#lmao!! This is my #son face when something smells! #lol we was in the supermarket n this guy walk by me n my son smelling like shit! No lie! My son was like, “dada he dodo! Yuck dada! He dodo like Kiki (my daughter) he dodo dada!” Lol the guy was mad. I try to stop my son but he had the stink like dodo face on already lol! He look straight evil with that look lol. #toofunny #comedian #facefaces #cute

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(The thing despair egg i want to do, XD like really) Hey.. can you do me favor can you shoot me in the face!? faceface! please please! i pay you 1 million pounds.

“….but that’s so easy, its pretty boring, and why the hell do I need money? I’m the king dont you know?

@tiaarra (Im tagging you because Sonia would probably love this)