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The romantic writing of Dean / Cas (through deleted scenes)

OK, so full disclosure. This started as a simple answer but turned into a whole thing about TPTB and the meaning of deleted scenes and kind of therefore ended up as a Tink’s own small version of a masterpost of the writing of Destiel.

For me, deleted scenes are really important. They made their way to the DVD anyway so are part of canon, lets start with that. But they are deleted for a reason. And before that, they are though up, written, authorised, acted and edited for a reason.

For me the deleted scenes I list below are a big, core part of why I believe Dean and Cas are written romantically and that this is canon. Whether they decide to follow through on it is another matter but I and I know a lot of others agree that they are clearly written romantically and these deleted scenes uphold that. Then they are deleted. Now, some deleted scenes are for time but as you can see here, these scenes often hold key information regarding the overall narrative so clearly they are deleted because of the strong Destiel references. I like to believe this is because they just want to drag it out instead of completely get rid of it from the show, I was worried I’ll be honest before mid season 11 but since then I’m tentatively positive in that I believe the tides are turning and they will textualise Destiel properly and stop deleting these kinds of scenes, especially since season 12 has had so many similar scenes go through to the final cut…

The important deleted scenes for me regarding Destiel are:

1. The deleted scene from 10x23 

Cas states clearly that his time on earth has been more important to him than any time in Heaven and Sam and Dean are like family to him.

here’s a link. Basically it’s this:



As always Cas’s scenes that are just too emotionally compromising or hint too deeply at his feelings for Dean (even if Sam is lobbed in there too) are deleted, BUT this in particular has now been addressed in 12x12! So….fingers crossed?!

2. The deleted scene from season 9 

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE, IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO THE WHOLE SHOW, to the whole of the narrative for Cas and Crowley. 

Here’s a link to the video.

This one scene just kills me as it sets up Cas and Crowley’s whole arcs for the whole show and yet it is deleted because, clearly, no homo. As otherwise it is an excellent scene to shed light on two of the core characters of the show and reveals their motivations for their actions, which is what a lot of the fans have struggled with, saying these 2 characters are stale. 

In this scene Cas and Crowley discuss how they ‘dislike’ being human and how it’s so not worth it and why would you want to be human anyway (the underlying feeling being that they’re both lying and there is a reason they would like to be) - and then Dean immediately walks in and they share a glance. This is….. expositional screenwriting 101 ? 

I mean this is a classic - in fact it reminded me so clearly of the opening scene of a classic romantic supernatural love pairing in the cartoon Beauty and the Beast - the narrator says “for… who could love a Beast?” - and it CUTS TO BELLE’s introduction…

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And yet they cut this scene. And it means we don’t get a clear narrative reason why Cas and Crowley do what they do and are who they are, and casual viewers who don’t look into things as deeply as all of us are confused and think they’re stale and uninteresting. 

Without this scene only people who really look into the show in huge detail, dorks like me, will know that Cas and Crowley are mirrors of each other and both their arcs up to a point revolve entirely around Dean Humanity Winchester.

Yes. That is what happens when you cut important scenes for a stupid reason, the whole show doesn’t make sense and fans get annoyed. *facepalms*.

There are probably people out there who think Cas still wants to be an Angel pffff because he said “I just wanna be an Angel again“ that one time. Yeah, that one time he thought Dean was dead and there was nothing left for him and he knew being a proper Angel would lessen his emotional pain and give him a purpose to focus on. But then, as soon as he learned Dean was still wandering the Earth he just… hangs around, pining, languishing in the blue bathrobe of despair, hoping to fix him. 

And when he finally does get some grace back (FROM CROWLEY - these two are so interlinked Chuck help me what a great narrative if they actually showed it properly) he doesn’t WANT the grace, Crowley doesn’t really want to give Cas grace either but he does it FOR DEAN, and Cas, he allows Crowley to do it FOR DEAN. This then also reminds us how earlier on when Cas steals his first lot of grace Dean asks Cas if he’s cool about being an Angel again Cas deflects and says he needs it. Not wants it, but needs it to fight.  

WHY does Castiel not want his grace back? WHY might Castiel have learned to love ‘humanity’? WHY might Castiel want to be human?


*facepalms again*.

3. The deleted scene from 10x14.

Here’s a link

This scene is not only is great for it’s own individual reveal - Cas and Crowley jealously pretending they dont care about Dean and perhaps he is the other’s boyfriend, even using the term boyfriend, I mean, guys. Could this be clearer? 

But this also just ties in to the whole end of the episode where Dean hands CAS the first blade instead of returning it to Crowley. HE CHOOSES CAS! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT (and is easily overlooked as it was deleted for *reasons*).

This, in an episode where Cas is clearly narratively paralleled as Dean’s Colette, where Dean is scared of losing himself and in a call-back to the season’s start and call-forward to the season’s ending Cas is desperately trying to save him and stop, to keep his humanity….

So, in conclusion… 

There is a recurring theme of Destiel (and Drowley) - heavy scenes being cut and this is hurting the narrative of the overall show. It’s not that these relationship are written into the show to begin with that is the problem as they are key to so much of the overall story arcs but the fact that they are written in, used extensively as key points in the story while being kept in the subtext and then when there is an opportunity to make it textual to make it make SENSE to the narrative it is so heavily affecting, these scenes are cut.


Why are they hurting their own show by doing this?!

So yeah, it’d be lovely if they actually showed these scenes that explains WHY things are happening to the casual viewer and Destiel shippers weren’t sometimes made to feel like we are grasping at straws. 

Newsflash, it’s like a milkshake bar there are so many straws in this show, everyone involved knows about it and plays on it and CONSISTENTLY WRITES IT INTO THE MAIN NARRATIVE.

Just search Amara on my blog, the whole of season 11 doesn’t make sense without Destiel. If God’s sister herself reveals that Dean represents humanity after the fandom had that meltdown after Metatron’s ‘in love with humanity’ speech, DURING a scene interspersed with Metatron just to remind us ;) If God’s sister has to work through the Dean / Cas longing to reach Dean, uses Cas to manipulate Dean, keeps talking to Dean about love and hiding things, holding back, if Dean calls out to Cas while in Amara’s presence and pretty consistently only cares about Cas during these interactions where Amara is present, even though they themselves are bonded by the mark, one of God’s most powerful creations…. please

And season 12 basically is one long Cas-focused parallel so they know what they are doing at this point. I want to trust Dabb but we have been burned before so… tentatively fingers crossed on this one now.

It’s just so freaking stupid to build a gorgeous story and through Chuck knows what, I like to hope it’s not homophobia but at these points I feel like what else can it be, they ruin their own narrative and make the story just flounder, not making a whole lot of sense because  they are not following through on their own narrative and we are therefore MISSING INFORMATION!

We are tired of waiting for this all to make sense.

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So I recommend anyone and everyone pay attention to deleted scenes. They are scenes that show that writers have noticed all the other subtext themselves in order to add to it, then thought about, written, acted out, edited and at the last junction been ripped out, and from these scenes it’s clear why, they all share a focal point - canonising or at least heavily clarifying the subtext between Cas and Dean and/or Crowley and Dean.

Because it is there, we are not insane. If it gets so far as to get acted out and left on the cutting room floor then it’s there and there’s a reason it’s been cut.

takashi-allura  asked:

Which head-canon do you favor the most for Shiro and Allura? Pining!Shiro, Pining!Allura or (my personal favorite) mutual pining!Shallura.

Hi hello yes I’ll take an order of mutual pining with a side of “Shiro pining first and then Allura starts pining too”

  • Shiro falls for Allura first, very quickly, cos she’s just… wOW
  • Allura’s too wrapped up in The Mission at first, but she has to admit the new Black Paladin is very handsome 
  • And he keeps being really sweet to her, which is nice
  • Shiro is pining harder than the Arctic tundra, it’s pines as far as the eye can see, he’s hopeless. he’s just… he’s a mess
  • Lots of cold showers
  • He likes making her laugh but at the same time it’s a double-edged sword cos whenever she laughs he just falls in love with her all over again
  • He tries avoiding her
  • It doesn’t work
  • He can’t stay away even though he knows he should like… he is for sure gonna die but he’s gonna die happy watching her laugh so he has Accepted His Fate
  • He knows she doesn’t feel the same way
  • Doesn’t matter
  • He’s a mess okay someone help him he needs an adultier adult
  • But at the same time… all this making Allura laugh and listening to her talk and being kind and supportive is giving Allura all sorts of Feelings
  • An Altean Princess shouldn’t be feeling this way how inappropriate she has to maintain discipline and order
  • But Shiro took his shirt off one time and she forgot her own name
  • I mean he’s VERY DISTRACTING
  • But that’s all it is
  • That’s all
  • He’s just a very handsome attractive kind sweet caring man who loves to make her laugh and is genuinely interested in what she has to say and supports her helps her is always there for her
  • Q U I Z N A K
  • okay okay hang on she can handle this just… remain calm r e m a i n c a l m
  • Shiro: *smiles at her* Allura: *internal screaming*
  • And that’s it it’s Mutual Pine Time
  • Shiro remains convinced Allura doesn’t like him like that
  • Allura is almost sure Shiro likes her, but can’t figure out why he’s not making a move
  • They spend weeks making wistful heart-eyes at each other
  • It’s getting ridiculous
  • Like it’s painfully obvious to everyone by this point
  • Shiro, to Keith: what would a princess ever see in a guy like me? Keith: *facepalms so hard he knocks himself out*
  • Allura, to Coran: it’s just not proper Coran you know there are rules and it’s perfectly right that we should keep our distance and not cause complications
  • Coran: *stares into the camera like he’s on the office*
  • Every single other person on the ship at this point: 
Ask 4-year-old Menma
  • Sakura: Menma, what's your dad's name?
  • Menma: Dad.
  • Sakura: I mean the other name.
  • Menma: Dobe.
  • Sakura: ...is there a more affectionate name your other dad calls him
  • Menma: Yep. Usuratonkachi.
  • Sakura: *sweatdrops* Well you're not wrong...but does the name Naruto ring a bell?
  • Menma: No.
  • Sakura: No?
  • Menma: Oh I get it. Aunt Sakura, you mean 'NARRRRUUUUTTTOOOO', don't you?
  • Sakura: *facepalms so hard* (I should have guessed)

tygermama  asked:

according to Legends canon, Han Solo grew up on a smuggling ship run by a guy named Shrike who made him pickpocket for food, etc. BUT can you imagine if instead of Shrike, it was Hondo who found Han? (like, as soon as they all get on the Falcon and the doors close, Han opens his arms wide and yells 'KENOBI!' and Obi Wan facepalms so hard he knocks himself out?)

I love and support any version of the story where Hermit Kenobi meets up with Hondo again. Period. He’d be SO peeved.

anonymous asked:

"Yakov often said Viktor spent more time with foot in his mouth than in his skate" This is by far my fav line you ever wrote. Not that your top 10 isn't gorgeous or anything, but this wins. When Yakov learns why Yuuri hated his student so much and eventually caused him so much suffering, was Viktor's doing, that man facepalms so hard and ages another 5 years.

There are some lines that, while in terms of technical writing aren’t some of my best, I am still ridiculously proud of myself for thinking up. That is definitely one of them and ‘are you familiar with eating Russian is another’!


Request: can u do an imagine thing where the boys find out what a period is and that reader is on one??? and say like each of their reactions ? ( i like long ones but not super duper long ones) thx!!!

a/n- I hope it’s okay that I do longer head canons, I know you wanted an imagine, so if you want a full one let me know! Thanks for requesting, sorry for the wait. These are really based on personal opinion of what I think they would do.


-You asked Darry to buy you some girly products, because you knew he wouldn’t make a huge deal of it or embarrass you. At first he kept awkwardly muttering “um” for like five minutes straight, before reluctantly agreeing to grab you some. His ears are red and the poor boy asks what kind you would need. The boys over hear your conversation and Darry has to explain what a period is to some of them (he knows bc of past girlfriends.) He ends up having to take all of the boys with him, bc they’re strangely curious/want to know for future reference with girlfriends. He’d also turn bright red while paying for them and shoves them in Soda’s hands when they leave the check out stand. Practically throws them at you when he gets back and retreats to his room still muttering “um.”


-Sodapop low-key knows what to do bc of Sandy. He wouldn’t be embarrassed in the slightest when Darry gives them to him to hold. When they get back he slips you some chocolate/candy he bought for you and does nice little things for you (like giving you a heat pad, blanket, water, etc). He won’t fully admit it, but he really enjoys watching chick flicks that you put on. Soda attempts to make the whole thing easier for Darry by telling him it just looks like Darry has a girlfriend/is a good boyfriend. He would try so hard not to laugh at the horrified reactions.


-Steve would stay far far away, bc of his experience with Evie’s periods. He thinks girls are too moody and whiny, so he just avoids the situation. He’d eventually watch the chick flicks, bc he wanted to hang out with Soda, but would bitch the whole time about how girly it was and how you wouldn’t share your snacks. He’s more bitchy then any girl could ever be on their period. 


-Is super embarrassed and horrified when Darry explains the whole thing. Doesn’t go to the store, but stays behind and tries to help you. Johnny would freak out if you started having cramps, bc he hates seeing people in pain. He attempts to help you out, but he doesn’t have a clue about these things. Says he’s going to the bathroom, but never returns because he hopped out of the bathroom window to escape.


-Ponyboy would be afraid that you’re going to die. He would run around the house screaming his head off, because he thinks you’re going to lose too much blood. He’s only 14 he doesn’t fully understand. Pony didn’t pay attention in health, bc he was daydreaming so he has no clue what’s going on. Soda has to calm his down and later attempts to explain. Pony keeps repeating that he never wants a girlfriend, wife, or daughter. 


-At eighteen Two-Bit still didn’t have a clue as to what a period was. He asked you and Darry a million questions. He buys snacks for you like Soda, but ends up accidentally eating them on the car ride home. Is super confused that boys don’t have a period, and asks Darry about it. Darry facepalms so hard, and Steve calls Two an idiot and explains it. Two is super helpful and kind to you. After all this happened, he made the mistake of asking Kathy if she was on her period when she was being moody. She was not in fact on her period and poor Two got smacked.


-Dallas Winston would show up after everybody goes to the store. Typical Dally would ask an asshole question like, “What’re on your period or something?” when you were being moody. When he sees the angry look on your face he says, “what? I was kidding, I was just kidding y/n”. He would make you share your snacks with him, but would be slightly nicer to you. 

soy luna youtube au
  • because let’s face it this had to be done
  • so jazmín would still have fab & chic
  • delfi starts out always appearing on the channel as well but she kinda does her own thing later
  • pedro the smol cinnamon roll has a life advice channel and boi he’s good at it
  • everyone just loves him
  • he’s so nice and easy to watch
  • he never leaves you feeling discouraged
  • you just wanna get off your ass and change the world after you watch him
  • (at one point he tries a cooking channel but it takes exactly one video attempt and a burnt kitchen for him to give up)
  • nina has this book and study channel
  • and she absolutely loves it
  • it’s more on the nerdy side
  • ámbar has a vlog channel where she just posts about her life
  • it’s like watching a more glamorous version of yourself honestly
  • yam has a fashion channel and everyone just absolutely adores her
  • (and also jim and yam collab v often and the fandom goes crazy every time it happens)
  • jim has a mix of pretty much everything but mostly it’s about dancing and singing
  • (and also domestic videos of her and yam but shhh)
  • gastón’s channel would mainly be about dressing well and books
  • it’s hard to believe but it’s a combo that works
  • luna is just a smol bean trying to find her way through life (aka she’s a mess)
  • honestly most of her videos don’t even have a structure
  • she just babbles about everything that comes to her mind
  • it’s so nice and relaxing tho
  • and you always feel like seeing and old friend again
  • because she’s so open and nice
  • sometimes she uploads random vlogs
  • or skating videos when she’s feeling like it
  • matteo would have a looooot of travel vlogs and skating videos and just generally have the cool boy vibe
  • you either love him or you hate him
  • there’s no in between
  • it just doesn’t exist
  • you either get his sense of humor and love him
  • or you don’t and despise him
  • but still most people love him
  • because come on this is the internet
  • most of us are sarcastic little shits

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anonymous asked:

How do you think Snape would react if he heard one of his students quietly singing the song from "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"? (I know that could never actually happen, but it would probably be funny if it did!)

True fact: During one of the movie premieres, a whole crowd of people literally sang this song when Alan Rickman was on camera. 

Better yet, imagine Albus showing Snape the video:

“It would be fun to put on a play version of this funny video,” Albus said with a light hearted chuckle.

“No it wouldn’t!” Snape replied. “It’s insulting. I don’t sound like that!”

“To be fair, Severus, you sometimes do,” Albus replied, looking over his half-moon spectacles.

“I do not sing, and I most certainly don’t just blithely refrain from investigating odd noises in order to do so!” Snape sneered.

“I’m not sure what the puppeteer’s obsession with seeing me naked, saving my hat, either, but you must admit it is rather humorous,” Albus said.

Humiliating, is what I think you mean to say,” Snape replied, rolling his eyes. “Besides, I’ve seen you at new years parties after you have one too many firewhiskys.  In fact, I would have to say that I’ve seen far too much of you that I would prefer to have left unseen. The only difference is that you normally replace your hat with a lampshade, which makes no sense, as I did not realize that Hogwarts even had lampshades!”

“Oh ho ho, Severus, you know that what happens at staff parties stays at staff parties,” Albus demurred.

“Besides, you can’t deny that the end is rather a bit too…explosive to take place in a crowded room filled with children!” Snape exclaimed.

Albus tapped the end of Snape’s nose and practically twinkled at the sour-looking Potions master. “Ah, but Severus, surely you forgot that we have access to the wonders of magic!”

“Hmph!” Snape replied, stepping back, “You are not going to get me up on stage with….those three. Or….him. You know. The Dark Lord. Who most certainly does not sound like one of the Beatles.”

“Hmm…well, then. Okay Severus.  I won’t ask you to do this, then,” Albus said, finally.

“Thank you, sir-”

“-In fact, I daresay that Minerva would probably enjoy dressing up and playing your part, in the interest of inter-House cooperation, of course,” Albus interrupted.

“Wha-no!” Snape looked appalled. “You wouldn’t!”

“I’m afraid I must.”

Snape’s face grew scarlet until he finally let out a whuff of frustration. “Fine.”

“Fine?” Albus looked innocently back at him.

“Yes. Fine. I’ll do it.” Snape sighed, looking all for the world as though he were about to be doomed.

“Ah! Well, good then! Now that we’ve got that all sorted, how about we practice?” Albus pulled out a small roll of parchment.

“Wh…what?” Severus stared at the paper like it was about to transfigure into a snake and bite him.

“Exactly what I said, old chap!” Albus replied cheerfully. “Come on then, we don’t have all day.”

Severus decided that it was pointless to remind Albus exactly who the old chap in the room actually was, and took the paper, unrolling it with a long-suffering sigh.

“What’s that mysterious ticking noise?” he asked, his voice deadpan.

Dumbledore pointed his wand at his robes, transfiguring them into a large barrel, which made it rather apparent that he was not wearing anything else.

“DUMBLEDORE!” He yelled, hopping into the air.

Severus facepalmed so hard that it made an audible slapping sound. “Merlin preserve us.”