S4E21, Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 – Deleted Scene

TERRIBLE quality! Go watch it on a mirror: Imgur, Gfycat.

Much time was spent making Rainbow Dash versions of Twilight Sparkle emotes. You can read more about how it all went down here!


“Aren’t you guys the one that told me to keep level headed and not rush into things?  Darn suit… highly advanced nanomachine tailored suit my flank!  That’s what we get for hiring contractors.  I’m sure the…place doesn’t mind, they’ve been sending me my routes still and haven’t complained yet.  I’ll try to be extra sleuthy to reduce any suspicion, they can’t have eyes everywhere right?  I got this new hat from Baldy, they won’t suspect a thing, completely incognito.”

“You guys aren’t friends, you’re more like distant family.  The only time someone has called me a friend is P.O.N.E., and I still dislike her greatly.  I’ve never had what you call a family.  Ted was like my uncle, Chewy and Spot are like my brothers, you’re all like my second cousins (some twice removed), and Doctor Dad is like…my dad…”


“Really, it’s not necessary, I don’t need you all staying here eating my Pony Oats.  There’s a security system in place for a reason.  And no, the Mailman is not Doctor Dad, that’s just silly.  We saw him on the security tape that one ti-”


Animation – Dork

Continued off of the S4E21 Deleted Scene.

Taken from this exchange, with the meat of it written by /u/Mongoose42 and /u/cyberscythe! Additional credit to /u/silverinferno3, as well as /u/HonorInDefeat for starting the thing.

Sauciest animation I’ve ever done. I mean, I know this doesn’t scratch the surface of ‘saucy pony stuff’ in the grand scheme of things, but still.

(Mirrors: Imgur, Gfycat)

S4E08, Rarity Takes Manehattan -- EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENES

In which Rarity goes part crazy and full racist

Bigger versions here! (Imgur, Gfycat)

Due credit to /u/JohnSteven and this anonymous submitter.