‘When I saw these beautiful yet deadly, poisonous frogs I urged Yvan to take a photo, it was such a fascinating and light-hearted moment watching them hop about yet their hidden danger inspired me and instantly incited new ideas in me for a daring new collection.’ @anasarmiento during the #FacehunterFAJourney, aka the Shamanic Journey. Photo by @facehunter. #Colombia #FlorAmazona #Facehunter #FacehunterColombia #Pacifico #Inspiration


Deemed to be one of the closest destinations in the world to paradise, Flor Amazona & Facehunter journeyed through Tayrona. Covered in green and unspoiled beaches, flora and fauna at every turn, its the perfect place for dreaming and relaxation. It’s hard not to understand why Ana Maria, head designer and founder, takes her inspiration from this region. During this visit Ana Maria and Yvan Rodic, our photographer for the journey, met with indigeous tribes and were invited into their homes. Ana Maria was even gifted with a shamanic love necklace, said to worn off heartbreak.

Stay tuned for more stories and more photos as we continue the FacehunterFAjourney.

Shamanic Boy. Shot by Face Hunter. Ana Maria Sarmiento says it was the most memorable part of the trip so far “entering the house into their ‘living room’, and witnessing this young boy wearing traditional jewelry. The most striking thing were his eyes, determined eyes, it brought something strong to this experience, something mystical, shamanic even." 

The FLOR AMAZONA PR Team got together with Founder and Head Designer, Ana Maria Sarmiento for an access all areas Q&A. We talk style, Colombia, text messaging and Ana’s thoughts on the FLOR AMAZONA & FACEHUNTER project…

Let’s start at the beginning. Who is Ana Maria Sarmiento?

I am Colombian born. Based in Europe, Asia and South America. I love exploring ethnic trends and cultures around the world, but utmost I love my country. I love a good mix of colors, I practice kindness and order in life; however I am open to always try and create the unexpected, that is my passion.

What is your aim in life?

My aim is to inspire people by challenging the odds. I am fearless when it comes to showcasing the beautiful traditions, landscapes and people of Colombia.

What were you doing before Flor Amazona?

I have a degree in Finance and International Relations and a Masters in Marketing Strategy, together with a Masters in Fashion Business and Luxury Management from IFA, Paris and POLIMODA, Italy. Before founding Flor Amazona, I started my career in banking and worked at the United Nations in Austria but soon turned my hand to the creative industry where I was Global Brand Director for several European Fashion and Beauty brands. I live my life by loving what I do and doing what I love. My job really does feel like an endless holiday!

 How would you summarise what the Flor Amazona brand stands for?

Flor Amazona stands for Colombia and culture. It is a Colombian brand that supports Colombian traditions whilst infusing contemporary style to make it wearable for the modern woman. We work with indigenous tribes to keep traditional handcraft alive and use bright and vibrant colours and patterns so that women can feel in paradise all year long.

In what ways do you feel Flor Amazona can help Colombia? Do you think building the brand can help to expel Colombia of its clichés?

Of course! Many people know little of Colombia other than the word ‘drugs’. By introducing the world to Colombia through Flor Amazona we reveal its true beauty, which is why this project is so important - It builds awareness and shows the world a side to Colombia that rarely gets shown in the media. Colombia is in vogue right now and I am happy to lead this trend.

In a world of increasing globalization, why do you think it’s so important for a brand to have a cultural identity?

When you see a brand representing your own country, it makes you proud and strengthens your bond with that brand. Made in Colombia is very important to the Colombian community as more and more generic brands are entering South America, to have a brand represent what Colombia is all about is really exciting! Every country and city has their brands that they love - London has Burberry, Italy has Dolce & Gabbana, Paris has Chanel and now Colombia has Flor Amazona.

Why did you choose to work with indigenous communities such as the Embera, Wayuu and Kamcha?

They are the masters of the beaded and threaded bracelet! My designs are an interpretation on traditional Colombian handcraft so for me it was important that they were made by the people who have been making it for generations. I want to keep the handcraft alive and to spread our culture!

What does Colombia mean to you?

Fruits, family, paradise, beach, sun, smiles, and more smiles!

Why did you choose Facehunter to forefront this project?

Yvan is an old friend of mine! We have always had a global friendship, every year during the fashion seasons we meet in different locations around the world, but we’d never met in Colombia. When I started planning this project it felt like an obvious choice, he’s a world-renowned photographer and brand creator who really understands culture, people and history. Talking with him is a delight!

What inspires you?

The amazon rainforest, shamanic belief, Colombia, the beach, the desert, my worldwide adventures and most of all women from around the world.

Tell us in 3 words what fashion is to you.

Volatile, Business, Desire.

Your style in 3 words

Feminine, Rich, Glam.

Finally, what is paradise to you?

Paradise is waking up in Bucaramanga, my birth city.

Now for a quick fire Q & A!

Gold or Silver?
All you need is GOLD!

Ultimate goal?
Educate Colombian kids in poverty

Love or Lust?
Love with a bit of Latin lust…

South America or Europe?

South America!

Favourite animal?


Heels or flats?

Sky-High Heels with your flats in your purse

Last text message you sent?

I’m in for Cancun and Cuba trip even if its Fashion Week…(to my Mom)

Bracelet or Earrings?

Flor Amazona Bracelets

Best city?


Book or film?

Forever books

Why Colombia?

Porque esta de MODA!

COLOMBIA IN 5 QUESTIONS - Noor De Groot, Queen of Jetlags

5 words to describe your view of Colombia
Latin, vibrant, emerging, musical and exotic

5 things that make Flor Amazona different
I’m happy Flor Amazona is not a follower of the monochrome style that’s huge right now, which is the biggest thing that makes it different. Other than that I love the authenticity, vibrant feel, the exotic look, and what FA stands for.

5 words to describe Flor Amazona’s SS14 collection
Exotic, colourful, vibrant, authentic and happy.

5 reasons why Colombia’s on your dream list?
South American culture, the rainforest, Bogota, the food and seeing all authentic things that make Colombia special.

In 5 words - What is paradise to you?
Where I unpack my suitcase

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The Shamanic Journey in collaboration with Pro Export and Facehunter begins in the beautiful city of eternal spring, Medellín.
Known as one of the most innovative cities in the world, Medellín is naturally blooming with creativity and aspiration. Ana Maria started the journey here to show the world the new Colombia, its architecture, its like-minded designers and entrepreneurs and of course its mouth-watering delicacies…