ripped abs fully. He noticed your reaction and smirked, removing his underwear while looking you into your eyes, or he was, you couldn’t as you stared at his length with wide eyes.

“You ready for this?”, he questioned with a smirk as he stroked himself a few times and then climbed on the bed next to you.

“Do you even need to ask that?”, you smirked back and rolled on top of him to kiss him.

“I need you”, he whispered between kisses and you didn’t waste any time placing his cock against your entrance but didn’t put it in. You wanted to tease him.

“Beg for it”, you said and silently wondered where your dominant side was coming from as you usually liked to be the submissive.

“I don’t beg, baby girl”, he said in a low voice.

“Then you’re not gonna feel my tight pussy squeezing your big cock”, you teased and saw his eyes go wide.

“Fuck it. Please, sit on my cock, I want you to ride me, baby, please, don’t tease”, he pleaded and it made you smirk in satisfaction and you lowered yourself on him.

“Fuck”, you both moaned at the same time.

You placed your hands against his chest for support and started to move up and down. You watched KJ close his eyes in pleasure as he started to pant and gripped your hips. You started at a slow pace but speeded it up as you needed more. You kept doing the movement for a good five minutes or so before KJ pushed you off of him and stood up. You didn’t hesitate to get on all fours in front of him at the beds edge and wiggled your ass at his crotch. He only smirked at your eagerness and slammed right into you. You lowered your chest on the bed and kept your ass up, resulting him to give you a slap on it. He started to fuck you with incredible speed and you knew when his pounding started to get a little sloppy after a while, that he was close to cumming.

“I’m gonna cum!”, he yelled, confirming your thoughts. You didn’t think that he would suddenly pull out but when he did, he forced you onto your knees to the floor and shoved his cock into your mouth.

“Make me cum with your mouth”, he demanded and you obeyed and started to work. You took him into your mouth as deep as you could and the part that couldn’t fit, you gripped with your hand. You needed to prove him that your words were true about being a 'black belt’ at blowjobs. You deepthroated him until your eyes were teary and then he took a fistful of your hair and released himself inside your throat, making you instantly swallow it but when he pulled out, he was still cumming a little and it dropped down onto your chest.

“Guess you didn’t have enough sticky substances on you today”, KJ smirked at you. You only laughed at this and climbed back on the bed to lay down. He did the same and cuddled you.

“I gotta ask, did you mean what you said about the date?”, you blurted out as it had been bothering you and you needed to know.

“I did, I just didn’t mean to ask it like that”, he said, sounding a little embarrassed.

“Doesn’t matter, my answer is yes anyway”, you smiled and shared a kiss with him.

Ask 4-year-old Menma
  • Sakura: Menma, what's your dad's name?
  • Menma: Dad.
  • Sakura: I mean the other name.
  • Menma: Dobe.
  • Sakura: ...is there a more affectionate name your other dad calls him
  • Menma: Yep. Usuratonkachi.
  • Sakura: *sweatdrops* Well you're not wrong...but does the name Naruto ring a bell?
  • Menma: No.
  • Sakura: No?
  • Menma: Oh I get it. Aunt Sakura, you mean 'NARRRRUUUUTTTOOOO', don't you?
  • Sakura: *facepalms so hard* (I should have guessed)
Escape Plan//Theo Raeken

Oh my God! I thought this was in the queue and posted! I figured it had flopped and when I looked in my drafts I facepalmed so hard! I’m so sorry! Plus it’s also kinda short so I feel even worse 😖

Characters: Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Stiles Stilinski, Theo Raeken, Reader.

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“He’s downright dangerous, Y/N! You can’t have anything to do with him.” Scott looks you in the eye.

You sigh. “He’s not dangerous with me. Trust me okay?” You look up at him and he shrugs.

“Okay. Fine, I guess. Can you promise me you’ll be safe?”

“Scott, I was born a werewolf, I can protect myself.”

That was the last conversation you’d had with the pack before being taken by Theo. He was using you as bait to draw everyone to him.

“You don’t have to do this.” You look up at him. You weren’t even tied up, just locked in a room.

“I know. But, you’re the only one the whole pack would come for.” He smiles at you.

“You’re being awfully nice for someone who’s kidnapped me.” You look down at your lap.

“I’m nice to you. It’s what I do.”

The pack bursts in the door, Scott rushing for Theo. He grips his neck, lifting him up.

“Easy, Scott.” He chokes out. Malia and Stiles rush you out of the room, taking you out to his Jeep.

“We’re taking you home. You need to pack.” Stiles says as Malia helps you up into the backseat.

“How long was I gone?” You lay back.

He blows air out of his mouth. “About two weeks.”

“Jesus Christ, it took you two weeks to find me? Nice to know that I matter.”

“Theo sent us a text on your phone pretending it was you. He said your parents took you on vacation. Malia saw your mom at the grocery store and we pieced it together.”

“Theo disappeared into thin air too, it wasn’t really hard to find you, we just had to trace your phones.” Malia smiles.

“Hey, why do I need to pack?” You lean forward.

“You’re leaving town. We talked to your parents about it already. You’re going to go stay in Arizona for awhile.”

“So I don’t get a say in this?”

“Not really, no.” Malia shrugs.

“Theo’s too dangerous. We told you before, but now more than ever. You need to stay away from him.”

“Arizona? Are you freaking kidding me?” You slam your head back against the headrest.

“Hey! Easy on the seats?” He looks at you through the rear view mirror. “We’ve got you set up with another pack. You’ll be safe.” He adds.

“I want to stay here. I want to live my life with my family and friends. Not an unfamiliar pack in Arizona.” You groan.

“It’ll only be a month or two, Y/N. Tops.”

It’s been six months. You call each day asking if you can come back. You’re walking towards your apartment when a familiar smell washes over you. You stop in your tracks, your senses somewhat overwhelmed.

“Theo?” You look around.

“How’d you know?” He approaches you from behind. You turn and look at him, he looks filthy. “Where’ve you been, Y/N?”

You’re speechless. “I uh..mean…here? I have to go.” You remember all of the things Scott told you about him being dangerous and you slowly back away.

He grabs your arm. “Hey…can we talk? I’ll make it quick. Here’s the rundown.” He doesn’t give you a chance to answer. “They killed me, decided they needed me, brought me back to life. I helped, I’m a new man by the way, and now I’m here to see you.” He gives you a toothy grin.

“Me?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Yep. You. You’ve always been my favorite.”


“You really don’t know anything about this, do you?”

“About what?” He raises his hand on your arm as you talk.

“Stop asking questions. It’s cute.” He smiles. “I have a major crush on you. I know crush sounds juvenile but I do. I actually think I love you.”

“You stopped me in front of a convenience store to tell me you might love me?”

He nods in response.

“I’ll take it.” You smile and he kisses you, his lips fitting perfectly into yours. Like you were meant for each other. He runs a hand through your hair as he pulls away. “Let’s get you packed up and home to Beacon Hills.”

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Hey 👋🏼 Could you do a BTS reaction to meeting a western fan in Seoul??? Thanksss💕😊


He was at the grocery store picking up a few ingredients they had ran out of back in the dorms. He wore a mask and cap as disguise hoping he could just grab the items and go without being spotted. Unfortunately, security wasn’t as his side because the store was about a block away from the dorms and he was trusted enough to not get seen. He was reaching for the last spice they had on the shelf when another hand reached for the same thing. He pulled back quickly to make eye contact with your widened ones. Unsure of what you would do, he froze staring at you, mentally praying you wouldn’t cause a scene. “O-oh you could have it,” you said handing the jar to him. His shoulders relaxed once he realized you weren’t gonna call him out in the middle of the store. “That’s okay you can have it, I’ll just substitute this for something else,” he gently pushed the spice back to you and gave you a quick smile before leaving.  


You were only staying in Seoul for two weeks. Throughout the five days you’ve been here, you managed to find a lively coffee shop not too far from the hotel you were staying at. Every single morning you walked there to grab a drink and a quick bite to start the day. This time, as you stepped into the shop, you saw a familiar hoodie. A familiar hoodie that belonged to a familiar person with mint green hair. Your heart rate increased by the second as you cautiously walked towards the figure. Not wanting to frighten the poor person, you whispered out softly, “Min Yoongi?” He immediately turned around and his eyes widened as a fan recognized him. “I don’t speak Korean but I’m an ARMY,” you gave him a big smile hoping he would get you. He showed you his famous gummy smile and nodded because he did, in fact, get what you said. Not wanting to invade his space, you waved goodbye and scurried out the coffee shop forgetting your sole purpose of even being there.

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Your vacation to Gwangju was absolutely everything you imagined. It was even better in person than all the Youtube vlogs you’ve watched before the trip. Sadly, today was your last day so you and your friend rode the train to Seoul to visit all the main hotspots. Every single second of your trip was being documented, there was never not a time when you weren’t pulling out your vlog camera. As you and your friend were walking on the sidewalk, you started recording. Lifting the camera just high enough to capture the both of you and a little bit of the background. You were explaining where you two were heading to when a male figure jumped in behind you two and started making faces at the camera. Your friend was just ready to start questioning who the man was when she let out a big “OHHHHH!” You turned around to see who it was when you came face to face with none other than J-Hope from BTS. You and your friend were both major fans and to see him in the flesh was such a big honor. You both stood there mouths wide open watching as he laughed and waved goodbye.


You were thankful enough for your mom to allow you to spend one year in Seoul on a homestay program to attend school. This morning, you snoozed through all six of your alarms and now happened to be very late. With your hair not brushed, shoes unbuckled, and an empty stomach, you dashed out the door running as fast as you could to the bus stop. You were a mess, your backpack flew open and all the books and papers flew out causing you to stop and groan. Someone who happened to be watching the whole thing unfold decided it was time to give a helping hand. He crouched down and started to pick up your now ruined school papers off the ground. You, on the other hand, were on the verge of breaking down from embarrassment and anger. “Thank you thank you tha-,” you hurriedly thanked the stranger until he looked up at you. You remained in your mid-crouched position staring wide-eyed at the person. Kim Namjoon just helped you with your stuff. Never have you ever thought you would get to meet your ultimate bias in person. “Oh, are you an ARMY? Just be careful next time okay?” He chuckled and helped you stand up but you just stood there staring at him, mouth opening and closing. You got knocked out your trance when the roaring of the bus engine filled the quiet atmosphere and you watched as the bus drove off in the distance. You missed your bus, but it was worth meeting Namjoon.


As he was walking out his favorite little snack shop, you pushed past him in a hurried state. Out of curiosity, he watched from the distance at your fear-stricken face as you asked every single person in the store some type of question. You made hand motions that seemed like you were describing height and width. He watched as your shoulders slumped in disappointment when they shook their heads at you. ‘He/she must be looking for something’ he thought and started to walk away, a bit sad that he couldn’t help find what you were looking for. At a nearby table, he spotted a wallet with none other than his face on it. It clicked to him that you probably lost your wallet and he found it. “Excuse me,” he stopped you and held out the wallet as if asking is this yours? You clutched your heart in relief but also shock that Park Jimin from your favorite kpop group, BTS just found your wallet with his face on it. “C-can I have a hug?” You stammered out. You both were the exact same height and he wasn’t as short as he looked in the pictures. He nodded and looked around before wrapping his one arm around your waist and pulling you closer. Your dark cheeks heated up with excitement and you wanted nothing more than to just hold him forever. When you went back to your hotel room, you called up your friend and told them your exciting story.


When he wasn’t busy working on new songs or learning the hard choreography for a new dance, he liked to unwind by going on a shopping trip. He only brought enough won to buy himself at least two sweaters and maybe a snack when he was done, but that was enough because he didn’t plan on getting anything big. As he was browsing through the sweater rack, he found the perfect one. He decided to get two, one for him and one for Jimin. He was about to go check out when he heard you let out a frustrated sigh. You, too, had found the perfect sweater, but unfortunately, all the sizes were too petite for your figure. You searched every single clothing tag hoping to at least get something that was one down your size, but there was no luck. With the broken Korean you knew, you asked the store clerk if she had any other available sizes. Taehyung, who understood exactly what you were asking, walked over to you when the store clerk left. He was kind enough to give you the sweater he was going to buy for himself, despite it being male clothing. Every single ounce of your body fangirled and you internally screamed to just take the sweater from Kim fucking Taehyung, but the polite side of you rejected. He kept insisting until you finally agreed. He was so happy in person, his skin unwhitewashed and bare, he was perfect. He was actually interested in talking to you and stuck around for a while even though he knew he wasn’t supposed to. You two ended up grabbing a snack together while having a pretty casual conversation even though your Korean wasn’t all that great.


It was your first day in Seoul and you were completely lost. Back at the hotel, you told your friends to go off without you, as you needed to go to the bathroom for a really long time and they didn’t have the patience to wait for you. Now that you were out in the busy street, you were lost and on top of that, nobody was answering their phones. You looked up the directions to Jinju Hoegwan, but unfortunately, you still didn’t know how to get there. You quickly rushed to the first passerby you saw asking them if they knew how to get to the restaurant. They froze and looked at your phone screen as if it were written in some ancient handwriting. “Sir, excuse me?” You waved your phone hoping that would snap him out of it. “I-I don’t know sorry,” he spoke in English with a heavy accent. But this voice was so recognizable to you, it took almost a solid minute to figure out who. “Jungkook!” You called out to the person but he was already running off with his head down and shoulders scrunched up. You facepalmed yourself so hard, you meet an idol for the first time and you already scared the poor man. You wished you could rewind back to those 2 minutes and redo everything again.

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