Sakaki Yusho Theory

How he and a blonde woman created a red and green hair kid can only be explained by Yu-Gi-Oh genetics a.k.a no one knows.

Yusho share a lot of similarities with the stated antagonist of the show, Akaba Reo, and has more the several incriminating moments of character in the few scenes he has. This is what leads me to my theory, Sakaki Yusho is the hidden antagonist of Arc V. 

First off, the date which Akaba and Yusho disappeared (specifically stated to be three years ago in both Reiji and Yuya’s flashback). Other than dating the timeline, why have this date? To hint that there is more behind the disappearance of both Yuusho and Reo than first meets the eye. That we need to keep an eye on the rather unassuming Yusho.

Now its pretty obvious that Yusho and Reo have worked together before. Yuusho was the one who revolutionized the field of Action Dueling and Leo was the head of LDS which was the primary provider of dueling technology. There is little doubt that had to have at least heard about each other prior to disappearance. This also explains the programming of Pendulumn cards on the LDS standard duel disk and why there are Pendulum slots on the Duel Disk in the first place.

Now Reo is the obvious villain since he is capturing the Bracelet Girls and wrecking mass genocide on the XYZ dimension, so what has Yuusho done?

Well Yusho has done something that has gone pretty unnoticed for the longest time. Manipulating Yuuya.

So Yuusho has this boy whom he knows is the lynchpin to this destructive power. Yuuya is the obvious core of the Berserk Mode as evidenced by his counterparts going into the Berserk mode despite being several miles away from each other when he is unaffected by Yuuto and Yuugo going into Berserk Mode literally right next to him. 

Not to mention the creepy red eyes and not the one-color eyes that his counterparts have. 

The very first moment that Yuusho appears, I always thought that it was a little strange. Not that he appeared, but what he told Yuuya. That Yuuya should always smile when he feels like crying.

Now when I first watched it I thought this was typical shonuen bullshit about believing in yourself and was just pretty terrible advice in general. Now I as was  going over this part to write an analysis on Yuuya’s psyche I realized how terrifying the implications were.


Yuuya is pushing down his emotions, bottling them up, and making himself smile when he wants to cry. This is a shitty thing to do. Anyone can tell you that. I can count the number of times Yuuya cried freely (without his goggles) on my fingers and considering the stuff that kid is going through I am surprised he hasn’t had a mental breakdown by now. It is natural to cry, its what lets you release your pent up emotions.

But Yuuya doesn’t do that. Because he is following his father’s advice, that he needs to smile all the time and especially when he is sad. And that just makes it so much easier for Berserk Mode to activate. After all Berserk Mode appears in times of duress, pain, anger when Yuuya loses himself to his emotions.

Now Yuuya isn’t used to showing emotions other than moments of embarassment or anger that quickly disappears. Most of the emotions that he shows throughout the show are happiness (complete with smiles), depression, or simply emotionless.

It is obvious that if you have years of repressed emotions, tears that you never cried and anger you never released, it just makes it that much worse when you lose control. That perfectly describes what happens to Yuuya when he lets Berserk Mode take over. He does not know how to express himself and just loses himself to the control of the Berserk Mode. 

And the reason it’s so easy for Yuuya to go into this state is because of Yuusho’s advice.

Even Satan is scared of that face

Hell even Yuusho’s advice about Entertainment Duel has pretty much backfired onto Yuuya. 

I, as a person watching this show, honestly had a lot more fun watching Yuzu, hell even Sawatari duel than watching Yuuya duel in his Entertainment style. I cringed several times watching Yuuya’s over the top dueling. It just felt so forced like he’s trying too hard, and it’s just exhausting. For the viewer and for Yuuya.

The audience in the show seems to agree too. Yuuya hasn’t had any particular entertainment duels since the beginning of the Synchro arc. Its wearing on him and like I said being depressed makes it a lot easier to lash out and lose his temper.

Not to mention the pendulumn, honestly that thing just shout “PLOT DEVICE ITEM” more than Eren’s freaking key.

Now what is Yusho trying to accomplish from this? Well it’s pretty obvious. He wants the four Yu-counterparts to merge making him the ally of Akaba Reo who wants the Bracelet Girls if my previous theory holds true. If the the Yu’s are the ones who will fuse the universe than it makes even more sense about the implication that it was Yuusho who gave/taught Yuuya the ability to Pendulumn summoning.

What is a Yu-Gi-Oh show without a mystical villain and who better than the original holder of the Berserk Mode manipulating the plot-twist antagonist, Yuusho Sakaki?