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First thing’s first, I managed to get through chapter 7 without struggle (though I missed the armorslayer :/ ) but for some reason I didn’t take any screenshots! Hahaha….ha………….

I decided to use the one Heart Seal in the Rod Shop to go ahead and reclass Sakura to a Sky Knight, since she seemed to be leveling too slowly as a pure healer. when do you unlock unlimited heart seals again

Mozu’s paralogue came and went…  after one reset because I did something extremely ill-advised with Hana. Note to self: one Faceless to the face is enough for her. 

Then came Chapter 8, which has TONS more enemies in Lunatic. I benched every dude and got some nice exp for the ladies including newcomers Setsuna and Hinoka. Because of Hinoka’s Guard Naginata Sky Knight!Sakura managed to have better output than her. Setsuna’s growths have also been…disappointing so far, hopefully it’s just bad luck. 

In the midst of all of this the lesbians started making eyes at each other, and Felicia and Azura are only one step away from newlyweds. Love moves so fast ;_;

Final team’s current stats under the Keep Reading~

I bought a few skills from my logbook which I think is perfectly fair. 

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If it’s true that hell exists
with our bodies on the tables
and our spirits gliding faceless
past the sunset
and the blue of graceless Sky

Once past the dragon doorway
We’ll be swimming in the flotsam
Of the eternal swirly soup
Part angel
Part trout
Never getting out

Facing the Faceless

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2byVULd

by OrianaGray

Keith’s past is continuing to haunt him the moment he falls asleep, making it impossible for him to ever fall back to sleep. When Lance confronts him for it, he finds himself opening up in ways he never thought he could.

Words: 2838, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/2byVULd

Title: Baby Look What You’ve Done To Me

Author: ballsdeepinjesus / harrythewinemom

Summary:  The next day kind of turns everything upside down, though. Louis gets another lingerie catalogue addressed to Harry. He’s about to toss it when he sees a personalized note stuck to the front; it thanks Harry for his previous purchases and offers him a complimentary six-month subscription to their magazine free of charge. It’s a unisex lingerie catalogue. Lingerie specifically designed to allow for the existence of penises, apparently, judging from the bulging cocks covered in lace that he sees as he flips through the pages. His breath catches in his throat at the thought of a faceless Harry – mysterious, odd Harry – dressed up in his purchases, whatever they may be.

He thinks he needs a lie down, to be honest.

[Louis moves into Harry’s old flat. Harry gets a lot of mail.]

Gif Pack: Avan Jogia

Below the cut you will find +252 gifs of Avan Jogia as Danny Desai in Twisted. All of these gifs were made by me. The gifs mostly come from the episode “Home Is Where the Hurt Is” (s01e14). These gifs were made for roleplay usage. The pack includes only textless gifs, with few faceless gifs. The sizes of the gifs are all 245px in width, with varying heights. All of them are below 2.0 MB. This is the second pack in a series of four packs of Avan as Danny. The other gif packs can be found here. While not necessary, a quick like or reblog if you found these gifs helpful would be appreciated!

Trigger/Content Warnings: Flashing Lights (minor)
Gif Pack Features: Kylie Bunbury, Jack Falahee, Maddie Hasson
Important Note: Do not repost my gifs. Do not claim my gifs as your own. Do not remove my watermarks. Do no redistribute my gifs. Do not repost my gifs in a gif hunt. Link to this gif pack instead. Do not use my gifs to make crackship gifs.

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It is possible you will see hockey players at the ice rink. Do not approach them. Do not approach the ice rink.

Would you rather have a faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home? Or 1000 roaches?

Bitty: Kent Parson. You don’t do anything except bring unacceptably dry scones to NHL meetings and take grammatically disastrous minutes on your shifts as meeting secretary. GET IT TOGETHER, KENT!”

Annie’s Coffee: Devour your own empty heart.

Ransom: “Angels are not real, and we are not allowed to know about their existence or hierarchical structure.”

Bitty, upon meeting Jack: “A new man came into the haus today. Who is he? What does he want from us? Why his perfect and beautiful cheekbones? Why his perfect and beautiful ass?” 


(inspired partly by this post by @cardamoms but mostly by the insanity that is hiatus)

but wAIT, THERE’S MORE: [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [extra]

The R*cas hug scene was cut, which actually makes sense.

Storyline-wise, anyway.

For starters, during the hug scene Riley called Lucas ‘her bear’—which is already strange because

the bear is faceless and has been since Riley’s childhood.

“A teddy bear is a source of joy and comfort and security and love.”

Originally posted by farklematthews

“Beary was my childhood.”

“Everything I went through, he went through.”

“I lost my childhood…”

But hey, the bear wasn’t found yet. But it’s still a part of Riley’s ‘scrapbook.’ It’s still a part of her.

Arya’s Early Training

CIn the later books we can see how much Syrio has influenced Arya and prepared her for her trainings in the House of Black and White. Now we don’t know for sure whether it’s Bravos style of training, or Syrio had at some point recieved proper FM trainings.

Fighting Blind

The man Syrio Forel had come with an excellent reputation, and his flamboyant Braavosi style was well suited to Arya’s slender blade, yet still … a few days ago, she had been wandering around with a swatch of black silk tied over her eyes. Syrio was teaching her to see with her ears and her nose and her skin, she told him. Before that, he had her doing spins and back flips. “Arya, are you certain you want to persist in this?”

- Ned, AGoT 

Syrio, if not intentionally, has been preparing Arya for her future trainings as FM. Now we don’t know for sure, but either Syrio was familiar with the ways of FM, or training with ‘ears and nose and skin’ is common in Braavos.


When she’d run to him with her hands bleeding, he had said, “So slow? Be quicker, girl. Your enemies will give you more than scratches.” He had dabbed her wounds with Myrish fire, which burned so bad she had had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. Then he sent her out after more cats.  

- Arya, AGoT

One of the most important themes of Arya’s training with Syrio are cats. The bond she makes with cats through AGoT is later fully painted in her role as Cat of the Canals and her warging into cats while blind.


 Syrio stepped back. “You are dead now.”
Arya made a face. “You cheated,” she said hotly. “You said left and you went right.
“Just so. And now you are a dead girl.”
“But you lied!”
My words lied. My eyes and my arm shouted out the truth, but you were not seeing.”

- Arya IV, AGoT

Before her training, Arya was naive and innocent, but Syrio so directly lies to her face, something no other adult would do. The Lying Game she later plays with the waif is a part of FM trainings.


Two of the guardsmen were dicing together while the third walked rounds, his hand on the pommel of his sword. Ashamed to let them see her crying like a baby, she stopped to rub at her eyes. Her eyes her eyes her eyes, why did …    Look with your eyes, she heard Syrio whisper.
Arya looked. She knew all of her father’s men. The three in the grey cloaks were strangers. “You,” the one walking rounds called out. “What do you want here, boy?” The other two looked up from their dice.

- Arya, AGoT

Observation is an important part of the FM cult, Arya is sent to the streets of Braavos to observe people, she learns from her observations and reports back to the kindly man. Also she is taught to read people’s faces to see whether they’re telling the truth.

Balance & Movements

Many of her other duties had remained the same, but as she went about them she stumbled over furnishings, walked into walls, dropped trays, got hopelessly helplessly lost inside the temple. Once she almost fell headlong down the steps, but Syrio Forel had taught her balance in another lifetime, when she was the girl called Arya, and somehow she recovered and caught herself in time

- The Blind Girl, ADwD

Those three came most often, but there were others: the squinter, the lordling, the starved man. One time the fat fellow and the squinter came together. Umma sent Arya to pour for them. “When you are not pouring, you must stand as still as if you had been carved of stone,” the kindly man told her. “Can you do that?”
“Yes.“ Before you can learn to move you must learn to be still, Syrio Forel had taught her long ago at King’s Landing, and she had. She had served as Roose Bolton’s cupbearer at Harrenhal, and he would flay you if you spilled his wine.  

- Arya II, AFfC

Arya is given the trait of balance from the very start, but here we see how it has worked to her benefit. Her swiftness that Syrio has taught her later comes in handy when she serves Bolton and then the FM.