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Today, I fucked up... by taking a girl to a Holocaust museum for our first date

I’ll keep this brief since I’m having to type with my elbows while I’m double-facepalming.

I met this girl on Tinder, and after a few messages, we agreed to meet up in person. I’m horrible at thinking of fun things to do on a date, but I remembered reading on her profile that she likes museums. I asked if there were any museums that she wanted to go to, to which she said, “Let’s go to that Holocaust museum!” At the time, the blood wasn’t exactly in my brain, so I said, “Sure, sounds like fun!” I should have said “How about no? Let’s go to literally any other kind of museum.”

We arrived at the museum, and as I stood there looking at a massive pile of twisted glasses frames and discarded shoes worn by the prisoners, I realized that I have seriously fucked up. What started off as a damn good first date, quickly became a regretful experience. We didn’t talk, we didn’t hold hands or make any physical contact whatsoever; we just walked in somber silence.

I tried to lighten the mood, but once you’ve been brought down by the atrocities of the Holocaust, there’s really no cheering-up for a while. I dropped her off at her house without so much as a fist-bump, and drove myself home.


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there was this tweet about a little child who kept saying they wanted to be a boy so their parents went and bought boyish clothes and i was really happy (they're like 4 and they reminded me of myself) and then one of my friends retweets it but with the caption "why" and emojis of a girl facepalming herself and idk mom im now sad bc im a girl who always felt like should be a boy but never really expressed it and that kid is being happy and my friend is like rejecting what she doesnt know and ugh

Oh sweetie, I am so, so, so sorry about your friend’s horrible retweet. That’s so hurtful and just. Ugh. But hey, you know what? That kid is still out there, still happy in their/his boyish clothes! And darling, you – just like that kid – are perfect. You are perfect and you are real and you deserve all the validation in the world. I promise you.

I am sending you so, so, so much love, darling, and I’m celebrating that kid – and you!!! – along with you <3 <3 <3 <3

IMAGINE Jungkook as a wealthy chaebol who’s trying desperately to get you to notice him , since he wants what he can’t have.

“ Face the reality, jeon, she’s not from our world” , namjoon sighed

“ No hyung, even if she’s from the galaxy , I always get what I want in the end”

“ Jeon , you can’t !! What if people got to learn about your relationship and you end up losing your place in the company ”

“I love her , hyung, even if staying with her means we’re going to live on the streets , I won’t let her go”

“So dramatic ”, namjoon facepalmed “ leave the girl alone , she said no ”

“She never did”, jeon pouted

“ Yes I did”, you nudged his shoulder “ Jeon Jungkook , I don’t care if you’re a third of fourth generation chaebol or whatsoever , you should get your priorities right and leave poor people like me alone”

“ But…you’re my priority”

You blushed before cupping your cheeks and walking away

“Y-YAH, you better stop following me ”, you pointed at him

Jungkook smiled before following you

“ My parents always told me to follow my dreams”

“ Where’s the bag so I can vomit”, namjoon sighed in the background
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Girl: I think the child would be…Daniel.

Daniel: *Facepalm*

Tyler: *Laughing*

Girl: And the mom would be…. Bohen.

Ian: WHAT?! You’re gonna make me MOM!?

Daniel: *Looks up*

Daniel: I’m the fucking kid!