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I was just wondering, do you think it's fair for Jungkook to be in the center for the majority of every song? I've been seeing a lot of upset over it lately, and was curious about your thoughts

No, of course not! I understand why Jeongguk is due to the fact that he is a strong, diverse vocalist, dancer and performer (that is not me in any way saying that the others are not) and thus he is ultimately a solid centre that BigHit knows can unfailingly carry a lot of the song. That is literally the main reason he is labelled as the Golden Maknae – and BigHit have fully recognised that, which means they will milk him for all he is worth and will put him at the centre as often as they can, because a strong centre is an absolute essential in a performance. I know, as avid fans, we tend to sought our bias in stages and music videos, though the average viewer who is not as invested in BTS as us will usually focus on the centre of the performance and never really stray their eyes to the edges – so of course, the company will maintain a solid centre who they know will not be weak and can potentially disinterest the average viewer from watching any further. Again, not saying that the other members would not be capable of upholding these measures either.

Not Today was actually very promising in this regard of having the members as the centre focus for lengthy stages of the song, rather than just keeping it as Jeongguk. Namjoon has a lot of screen and centre time, Yoongi and Hoseok take the centre of the performance twice in the music video, Taehyung has appeared to have taken a fair amount of screen time and centre positions that are usually handed to Jimin. It was very much alike the Save Me MV in this sense. But the one major let down of this promising dynamic was the fact that Seokjin had a second of screen time that did not even correspond with his two lines in the song. I thought they might have given him more due to his minimal lines, though that concept was fiercely shut down by the time I reached the end of the music video and realised that I only saw Seokjin for the solo running shot … I was feeling a lot like I did when I reached the end of the Spring Day music video and had to backtrack to check whether I missed Hoseok’s part, or if it was not even there in the first place. I honestly believe they could have at least made Seokjin the focus of all the running shots, where instead it was Jeongguk leading the pack.

I love Jeongguk to bits, but if he were to not have the centre stage, nor predominant screen time in future music videos and performances, I would not be arguing against it or upset. What I will not condone in the slightest is other ‘fans’ slandering Jeongguk for the fact that he is put into a position that he most likely has no control and no say over. At the end of the day, none of us know the process of what occurs when these decisions are made, though that is not to say that these situations are not extremely disappointing for us as fans, nonetheless the members who work just as hard as each other and deserve the same treatment. But all of this does not mean we fight for the rights of the other members by dragging one through the dirt – just think how terribly awful the boys would feel if they knew that one of their fellow members, who are like their brothers, was being cut down and degraded for their sake. They would hate it.

Please do not take this as me defaming the other members and thinking they are talentless in comparison to Jeongguk, because that is wholly not what I mean in the slightest with this response. All of the boys are just as talented as each other in their own, individual ways, and they all deserve equal treatment from the company. Though, most unfortunately, this is just how it works out and I really, really hope that BigHit hears the voices of the fans are these incidences with Hoseok and Seokjin by taking positive action upon it and, in future, giving them more lines and screen time.

your fave is problematic: welcome to night vale episode 100
  • we don’t know how the proposal went
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  • was the whole town in on it
  • was it huge and romantic or small and sweet 
  • did Cecil cry
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  • HOW 
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  • DOWN 

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ivory did u see this..... a good concept honestly.... do u kno any fics like it... rapgodjjk tumblr com/post/157201932274/tattoo-artist-jjk

Oh my god. And yes, I knew of two amazing tattoo artist pieces that revolved around Jeongguk, but both of the writers have unfortunately deactivated and thus, taken the writing with them!

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bighit isn't going to change what they're doing with jungkook... he's always had the most fans, and they've always made it so that he's in the center and so that he overshadows all of the other members. all they're going to see are jungkook stans freaking out over jungkook and being excited, they're not going to see the small percentage of fans who are actually upset for the lack of lines and screen time given to members who are just as hardworking as jungkook is like hoseok and seokjin. and

jungkook stans are always preaching about “equality” and “not hating on other members,” but only when it applies to jungkook. they’re fine with bashing other members to make jungkook look better and they always complain about the little spotlight other members get when jungkook is given it, but when it comes to jungkook it’s suddenly the worst crime in the world.

Did you even … read my post? At what point did I ever say that bashing the other members is fine to make Jeongguk look better? When I said: But all of this does not mean we fight for the rights of the other members by dragging one through the dirt – I did not specifically reference to Jeongguk because such a disgraceful act applies when it occurs to any member of the group. Did you not read the part that I said: if Jeongguk were to not have the centre stage, nor predominant screen time in future music videos and performances, I would not be arguing against it or upset? Which completely juxtaposes your claim of: When it comes to jungkook it’s suddenly the worst crime in the world?

To be completely honest, I am not even sure how to respond to your message, because I was not putting my opinion on the situation out there to start a debate, I was merely expressing my stance on the situation because I was asked for my perspective. I was not stating it from my position as a person that stans Jeongguk, but rather with mature and professional reasoning. So if this is how you want to take it, then go ahead, but I do not support your words.


BLACK SISTERS + doodles.

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lol of course it's easy for someone who's jeongguk biased to say that... you all are really the worst. constantly only supporting and caring for jeongguk but claiming that equality and supporting all of them is important.

So if I was a stan of any other member than Jeongguk, then you would embrace my advice, which would be unwavering no matter who I stan because that is my honest opinion? I was not stating my perspective as a person who biases Jeongguk, but from a reasonable and mature stance, a non-fan point of view because I wished to be as unbiased as possible. Really, what is the point in giving my opinion on a widespread issue amongst multiple members if I am going to be lenient towards one of them, nonetheless the one who receives the best treatment of them all? That is completely unfair and not what I am here to do.

Honestly, your message is just pointless, because you clearly have no idea of who I am and the fact that 1. I love all of the members equally because what is the point of being so entirely invested in a group if I am only going to idolise and support a single member and 2. In the time that I have been a fan of BTS, I have stanned every single one of those boys at some stage with Jeongguk being the last to come forth as a considered bias. So truly, do not come into my inbox spouting this kind of nonsense and acting like I am the scum of the earth because I – a Jeongguk stan, who is actually predominantly a Yoongi stan, but of course you did not think to point that out because you did not know it and based your thoughts around my icon and URL – stated my opinion when I was asked for it.

I am honestly sick to death of this ideal that because you stan a particular member, it means that you cannot have an opinion about anything in regards to the other members of the group, nor does it mean that you respect, support or love the other members. It is such an immature principle to have and I really hope those that are projecting this ridiculous concept are not abiding by their own guidelines of only devoting themselves to a single member of the group and not caring about the rest, because that is honestly just sad that they cannot appreciate the talent that BTS are as a whole, and as individual people.

To everyone else who has sent me messages in regards to this, I am deleting them, as I do not wish to pursue this topic further as I have very clearly stated my opinion in regards to the situation, nonetheless in regards to the feedback my opinion has received. Please respect that and do not message me again, you will be instantly blocked if you do.