What would spending the night with them be like

Mamamoo Prompt: What would spending the night over (non-sexual) with them be like

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  • Flirting. All the time..
  • but like the low-key flirting, the light touching and fleeting glances at each other
  • especially when she curls her fingers under your chin
  • Spending the night usually consists of being lazy gits
  • You always order chicken
  • I mean, how could you say no
  • Lazing around on the sofa with your chicken, watching some Korean drama
  • Cuddling
  • But it usually ends up with her sitting comfortably on your lap


  • Greasiness. Prepare for the onslaught of greasy comments
  • and the skinship that comes with it
  • like, her hand will rest on your stomach whilst you cuddle
  • CudDLinG is like mandatory
  • Also pillow forts, Byulyi is the god of pillow forts, 
  • You could be going to the bathroom and the next thing you know, Byul’s set up a huge fort with lights and her laptop already set up with a movie
  • Tickle fights
  • Light neck kisses
  • which ends up in her pinning you down
  • That moment where she leans down to kiss you
  • but she jumps up and runs away instead
  • Forehead kisses
  • Falling asleep together whilst watching movies
  • Having to watch the rest of the movie next time because you always do this
  • Her holding you whilst you sleep


  • Prepare for a night of giggles and laughter
  • eg Dolphin laugh™
  • Cooking together
  • And by that, I mean Yongsun cooking and you messing everything up
  • The light reprimand she gives you when you accidentally ruin the rice, but it’s all in good fun
  • Wrapping your arms around her from behind whilst she cooks
  • Domesticity is so natural with you
  • Watching her eat
  • Filling her cheeks like a chipmunk with the Jjang
  • Letting her lean on you whilst you sit together on the sofa
  • sometimes she falls asleep during the show
  • But who are you to complain
  • If you can wake her up, she’ll groggily walk herself to the bedroom, sometimes dragging one of her plush toys with her
  • She’ll whine if you don’t come with her
  • so you end up almost always spending the night


  • Puppy Wheein = Hungry Wheein
  • Ordering takeout at like 5pm because she’s already hungry
  • but that’s cool because foood
  • The jump of excitement as the doorbell rings, and you’ll see Wheein skipping back into the apartment, holding the bags
  • Eating in like 10 minutes because hunger
  • Baking at midnight in your animal onesies
  • But not having all the ingredients
  • And going out to the 24hr store to buy stuff in your Beagle and Bear onesies
  • Ending up burning the cupcakes anyway
  • So you end up eating the two cupcakes that made it
  • Pressing the cupcake into her face
  • Covering her nose with frosting
  • Having a weird dance off because you’re high on sugar
  • Winding down with the promise of cuddles
  • Like Wheein pls, too much energy
  • Her snuggling deep into your chest
  • and sleeping because her sugar rush crashed lol

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