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#199 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “your an up and coming actress working in London, so your friends with British personalties e.g. Nick Grimshaw. Your introduce to Van/ the boys at glastonbury and play it pretty cool, leaving Van wanting you. Then you go to one of his shows act natural/laid back, attracting Van, leading him to impress you at the after show party.” “The instagram girl anon here :) I was thinking of something like Van not really getting it because he’s not really good with all that stuff and doesn’t really get how you can be famous just because you post nice pictures!” and “maybe use Lilly Aldridge interview with Wendy on YouTube about how she meet her husband Caleb from Kings of Leon as inspo?!?”

Note: Nick Grimshaw is in the fic, but I don’t actually know much about him so his character is probably wildly inaccurate. Soz.

Fame was certainly something you never sought. Your aim was to make people happy, glittery, and to hang out with as many pretty girls as possible. At local events you set up a small booth to give people space buns, sparkly faces, and very Instagram-worthy photographs. The photos you posted racked up the likes, and soon enough, you were getting offers from across the country to come and run tents at music festivals and private parties for A-listers. With those connections, it didn’t take long before you were as famous as Matty Healy, Dua Lipa, and Zendaya (maybe only pre-Spiderman though).

The celebrity status was a nightmare, but you were grateful for any opportunity you got. It was how you were raised to be. Your name got you into the best parties and clubs, and backstage at any show you wanted. It was no longer a matter of applying to do jobs, people were booking you well in advance. So, when Glastonbury rolled around, you got to pick how you’d spend the time. Nick called and asked if you were going to work it, or if maybe you wanted to just have some actual time off to relax. He made a good case, and you eventually left your glittery business in the capable hands of your team. Your name assigned to the tent would be enough to draw a crowd.

Literally every single person seemed to know Nick. He was a bouncing ball of punchy energy and quick wit. You held back giggles as he threw you looks whenever someone hugged him that he clearly didn’t identify as a friend. The people he did actually love though, were obvious.

“Van!” he all but squealed, and pulled you towards two guys leaning against a fence, out of the way of everyone else. As Nick approached, they both pushed their sunglasses onto their heads and smiled. The taller one hugged him first, then the shorter one. “Van, mate, how ya been? Larry! What’s up? Guys, this is Y/N, givin’ her a little V.I.P. tour,” he said, mocking his own celebrity status.

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AU where kenma is a famous faceless singer on niconico and youtube and his alias is calicoキャラコ with a self-drawn calico cat as his icon. kuroo works at a video game store and suffers from mild depression. he loves listening to calico’s original music and covers and often has fantasies of meeting him to cope with his depression, little does he know the shy and reclusive boy that has been frequenting the store for years is the man of his dreams. one day, while kenma is paying for his weekly buys, kuroo notices calico’s limited edition phonestrap hanging on kenma’s bag and he immediately starts fanboying. kenma is internally squealing because for the longest time he’s had a crush on kuroo and all his unrequited love songs and love song covers, were all about kuroo, and from that day forward, a real love story begins.

if lexa dies without us getting at least ONE minute of peaceful clexa romance im gonna have some strong ass words for the 100 they owe me the opportunity to listen to the bridge of so close by jon mclaughlin and cry my eyes out for the rest of my life


Shower Curtain Selection of the Day

  1. Into the Woods  by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo
  2. Pine Cone by Eric Fan
  3. Treat Yo Self – Gold by Cat Coquillette
  4. Home Where The Heart Is  by Budi Satria Kwan
  5. Morning Chorus by Archan Nair
  6. Moon River by Paula Belle Flores
  7. Ornate Elephant Head by BIOWORKZ
  8. Faceless | number 01 by FAMOUS WHEN DEAD
  9. Blue by SensualPatterns

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