Today’s adventures in Hellacious scheduling
  • found out my NP was out today when I arrived this morning. I never get advance notice
  • had a full schedule before the day started plus a double-book. 
  • this is bad. walk-ins happen. 
  • Walk-ins happened.
  • Nine of them.
  • Nurse tells me to breathe.
  • 6 month check up became surprise physical
  • sewed a face
  • faces take forever to get numb
  • middle aged white men are the biggest wimps. 
  • middle aged white men are the clumsiest patients. 
  • Not all itchy vaginas have yeast in them!
  • No ma’am, you don’t need a z-pak. 
  • Yes ma’am, the blooming pecan trees and 3 inch-deep pollen outside might have something to do with your sneezing and watery eyes.
  • I saw 22 patients before lunch. 
  • Yesterday I saw 20 all day. 
  • Gobbled lunch down in 20 minutes and then found that I was no longer double booked. I was triple booked. 
  • sure I can do a worker’s comp and a hospital follow up and a 6 month check up all at the same time. no problem.
  • Nurse tells me to breathe again.
  • Oh hello, panic attack. Heart rate of 130? Oh yeah I’m fine. 
  • three hospital follow ups
  • no sir today’s appointment is to get your stitches out, not to do a complete workup on the condition that 5 different doctors have seen you for and have all come to the same diagnosis on.
  • no you can not have Klonopin.
  • Nurse asks if I’m ok. 
  • NO. *enters next room*
  • 7 back pains. S E V E N. 
  • shots for everyone. seriously.  Toradol? Decadron? Kenalog? Rocephin? B12? Did them all. Multiple times.
  • yes sir I understand you have arthritis and everything hurts but you CAME HERE FOR CHEST PAIN pleeeease let’s focus on that.
  • worker’s comp patient should have been sent to ER. They were sent to me. 
  • I can’t find the CT scan glasses that everyone seems to think I have. 
  • If someone else tells me to take a deep breath I’m punching them in the throat and telling them to take a deep breath. 
  • oh you want Diabetic shoes? But you’re not diabetic. Hmmm…
  • 6 more walk-ins turned away during the course of the day.
  • oh you had a wreck 4 days ago and declined evaluation by EMS but now you want to be seen? Too bad. We full.
  • Finished the day with 32 patients and 7 minutes before 5:00 to spare. 
  • Called mentor. Complained. She offered to beat everyone up. I declined. 
  • Pardon me while I go sleep 18 hours so I can be ready for the *joy* that is the nursing home tomorrow.
Goodbye Your Love English Lyrics (VIXX)

This is my translation of VIXX’s Japanese Song “Goodbye Your Love” 🐹 Enjoy~!

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Goodbye Your Love - VIXX

From my dream I can hear
The sound of the alarm and I hit snooze
I get used to it little by little like that song
I’m getting used to these days

I hide my tears behind a yawn
“Today will be a good day”
Yeah right. Is your heart clear
Like the laughing sky?

Surely, goodbye your day
Now, goodbye your day
Open the door to a new day

The timeline goes on
That line is our only connection left

Actually, I feel that I can’t help caring
But I say it’s for both of us
I turned around and walked here
I can’t go back now

Surely, goodbye your love
Now, goodbye your love
If we meet somewhere I can laugh and talk
Surely, goodbye your day
Now, goodbye your day
It’s not the end, it’s a new start

See you
I definitely won’t turn back
Tears won’t fall, we may meet again
There’s so much sadness left
Meetings and partings
Along with that smile

Finally time by myself
Is something I can enjoy now
I smile as I say goodbye

Surely, goodbye your love
Now, goodbye your love
A sad face is only okay on a rainy day

Surely, goodbye your love
Now, goodbye your love
Open the door and raise that face
Face the blue sky and take a step
Toward a new day

(Original Japanese lyrics are below.)


そうなんだ この空が笑ってるように

きっとGoodbye your day
今Goodbye your day



きっとGoodbye your love
今Goodbye your love
きっとGoodbye your day
今Goodbye your day


一人の時間だって やっとそれなりに

きっとGoodbye your love
今Goodbye your love

きっとGoodbye your love
今Goodbye your love