faceless and famous


#81 - Faceless and Famous

The new family members you meet/play in Mortal Kombat X is the theme of this foursome.

- Cassie Cage

- Takeda Takahashi

- Jacqui Briggs

- Kung Jin

By: Alaina Schindler

AU where kenma is a famous faceless singer on niconico and youtube and his alias is calicoキャラコ with a self-drawn calico cat as his icon. kuroo works at a video game store and suffers from mild depression. he loves listening to calico’s original music and covers and often has fantasies of meeting him to cope with his depression, little does he know the shy and reclusive boy that has been frequenting the store for years is the man of his dreams. one day, while kenma is paying for his weekly buys, kuroo notices calico’s limited edition phonestrap hanging on kenma’s bag and he immediately starts fanboying. kenma is internally squealing because for the longest time he’s had a crush on kuroo and all his unrequited love songs and love song covers, were all about kuroo, and from that day forward, a real love story begins.