faceless silhouette

Pieces of Me & You

It has been a while,
The heart is tired,
And eyes are sore.
Left a trail of pieces of you,
There I was,
Picking them up,
Trying to find you.
I dreamt of faceless
Silhouettes, I wish
To find and touch.
You’re like a memory
Deepy ingrained
In my head,
An event that has yet to happen.
And I did.
I have your pieces,
My dear Valentine.
I have them in my hands
bleeding for you.
I wish to hug you,
And calm your restless heart.
You are an untold masterpiece,
A shooting star,
The morning dew,
and the air I breathe.
A constellation of contradictions
and a puzzle waiting to be solved.
My dear Valentine,
Please be patient.
The heart has been used and abused
and one can only endure for so long.
It has been filled with doubt,
Questions with no answers,
And answers we don’t want to hear.
My lovely,
I give you pieces of me,
To remind you, you’re not alone.
It may not mend what has been broken,
But enough to keep believing.
Do not despair, my sweet
For you day will come.
When loneliness has faded,
And you no longer feel torn.
Until then, I give you pieces of me
To fill the beautiful you.

To my secret valentine teacup13  Happy Valentines Day!