faceless is my favorite

rifleshotsandflowerpots  asked:

✖✖✖? ;D

Send me “✖” and my muse will tell you a story about their sibling(s) 

“Oh do I have stories for you.”

“One time Abby thought it would be hilarious to tell me the Faceless Old Woman set my favorite blazer on fire. Well, needless to say she regretted it after I almost went toe to toe with the Faceless Old Woman myself for it. That was my favorite blazer after all.” 

“And another time I wanted to practice for my Dark Summoning badge, and Abby kept criticizing my chalk lines. So I told her to do a better one, and you know what she summoned? An armadillo! Hah!!” 

 “Oohhhh man, this one time, my brother and I - “

“I…. I-I don’t remember… ever since that rip in reality I keep seeing things that aren’t real. I mean, they couldn’t be, right? We um… made a pillow fort, or, he and the other Cecil did, when they were about ten? I think? But that wasn’t me. I don’t think..”