Black Salt

So this was my first time ever really making anything. I had a bad spirit try to contact me a few nights ago, so this was my process in making it.

I gathered:
-Bay Leaf (protection)
-Black Pepper (protection against negativity, evil, & jealousy)
-Cloves (protection for babies & against negativity & gossip)
-Fennel (protection against evil, curses, & problems)
-Dill (protection against dark forces)
-Marjoram (protection against negative energy)
-Loose Sage 
-Fire Safe Bowl
-Charcoal (I had a ton left over from art school)

1.) I placed loose sage and 5 Bay leafs into my bowl (1 for each person in my household.)

2.) I placed 5 shakes of each herb into my firesafe bowl(again, one for every person in my house)

3.) I drew out some sigils, 2 of which were graciously provided to my by the lovely deepseamagick (seriously you guys, shes the best. Major shout out to you my dear.) The other 3 I found from shipping-the-gods 

4.) I got my mom and sister to help me to charge the sigils (I know generally to destroy them, you burn them) but we charged them with the intent to burn and still retain their protective values - since the soot of everything will be mixed with the salt

5.) Once charged we placed them in the bowl and burned them up along with all the dry herbs (I did this out side, and sat upwind from it but still came inside REEKING of cloves and other burned herbs just because I don’t have a mortar and pestle so I had to sit there and stoke the little fire and keep applying flame to make sure everything was burned thoroughly.

6.) Once everything was burned and cooled, I used a piece of mother of pearl to smash up the bits that ABSOLUTELY refused to burn, and adding in the bits of soft vine charcoal to smash up as well. 

7.) I added the salt to my herb/sigil/charcoal mix and mixed it around. It still wasn’t dark enough so I added it to my bag of charcoal and kinda massaged it and shook it around, cut the corner of the bag, and sorta strained the salt and larger pieces of things that wouldn’t grind up into a powder and placed it in one of the smaller containers I own.

8.) I wrapped this up at about 11:30, and left it out all night under the moon to charge, as I have always felt safest in the dark and under the moon.

And now it has joined my altar next to my bed (:

I sell lockets (which I will talk about in another post), and I put a few bits of sage, some bay leaves, and just a pinch of my black salt so that I can wear my protection with little to no questions (and since I don’t generally carry a purse).

Love and Well Wishes to you my darlings.