EXO as Students in School


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  • is almost finished with school
  • but what to do afterwards??
  • he doesn’t know
  • chilling most of the time
  • hangs out with Luhan most
  • when Luhan is not there he is around Chen a lot
  • you never see him without coffee
  • school starts: he is with his coffee 
  • break: coffee
  • after school: also coffee
  • everybody asks themselves how he is not dying with that amount of coffee


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  • bff with Xiumin
  • is also almost finished w/ school
  • but everybody thinks he is younger
  • and it’s not helping that he hangs out with Sehun
  • a lot
  • nobody knows why
  • like how did they get to know each other in the first place?
  • smol
  • but will fight you


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  • looks so old
  • like eveybody is scared of him
  • because he is so ‘chic and sexy’
  • especially the new kids
  • but is almost finished anyways
  • his friends know he is actually a dork
  • who says he doesn’t like chicken but eats it anyways
  • has his own fanclub probably
  • always looks perfect because he only leaves the house when he is content with his looks


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  • school mom
  • everybody knows him
  • everybody
  • is school representative
  • for 4 years in a row
  • teachers love him because he is always polite
  • students also love him 
  • not just like-love but also love-love
  • boys just as much as girls
  • secret leader of the Kris-Fanclub


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  • no student knows what year lay is in
  • he comes to class and everybody is like: ohh we’re the same age??
  • so cute and shy
  • always gets high points in tests and stuff
  • but never participates during lessons
  • he has no real reason
  • he just dislikes it
  • is always visiting China during holidays
  • and brings snacks for his friends
  • they love him very very much


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  • pretty popular
  • class clown no. 1
  • so loud during classes
  • and during breaks
  • just generally really loud
  • some teachers tolerate this
  • some don’t
  • also kind of a school-hoe?!?!1!
  • bc he is always so touchy
  • with his friends ofc
  • likes parties because everyone is having a good time there


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  • class clown no. 2
  • either really loud
  • and kinda annoying
  • or cute
  • and with great participation during lessons
  • depends on the subject tho
  • has many friends
  • like the whole school
  • because he is always polite and friendly


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  • class clown no. 3
  • happy most of the time
  • but also confused 
  • about like 80 % of school time
  • he is not bad tho
  • his points are enough to pass every class
  • he just doesn’t understand why he needs to learn most of this
  • one of the tallest students in school
  • like when there is a crowd and you want to find chanyeol
  • just look for the tall one

D.O./ Kyungsoo

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  • looks like he could kill a man
  • or teacher
  • or student
  • but actually really awkward 
  • and shy
  • and adorable
  • his friends like to make fun of him for that
  • really good grades
  • teachers use his tests-answers as best examples
  • he gets soo shy when they read them out loud


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  • knows ALL the gossip
  • some1: ‘did you hear what they say about tiffany?’
  • tao: ‘ofc i do! but do you know that they say about mr smith?’
  • probably runs a tumblr blog about his school
  • where he posts the shit everybody says and does
  • best styled
  • his clothes are so expensive
  • where does he get the money for that?!?!
  • hangs around with kris alot


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  • so. cute.
  • but. so. hot.
  • member of the dancing club
  • that he founded
  • also teaches others dances after school
  • to earn some money
  • for him
  • and for his dogs
  • during exam-preparations he sends around pictures of his dogs
  • to help others to calm down


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  • the embodiment of the resting bitch face
  • math: bitch face
  • history: bitch face
  • biology: bitch face
  • but pays attention
  • most of the time at least
  • was the first to join kai’s dancing club
  • sometimes they are competing with other schools
  • asks suho for help with schoolwork
  • hangs out with luhan after school


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