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Venoms S/O tries their best to cook a meal, but it hits the fan

“Ven, sweetheart, I know you’re trying and I appreciate that I really do, but I gotta speak for my kitchen and ask that you don’t make me breakfast in bed” you sighed, eyes barely open as you stared down the symbiote as it quickly ‘scuttled’ to the kitchen.

Must take care of you, like you take care of me’ the symbiote grumbled, its voice deep and mildly-enchanting as it echoed through your mind. You honestly didn’t think you’d get used to that anytime soon.

“You take care of me by making sure I don’t stub my toe every damn time I walk past the stupid dresser” you hummed, trying your best to keep your tone even as you heard more than witnessed the destruction of your kitchen in the symbiote’s attempt’s to cook you ‘breakfast-in-bed’

“What if I want cuddles instead of food?” you questioned, hoping the suggestion of physical contact would tempt the symbiote enough to not destroy your kitchen, but alas, your attempts were thwarted as it responded quite evenly ’will cuddle later, make food now

Deciding to just accept the inevitable, you groaned as you rolled onto your front, face-planting into your pillow as you gave a muffled-yell, shrugging away the tendrils of concern you felt through the bond.

You make a mess, you clean it’ you tried to broadcast to the symbiote, using a trick it had taught you, only to be met with a gentle ’of course

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i have a prompt if u would like it — reader giving venom chocolate? in a cute fluffy way :3

After co-existing with the symbiote for so long, you’d expect to learn a few things, mainly: it was an absolute heathen for chocolate

You’d lost count of how many times you’d try to hide secret stashes in cupboards and drawers, only to nearly cry in defeat when a little black blob of goo would purr and grumble as it nibbled on what chocolate it could find

It took a will of steel to refuse the little buggar when you actually managed to covet a piece long enough for yourself to enjoy, though you did have to admit the symbiote had ‘puppy-eyes’ nailed down to a goddamn science

“I’m not giving you any chocolate, this piece is mine, you’ve already inhaled yours like the heathen you are” you hissed, glaring down at the pile of goop grumbling on your stomach

Want’ its deep voice echoed, a rugged purr quickly followed, the same purr it used when it tried its best to persuade you into things you’d much rather /not/ do


The symbiote seemed to actually melt as it pouted, giving an occasional ’huff’ to let you know it was pouting and probably wouldn’t stop until you gave it even a bite of your chocolate

Groaning in defeat, you broke off a tiny piece before offering it to the symbiote, rolling your eyes as it quickly reformed, little goopy ‘arms’ -as you called them- reaching forward to gently grasp the chocolate from you before literally inhaling it

“God you are so spoiled”